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上饶妇幼保健院激光祛痘多少钱上饶医院割双眼皮哪家好“This,” wrote the Google Ventures general partner David Krane yesterday on Twitter. “10 years ago, today. A day I’ll never forget…”谷歌创投(Google Ventures)普通合伙人戴维·克莱恩8月19日在Twitter上写道:“这是10年前的今年。我永远无法忘记的一天……”The object in question was the photo-of-a-photo seen above, of Google executives preparing to ring the opening bell of Nasdaq in New York on August 19, 2004. As Fortune wrote yesterday, Google was a much smaller company then. It was involved in far fewer businesses, had dramatically less revenue, and employed just five percent of the people it does today.他所说的正是上面我们看到的那张图,那是2004年8月19日,谷歌高管团队准备在纽约敲响纳斯达克(Nasdaq)开市钟时的合影。正如《财富》杂志(Fortune)另一篇报道中所写的那样,那时的谷歌还是一家小公司,公司业务比现在小得多,更没有如此巨额的收入,员工人数也只有如今的百分之五。The people on stage for Google’s initial public offering that day didn’t even represent 1% of the company’s employees at the time, but many of them were important to the company’s early success. Below, a list of who those people are, what role they played on that day in 2004, and where they are today.谷歌上市当天,登台的人数甚至不到当时公司总人数的1%,但其中许多人对于公司早期的成功发挥了重要作用。下面是照片中各位人物的介绍,他们在2004年谷歌上市当天的角色,以及他们的现状。In the front row前排Left to right:从左到右:Unknown Nasdaq executive身份不明的纳斯达克高管David Krane—then, Google’s director of Global Communications and Public Affairs;now, general partner at Google Ventures.戴维o克莱恩——时任谷歌全球通信及公共事务部总监;现任谷歌风投普通合伙人。George Reyes—then, Google’s chief financial officer; now, retired.乔治o雷耶斯——时任谷歌首席财务官;现已退休。Eric Schmidt—then, Google’s chief executive officer; now, Google’s executive chairman.埃里克o施密特——时任谷歌首席执行官;现任谷歌执行董事长。Larry Page—then, Google’s president of products; now, Google’s chief executive officer.拉里o佩奇——时任谷歌产品总裁;现任谷歌首席执行官。Robert Greifeld—then and now, Nasdaq’s chief executive officer. (You may remember him for bearing the criticism for Facebook’s botched IPO in 2012.)罗伯特o格雷菲尔德——时任及现任纳斯达克首席执行官(2012年,他曾因Facebook IPO被搞砸饱受批评。)Unknown Nasdaq executive身份不明的纳斯达克高管In the back row后排Left to right:从左到右:Mona Chu—then, Google’s director of SEC reporting amp; technical accounting; now, unknown. (She left Google in June 2013, according to her LinkedIn profile.)莫娜o朱——时任谷歌SEC申报与技术会计总监;现状未知(根据其在LinkedIn上的资料,她已于2013年6月离开谷歌。)Unknown executive身份不明的高管Mark Fuchs—then, Google’s vice president of finance and chief accountant; now, unknown.马克o福克斯——时任谷歌财务副总裁兼总会计师;现状未知。Pietro Dova—then, Google’s corporate controller and finance director; now, a founding partner at XG Ventures (with ex-Googler Andrea Zurek).彼得罗o多瓦——时任谷歌公司控制官兼财务总监;现任风险投资公司XG Ventures创始合伙人(与原谷歌员工安德里亚o祖瑞克合作)。Marissa Mayer—then, Google’s director of consumer Web products; today, Yahoo’s president and chief executive officer.梅丽莎o梅耶尔——时任谷歌消费者网络产品总监;现任雅虎(Yahoo)总裁兼首席执行官。Douglas Merrill—then, Google’s chief information officer (he stitched together the IT behind the very complicated, multi-bank “Dutch” auction system); now, founder and chief executive of ZestFinance.道格拉斯o梅里尔——时任谷歌首席信息官(他将非常复杂的多“各自付费”拍卖系统进行了成功整合);现任金融公司ZestFinance创始人兼首席执行官。Tim Armstrong—then, Google’s vice president for advertising sales; now, AOL’s chairman and chief executive officer.蒂姆o阿姆斯特朗——时任谷歌广告销售副总裁;现任美国在线(AOL)董事长兼首席执行官。Omid Kordestani—then, Google’s senior vice president for worldwide sales and field operations; now, Google’s interim chief business officer (since the departure of Nikesh Arora last month) and special advisor to the CEO.