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特朗普 第一个在竞选中赚钱的总统候选人 --6 :31:9 来源: Donald J. Trump regularly boasts that he is self-funding his presidential bid, but new campaign finance filings show that he is also shifting plenty of money back to himself in the process.唐纳德·J·特朗普(Donald J. Trump)经常标榜自己开展总统竞选活动的资金是自筹的,但新的竞选财务报备文件显示,他还在这个过程中把大量资金返还给了自己According to documents submitted to the Federal Election Commission, Mr. Trump, whose campaign has just .3 million cash on hand, paid at least .1 million to his businesses and family members in May expenses associated with events and travel costs. The total represents nearly a fifth of the million that his campaign spent in the month.提交给联邦选举委员会(Federal Election Commission,简称FEC)的文件显示,目前只有0万美元现金的特朗普竞选团队,今年5月向他的企业和家庭成员付了至少1万美元,具体涉及参加活动的费用和差旅费他的竞选团队在5月总出600万美元,这笔钱在其中占了差不多五分之一The spending raised eyebrows among campaign finance experts and some of Mr. Trump’s critics who have questioned whether the presumptive Republican nominee, who points to his business acumen as a case his candidacy, is trying to do what he has suggested he would in 00 when he mulled making an independent run: “It’s very possible that I could be the first presidential candidate to run and make money on it.”这些出让竞选活动财务专家和特朗普的批评者皱起了眉头共和党总统候选人特朗普把自己的商业头脑称为竞选优势,而批评者质疑他是否正在做他00年时曾提到的事情,当时特朗普在考虑独立参加竞选,他说:“我非常有可能会成为第一个在竞选活动中赚到钱的总统候选人”“He could end up turning a profit if he repaid himself the campaign loans,” said Paul S. Ryan, a campaign finance expert with the Campaign Legal Center. “He could get all his money back plus the profit margin what his campaign has paid himself goods and services.”“如果他把竞选贷款偿还给自己,他可能最终就会盈利,”竞选法律中心(Campaign Legal Center)的高级顾问保罗·S·瑞安(Paul S. Ryan)说“他可以拿回他所有的钱,外加竞选活动付钱购买他自己的商品和务产生的利润”While most candidates list an array of vendors providing goods and services on their F.E.C. filings, Mr. Trump’s is packed with payments to his various clubs and buildings, his fleet of planes and his family. The self-proclaimed billionaire is required by law to his spending this way to prevent his companies from making illegal corporate donations to his campaign. In , about $.7 million was paid to at least seven companies Mr. Trump owns or to people who work his real estate and branding empire, repaying them services provided to his campaign.大多数候选人在向FEC提交的文件中都列出了提供商品和务的供应商名单,而特朗普的文件中写满了付给他的各种俱乐部、物业、飞机和家人的钱法律要求这位自称的亿万富翁以这种方式解释他的出,以防他的公司非法向他的竞选活动提供企业捐款在年,竞选团队付了约70万美元给特朗普旗下的至少七家公司,或是给那些为他的地产和品牌帝国效力的人,用以购买相关的务In May, the biggest-ticket item was Mr. Trump’s use of the Mar-a-Lago Club, his Florida resort, which was paid ,000. The campaign paid 0,000 to T Air his private airplanes, ,000 to Trump Restaurants and more than 绝世好爹地!美国男子睡在住院儿子床下走红网络 -- 3:: 来源: 近日,美国宾夕法尼亚州一名男子为了陪护住院的儿子而睡在幼儿床下的地板上妻子将这一幕记录了下来,拍成照片传到了网上,令丈夫一夜间成为了网络红人 A sweet photo of a Pennsylvania father sleeping under his sick son’s hospital crib has gone viral, touching the hearts of thousands.近日一张父亲为陪护住院的儿子而睡在儿子床下的照片在网上走红,感动了许多网友据悉,照片上的父亲来自美国宾夕法尼亚州Amy Palmer posted the image of her husband, Andre, and their toddler son Andre Jesse (AJ) to Facebook on Tuesday after the child suffered an asthma attack that sent him to hospital.艾米·帕尔默于上周二在Facebook上贴出了丈夫安德烈和儿子安德烈·杰西在医院睡觉时的照片据悉,杰西因患哮喘而接受住院治疗The photo shows the boy asleep in a blue crib while his father sleeps underneath, curled up on the hard hospital floor while lying on a pillow.