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Host: After a whirlwind romance, just have dated for just a couple of months, anounced that they are getting married and oh my gosh and now a baby. We are talking of course about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. People magazine senior, what is your title exactly here? Is it senior edi...Jess Cagle: Obviously, senior editor, Rene.Host: Speak of Seals, coz he's a senior citizen. Jess Cagle:Oh, that's true, yah.Host: Jess Cagle is here with more. Oh my gosh, what's happening here?Jess Cagle: Well, Tom and Katie have been dating since April. He proposed in June. And yesterday they broke the news to People that they are having a baby.Host: And how was that news received?Jess Cagle: Well, I mean, it's all over. It's global news. I mean, I put it up on people. com. And I think five minutes it was all over the world. Host: Wow, what about his...what about his ex-wife Nicole Kidman? What about his kids Isabella and Connor? How...how are they taking this?Jess Cagle: I asked his sister and publicist Lee Anne De Vette how each individual was taking it. she didn't want to single anybody out. She said the entire family, excuse me, is very excited about it, yep.Host: Em, you know this seems like such a whirlwind. And and... I think a lot of people were skeptical initially that this romance was indeed genuine. Do you think this will quell some of that?Jess Cagle: No, I think that he got involved with Katie, to promote his movie. And they don't probably have a baby to promote the next movie. Host: Hahahahaha. Ok, alright.Jess Cagle: No, it's ridiculous. Obviously, this is, it has been very, very fast. It was...it was a surprise to a lot of people but (yeah) I think that people who were that cynical about the relationship sort of have an egg on their face now.Host: yeah.200807/44534

US Commander Expects No Reduction in Korea Force美军司令称驻韩美军预期不会减少  The commander of U.S. forces in Korea says he does not anticipate any reduction in the number of U.S. troops on the peninsula, even as South Korea's army prepares to take responsibility for the country's wartime defense. The commander, General Walter Sharp, spoke Wednesday at the Pentagon.驻韩美军司令夏普将军表示,即使韩国军队准备承担起战时的防卫责任,他也不预期美军在朝鲜半岛的驻军会有任何减少。夏普将军星期三在美国国防部作出这番。General Sharp says the arrival of more efficient and capable units as part of regular rotations could result in some small changes in U.S. troop numbers, but he does not expect any significant reduction in his force of 28,500. And he believes the capabilities of the force are more important than its size.夏普将军表示,他不预期他指挥的两万八千五百名美军官兵会有任何重大裁减,尽管作为例行轮调的一部分,随著战斗力更强、效率更高的部队抵达韩国,驻韩美军人数会发生小小改变。他并且相信,部队的作战能力要比规模大小重要得多。"The bottom line for me, in my responsibility as the U.S. commander there, is do we have the forces, both number-wise and capability-wise, in order to be able to do what we need to do in a war fight. But I really would like to try to change the discussion to capabilities."夏普将军说:“我的底线是,以我身为驻韩美军司令官的责任,我们要保不论在数量上还是在能力上,我们的部队都能够对付战争时的战斗所需。但是我也很希望将这种讨论转移到作战能力上。”And the general notes that South Korea's army is much more capable than it used to be, and that it will take responsibility for commanding its own troops in case of war about three-and-a-half years from now, under a U.S.-South Korean agreement.夏普将军指出,韩国的军队已经比过去的作战能力强很多,而按照美国和韩国的协议,在大约三年半之后,韩国军队将要负起在战时指挥他们自己军队的责任。Asked about North Korea, General Sharp said he worries "every day" about its nuclear weapons capability and potential proliferation, particularly under its unpredictable leader Kim Jung Il. But the general said there has been no sign of instability since reports Kim had a health crisis two months ago. North Korea has denied the reports. Speculation about Kim's health was fueled by his absence at two major public events in recent months. The North Korean news agency reported Saturday that Kim attended a soccer game, but it provided no pictures or .在谈到北韩时,夏普将军表示,是北韩在那位叫人无法推测的领导人金正日的领导下,他每天都担心北韩的核武能力和潜在的核武扩散。但是夏普也表示,自从两个月前爆发出金正日的健康危机以来,还没有出现任何不稳定迹象。北韩已经对这些报导加以否认。对金正日健康的揣测,由于最近几个月金正日在两个主要公开场合缺席而甚嚣尘上。北韩新闻社上星期六报导说,金正日出席了一场足球赛,但是却没有提供照片和录像。Sharp adds, "Do I have more detail on exactly what happened? There's intel sources that I can't, obviously, share there. But I'm confident that based upon what we see going on in the North, and all the contingencies that we need to be prepared for, we're prepared to react to those, us and the alliance."夏普将军说:“对于北韩所发生的事我有更详细的了解吗?我们掌握了一些情报,我显然无法和各位分享。但是我有信心,根据我们所观察到的北韩动静,以及我们为所有意外状况而做的准备,我们以及我们的盟邦已经对应付任何情况做好准备。”South Korea's Yonhap news agency Wednesday ed South Korean officials as saying North Korea fired two medium-range missiles into the Yellow Sea on Tuesday.韩国联合新闻社星期三引述韩国官员的话说,北韩星期二向黄海发射了两枚中程导弹。General Sharp says uncertainty about North Korea's intentions makes it necessary for U.S. and South Korean forces to be able to respond to anything the North could do. He says North Korea could inflict severe damage on South Korea in a surprise attack, but he is confident that U.S. and South Korean forces would win any war the North might start.夏普将军说,由于北韩意图的不确定性,美国和韩国部队有必要能够对北韩可能做出的任何举动做出反应。夏普说,北韩可以对韩国发动突然进攻而给韩国造成严重损害。但是他有信心,美国和韩国的军队能够打赢任何一场北韩所发动的战争。200810/52439

