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Greek taxation希腊税收Doubts over competence全面质疑Not a single prominent tax evader has yet been convicted至今为止,希腊还未对任何有明显偷税嫌疑者进行惩罚Greece’S elite used to see stashing funds in Swiss bank accounts as an insurance policy. Until the country joined the euro zone, fears of a sudden devaluation or a freeze on capital movements loomed large. Then came a rush to transfer money made in the black economy to financial havens abroad.希腊的精英分子们过去总是认为将钱存在瑞士是项保险政策。但是自从该国加入欧元区后,在资本的流动中,存款可能突然发生贬值或冻结,精英们对此愈加担心。他们争相通过黑市把资金转移至海外的金融避风港。After many years of turning a blind eye to this illegal practice, a desperately broke Greek government is at last cracking down. The tax declarations of almost 2,000 Greeks with accounts at the Geneva branch of HS, a bank, are being scrutinised by officials at SDOE, the financial police. Their names were on a computer disk sent in 2010 by Christine Lagarde, then French finance minister, to her Greek counterpart, George Papaconstantinou.在多年对这些违法行为睁一只眼闭一只眼后,濒临破产的希腊政府做出严厉打击此类行为的动作。希腊独立税务调查组(SDOE),对近2000名在汇丰(HS)日内瓦分行有业务的希腊纳税人的资产进行了清查。而这批名单是在2010年的时候,从时任法国财政部长克里斯蒂娜·拉加德(Christine Lagarde)的电脑磁盘里传给时任希腊财政部长乔治·帕帕康斯坦丁 (George Papaconstantinou)的。The “Lagarde list” went missing in mid-2011 but turned up again recently when Evangelos Venizelos, Mr Papaconstantinou’s successor as finance minister, sent a copy to the office of Antonis Samaras, who is now prime minister. Hot Doc, a Greek investigative magazine, then got hold of another copy and published all 2,000 names.这份“拉加德 名单”在2011年年中时,曾经失踪过。但是帕帕康斯坦丁财长的继任者维尼泽洛斯(Evangelos Venizelos)将此名单的复印件送至现任希腊总理萨马拉斯(Antonis Samaras)处。此后,希腊调查类杂志《热门档案》(Hot Doc)也获得一份名单,并公布了这近2000个姓名。Several politicians and their wives and many members of prominent business families appear on the list. Yet most attention has focused on Maria Panteli, an office manager whose account contained 550 million euro (9m), about one-third of the total in all the accounts. Ms Panteli was suspected at first of acting as a front for a Greek shipowner. Then Nikos Lekkas, deputy chief of SDOE, claimed in testimony to a prosecutor that her account was controlled by the 89-year-old mother of a former prime minister, George Papandreou.一些政客和他们的妻子以及许多赫赫有名的企业家族成员出现在这份名单上。然而现在大多数的目光都集中在一个叫做Maria Panteli的办公室经理的身上,她的账户资本约有5.5亿欧元(约为7.19亿美元),约占总账户金额的三分之一。Panteli 起初被怀疑是希腊某船主的替罪羊。其后,SDOE的负责人Nikos Lekkas在向检察院提交物时表示,Panteli的账户由希腊前总理帕潘德里欧(George Papandreou)89岁的母亲所操控。Margaret Papandreou, who lives modestly near Corinth, a provincial town, and her son, now a backbench MP, swiftly denied the allegations. Mrs Papandreou, a feisty feminist, threatened to sue newspapers that published Mr Lekkas’s claim.这名叫玛格丽特·帕潘德里欧的母亲现在希腊地方小镇科林斯(Corinth)过着低调的日子。她与现任后座议员的帕潘德里欧立即对此指控矢口否认。帕潘德里欧女士,一位有着强烈争强好胜欲望的女权主义者,扬言要对Lekkas发表在报纸上的言论进行起诉。The Papandreous felt vindicated when Sabby Mioni, a Greek-Israeli financier, came up with an explanation. Mr Mioni said he had never met any Papandreou family member. The account in question belonged to an investment fund listed on the Irish stock exchange, he said, and he used to manage the fund on behalf of EFG International, a Greek financial group based in Switzerland. According to one of Mr Mioni’s former colleagues, Ms Panteli was a trusted employee permitted to sign documents on Mr Mioni’s behalf.希腊籍以色列金融家Sabby Mioni提出一个解释后,帕潘德里欧母子俩顿时被洗清嫌疑。Mioni先生称,他从未见过任何帕潘德里欧家庭成员。同时,他还表示,该争议账户属于爱尔兰交所中的某投资基金,他常代表总部设在瑞士的希腊金融机构EFG管理这份基金。根据Mioni的前同事的表述,Panteli是一个值得信赖的雇员并被允许允许签署代表Mioni利益的文件。A day later Mr Lekkas made a U-turn, claiming that he had never linked the Papandreous with Ms Panteli’s account. The embarrassing incident has raised fresh doubts about the financial police’s professional competence. Critics say there has been foot-dragging over investigations of politicians, footballers, prominent lawyers and doctors suspected of tax evasion. SDOE officials complain they are overloaded with new cases.一天后,Lekkas的态度发生了180度的大转弯,他声称,从未曾涉及过任何有关帕潘德里欧与Panteli的帐户调查。而这个令人尴尬的事件令人们对独立税务调查组的专业能力提出了质疑。批评者说,他们在足球运动员,著名的律师和医生涉嫌逃税的相关政治调查中消极怠工。SDOE官员们则抱怨,在这一系列新的案例中,他们是在超负荷地工作。