奥米德o柯德斯塔尼——时任谷歌全球销售与现场运营高级副总裁;现任谷歌临时首席商务官(自上个月尼科什o阿罗拉离职以来)及CEO特别顾问。Michael Grimes—then and now, head of global technology investment banking at Morgan Stanley.迈克尔o格兰姆斯——时任及现任根o士丹利(Morgan Stanley)全球科技投资部门主管。Jeff Donovan—then, a Google lawyer; now, unknown.杰夫o多诺万——时任谷歌律师;现状未知。David Drummond—then, Google’s vice president and general counsel; now, Google’s senior vice president for corporate development and chief legal officer.大卫o德拉蒙德——时任谷歌副总裁兼总法律顾问;现任谷歌公司发展高级副总裁兼首席法务官。 /201408/323622上饶假体隆鼻哪家医院好 导读:你能想象戴上眼镜,动动眼球便可以“切水果”吗?由武汉大学大三学生团队研发的Xight人眼视线捕捉系统将神话(mythology)变为现实。In ancient Greek mythology, Medusa#39;s gaze turns onlookers to stone. Yang Shuo, a junior software major at Wuhan University, can crush fruit in the Fruit Ninja game simply by moving his eyes. The 21-year-old and his teammates recently developed a mask which operates a computer by eye movement.在古希腊神话中,美杜莎可以用目光将看到她的人变成石头。而来自武汉大学软件专业的大三学生杨硕在玩水果忍者游戏时,却可以通过移动视线来切水果。最近这位21岁的大学生和队友们共同研发出了一个通过眼球运动来操控电脑的面具。The aim is to help physically challenged people and possibly to pioneer a new area in computer control technology. Their product enables users, who have weak muscles or are disabled, to operate a computer.这项发明旨在帮助残障人士,并极有可能开创计算机操控技术的新纪元。他们的产品可以帮助那些肌无力或身患残疾的使用者来操作电脑。Their eye movement is captured by digital cameras fixed to the glasses, enabling the eyes to act like a computer mouse.固定在眼镜上的数码像机能够捕捉用户的眼球运动,这样一来双眼就可以代替电脑鼠标的功能。;We wanted to develop a technology that helps others and solves the toughest problems,; said Yang, leader of the team named ;Xight;.“我们希望开发一种技术,可以帮助他人解决最棘手的难题。”“Xight”团队队长杨硕称。Li Jin, 21, a junior software major at the university, found a challenging problem during his visit to Chongqing Disabled Person#39;s Federation in an off-campus activity last year. Li noticed that disabled people wanted to communicate via the Internet, but many were unable to because of their physical condition.21岁的李今同样是武大软件专业的大三学生。他在去年参加参加重庆残联的校外活动期间发现了一个极具挑战性的难题。李今注意到,尽管残疾人士希望通过网络与外界沟通,但很多人因为身体状况而无法实现这一想法。;Let#39;s see what we can do,; said Yang.“让我们来看看自己能做些什么。”杨硕说。The idea of using the eyes to control a computer came up. ;Because the eye is one of the most agile parts of the human body,; said Li.于是,他们想到了用眼睛来控制电脑。“因为眼睛是人类身体上最灵活的部分之一。”李今说。However the team discovered that eyes can be too quick to be captured by camera for an accurate positioning function.但该团队发现眼球运动过快,相机难以捕捉其运动状况,无法实现精确定位功能。As a result, their prototype glasses could only function in four corners of a computer screen with the head held still, which wasn#39;t practical.因此,他们原先制作的眼镜原型只有在保持头部不动的情况下,控制电脑的四个角,缺乏实用性。The team reckoned that with lots of experiments and calculations, a pattern of eye movement could be traced and programmed.他们思考后认为,通过大量的试验和计算,可以追踪眼球运动的方式,并编写相关程序。 /201205/184283上饶弋阳县切割双眼皮哪家好

上饶鞍鼻整形要哪家医院好How many iPhones will Apple sell in China?It's tempting to multiply China's 700 million mobile phone users by a percentage pulled out of a hat, and now that China Unicom has announced its deal with Apple (AAPL), everybody seems to be doing it. Result: Published estimates of how many iPhones Apple will sell in China next year that range from a low of 1 million to a high of 14 million. Here are the numbers we've seen: #8226; UBS analyst Maynard Um: 1 million in fiscal 2010 #8226; Sanford Bernstein's Toni Sacconaghi: 2.9 million by end of 2011 #8226; Standard amp; Poor’s Clyde Montevirgen: 4 million in calendar 2010 #8226; Susquehana Financial's Jeffrey Fidicaro: 2 million to 5 million #8226; Broadpoint AmTech's Brian Marshall: 5 million to 7 million in 2010 #8226; iPhonAsia's Dan Butterfield: 14 million in the first year of sales Everybody's guessing, of course, since China Unicom hasn't even announced its pricing or its terms. Meanwhile, Susquehana's Fidicaro offers investors this handy formula: For every additional 1 million phones Apple sells next year, you can add 18 to 20 cents to the company's earnings per share. The Street currently expects Apple to earn .84 a share in fiscal 2009 and .79 a share in 2010, according to Thomson Financial. /200909/83053江西省韩美整形医院激光祛斑手术多少钱 Renault will piggyback on partner Nissan’s product and strategy in its overdue entry to the Chinese carmaking market as it seeks rapid catch-up with competitors.雷诺(Renault)将借助合作伙伴日产(Nissan)的产品和战略,姗姗来迟地进入中国汽车制造市场,争取快速赶上竞争对手。The French carmaker this month received approval for a .3bn joint venture to build cars in China, the biggest car market, with Dongfeng, which has built cars with Nissan in the country for the past 10 years.这家法国汽车制造商本月争取到中国政府批准其与东风汽车(Dongfeng)组建13亿美元合资企业,在全球最大汽车市场制造汽车。东风与日产合资在华制造汽车已有10年。Renault would use the same product platforms built and sold by Nissan in China under different model names, and share market segments, engines, parts and supply chains, three people with knowledge of the company’s strategy told the Financial Times.了解雷诺战略的3名人士告诉英国《金融时报》,该公司将利用日产以不同的型号名称在华制造和销售的产品的平台,并共享市场细分、发动机、零部件和供应链。Renault would position itself as an affordable luxury brand in China, the people said, as it looked to snatch share in the country, where sales growth has for years offset a shrinking market in Europe for carmakers such as Volkswagen and General Motors.上述人士表示,雷诺在中国将定位于一个价格适中的豪华品牌。该公司将寻求争夺中国市场的份额;对大众(Volkswagen)和通用汽车(General Motors)等汽车制造商来说,中国的销售增长多年来一直在抵消不断收缩的欧洲市场的影响。The Japanese company builds a suite of cars including its midsized Teana sedan in China, a model that uses a product platform that can support Renault models such as the Laguna sedan.日产在中国生产一系列汽车,包括中型的天籁(Teana)轿车,这款车型所用的产品平台也能持雷诺的一些车型,如拉古那(Laguna)轿车。Renault’s venture with Dongfeng will build cars and engines for both companies and start with an annual production capacity of 150,000 vehicles.雷诺与东风的合资企业将为两家公司制造汽车和发动机,首期年产能将达到15万辆。The French carmaker will officially announce the details of its strategy for China today.这家法国汽车制造商将在今日正式宣布其中国战略的细节。Renault, which owns 43.4 per cent of Nissan, has operated in alliance with the Japanese carmaker since 1999, leveraging joint products, purchasing and production to save billions of euros every year.持有日产43.4%股份的雷诺,从1999年起与这家日本汽车制造商携手运营,充分利用产品、采购和生产方面的联合,每年节省数十亿欧元的成本。Nissan and Renault’s individual joint ventures in China with Dongfeng are legally required to remain separate entities, unlike its operations in India, where the two operate as one business.日产和雷诺分别在华与东风组建的合资企业,依法必须是相互独立的实体,这与它们在印度运营一家合资企业的情况不同。But the original agreement signed between Nissan and Dongfeng in 2003 includes a provision to integrate Renault into what officials in the three companies refer to as a “prosperous triangle” in China.但是,日产和东风在2003年达成的最初协议,包含了一条拟在中国整合雷诺的条款,目的是形成三家公司高管所称的“金三角”。