Did a secret police infiltrator inside Fathers for Justice first propose the idea of kidnapping Tony Blair’s son? That's what some members of the organization now suspect. It started as a simple conversation between a group of protestors in a pub just before Christmas, but memories of that night are confused, some who were there say no one talked about kidnapping, others say a plan was mentioned but quickly dismissed. Whatever the truth, anti-terrorist police visited the men soon after, so does this mark the end of the Fathers for Justice Movements. Our home affairs correspondent Simon Israel reports. . . .may listen and make a clear roar.... It appears this headline-grabbing allegation emerged from the post Santa protest staged by rival groups in the Fathers for Justice campaign just before Christmas. While threats and suggested antics were the talk of the town in this pub opposite the road across the Justice family division, several of those who took part say they remember it well, and it did not include any mention of kidnapping the Prime Minister's youngest child. Several, who were in the George were later to be visited and warned by anti-terrorist officers. " that was actually , entirely unrelated, and the two things are entirely unrelated, that was a rare matter of a conversation overheard in a pub just before Christmas , about something entirely different (that) had nothing to do with kidnapping . . um . .Leo Blair, um, the guys were visited and they were given warnings that if they pull off anything within the Westminster area, there is a likelihood that they'd be shot. " "Alright, nothing to do, so nothing in that conversation threw up the idea of kidnapping the Prime Minister's son then. " "Nothing at all. " "Were you there? " "I. . I was there, yes. " (. . daddy. . ) But still, the allegation that Leo Blair was to be the target for abduction landed on the desk of a senior officer of Scotland Yard, via a source who summoned the protest group suspect was a special branch infiltrator. Certainly Channel 4 News understands that that branch of the security services were none too happy about today's leak. Given the history of Fathers for Justice and the current heightened state of alert, any hint of a threat to the Prime Minister and his family has to be taken seriously. But just because police have launched an inquiry, / doesn’t necessarily add credibility to the original allegation. Whether this is a fantasy land or not, the kidnap idea is a far cry from the highly publicized superhero's stunts at Buckingham Palace and that purple powder incident during Prime Minister's question time. Their real target however has always been the family courts and presiding judges, whose hearings and decisions on parental access to children where they claimed bias and never made public. Their campaign hasn't made a jot of difference. "that the group is really being dead in the water, . . um. . , for a while. . um. . , that doesn't mean that it can't come back, I mean it, it could well do, you could see a stunt sunny day soon that / may not be quite as sensational as kidnapping the Prime Minister's son, but it could still be quite interesting. " "We are mainstream movement. We've been the most high-profile campaign group, in this country, for the last three years, you know, we have a job to do, there is a question you know you are right to ask, the question, is you know, is longevity of the group established. Have we done, have we , you know, expand our use by day. " Today's headlines may've well answered that question, and brought forward the inevitable extinction of a movement which marveled in comic street stunts, but achieved little else.200805/39188