照片显示,杰西睡在蓝色的幼儿床上,而安德烈则枕着枕头,蜷缩地躺在医院冰冷的地板上’This is a picture of a hard working man dedicated to his family,’ Mrs Palmer wrote in the caption.艾米在照片下面写道:“这是一位为了家庭不辞辛劳的父亲”’After working all night third shift, he’s right here with his son who is in the hospital.“就算值了一晚上班,他还是去陪伴住在医院的儿子”’He’s so tired but he’s here!! Father of the year award goes to Andre Palmer!!! I love you more than words baby.’“他虽然疲惫不堪却仍坚持陪着儿子!年度最佳父亲将得主--安德烈·帕尔默!宝贝,千言万语也无法表达我对你的爱”After sharing the photo on Tuesday, it had garnered nearly ,000 ’likes’ on Facebook by Thursday afternoon.截止上周四下午,这张照片已获得近000人点“赞”Mrs Palmer said the hospital room where her husband and son slept was so small the only thing that fit was the crib and a chair bed.艾米表示医院的房间太小了,只能放得下幼儿床或者折椅She said in a comment on the post that at the time her husband had gotten off work early in the morning, had just dropped their daughter off at daycare and was still half asleep when he lied down.艾米在一条中写道丈夫早晨下班回家后把女儿送到托儿所,然后才半睡半醒地躺下He had worked the graveyard shift, from pm to 7am, according to A News.据A新闻报道,安德烈是一名墓地的守夜人,要从晚上点工作到转天早上7点Mrs Palmer said while to some, they might just see a man lying on the floor, to her she sees ’a man who worked all night, who could have went home to go to sleep (I wouldn’t have minded knowing he worked all night), who could have asked me to get up so he could lay down,’ she wrote.艾米在帖子中表示有些人看到的只是一位躺在地上的男人,然而自己看到的却是“这位工作了一晚上的男人本可以回家睡觉,本可以叫起自己的老婆去医院陪护,然而自己却义无反顾地去了医院”’All this shows the amazing husband and father he is!!!’“所有的一切都说明了他是一位非常棒的丈夫和父亲”She said she did not let him sleep there long, making him get up so he could lay on the chair bed where he ended up sleeping.艾米说过了一会自己把丈夫叫了起来,让他睡在折椅上’Thanks all the prayers and thoughts, our little man was discharged this afternoon and is now resting at home. And daddy is sleeping, getting his rest a hour shift tonight,’ she wrote.“感谢大家的祈祷和关心,我们的小男子汉已经出院了,现在正在家休息我老公也在休息,今晚他要值个小时的班”On Thursday, Mrs Palmer shared another Facebook post saying she was overwhelmed by all the kind people who have reached out and have been touched by the photo.上周四,艾米在Facebook上又发表了一个帖子,称这几天有许多的人因看到照片而感动,也有许多人向自己伸出援手She explained she had snapped the photo because she thought her husband’s action was selfless.她解释说自己当时拍下照片纯粹是因为自己觉得丈夫的举动非常无私She also noted that the hospital was amazing during their time there and that she believes if they had known he was sleeping on the floor, they would have offered him something.艾米还说儿子住院期间医院吃惊于自己一家人的表现,她相信如果医院知道丈夫睡在地上一定会为他做些什么’Our son is doing much better and is now at home resting. Thanks again all of the support, we truly are so appreciative!!!!’“儿子的身体越来越好,正在家休息再次感谢大家的持,我们真的是感激不尽”Mrs Palmer told A News that her husband does everything he can their family.艾米告诉A新闻,丈夫为了家庭可以称得上竭尽全力’You just take it granted, and then something like this happens and you see how much it touches so many people,’ she said.她说道:“你对此已经习以为常,而这样的事发生时,你才发现多少人感动”,000 to Trump Tower, the Manhattan skyscraper that houses the campaign’s headquarters.今年5月,最大的一笔开是特朗普使用他在佛罗里达的度假村“马阿拉歌庄园”(Mar-a-Lago)的费用,为.3万美元竞选团队还为他使用私人飞机付了35万美元给T Air公司,向特朗普酒店(Trump Restaurants)付.5万美元,向曼哈顿的特朗普大厦(Trump Tower)付逾万美元;他的竞选总部就设在这栋大楼里Mr. Trump’s family also profited from the campaign last month, with his son Eric’s Virginia wine business taking in about ,300.