“I would expect China to be the area where the synergies and the alliances will be the best,” said Jérémie Papin, finance director of the Renault Nissan alliance.“我期望中国成为协同效应和联盟达到极致的地方,”雷诺-日产联盟(Renault Nissan alliance)财务总监杰瑞米#8226;帕潘(Jérémie Papin)表示。Renault’s lack of manufacturing capacity in China has made it an outlier among global car brands that have flocked to the country over the past couple of decades in search of growth.缺乏在中国的制造能力使雷诺在全球汽车品牌中成为一个局外者。过去20年来,全球汽车品牌纷纷到中国寻求增长。The French carmaker has sought to join its Japanese partner in sping its reach over the past decade in order to lessen its dependence on Europe, where the market has slumped to a 20-year low.雷诺在过去10年里寻求与日本合作伙伴一起扩张海外地盘,以减轻其对欧洲的依赖。目前欧洲市场已跌至20年低位。Nissan sold 1.25m vehicles in China last year in conjunction with Dongfeng and accounted for almost 60 per cent of the Chinese company’s net profit in the first six months of this year, according to Citi.花旗(Citi)数据显示,日产与东风的合资企业去年在中国销量达到125万辆,该合资企业在今年上半年占东风净利润的近60%。Dongfeng, based in Wuhan, eastern central China, has become China’s best-known carmarker outside the country thanks to joint ventures with Honda, Nissan, PSA Peugeot Citro#235;n and Renault, and its ongoing talks with Peugeot to take a stake in the French carmaker.总部位于华中城市武汉的东风,已成为海外最知名的中国汽车制造商,与本田(Honda)、日产、标致雪铁龙(PSA Peugeot Citro#235;n)和雷诺分别建立了合资企业,并且正与标致谈判,拟入股这家法国汽车制造商。 /201312/268914上饶激光祛痣那家医院比较好

上饶广丰区治疗祛斑价格Concur (CNQR), the maker of travel and expense-report software, knows that some of its users have been unfaithful. Many have turned to free-and simpler-consumer-oriented sites to book business travel. So the company, based in Redmond, Wash, is taking cues from apps and websites aimed at the mainstream-by buying them. It shelled out 0 million for trip-planning app TripIt in 2011 and, this past November, announced a 0 million fund to invest in similar startups. Concur isn#39;t alone. Other enterprise-software giants are racing to acquire user-friendly software in hopes of keeping customers from turning elsewhere. (One exception? Cisco(CSCO, Fortune 500), which has divested itself of most of its consumer businesses.) Here are some bellwether acquisitions.差旅及报销软件供应商Concur遇到麻烦了,它发现不少用户正在转投别处。许多人选择了面向个人用户的网站制定差旅计划。这些网站不但免费,而且更容易上手。所以,位于华盛顿州雷德蒙德市的Concur痛定思痛,开始收购针对主流人群的应用和网站,试图向它们学习。2011年,Concur耗资1.2亿美元收购了行程管理应用程序开发商TripIt。去年11月,Concur又宣布向提供类似务的新创企业投资1.5亿美元。无独有偶,为了留住用户,其它企业软件开发商也都在竞购用户友好型软件。【思科(Cisco)是个例外,它剥离了绝大部分个人消费者业务。】以下是一些堪称业界风向标的收购交易。 /201302/227099 Are you certain your online activities are private? Think again.你确定你的上网活动是隐私吗?再想一想。Not only are your surfing sessions tracked by websites, search engines and social networks, but often your Internet provider, Web browser, government and potentially hundreds of online tracking companies.据《今日美国报》网站报道,不仅是你的浏览过程被网站、搜索引擎和社交网络跟踪,还会被你的网络务提供者,网页浏览器,政府以及上网络追踪公司所追踪。Whether it#39;s to collect valuable marketing data or prevent criminal activity, everything you think you#39;re doing privately in the comfort of your home is anything but private.不论是收集可贵的市场营销数据,或者是防范犯罪活动,所有你认为你在家里私下做的事情绝不是保密的。That said, there are a few ways to spend time online anonymously. The following are a few suggestions.即便如此,我们仍有一些方法匿名地畅游网络。以下便是一些建议。SMART SOFTWARE智能软件How does Facebook know to show you ads for your local gym or supermarket? In part it#39;s because your computer#39;s unique Internet Protocol (IP) address, assigned by your Internet provider, reveals your geographical whereabouts. Even if your computer generates a different IP address every time you boot up or log online, this number (e.g. can still tell your general location.