Pope Benedict Apologizes for Clergy Abuse in Australia教皇就澳神职人员性侵犯丑闻道歉  Pope Benedict has apologized for sexual abuse in the Catholic Church in Australia and has insisted that those responsible should be brought to justice. The pope told a mass in Sydney Saturday sexual abuse by clergy had brought shame to the Catholic Church. Pope Benedict is in Sydney for World Youth Day. 罗马天主教皇本笃十六世就涉及澳大利亚天主教神职人员的性侵犯丑闻做出道歉,并坚决表示,那些负有责任的人应该被绳之以法。教皇本笃星期六在悉尼对前来参加弥撒的人说,一些教士的性侵犯行为让整个天主教会都感到耻辱。教皇目前正在澳大利亚参加世界青年日的庆祝活动。Pope Benedict told a mass in Sydney the behavior of pedophile priests was "evil" and a grave betrayal of trust that had brought great shame on the Catholic Church. 罗马天主教皇本笃十六世在悉尼对前来参加弥撒的人们说,有恋童癖的神职人员的行为是“邪恶的”,违背了教徒们的信任,给天主教会带来了无上的耻辱。He said the perpetrators should be brought to justice. 他说,那些犯了罪的人,应该被绳之以法。"I am deeply sorry for the pain and suffering the victims have endured and I assure them that as their pastor I too share in their suffering. These misdeeds, which constitute so grave a betrayal of trust, deserve unequivocal condemnation," he said. 他说:“对受害者们所遭受的痛苦,我感到非常抱歉,作为他们的牧师,他们的痛苦也是我的痛苦。那些错误行为严重违背了教徒们的信任,理应受到严厉的谴责和制裁。”The papal apology was widely anticipated and echoes the contrition the pope expressed on a visit to the ed States earlier this year. 教皇的这番道歉可以说是预料之中的。今年早些时候,本笃十六世到美国访问期间,也做出了类似的表述。Support groups for victims in Australia have said that Pope Benedict's apology was not sufficient. 然而,在澳大利亚受害者团体看来,教皇的道歉远远不够。They have called for the church to end what they describe as a continuing cover-up of the scale of the problem.  他们说,教廷一直在竭力掩盖问题的严重性,应该立即终止这么做。They have also demanded "appropriate" levels of financial compensation. 并给受害者及其家属适度的赔偿。Anthony Foster, whose daughter committed suicide after being raped by a Catholic priest who also attacked her sister, says the pope's words do not go far enough. 安东尼.福斯特的一个女儿在被一个天主教士强奸之后自杀了,他的另外一个女儿也遭到了这名教士的侵犯。福斯特说,教皇的道歉并不是那么彻底。"I'll accept an apology if the pope will wholeheartedly embrace the notion of begging forgiveness from victims, and supporting them in every way possible and putting the full resources of the Church behind that support so they can have a reasonable life. They will never recover fully from what has happened to them," said Foster. 他说:“假如教皇真正是全心全意地恳请那些受害者的原谅,而且尽一切可能、动用教廷的全部资源来帮助这些受害者,让他们能够恢复基本正常生活的话,那么,我可以接受道歉。要知道,那些受害者永远也不会完全从过去那些遭遇当中彻底恢复过来。”There have been 107 convictions of pedophile clergy in Australia, but campaigners have insisted that there could be thousands of victims, as only a few cases ever go to court. 在澳大利亚,至少有107名澳大利亚天主教神职人员被判定犯有性侵犯罪。但是,有关的活动人士说,事实上,遭到侵犯的人可能有数千名,因为这类案例,实际上只有极少数诉之于法庭。Sexual abuse by Catholic priests has overshadowed the pope's visit to World Youth Day in Sydney, with senior church officials reopening a 25-year-old case of indecent assault in Australia only days before the pontiff arrived. 教皇这次澳大利亚世界青年日之行,被一些天主教士所犯下的性侵犯行为蒙上了一层阴影。就在他抵达之前几天,教廷的一些高级官员决定对发生在澳大利亚的一件历时25年之久的案子进行重新审理。World Youth Day festivities have continued in Australia's biggest city, with tens of thousands of pilgrims marching across the Sydney harbor bridge on their way to an all-night vigil at a race course before a giant, open-air papal mass on Sunday. 目前,庆祝活动在悉尼继续著,成千上万的朝圣者们徒步走过悉尼海港大桥,前去参加烛光之夜的庆祝活动。星期天,教皇本笃十六世将主持一个规模庞大的露天弥撒。World Youth Day is a global celebration that is meant to inspire a new generation of Catholics. 世界青年日在世界各地都展开了庆祝活动,目的是希望年青的一代能够加入天主教。200807/44421

Im a little bit concerned about something.我对一些问题有点担心。;Im a little bit concerned...; Doesnt that mean something bad?“我对一些问题有点担心。”这是不是不好的意思。Yes, Anna, Paul is using a polite turn of phrase to say he is unhappy about something.是的,安娜,保罗正在用礼貌的方式表达他对某事不满意。Lets see what hes got to say....看看他要说什么……I think you need to work on your telephone manner.我想你需要改进你的电话谈话技巧。Work on my telephone manner?改进我的电话谈话技巧?It means the way you talk on the phone is not good enough and you have to improve it – to work on it to make it better.这意味着你的电话谈话方式不够好,你需要改善它,使它变得更好。Perhaps you should think about …也许你应该想想……Perhaps you should think about – thats a polite way of telling you to do something!也许你应该想想……这是一种礼貌的方式告诉你要怎么做某事。Anna, are you listening to me?安娜,你在听我说话吗?Yes, sorry, I was just sort of, err, talking to myself.是的,对不起,我只是在自言自语。Could you repeat what you said please?你能重复一下刚才说的吗?Right, Ill start again.好的,我从头再说一遍。I said: Im a little bit concerned about your telephone manner.我说:我有点担心你的电话谈话技巧。You need to work on the way you speak to clients.你需要改进你跟客户说话的方式。Perhaps you should think about being a bit more polite to clients; its important for the image of the company.也许你应该考虑对客户说话时更礼貌一些,这对公司形象很重要。Oh okay.好的。You can go now – take another biscuit with you – thats my last chocolate wafer, you lucky thing!你现在可以走了,拿一块饼干吧,这是我最后的巧克力薄饼,幸运的人! /201701/483836

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