特朗普的家人也从竞选活动中赚了钱,上个月,团队向他儿子艾瑞克(Eric)在弗吉尼亚经营的葡萄酒企业付了00美元And Mr. Trump, who has said he will not take a salary if he is elected president, paid himself ,5 in May. The disbursements are related to travel expenses, according to the filings.特朗普曾表示,如果自己当上总统,任职期间不会拿任何薪水,但5月份他给自己开了35美元从文件看,这笔钱和差旅费有关Mr. Ryan said that the extent to which Mr. Trump was utilizing his own businesses his run was uNPRecedented and that because of his unique financial circumstances, he was wading into territory that went beyond the F.E.C.’s guidance.瑞安说,特朗普在竞选活动中对自己的生意的利用是前所未有的,而且由于他独特的财务状况,这种做法超出了FEC的指导范围“We don’t have clear answers,” Mr. Ryan said. “Historically, candidates would separate themselves from their business interests when running office. Trump has done the opposite by promoting his businesses while running office.”“我们没有明确的,”瑞恩说“从历史上看,候选人在竞选公职的时候,会对自己的商业利益采取避嫌的做法而特朗普恰恰相反,他竞选公职的时候还在推广自己的生意”While candidates often gain notoriety from running president, they are barred from enriching themselves directly from their campaigns. When a campaign buys copies of a candidate’s book in bulk and distributes them, example, the candidate cannot accept royalties from the purchases. However, Mr. Ryan notes that the F.E.C. does allow candidates who own commercial property to rent it from themselves at fair market rates, as Mr. Trump has regularly done. Mr. Trump’s use of his branded water and steaks falls into something of a gray area.虽然竞选总统经常给竞选人招致恶名,但他们被禁止直接通过竞选活动中饱私囊例如,如果竞选团队批量购买候选人写的书,分发它们,候选人不能从这种采购中获得版税然而,瑞安指出,FEC确实允许那些拥有商业物业的候选人,以公平的市场价格,把它们出租给竞选活动,特朗普就常常这么做特朗普使用自己品牌的饮用水和牛排的方式属于一种灰色地带Ciara Torres-Spelliscy, an election law expert at New York University’s Brennan Center Justice, said that Mr. Trump did not appear to be violating any campaign finance laws, but that he could face more scrutiny over the use of his businesses campaign purposes now that he is more explicitly asking supporters to donate money to campaign.席亚拉·托雷斯-斯拜里希(Ciara Torres-Spelliscy)是纽约大学布伦南正义中心(New York University’s Brennan Center Justice)的选举法专家,她说,特朗普并未违反任何竞选财务法,但他现在更加明确地要求持者捐钱给他的竞选活动了,所以他在竞选活动中使用自己的产品和务就应该面临更多的关注“It is something to keep an eye on, because as soon as you start using campaign money that has come in from donors, not just the money that he has loaned to himself, and he uses it something that he will personally keep, or his family will personally keep, that is what crosses the line.”“这是值得注意的事情,因为一旦你开始使用来自捐助者的竞选资金,而不仅仅是你自己贷款给自己的钱,且用这些钱来购买自己或家人拥有的东西,那就越过了界限”Whether Mr. Trump could end up profiting from his campaign remains a subject of speculation; some have questioned if he will eventually ask the more than 如何用最短时间完成最多工作? -- :: 来源: 现代生活节奏越来越快,人们也变得越来越忙碌以下八项规则让你能够更高效地完成工作 We are designed by evolution to be busy. That’s OK the caveman, who needs to feed himself; not OK you in the 1st-century when you have to deal with an ever-growing range of tempting distractions. Which is why it is so baffling that Paris has been identified as the city with the shortest working week, when France is renowned having higher productivity than the UK.