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Several banks, including Barclays, Citi and Royal Bank of Scotland, have banned the use of most group chat rooms in moves that highlight how global probes into alleged benchmark manipulations are driving a radical reform of trading floors. 包括巴克莱(Barclays)、花旗(Citi)以及苏格兰皇家(Royal Bank of Scotland)在内的几家已经禁止大部分群聊天室的使用,此举突显了针对基准操纵指控的全球调查正如何推动交易厅的彻底改革。 Investigations into the Libor interbank lending rate manipulation scandal prompted RBS sometime last year to ban unmonitored chat rooms where traders used to discuss market topics with rivals, two people familiar with those measures said. 两位消息人士说,对伦敦同业拆借利率(Libor)操纵丑闻的调查,促使苏格兰皇家在去年某个时候禁止了非监控聊天室的使用。交易员曾利用此类聊天室与竞争对手讨论市场话题。 “The bank clamped down on this big time. I think we were even going slightly overboard on this,” one senior banker said. 一位高级家说:“在大力取缔聊天室。我认为我们甚至做得有点过火了。” Citi two months ago banned traders’ chat rooms with multiple banks, restricting instant messages to conversations with traders at one bank at a time. Barclays, which like the other two banks declined to comment, made similar reforms last year. Executives at JPMorgan are also examining whether conversations on so-called “multi-dealer” chat rooms cannot be carried out bilaterally over the phone. 两个月前,花旗禁止交易员与多家同时聊天,将即时消息限制于每次与一家的交易员对话。去年,巴克莱做出了类似的改革。与另外两家一样,巴克莱也拒绝对此发表。根大通(JPMorgan)的高管也在评估,所谓的多交易商聊天室对话,能否被一对一的电话联系替代。 Banks are re-evaluating their messaging systems as they grapple with the fallout from the Libor scandal and a global probe into alleged manipulation of the .3tn a day foreign exchange market, the latest in a series of benchmark-related rate-rigging investigations. 各在重新评估各自的消息系统,他们需要努力克Libor丑闻的冲击波以及对每天5.3万亿美元的外汇市场操纵指控的全球调查,后者是一连串基准利率操纵调查的最新一项调查。 At least eight regulators in the UK, US, Switzerland and Hong Kong are involved in investigating more than 15 banks. That has so far triggered the suspension of at least a dozen traders across the globe amid suspicions that chat rooms were used to share sensitive client information. 英国、美国、瑞士以及香港至少有八家监管机构参与了对超过15家的调查。由于涉嫌利用聊天室分享敏感客户信息,目前全球至少已经有十几名交易员被停职。 /201311/265710。

  • Money really does grow on trees – at least in Australia.树上真的可以长黄金——至少在澳大利亚是如此。Scientists have found gold in the leaves of eucalyptus trees.科学家们在桉树树叶里找到了黄金。The particles are much too small to be seen with the naked eye but have been detected using a type of x-ray that is especially good at picking up trace amounts of metals and minerals.这种树叶中含有的黄金粒子十分微小,不足以凭肉眼观察到,但是科学家们通过一种专门探查微量金属和矿物的X射线仪器发现了它们。However, gold hunters shouldn’t start felling gum trees in the hope of becoming rich.但是,猎金者们大概不能通过伐木来采金致富。Study leader Mel Lintern told the Brisbane Times: ‘If you had 500 eucalyptus trees growing over a gold deposit, they would only have enough gold in there to make a wedding ring.’科研小组的领队梅尔·林特恩对记者说,“如果让500棵桉树生长在一个金矿上,这些树中收集到的金子大概足够打一枚金戒指。”The real value of the study is that nature’s own version of gold leaf could provide mine companies with an inexpensive and environmentally friendly indicator of where to drill test sites.这一研究的真正价值在于,这种自然界而非小说里出现的金叶子可以充当金属探测器,这种探测方式既环保又方便,可以告诉探勘者在哪里能开采到金子。The study by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation in Western Australia showed levels of the precious metal were highest in trees growing directly over gold seams, one of which was 115 feet down.这项研究成果是由澳大利亚西部的联邦科学与工业研究组织成员做出的,该研究组织发现,直接生长在金矿层上的桉树叶中的黄金含量是最高的,其中一个金矿在地下115英尺(约35米)深。The researchers believe the gold was taken up by the trees’ extensive roots from while scouring for water during times of drought.研究者们相信,树叶中含有的金子是树根在干旱时期、四处蔓生以寻找水源时被吸取到树中的。It was then transported through the tree to the leaves, where concentrations are higher than in the twigs, trunk or surface soil.被树根吸取的金子被输送到枝干和叶子中,金子在叶子中的密集度比在树枝、树干和表层土壤中都要高。The researchers said: ‘Gold is probably toxic to plants and is moved to extremities, such as leaves in order to reduce deleterious biochemical reactions.’研究者说,“对于植物来说,黄金是有毒的,因此黄金被传送至树叶等植物的末端,这样可以减少破坏性的生化反应。”Writing in the journal Nature Communications, they said it was the first time that gold had been found naturally incorporated into a living thing.这一研究成果已经在《自然通讯》期刊上发表,科学家称,这是人们首次在植物体内发现自然贮藏的黄金。 /201310/262668。
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