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泰州市治疗前列腺炎多少钱兴化市妇幼人民中医院治疗前列腺疾病多少钱泰州人民医院割包皮怎样 A suicide car bomber has targeted a European Union police vehicle in Kabul, killing one passer-by but not hurting any of the passengers. However, five people nearby were wounded.一名试图在喀布尔袭击一辆欧盟警车的自杀汽车炸弹手引爆炸弹后造成一名路人丧生,5人受伤,警车内的人安然无恙。The Taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack.塔利班宣称对袭击负责。The European police training mission said the bomber struck near its headquarters on the eastern outskirts of Kabul Monday afternoon.欧盟驻阿富汗警察特派团表示,袭击星期一下午发生在喀布尔东部郊区特派团总部附近。Kabul has been hit by a high number of attacks in recent weeks as Taliban insurgents target government, military and foreign installations.最近几个星期以来,喀布尔发生多起针对政府、军队和外国机构的袭击。The attacks come as Afghan troops are taking full responsibility for the nations security, marking the formal end to a 13-year combat mission in Afghanistan by the ed States and NATO that targeted Taliban insurgents.袭击发生的同时,阿富汗军队正在全面接管全国安全防务职责,美国与北约在阿富汗长3年打击塔利班叛乱分子的作战使命正式结束。来 /201501/352203泰州东方医院不孕不育

泰州前列腺炎的检查费用Student demonstrators have ended their siege of Taiwans legislature, allowing a peaceful return to lawmaking and ending a challenge to President Ma Ying-jeou and his plans for a trade pact with China.台湾学生抗议者占领立法院的行动宣告结束,立法院终于恢复了平静,台湾领导人马英九和两岸贸协议所受的挑战也算告一段落。But the three-week standoff over the ruling Nationalist Partys plans for a services trade accord - and, more broadly, relations with China - has altered the political landscape, sending a not particularly welcome message to the islands two main political parties, and to Beijing as well.但这场因贸协议和两岸关系引发的持续三周的对峙却改变了台湾的政治版图,向台湾两大政党和中国大陆政府传递出一个不太友好的信号。Mr. Mas Nationalists and the main opposition Democratic Progressive Party are both losers, analysts say, though to different degrees. China may have to change its tactics to win over hearts and minds in Taiwan, aly a difficult task on an island that displays considerable distrust of Beijing and is increasingly fearful of the mainlands economic clout.分析人士认为,马英九领导的执政党国民党和主要反对党民进党都是输家,只是程度不同而已。中国大陆可能需要改变策略争取台湾的持,但考虑到台湾岛内对大陆政府极不信任,对大陆在台湾的经济影响力也越来越担忧,怀柔台湾绝非易事。On Thursday night the last of the student-led demonstrators filed out of the Legislative Yuan after a final effort to scrub down the walls that had been plastered with banners and slogans opposing the president and the China pact. They had at least won a concession of some level of oversight of the deal stitched together by the Nationalists and Beijing.上周四晚上,最后一拨抗议学生撤出立法院,他们在离开前清洗了墙壁上的反马英九和反贸协议的横幅和标语。学生们至少赢得了部分妥协,政府承诺对贸协议施加一定程度的监督。The president may still get his trade pact with China - a key policy that he has pushed hard to get and one that is widely seen as a boon to the economy. But his disastrously low support in the polls has been dented even further as his party looks warily ahead at important electoral contests this year and in 2016.马英九仍可能贯彻贸协议,这是他卖力推进的一项关键政策,也被普遍视为对台湾经济很有裨益。不过马英九的民调持率非常低,而且进一步下滑,他所在的国民党正忧心忡忡地等待着今年016年的重要选举Relations between Taiwan and China have entered a new phase, said Lo Chih-cheng, associate professor at Soochow Universitys political science department. They will become more complicated.东吴大学(Soochow University)政治学系副教授罗致政说,两岸关系已进入一个新的阶段,会变得更加复杂。