进化论决定我们势必非常忙碌对于洞穴人来说这也许没什么,毕竟他们需要维持生计;但对于生活在1世纪、需要面对日益增长的外界诱惑的你而言,则没有那么容易这就是为什么法国在拥有最短工作时间的同时,又因拥有高于英国的生产力而著称,此点着实令人困惑As a coach who specialises in enabling people to get more done more quickly, I notice that those who get the most worthwhile work done in the smallest amount of time follow a set of rules. Oddly, we are never taught these rules, and most of us just stick to the same old unconscious (bad) habits. Here are eight rules to help you get the most done in the shortest time:作为一位专门研究如何使人们更快地完成更多事情的导师,我注意到那些用最少时间完成最多有价值工作的人,都遵循着一套规则然而奇怪的是,从没有人教过我们这些规则,我们大部分人还是沿袭老旧的下意识的(坏)习惯以下八条规则能够帮助你用最短的时间完成最多的工作:1. Disappear1.消失Lock yourself in a room away from distractions and focus fully on one task at a time. Sounds dead simple, but try it. If you multitask a lot, you will find this especially painful. And research shows, interestingly, that those who multitask the most are in fact the worst at multitasking.将自己反锁在远离干扰的屋子里,某一时刻全身心专注于一项工作虽然这听起来非常简单,但你不妨尝试一下如果同时进行多项工作,你会觉得非常痛苦有意思的是,研究也表明,同时进行最多项工作的人实际上最不懂得多任务处理. Don’t fight distraction.不要对抗干扰Those who get more done quickly don’t fight distractions – we can’t. Rather, they work in short bursts, with high levels of focused attention, so that they benefit from the satisfaction of making headway on one important project at a time. They know they have been successful when they can answer a simple question: “What did I get finished today that was important to me and the organisation I work ?”那些最快完成工作的人从不试图对抗干扰-因为我们根本做不到相反,他们会最高程度集中注意力,以最短时间完成工作,并且某一时间段内在一个重要任务上取得进展还能给他们以巨大的成就感“今天我完成了哪些对我或者我所效力的机构很重要的事情?”当他们能够轻松回答这样一个简单的问题时,他们就知道自己成功了3. Simplify3.简化As Laozi said: “To attain knowledge, add things every day. To attain wisdom, remove things every day.” So what can you stop doing? Habits drive us to continue doing tasks that don’t need doing. Try not to take on more tasks without first asking: “Why is this really important?” Often we say yes bee even making a conscious choice. What can you simplify? Reduce emails and reports to the bare minimum. Encing brevity saves time everyone.老子曰:“为学日益,为道日损”那么你能够不做哪些事情?习惯驱使我们继续做些根本没必要的事情在承担更多工作前,首先问问自己:“这件事为什么如此重要?”我们常常没有经过深思熟虑就轻易拦下这些工作你能够简化什么?将邮件和报告减到最少删繁就简为所有人节约了时间. Find your rhythm.找到自己的节奏Do thinking work in the morning. It’s tempting to clear out emails so you feel on top of things, but you will not look back when you are in your 70s and say: “God, I was proud of keeping my inbox to zero.” Instead spend the first 60 minutes of your day on the one or two really important tasks you need to get done. It even helps to write them down the night bee – this sets clear intentions, which the brain likes as it can focus on what is in its control.清晨进行思考工作清理邮箱以完全掌握所有事情可能对你来说非常有诱惑力,但当你七十多岁回首往事时,绝不会说:“天哪,我为处理完了所有邮件而感到骄傲”相反,你应该把一开始的一小时用来处理一天当中最为重要的一到两件事甚至,在头天晚上把要做的事情写下来也会有帮助-这能清晰罗列目标,我们的大脑喜欢这样因为它能够帮助大脑掌握重点5. Strengthen5.专注强项How much of your day is spent doing things you are not good at? You will get through much more work more quickly if you actively arrange your role so you can focus on what you are good at and, even better, practise getting even better at what you are good it. Does Usain Bolt run half-marathons?一天当中你有多少时间浪费在你不擅长的事情上?如果你积极安排自己的角色,能够让自己专注于擅长的事情,你会更快地完成更多的事情,甚至可以将自己擅长的事情精益求精你见过尤塞恩·尔特(牙买加短跑运动员)跑半程马拉松吗?6. Watch the robots6.小心变成机器人Be careful about trying to get too efficient. Robots are efficient, and they are taking jobs and transming industries. It is better to focus on being effective, example working on the most important task – which requires you to think and be creative.