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上饶德兴市opt嫩肤多少钱弋阳县妇幼保健人民中医院激光去痣多少钱用英语安慰别人怎么说 -- :19:1 来源: 担心、惦念你怎么了?What the matter? *用于对方身体不舒或对方有什么异常时What the matter? You look sad. (你怎么了?显得这么伤心)Nothing. Im just tired. (没什么我只是累了)What wrong?Is anything wrong?What the problem?Is something bothering you? *bother “使……烦心”、“折磨”你没事吧?Are you okay? *用于对方发生什么不好的事情时Are you all right?到底怎么回事?What going on?What going on? (到底怎么回事?)We were just talking. (我们只是说说)What happened?What happening?你有什么心事吗?Is something on your mind? *be on a person mind “有什么挂心的事”Do you have something on your mind?What are you worried about? (你担心什么?)What on your mind? (你担心什么呢?)Is anything bothering you?我担心你I was worried about you.I was concerned about you.请不要特地为我(而麻烦您吧)Please dont go out of your way.Ill drop you off. (我送你回家)Please dont go out of your way. (请不要特地送我)你怎么那么严肃You look serious.You look serious. (你怎么那么严肃)This is important. (这事很重要)You look grave.你今天看上去很悲伤You look sad today.你今天怎么满脸的不高兴You dont look very happy today.你怎么闷闷不乐的呀?Why are you so glum? *glum “闷闷不乐的”、“忧郁的”、“愁闷的”Why are you so glum? (你怎么闷闷不乐的呀?)My girlfriend just dumped me. (女朋友刚跟我吹了)*dump “抛弃”Why so glum?Why the long face?你看起来很疲惫You look exhausted. *exhausted “精疲力尽”、“疲劳不堪”,表示在此情况下再也不能做任何事情的疲劳感You look very tired.You look worn-out.You look bushed. *俚语You look pooped. *俚语你该休息一会儿(你需要喘口气)You need a break.It six oclock aly. (已经6点了)Yeah, you need a break. (是呀,你该休息会儿了)You need a rest.You need to take a break.You should take it easy. (你该放松会儿)你今天有点儿不大对劲Something is wrong with you today.Youre not yourself today.You seem different today.谁让你烦躁了?Who are you irritated with? *用be irritated with...表示“为……而急躁的”、“为……而发怒的”Who has irritated you?你太紧张Youre nervous.I think youre nervous. (我觉得你太紧张)No, Im not nervous! (没有,我不紧张)You seem nervous. (你好像很紧张)同情听到这事我很难过(Im) sorry to hear that.My dog died. (我的死了)Im sorry to hear that. (听到这事我很难过)Im sorry about that.(That) too bad.That a pity.What a pity.How awful. (太可怕了!)How sad. (太让人伤心了!)Tough luck.Sorry.What a shame. (太遗憾了) *shame “遗憾的事”、“倒霉的事”真不走运!That untunate.It rained every day while I was in Hawaii. (我在夏威夷那几天,每天下雨)That untunate. (真够倒霉的)Im sorry about your mistune. *更礼貌的说法It untunate.常有的事It happens!这是常见的错误It a common mistake.那你肯定很难受吧It must be tough you. *tough表示“困难的”、“不容易的”、“费力气的”She wont talk to me anymore. (她再也不会和我说话了)It must be tough you. (那你肯定很难受吧)It must be hard on you.啊,真可怜!Oh, poor thing! *poor “可怜的”、“太惨的”Bob got fired. (鲍勃被解雇了)Oh, poor thing! (哦!太惨了!)Oh, poor baby!Ah, poor Bob! (啊,可怜的鲍勃!)我理解你的心情I know how you feel.My wife left me. (我妻子离开了我)Mine, too. I know how you feel. (我也是,我了解你的感受)I understand the way you feel.I really sympathize with you. (我真的同情你)安慰别在意Never mind.Im really sorry! (我真的很抱歉)Never mind. (没什么)*带有“别在意”、“忘了它吧”、“没什么”的语感Dont worry (about it).It okay.get (about) it. (没什么) *比Never mind更直接根据说法不同,有时听起来没有礼貌太遗憾了What bad luck. *用于宽慰努力了但却没能成功的人“太遗憾了”、“太不顺了”、“太可惜了”Better luck next time! (下次一定会走运的!)That too bad!What a shame!Bummer! *俚语没事儿That all right.Im sorry, Im late. (真对不起,我来晚了)That all right. (没事儿)That okay.It no problem.