脸书是如何向你呈现你当地的健身房或者超市的广告的?一部分是由于你电脑唯一的IP地址。这个地址注册在你的网络务提供商之下,揭示了你的地理位置。即使你的电脑每次连接登陆网络时,都产生一个不同的IP地址,这个数字(例如:仍然会暴露你的大体位置。There are a variety of solutions that can hide your Internet connection, allowing you to remain anonymous while online.你有许多的方法可以隐藏你的网络连接,使得你上网时保持匿名。Some are websites, such as free ;online proxy servers; that conceal your identity. Simply point the Web address (URL) to the proxy server and surf right from its website (check out proxy.org for a list of great options).一些是网站,例如免费的“网络代理务器”——可以隐藏你的身份。简单地将网络地址(URL)改成代理务器,并直接从网页浏览网站(请查看proxy.com的一张列出许多选项的清单)。Others prefer to download Virtual Private Network (VPN) software that encrypts your online sessions.其他的就倾向于下载虚拟专用网(VPN)软件——可以将你的网络部分加密。The browser-independent Hotspot Shield from AnchorFree (anchorfree.com), for example — available for Windows, Macs, iPhone and Android — channels all Web activities through a personal VPN and secures Internet communications by turning all HTTP traffic into the safer HTTPS (which is what your bank uses for a safe connection). There#39;s an ad-supported free version and a beefier ;elite; option (.95/year) with more bells and whistles.来自于AnchorFree(anchorfree.com)的独立浏览器热点屏蔽软件,举个例子——对于Windows,Mac,Iphone和Android操作系统均有效。它通过一个个人的VPN疏导所的网页活动,并转变所有HTTP通讯成为一个更安全的HTTPS来使网络交流更为安全(这就是你的运用的更为安全的连接)。一个无广告持的免费版本和一个更结实拥有更多修饰的“精锐”可供选择(.95/年)。Similarly, Tor is free software that defends you against Internet surveillance that threatens personal freedom and privacy. Short for ;The Onion Router; — which gets its name for its ;layered; approach to the encryption process — Tor (torproject.org) provides online anonymity as the software routes Internet traffic through a worldwide volunteer network of servers to conceal your location or online usage patterns.相同地,Tor是一个免费的软件——保护你不被威胁个人自由和隐私,免于网络监视。Tor是“The Onion Router; (洋葱路由器)的缩写。这名字的由来是由于它保密途径的”分层的”方式。该软件通过一个世界范围的志愿务器网络——可以藏匿你的位置或者上网习惯,将网络交流分路,Tor(torproject.org)提供网络的匿名性。USB STICKSU盘In some cases, software to encrypt your connection is kept on a USB drive — so you can remain safe and secure even when using a public PC.在一些情况下,软件对于你的连接保密是存储于一个USB储存盘上的——因而当你用一个公共的电脑时,你可确保安全和保密。SurfEasy Private Browser (.99 one-time fee; surfeasy.com) is a tiny USB key that fits into a credit card-shaped case to be kept in your wallet. When you plug it into a PC or Mac — be it your own computer or a public one — it instantly launches its own password-protected browser and you#39;re good to go (no proxy or network settings to configure).SurfEasy Private Browser (方便浏览的保密浏览器,.99 一次性缴费;surfeasy.com)是一个小小的USB钥匙——可以放入一个信用卡形状的盒子,并且放进你的钱包。当你将它插入一个电脑或者苹果电脑——随便是你自己的电脑或者一个公共电脑——这钥匙会立刻安装它自己的有密码保护的浏览器,如此一劳永逸(无需设定代理或者网络设置)。Your browsing session is handled through SurfEasy#39;s fast and secure private proxy network. Your IP address will be masked throughout the session.你的浏览部分通过SurfEasy快速和安全的隐私代理网络处理。你的IP地址在整个过程中都会被掩藏。The company also has a new downloadable product called SurfEasy VPN that can protect computers, smartphones and tablets.这家公司同时也有个新的可供下载的产品叫做SurfEasy VPN (轻松浏览虚拟专用网)——可以保护电脑,智能手机以及平板电脑。