China has preferred to deal with the Nationalists, a party that has tried to find a way to keep important economic ties with China on an even course and avoid the bitter wrangling seen under eight years of Democratic Progressive Party rule prior to Mr. Mas election as president in 2008.Reuters马英九中国大陆更愿意与国民党打交道。国民党希望平稳地找到一条与中国大陆保持经济联系的途径,避免民进党掌舵的八年里与中国大陆发生的龃龉008年民进党下台,马英九代表国民党上位执政。Beijing has reached out to certain more pragmatic factions within the opposition DPP that have acknowledged the key role of Chinas huge economy in Taiwans own prosperity. But it will now find that the political scene is more fractured, with multiple players taking a role in the public debate on how to deal with China.北京方面还向民进党内部的务实派伸出橄榄枝,这些务实派并不否认庞大的内地经济对台湾繁荣举足轻重的作用。但中国大陆将会发现,台湾的政治格局已经变得更加复杂,在如何处理两岸关系的公共讨论中,许多人粉墨登场,发表意见。Meanwhile, the academic said, the Nationalists have lost support among younger voters, many of them backers of the students tactics to block the legislature from approving the services pact.这名学者说,与此同时,国民党失去了年轻选民的持,很多年轻选民都持学生占领立法院不让贸协议过审的战术The Nationalist Party is the big loser, said Mr. Lo, adding that the presidents efforts to arrange a breakthrough meeting with Communist Party leader Xi Jinping - as well as other accords with China before he steps down in 2016 - now look like mission impossible.罗致政说,两党之中,国民党是大输家。他还说,马英九想要与中共领导人习近平安排一次历史性会晤(另外他还想在2016年卸任之前与中国大陆签署其他协议),现在看来这已经是“不可能的任务”了。Wang Yeh-lih, chairman of the political science department at National Taiwan University, agreed.国立台湾大学(National Taiwan University)政治学系主任王业立对此表示赞同The Kuomintang has lost an entire generation of supporters. There were not too many (among younger voters) to begin with and now there will be even fewer, he said.王业立说,国民党已经失去了整整一代人的持者;本来持国民党的年轻人就不太多,现在就更少了。But both men argued the DPP also came up short in the standoff. They were not able to set an agenda. They are not leaders, but followers, said Mr. Lo不过,两人也都表示,民进党在这次对峙中的表现也不怎么样。罗致政说,他们没有设定议程的能力,他们不是领导者,而是跟随者。The DPP chooses a new party leader next month as it prepares for important municipal elections later this year and the next presidential contest in 2016. Who takes the helm will be critical and voters will want to see whether the Nationalists turn to candidates that have not been too closely identified with China business interests.民进党下个月将选出一位新的党主席,并且在为今年晚些时候非常重要的地方公职人员选举以及2016年的总统选举做准备。谁能赢得党主席选举将是一个至关重要的因素,而且选民们希望看到,国民党是否会推出与大陆商业利益没有太多关联的候选人。And another factor to watch will be whether the student leaders opt to form another party.另外一个需要注意的因素是,学生领袖会不会选择另外成立一个政党。No matter what, the standoff has led to important changes, according to another academic.另外一名学者说,无论如何,这次对峙已经带来了重要的变化China might get the message that we place a rather high value on democracy, said Liao Da-chi, of the Institute of Political Science at National Sun Yat-sen University. Perhaps the mainland will be alert to this.台湾国立中山大学(National Sun Yat-sen University)政治所的廖达琪说,中国大陆可能会得到这样一个讯息:台湾相当重视民主。他还说,或许这会让大陆有所警醒。来 /201404/287698泰州在哪里检查艾滋病 WOMEN traveling to Saudi Arabia often raise eyebrows there, and Michelle Obama was no exception.去沙特阿拉伯旅行的西方女人往往会令那里的人扬起眉毛,米歇尔·奥巴Michelle Obama)也不例外。When Mrs. Obama recently appeared in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, in the company of President Obama with her hair uncovered, she was following well-established diplomatic protocol for prominent foreign women visiting the country, where strict religious laws otherwise require women to have their heads covered.