别责备自己了Dont blame yourself. *blame “责备人、责难人”It all my fault! (都是我弄错了)Dont blame yourself. (别责备自己了)这不是你的错It not your fault.常有的事It happens. *发生了没有预料到的事情,劝人想开点儿的语气I feel really bad about it. (那件事我做的真不好)Dont worry, it happens. (别担心了,那是常有的事)这种事谁都会遇到It happens to the best of us.It happens to everyone.不必为那事烦恼There no need to worry about it.Dont concern yourself.别想得太多Dont give it another thought. *give it another thought 直译是“别再有其他的想法”,“别想得太多”没办法呀!It cant be helped.我不想给您添麻烦I dont want to put you out. *put out 有“添麻烦”的意思Youre welcome to stay. (您就住下吧)I dont want to put you out. (不,我不想给您添麻烦)I dont want to bother you.I dont want to cause you trouble.这算什么呀This is nothing.Wow! Shibuya is crowded. (哇!涩谷这么挤呀!)This is nothing, you should see Shinjuku. (这算什么呀!你该去新宿看看)You have a lot of homework. (你有这么多作业呀)This is nothing. (这算不了什么)It no big deal.It no problem.多糟糕呀!How terrible!How awful!别小题大作No big deal. *这种表达方式表示“没什么了不起的”、“没什么”、“这很容易”Sorry, I cant play tennis with you tomorrow. (对不起,我明天不能和你一起去打网球)No big deal. Ill ask John to play. (没什么,我问约翰能不能去)这还算好的呢Ive seen worse. *“我还知道更糟糕的事”、“这还算好的呢”,用于鼓励遇到挫折的人That was a bad movie. (那真是部糟糕的电影)Ive seen worse. (这还算好的呢)It could have been worse. (还有比这更糟的呢!)It might have been worse. (也许有的比这更糟呢)别那么自暴自弃Dont feel so bad about yourself.Dont be so hard on yourself.Dont be so down on yourself.Dont think so lowly of yourself.真遗憾!What a pity!What a shame!总会有办法的Itll work out. *work out 表示“进展顺利”、“解决”I dont know what to do! (我不知道该怎么办!)Im sure itll work out. (别担心,总会有办法的)Everything will be fine. (一切都会顺利的)Things will work out.她只是有点心烦She just upset.What her problem? (她怎么了?)She just upset. (她只是有点心烦)She just mad.She only angry.鼓励别哭了Dont cry.擦擦眼泪Wipe your tears.振作起来!Cheer up!Cheer up! (振作起来!)Ill try. (我会的)Come on! (打起精神来!)Take it easy! (别那么想不开)Pull yourself together! (重新振作起来)Get a hold of yourself!Get your shit together! *语气相当尖锐表达类似“别那么懒懒散散的,振作精神,好好干”的感觉尽你最大努力!Do your best!Do a good job! (好好干!)勇敢点儿Go it! *对将要开始某事的人说Should I ask her out? (我是不是该约她出去?)Yeah, go it! (是呀,勇敢点儿!)It my turn to bat. (该轮到我打了)Go it! (加油!)Take a chance! (给自己一次机会碰碰运气吧!)我们会给你们队助威的!Well cheer your team. *cheer “助威,喝”直译就是“我们会给你们队助威的”Im playing basketball tomorrow. (明天我有篮球比赛)Well cheer your team. (我们会给你们队助威的)下次再努力吧Try harder next time.My test score was low. (我的考分很低)Try harder next time. (下次再努力吧)别松劲!Hang in there! *鼓励正在做某事的人,“坚持下去!”、“不要放弃!”I cant do it anymore. (我不行了)Hang in there! (别松劲!))Dont give it up!Keep at it! (坚持下去!)Keep your chin up! (要有信心!)Try harder! (再加把劲!)别认输!别放弃!Dont give up! *它和hang in there的意思几乎相同,只不过这种说法比较直接Keep it up!Never give up! (绝对不能放弃!)