Also consider Tails (tails.boum.org), which can be downloaded and installed onto a USB stick to run independently of the computer#39;s original operating system. Like SurfEasy, it lets you browse the Web anonymously — on virtually any computer — as all connections are channeled through the aforementioned Tor network.另外,考虑一下Tails (tails.boum.org)——可以单独下载并且安装于U盘上,并且可独立于电脑原本的操作系统单独运行。例如 SurfEasy,让你匿名地浏览网页——实际上在任何电脑上——因为所有的连接都由上述提及的Tor网络引导。BROWSER TWEAKS特殊浏览器Anonymous proxy software is a great way to mask your IP address online, but there is still plenty of information about your Web-surfing habits stored on your computer — which could also be viewed over a network, say, at the office, by your IT department.匿名代理软件是一个隐藏你IP地址的绝妙方法,但是却仍有许多关于你的网页浏览习惯的信息存储于你的电脑,这些也可以被网络查看,比如说,在办公室,被你的IT部门(网路技术部门)。At least it#39;s somewhat easy to control your privacy settings directly in your Web browser, unless your company forbids non-administrators from making changes to your browser settings.至少这样直接在你的网络浏览器里,控制你的隐私设置比较容易,除非你的电脑禁止非管理员对你的浏览设置做出改变。You can disable cookies — tiny text files stored on your computer with information about where you#39;ve been online, passwords and other info — and you should also delete your browser history to cover your tracks. All major Web browsers — such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari — allow you to delete your surfing history: Simply go to the Options or Settings in your favorite browser and you#39;ll see how to do this.你可以使得信息记录程序(cookies)——储存于你的电脑的一点点的关于你上网浏览过什么,密码以及其他信息的文字文档,不工作。你也应当删除你的浏览记录来掩藏你的轨迹。所有主要的网络浏览器——例如Internet Explorer(网络探索者),Firefox(火狐),Chrome(谷歌浏览器)或者Safari(苹果浏览器)——都允许你删除你的浏览历史:简单地找到选项或者设置菜单,你会明白如何删除浏览历史。You might want to turn off auto-complete or someone on your computer could type in a few letters in a search engine or Web address (URL) bar and any recent places you visited could fill in automatically. And don#39;t click to allow sites to ;remember my password; or someone could gain access to your private or financial information.你或许想要关闭自动完成功能,否则某人在你的电脑上仅仅在搜索引擎或者地址栏中输入一些字母,任何你的近期浏览过的地址会自动地填写。还有,不要选择允许网站“记住我的密码”否则某人可以获得你的隐私或者账户的信息。The easiest thing to do, however, is to see if your Web browser has settings for surfing incognito — most of the major browsers do today. By enabling these privacy settings, your browser won#39;t save any history (and download history), search queries, cookies or passwords.不过最简单的方法是,看你的网络浏览器时候有无痕浏览的选项——大多数主要的浏览器确有此项功能。通过启动这些隐私设置,你的浏览器不会保存任何历史(以及下载历史),搜索词条,信息记录(cookies)或者密码。When it comes to your search engine, you could choose not to save your history. Google, for example, was recently ordered to make this easier for users, to avoid European privacy rules. You could also choose not to log into your Google account when using these services (or not use them at all) or you might want to install one of the free browser plug-ins that tell Google and other advertisers to back off.说到你的搜索引擎,你可以选择不保存你的历史,举个例子,比如谷歌,最近接到命令为客户把此项功能简易化,来防止欧洲的隐私条例。当你运用这些务的时候(或者根本不用),你也可以选择不登陆你的谷歌账户,否则你或许会想要安装某个免费的浏览器插件,让谷歌以及其他的广告商远离你。Finally, you might have heard Facebook is going to start sharing Web-browsing history it collects with advertisers to display more targeted ads — yes, even on non-Facebook sites you visit. But you can opt out of this within Facebook#39;s Privacy settings.最后,你或许已经听说过脸书将会和广告商分享它收集的网页浏览历史,来呈现更有针对性的广告——是的,甚至你浏览的非脸书的网站上。但你可以在脸书的隐私设置中选择逃离这些。 /201406/308587上饶治疗青春痘哪家医院好上饶地区人民医院激光除皱手术多少钱



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