Greece has still not convicted any prominent tax evaders, despite promising international creditors that the worst offenders would go to jail. The government is about to name a special secretary for tax affairs, in line with a request from officials from the European Commission, the IMF and the European Central Bank who are supervising economic reforms. The new tax supremo will have his work cut out.尽 管希腊曾向国际债权人承诺,将会惩罚那些情节严重者甚至将其送至监狱,但该国依然没有给任何一个逃税大户定罪。根据监督希腊经济改革的机构,即欧盟委员会(European Commission)、国际货币基金组织(IMF)和欧洲中央(European Central Bank)官员的要求,希腊政府正筹划任命负责税收事务的特别官员。新任税务长官的工作将与其他政府工作分而治之。翻译:周颖译文属译生译世 /201609/465130For three straight days this week, some Detroit Public Schools buildings were closed because too many teachers called in sick.These rolling ;sickout; protests have picked up steam in recent weeks.Theyve drawn some major backlash — and attention to a district in free fall.;Theyre making us suffer; Crystal Fischer saw it on the news Monday morning: Her five-year-old sons school was closed because too many teachers had called in sick.Fischer made do for that day.But when she got the call on Tuesday—the school was closed again—the working single mom had to scramble. And she wasnt too happy.;It may be an issue with the teachers, but shoot, theyre causing issues with the parents,; said Fischer. ;Theyre making us suffer.;Fischer didnt really understand what the teachers were so upset about.She has noticed one thing at her sons school, though: ;The classrooms are overcrowded. Too many kids to one teacher.;Overcrowding is just one item on the long list of complaints Detroit teachers have right now.In some other schools, it goes way beyond that.;People leave every single week;;Ive seen some very well-maintained buildings. And Ive seen some buildings that would break your heart,; said Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan.Duggan took a hastily arranged tour of some DPS schools this week, in response to the Detroit Federation of Teachers calling out decrepit conditions in some buildings.He toured some schools Tuesday, and vowed to fix the most egregious building problems: like black mold and collapsing ceilings.But Duggans powers are limited. The state has run the Detroit Public Schools for almost seven years, through a series of emergency managers.;And its been seven years of enrollment decline, deficits, test score decline... and now a third of the money coming in school is being diverted to debt,; Duggan said.Thats .5 billion in debt—more than 0 million in short-term, operational borrowing run up by the emergency managers.Under Michigan law, emergency managers are supposed to put cities and school district with budget deficits back in the black.But in some places—especially in school districts — emergency management has made bad situations even worse.In this case, its put Detroit Public Schools on the brink of what the city of Detroit has aly experienced: bankruptcy.;The state has created debt after debt after debt that it cant pay off,; said Nina Chacker, a special education teacher at Detroits Schulze Academy.Chacker, who supports the sickouts, but hasnt participated in one, says teachers are now at a breaking point. And with DPS struggling to fill 170 vacant positions aly, many feel theyve got nothing to lose by protesting.;People leave every single week. And we have just kind of come to realize that they need us at this point,; Chacker said. ;They cannot get people to work in Detroit.;The Detroit Federation of Teachers leadership has its own internal political struggles. The union hasnt organized or even formally condoned the sick-outs.Chacker says the big push came from teachers at the school level. And she says theyre doing it for their students.;Theyre kids that are easy to take advantage of. And I will fight as hard as I can to ensure that that doesnt happen,; Chacker said.Another slow-motion crisis for Gov. SnyderBut thats not how district and state officials see it.They say the sickouts just hurt Detroit kids and parents like Crystal Fischer.And theyve accused the teachers of using them as ;pawns,; and engaging in illegal wildcat