注意不要过度高效机器人很高效,它们承担了一些工作并且变革了传统工业尽量专注于高效本身,比如解决最困难的任务-这需要你思考和创新7. Be honest7.坦诚It’s often our own deeply entrenched habits that stop us from getting more done more quickly. If you find yourself regularly sitting in long, poorly run meetings, or if you constantly switch from one task to another, then you are likely to struggle in the 1st-century workplace, which is currently going through huge change.很多时候,我们根深蒂固的习惯阻止我们更高效完成工作如果你发现自己经常参与冗长乏味的会议,或者你经常从一个任务转换到另一项任务,那么你很可能挣扎在1世纪的工作场所,而它现在正经历着巨大的变化8. Avoid s like this8.扔掉鸡汤文It’s easy to turn to self-help books when you consider the basic paradox: you won’t ever do all the things you need or want to do in your allotted time. But if you stop ing this and get to work, that might be a good start.当你思考基本矛盾:“你永远不可能在有限的时间里完成所有需要完成或者想要做的事情”时,你很容易求助于自助书籍(心灵鸡汤)然而,如果你抛开这些文章立刻投身于工作,也许是个不错的开端哦 million that he has lent to his campaign to be repaid. The eventual effect of the campaign on Mr. Trump’s personal brand, which he has said represents a large part of his wealth, also remains unclear.人们仍在推测,特朗普是否最终可以从他的竞选活动中获利;他贷款给自己的竞选活动000万美元,有人质疑他是否最终会要求连本带息地偿还这笔钱特朗普曾表示,个人品牌是自己财富的很大一部分,而这场竞选对其个人品牌的最终影响目前也仍不清楚Democrats on Tuesday tried to seize on the payments Mr. Trump made to his businesses as evidence of hypocrisy. Commenters on the liberal website Daily Kos ridiculed Mr. Trump running a “scampaign” and overstating the personal investment he was making in his campaign by funneling the money back to his empire.民主党人周二试图抓住特朗普付钱给自己的企业这一点,明他的虚伪自由派网站Daily Kos上的者嘲笑特朗普“谋财骗选”(scampaign),通过将资金输送回自己的商业帝国,夸大了自己对竞选的个人投资Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic nominee and Mr. Trump’s main rival this fall, also piled on, taking to Twitter on Tuesday to jab him over the expenditures and his relatively paltry fund-raising sum in one swipe. “What is Trump spending his meager campaign resources on?” she said. “Why, himself, of course.”特朗普在今年秋天的主要对手、稳获民主党总统提名的希拉里·克林顿(Hillary Clinton)也加入了进来,于周二在Twitter上针对他这些开和相比之下微不足道的筹资额一并进行攻击“特朗普把他微薄的竞选资源用在了什么地方?”她说“呃,当然是他自己身上”中国“黑户”人口超00万 -- :56:0 来源: 据公安部表示,中国计划将00万“黑户”人口归入户籍人员之列 China is considering extending hukou, or household registration, to million unregistered citizens, according to the Ministry of Public Security.据公安部表示,中国计划将00万“黑户”人口纳入户籍人员之列Minister of Public Security Guo Shengkun presided over a meeting on Saturday to discuss the issue.Registration is a fundamental right all citizens that is endorsed by the constitution and the law, according to the meeting.公安部高胜坤周六在主持一次会议时讨论了这个问题会议指示,照国家和法律规定,户籍登记是每位公民拥有的合法权利According to the National Population Census in , there are million unregistered people nationwide, ing 1 percent of the country’s population.根据年全国人口普查,全国共有00万“黑户”人口,占据总人口的1%Without a hukou, a person is denied access to public education, reimbursement healthcare costs and other welfare benefits.Parents who were unable to have more than one child under the old family planning policy, cannot register their children unless they pay a significant sum of money.如果一个人没有户口,他就没法上学,就医不能享受医疗保险和很多其他的社会福利在传统的计划生育政策下,夫妇如果不缴纳巨额罚款就无法生育二胎More than 60 percent of China’s unregistered people are in this category, according to research in by the Institute of Social Development at the National Development and Rem Commission.Other unregistered people include abandoned children, children born out of wedlock and those whose documents are missing.