前不久,在总统奥巴马的陪伴下,奥巴马夫人出现在沙特首都利雅得,她没有戴头巾,这是遵循了外国著名女性拜访该国的悠久外交礼节。然而依照沙特阿拉伯严格的宗教规定,女性必须戴头巾。But a commotion ensued, exacerbated by a faked YouTube that suggested that Saudi state television had blurred out images of Mrs. Obama and her uncovered head. The had been doctored, and not by Saudi television. But a furor still is playing out on Twitter over Mrs. Obama and the absent head scarf.但是,这引发了一场骚动,YouTube上的一个伪造视频更加剧了这场骚动。该视频显示,沙特阿拉伯国家电视台把奥巴马夫人和她未戴头巾的头部作了模糊处理。这段视频是篡改过的,并非来自沙特阿拉伯国家电视台。但是Twitter上仍出现了关于奥巴马夫人未戴头巾的激烈争论。That makes for an interesting backdrop, as more women are traveling to Saudi Arabia on business these days. And they are encountering the laws that limit the social and physical mobility of women in the kingdom, where it is illegal for a woman to drive a car.这是一个有趣的背景,因为如今越来越多的女人会去沙特出差。她们会遇到这个王国限制女性社会和身体流动性的各种法律。在那里,女人开车是违法的。In 2015, a theme being widely applied to the hajj pilgrimage that brings millions of Muslims to Saudi holy sites each year is “The Year of Development,to highlight significant economic and social changes in the kingdom. In a country whose economy is being battered by the drop in world oil prices, there is growing emphasis on improving infrastructure and business development, including the building of new hotels. Among many global hotel companies with new projects in Saudi Arabia are Marriott, Carlson Rezidor and InterContinental, which is developing its Staybridge Suites brand in Jeddah.每年,成百上千万穆斯林前往沙特圣地麦加朝圣015年朝圣的一个主题是“发展之年”,突显这个王国的经济和社会变革。该国经济正因全球油价下跌而遭受打击,所以越来越重视改善基础设施,促进商业发展,包括建新酒店。很多全球酒店集团正在沙特建新酒店,包括万豪(Marriott)、卡尔森瑞德酒店(Carlson Rezidor)和洲际酒InterContinental)。洲际酒店正在吉达扩张自己的驻桥套房(Staybridge Suites)品牌。But as this development expands, can businesswomen from abroad work effectively within a culture where, for example, a Saudi woman was arrested in December for attending a soccer match? Yes but it requires planning and agility, says Nancy J. Ruddy, a co-founder of CetraRuddy, an architectural firm in New York that has been working in Saudi Arabia on the design for a large business hotel project in Jeddah. The five-star Galleria hotel and retail center is scheduled to open late this year.但是在这些发展的同时,国外的商务女性能在这种文化中有效率地进行工作吗?去年12月,一名沙特女子因去现场观看足球赛而被捕。纽约建筑公司CetraRuddy的联合创始人南希·J·拉迪(Nancy J. Ruddy)说,女人能够在这里有效率地工作,不过需要计划和机智。该公司正在吉达设计一个大型商务酒店项目。这个五星级加列里亚饭店(Galleria)和零售中心计划今年年底开业。We’re all familiar with the basic drill in Saudi society, where even restaurants are segregated, with women and children seated in special sections away from men. But I asked Ms. Ruddy whether there are lesser-known hurdles in doing business while female in Saudi Arabia.我们都知道沙特社会的一些基本习俗,在那里甚至连餐馆都设立隔离区,女人和孩子被安置在特殊区域,与男人隔开。但是我问拉迪,女性在沙特做生意有没有什么不太为人所知的障碍。“Any country that I go to, I really study the customs and I get advice from people who have been there, so the obvious things about having to wear these robes, these abayas, about being covered, everybody knows about those things,she said. “But there are certain things we all assume are basic in our global world, even if it is a country like Saudi Arabia, such as the availability of bathrooms.”“不管去哪个国家,我都会认真研究那里的习俗,询问去过那里的人的建议。很显然,你必须穿长袍,盖住头,谁都知道这些,”她说,“但是有些东西我们以为全世界都有,甚至在沙特这样的国家也应该有,可实际上那里没有,比如卫生间。”