strikes.DPS spokeswoman Michelle Zdrodowski says Emergency Manager Darnell Earley does understand Detroit teachers frustration.;But when teachers continue to do these sickouts, it makes our efforts to talk to the legislature, and get them to say yes to investing in DPS, that much more difficult,; Zdrodowski said.This week, bills for a bankruptcy-style DPS restructuring were finally introduced in Lansing.That overhaul is basically Governor Rick Snyders plan for the district.But the response from lawmakers so far has been lukewarm at best.And the governor is aly caught up in another huge political crisis: Flints water contamination disaster.Hes got to figure it out though. Otherwise, the Detroit Public Schools will go broke before the end of the school year.201601/422469Its never too late for fence-mending.Thats certainly the case with the Ford family and the foundation that bears its name.Detroit News business columnist Daniel Howes has been speaking with Ford Foundation CEO Darren Walker.Ford and the Ford Foundation had been at odds for years until they fell out completely in 1976. Henry Ford II claimed that the people running the board had no understanding of capitalism and how the fruits of it funded the foundation.Instead of spending money on Detroit and southwest Michigan, as had been intended by Henry Ford and his son, Edsel, the foundation was more interested in the developing world. So much so that the foundation with .3 billion in assets dwindled its contributions to Detroit to a handful of millions by the mid-1990s.But in 2006, Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox went after the foundation and reminded it of its obligation to the area in which they were incorporated.Within a year, after a series of administrative subpoenas, the foundation upped its donations in Michigan, starting with a million commitment to what became the ;New Economy Initiative.;The Ford Foundation continued its investment on Detroit with a yearly contribution of -15 million until the ;Grand Bargain.;And now, for the first time since 1948, the trustees of the foundation will be holding a meeting in Detroit.Martha Ford, owner of the Detroit Lions, will be hosting a dinner at The Henry Ford Museum. The foundations trustees will be in Detroit to meet with Mayor Mike Duggan and Gov. Rick Snyder, among others, to learn more about the city.;I think its very emblematic of whats happening in Detroit, in general. I think you now have both political and business leadership that understands what has happened in the past but is less encumbered by the past,; says Howes.201506/379344

Southwest airlines in the news.Southwest airlines has widened its seats by almost one inch.西南航空上新闻了 西南航空将座位加宽了近1英寸I dont think thats going to help because during the announcement,Americans widened their asses by over 10 inches.但我觉得这没什么用 因为在消息宣布期间 美国人的屁股加宽了近10英寸This all happens in one second.It just pops out.Thats the sound it makes when your ass explodes.Katai!Thats right,write it down.1秒钟的事 一下就大了 那就是你屁股爆炸的声音 卡擦 没错 相信我A Wisconsin woman recently got a high school diploma at the age of 103 and says she is now considering going to college.一名威斯康辛州女子最近拿到了高中毕业 她已经103岁高龄了 并称在考虑上大学Friends are recommending a two-year college.朋友们建议她上两年制的学校A new report just came out.I cant make this stuff up.一项新报告刚刚出炉 这都不是编的A new report shows that the typical tourist in Las Vegas,according to statistics,一项新报告显示 的普通游客 这是统计学数据a typical tourist in Las Vegas is a 45-year-old married person from California.的普通游客是45岁的加州已婚人士That explains the new motto what happens in Vegas probably also happens in Fresno.怪不得他们的新座右铭 是维加斯发生的事 大概也会在佛雷斯诺上演Theres a woman over here,but also the 45 year old married guy.A women just went,that sounds right.那边有个女人 45岁已婚人士 那女人说 是啊 差不多I can hear you.That sounds right.That sounds right.You can continue now,conan.You have my permission.我听得到哦 是啊 差不多 差不多 继续吧 柯南 恩准你了201610/474107