根据年国家发改委社会发展部门的调查, “超生”人口占据了“黑户”人口的60%其他“黑户”人口包括孤儿、非婚生子女以及丢失文件的人The research found that unregistered people tend to lack a sense of personal security, as they are excluded from the social security system. Without legal documents that identify them, unregistered people cannot travel long distances easily, which restricts population mobility, the research found.研究发现无户籍的人口因为被排除在社保体系之外,他们缺乏个人的安全感研究发现,因为没有合法身份件明自己的存在,“黑户”人员不能长距离旅行,这样也限制了人口流动Social instability increases and social inequalities escalate if some people are excluded from the hukou system, the ministry said during Saturday’s meeting.周六会议上,公安部表示,如果一些人没有户口,这会增加社会的不稳定性和加剧社会的不公平The ministry declared its intention to help unregistered people obtain proper recognition and protect every citizens’ right to hukou.公安部表示了其将帮助非户籍人口获得合法认可,保护每位公民的户口权利Since the Third Plenum of the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China in , the top leadership has issued several documents on hukou rem, signaling a determination to rem the system.年中央第十八届三中全会第三次会议以来,中央领导先后多次发布对户口进行改革的方案,确定了改革的决心In late , the government first relaxed the family planning policy, allowing couples to have a second child if one spouse was an only child.年底,政府第一次放宽了计划生育政策,允许夫妻双方一方为独生子的即可生育二胎In October, China introduced an overall two-child policy, reducing the possibility of people remaining unregistered due to a violation of the country’s laws.今年月,中国全面放开二胎政策,降低了因违法法律而增加未登记户口的人员的可能性如何成为人见人爱的同事? -- :33: 来源: 有领导能力、尽心工作,这是老板眼中的加分项,却不会让你在同事当中多几个朋友最新调查显示,与专业技能相比,同事更欣赏那些社交敏感度高的人 Leadership and dedication to your job might improve your favour in the eyes of your boss but won’t win you friends among your peers.有领导能力、尽心工作,这是老板眼中的加分项,却不会让你在同事当中多几个朋友Colleagues appreciate social sensitivities more than professional skills in their co-workers, a new study has found.最新调查显示,与专业技能相比,同事更欣赏那些社交敏感度高的人Being effective – or the ability to deliver results and not let your teammates down – was voted the most crucial trait in a colleague, attracting 37pc of votes, according to a survey of around ,000 UK adults.根据一项针对近两千位英国成年人开展的调查,工作有成效,或者说是工作有成果,不让你的团队成员失望,是同事最看中的品质,持率为37%Three in respondents highlighted optimism and enthusiasm as the most important quality in a workmate, prioritising someone who would be able to keep team spirits high during stressful times.三成受访者认为,同事具有乐观和热情的品质最重要,在工作紧张时,能让团队士气保持高涨的同事最受欢迎The next most popular feature was trustworthiness, which was deemed to be more relevant to the making of a good colleague than taking the initiative, being knowledgeable and having organisation skills.第二大最受欢迎的品质是可靠性,与积极主动、知识渊和有组织能力相比,受访者认为值得信赖的同事更是个好同事Lurking at the lower end of the hierarchy were traits that might be more commonly associated with the workplace, such as leadership and dedication.排在末位的是一些与工作相关度更高的品质,比如领导能力和敬业精神"What is interesting from this research is that British workers really are quite focussed – they rated effectiveness the number-one most important trait in their ideal colleague," said Declan Byrne, managing director at Oneall Rewards.“有趣的是,英国的员工对工作真的很用心,他们认为理想同事最重要的品质是工作有成效”,Oneall Rewards公司总经理德克兰-伯恩说"But it’s not all results focussed. British workers also hugely value having colleagues who can act as a bit of a friend – keeping everyone’s spirits up, as well as sharing secrets and worries."