Many of her business meetings with the development company, an arm of the Saudi royal family, took place in a modern 23-story office building, she said.她说,她和开发公司的很多商务会议都是在一3层的现代写字楼里进行的。那是沙特皇室的公司。“But there was no ladiesroom, which was totally shocking to me,she said. “During my first trip there, if I needed to use the bathroom, I would have to say that I need to go back to my hotel, and I would have to be walked back to the hotel by a man, because you’re not allowed as a woman to walk around unaccompanied on the streets. And because there are almost no women in the work force in Saudi Arabia, there are no ladiesrooms in office buildings.”“但是那里没有女卫生间,这让我极为震惊,”她说,“我第一次去那儿时,如果我需要去卫生间,我只能说我需要回酒店,然后必须有一个男人送我回酒店,因为在沙特,没有男人陪伴,女人不能独自在街上走动。因为沙特女人几乎都不工作,所以写字楼里没有女卫生间。”So Ms. Ruddy resorted to a kind of bathroom diplomacy during her frequent work sessions there. “All of the male executives had private bathrooms, so I asked if it was possible for one of those bathrooms to be put out of commission so I could use it, so I wouldn’t have to ask some man to take me on a 15-minute walk back to my hotel.”所以,在那里频繁工作期间,拉迪想出了一种卫生间外交策略。“所有男性高管都有私人卫生间,所以我询问是否有可能留出一个卫生间给我用,这样我就不用让某个男人陪我走15分钟回酒店了。”Voilà! Compromise was achieved and a little sign on a door solved a big problem.好了!他们让步了,在门上挂一个小牌子就解决了一个大问题。By and large, as more women travel on business in Saudi Arabia, more of them are finding ways to work around the system, even as some social pressure builds within the country from Saudi women, who make up 20 percent of the country’s work force, up from 16 percent a decade ago. That is still among the lowest female work force percentages of any country, according to data from the World Bank.总的来说,随着更多女人到沙特出差,她们中的更多人在寻找变通方法,与此同时,沙特妇女也在国内施加了一些社会压力。如今女性占沙特劳动力的20%,比十年前的16%有所增长。根据世界的数据,它仍是世界上女性劳动者比例最低的国家之一。“With so many U.S.- and global-based businesses in Saudi Arabia, travel to the country is only going to expand,said Carol Margolis, the publisher of Smart Women Travelers. “Saudi women keep pushing for change and, as a result, travel into their country by Western women will become easier.”“随着这么多美国和国际性公司进驻沙特,到这个国家旅行的人只会越来越多,”《聪明的女性旅行者Smart Women Travelers)的作者卡罗尔·马戈利斯(Carol Margolis)说,“沙特妇女在不断推进改革,所以西方女性去她们国家旅行会变得更容易。”Finding ways to navigate around customs that might seem insurmountable at first “has been very interesting,said Ms. Ruddy, who also has developed projects in India.拉迪说,在最初看来似乎难以逾越的习俗中寻找变通办法“变得非常有趣”。她也在印度开发项目。“In Saudi Arabia, it’s clear they have a great admiration for expertise, so the rules were changed a bit when they saw that I was bringing expertise to the table, which is of course why they hired me in the first place,she said. “After a while, some of the men would even call me by name and make direct eye contact.”“在沙特阿拉伯,他们显然十分钦佩专业知识,所以当他们看到我能带来专业知识时,规矩就有所松动,当然他们起初雇佣我也是为了我的专业知识,”她说,“经过一段时间,其中一些男人甚至开始直呼我的名字,跟我有直接的目光接触。”Small victories, of course, in a world where the ability to gracefully work around traditions is valued because, as every business traveler contemplating a trip to an unknown culture knows, as a general rule, when you have to go, you have to go.当然,这些都是小小的胜利。在当今世界,在尊重传统的同时,寻找变通方法以便得体工作的能力显得越来越重要,因为每个商务旅行者在考虑前往一个陌生文化时,都知道这样的一般原则——如果必须去,那就别无选择。来 /201502/359390泰州市中医院治疗性功能障碍多少钱

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