Scientists have been debating this question for a long time.科学家们围绕这个问题已经争论了很长的时间。Some believed that snakes evolved on land,and that their ancestors were small,burrowing lizards.一些科学家认为蛇从陆地上进化而来,它们的祖先是小的,穴居的蜥蜴。And others believed that snakes evolved fromthe mosasaurs, giant swimming lizards that lived 144 to 65 million years ago.另一些科学家认为蛇由沧龙进化而来,沧龙是生活在一亿四千四百万年前至六千五百万年前的一种巨型水生蜥蜴。Except its difficult to analyze the genes of the extinct mosasaurs.分析已经灭绝的沧龙的基因是非常困难的。So instead, scientists at Penn Stateanalyzed the genes of their closest living relatives, the monitor lizards.所以宾夕法尼亚州立大学的科学家们分析了它们现存的最近亲属巨蜥的基因。In fact, these scientists examinedgenetic material representing all nineteen living lizard families, and seventeen of the twenty-five familiesof living snakes.实际上,这些科学家们检查了代表所有19种现存蜥蜴家族以及蛇的25种现存家族中的17种基因材料。They analyzed the differences in genetic structure that inevitably result from the slight mutations that develop over time.他们分析了随着时间的推移,遗传结构中不可避免的微小变化所带来的差异。This enabled them to map a genetic family tree.这让他们能够绘画出一个基因家谱图。They discovered that snakes arentclosely related to monitor lizards.他们发现了什么呢?他们发现了蛇与巨蜥并没有密切的关系。Now, because the mosasaurs– the monitor lizards ancestors–werethe only marine lizards around when snakes evolved, snakes must have evolved from lizards living onland.现在,因为沧龙-巨蜥的祖先-是蛇进化时周围唯一的海洋蜥蜴,所以蛇应该是从在陆地上生活的蜥蜴进化而来。Theres a strong correlation between the burrowing lifestyle and very small limbs or the complete lossof limbs.从穴居生活到非常小的四肢,再到完全丧失四肢,这之间的关联非常强。Some burrowing lizards have reduced limbs and some have lost one or both pairs.一些穴居蜥蜴的四肢减少,一些已经失去了一个或者所有的四肢。After all,you could fit into much smaller openings if you didnt need a pelvis or shoulders to support your limbs.毕竟,你需要适应更小的通道,如果你不需要骨盆或肩膀来撑你的肢体。 201411/344512

The ed Auto Workers is taking a big step this week to prepare for upcoming contract talks with automakers. Hundreds of delegates from more than 800 locals are meeting with top union leaders at Cobo Center for the UAW Special Convention on Collective Bargaining.Reporter Brent Snavely is covering the convention for the Detroit Free Press.;As we expected, really, the number one thing on the agenda of many delegates today is the idea that they would like the leadership of the UAW to push for the elimination of the second-tier wage, or the entry-level wage, that automakers have,; Snavely says.But this gap isnt the only problem, and Snavely says executive compensation has been on the minds of many as well.While the UAW wants wage increases, automakers will be arguing against it, citing the aly lower pay of international competitors with plants in the U.S.;The automakers do not want to return to those days of irresponsible contracts that led to as much as a gap between the labor cost of the Detroit automakers and their Asian rivals in the U.S.,; Snavely says.;I dont think theres a right or wrong here. I understand where the UAW is coming from and I completely understand where the management of the companies are coming from and where they wind up, probably somewhere in the middle, is always a really fascinating dance to watch how it plays out,; Snavely says. 201503/366135

But it was hard for wolves.但对狼而言却是难事。Wolves that have been raised by people should have had the same success at finding the sealed container, but they didnt.被人类所抚养的狼应该和一样找到密封容器,但它们却未能成功。Even chimpanzees, which are very smart animals indeed, werent as fast at finding the food as dogs.甚至是黑猩猩这种非常聪明的动物也无法像那样能够迅速发现其中诀窍。What does this mean?这代表着什么呢? One interpretation is that dogs do, in fact, have a natural ability to understand forms of human communication.一种解释是们事实上有一种天然理解人类交流形式的能力。Even nine-week old puppies found the food, suggesting the skill is there before training.即使出生刚满9周的小也可以找到食物,这表明未经过训练就已经拥有天生技能。Wolves dont have the skill, suggesting that it has developed in dogs since the time they branched off from their evolutionary predecessors.而狼并不具备这种能力,这表明自从从先祖中分离时狼已经从类中得以进化。There is debate about this idea.关于这个想法存在着争论。But Tomasello thinks that in the past fifteen thousand years, as human beings and dogs have evolved together, the basis for fidos ability to understand what you mean may have become encoded in his genes.但是托马塞洛认为在过去的15000年里,随着人类和一同进化,理解人类意图的能力可能已经融入到自身基因当中。201502/358581

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