“但也不全以工作结果为导向英国员工也对那些有点儿像朋友的同事评价很高,能让所有人精神焕发,还能和同事分享秘密与担忧”How to be the most loved colleague at work:如何成为人见人爱的同事:Be effective and deliver results (37pc)工作有成效,富有成果(37%)Be optimistic and enthusiastic (31pc)乐观、热情(31%)Be trustworthy enough to keep secrets or listen to worries (30pc)在保密方面足够守信,或能倾听别人的担忧(30)Display initiative (7pc)富有主动性(7%)Be knowledgeable about what you do (5pc)对于你在做什么很有见解(5%)Meet deadlines and be organised (pc)能时完成工作,井然有序(%)Be empathetic enough to offer a shoulder to cry on (18pc)有同情心,能给别人慰藉(18%)Show leadership (pc)有领导能力(%)Be dedicated – arrive early and stay late (pc)敬业—早到晚走(%)

英伦style:句地道英式表达 -- :: 来源:chinadaily 相信大家常常能够在美剧里听到美国俚语,但是英式俚语你熟悉吗?今天我们就来介绍一些地道的、有英国特色的表达,通常用于口语和非正式场合 1. Au fait– this is an example of a French expression that has become part of the English Language. It means to have good detailed knowledge of something. (This is not slang but a very British English expression.) Au fait是英语从法语中借用的表达之一它的意思是对某事物有非常细致的了解(它不是俚语却是非常地道的英式表达) 例句: She is au fait with the company’s rules and regulations. 她对公司的规章制度了然于心 . Blinding – if something is blinding, it means that it’s excellent. 如果某事物是亮瞎眼的,意思就是这个事物非常棒、非常出色 例句: She makes a blinding roast dinner. 她做了一顿美味无比的烧烤晚餐 3. Bugger all – if you’ve got bugger all dinner, it means you have nothing. (This is an impolite expression so use it with caution) 如果你说晚餐吃个屁,那就是说你什么也没有吃(这种表达十分不礼貌,需慎用) 例句: I worked 7 hours on that job and I got bugger all thanks my efts. 我花了七个小时处理那项工作,但我的努力却连个谢谢都没捞到 . Cock up – This can be used as a verb or a noun and it means to make a serious mistake or a mistake. (It has nothing to do with male parts!) 这个短语既可用作动词也可用作名词,它的意思是犯了很严重的错误(动词)或错误(名词)(这个表达跟男性器官毫无关系) 例句: You really cocked up this time. What are you going to do? 这次真是搞得一团糟,你打算怎么办? 5. Donkeys’ years –a long time or ages 很久很久,好多年 例句: It was so great to see Sally again. I hadn’t seen her in donkey’s years. 能再次见到萨利真是太棒了,我好多年没有见到她了 6. Gobsmacked- “Gob” is mouth in British English and if you smack it, you probably would do it because you are amazed or shocked. Gob在英式英语里是嘴巴的意思,如果你咂嘴,可能是因为你感到惊讶或震惊 例句: I was gobsmacked by how much weight Pete had lost. 皮特瘦了这么多,太让我吃惊了! 7. Gormless– another way to say vacant or clueless. 表示茫然或无知愚蠢的另一种方式 例句: She always has a gormless look in meetings. 开会时她总是一脸茫然 8. Gutted– really upset. 非常失望的 例句: I was gutted when I didn’t get the job. 没得到这份工作,我很失望 9. Hunky-dory – fine, going well 很好,进展顺利 例句: -How are things with you? 最近怎么样? -Everything is hunky-dory, thanks. 一切都挺好的,谢谢 . Knackered– very tired, exhausted 非常累,精疲力竭 例句: I’ve been working hours on this report. I’m knackered 我花了好几个小时做这个报告,已经累趴下了 . Lurgy– if you’ve got the lurgy, it means you are ill with the flu or other mild disease. 如果你身体小恙,也就是得了流感或其他小病 例句: -Where’s Sarah today? 萨拉今天去哪里了? -She’s off sick. She’s got the lurgy. 她生病了,请了病假 . Nice one! – If someone is impressed by what you’ve done, they could use this expression. It’s similar to “good job” in American English. It can also be used sarcastically. 如果一个人对你所做的事情印象深刻,就可以使用这个表达它跟美式英语里的good job差不多,也可以用于带有讽刺意味的夸奖 例句: -I managed to get two tickets the One Direction concert at the O arena. 我设法弄到了两张One Direction在伦敦O体育馆的演唱会门票 -Nice one, mate! 干得漂亮,伙计!



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