你可以的!You can do it!This machine is too difficult to operate. (这台机器很难操作)You can do it! (你可以的!)你得看到事情好的一面Look on the bright side.My salary is really low. (我的薪水真的太低)Look on the bright side. Your job is very rewarding. (你得看到好的一面你的工作可是很有价值的呀)别看得那么严重!Dont take it too seriously!Dont get worked up over nothing! *work up “激动”、“激起,使激动”别灰心!Keep your chin up! *直译是“抬起下巴来”作为词组常用来表示“别失望,抱点希望”I feel so sad. (我真的很痛苦)Keep your chin up! (别灰心!)只要你想做,你就一定能做得到You can do anything if you really want to.You can do anything if you really want to. (想做你一定能做得到)That the spirit! (那才是好样的!)You can do anything if you put your mind to it.You can do anything if you are so minded.You can accomplish anything if you believe in it. (只要有信心,什么事都办得到)这是一个机会There a chance. *鼓励对方打起精神的说法“愿望有可能实现”,但带有希望不大的语感Ill never pass that test. (我肯定考不过)There a chance. (这可是个机会)There a possibility.It not impossible. (不是不可能的)It could happen. (还是有可能的)担心解决不了任何问题Worrying about it wont solve anything.Worrying about it wont make it better.振作起来!杰克Get it together, Jack!I cant do it, I cant! (我做不了,我不行)Get it together, Jack! (振作起来,杰克!)试试看Just try it.I dont think I can. (我想我不行)Just try it. (你试试看)I dont want to. (我不想做)Just try it. (就试一下)Come on, try it.Just give it a try.试着做做Try and do it.Try it.Give it a try.再试一遍Try again.Have another try.Do it again.Give it another try.别害怕Dont be a chicken. *这里的chicken是俚语,表示“胆小鬼,窝囊废”,而不是“小鸡”Dont be a chicken. Ask her out. (别那么窝囊,去约她吧)But what if she says not? (可要是她说“不”怎么办?)Dont be a coward.Dont be a sissy. *俚语让我们面对现实Let face it. *用在表示“面对不能令人满意的事实”时Do you think Im smart? (你觉得我聪明吗?)Let face it, youre no Einstein. (你得面对现实,你不是爱因斯坦)Let face facts. (让我们面对现实)Let be realistic.我们得让他振作起来Let cheer him up.He looks blue. (他看上去很忧郁)Let cheer him up. (我们得让他振作起来)Let try to make him get his troubles. (我们试着让他忘记烦恼吧)我祝你成功!I wish you success!Success to you!May you succeed!Ill have my fingers crossed. *have one fingers crossed 表示“希望计划能够顺利进行”直译是“把手指叠在一起”,实际场合中常常一边把中指叠在食指上,一边这么说Ill keep my fingers crossed.Ill cross my fingers.Ill keep my hopes up. (我期待着……)应当面对他说Tell him to his face.Tell him to his face that he a liar! (你应当面对他说他是个骗子!)Well, I cant. (可我不行)我是认真的Im serious.No way! (不可能!)Im serious. (我是认真的)Are you joking? (你是开玩笑吧?)No, Im serious. (不,我是认真的)Seriously.Im really serious. (我真的是认真的)Im not joking. (我没开玩笑)Im being honest with you. (开诚布公地跟你讲)I mean it! *当对方不相信你说的是真话时I dont mean it. (我不是这个意思)这是真的呀!Take my word it.Believe me. (相信我!)Take it from me.(相信我)请相信!Youd better believe it! *口语说法Did he really say that? (他真的这么说了吗?)Youd better believe it! (请相信我!)I really mean it! (真是那么回事)Trust me! (请相信我!)我敢肯定Im sure of it.Is the party at 9∶00? (晚会是9点开始吗?)Im sure of it. (我敢肯定是)Im absolutely sure.I know sure that...Im positive. (我有把握)听起来也许奇怪,但那是真的It may sound strange, but it true.No way! (不可能有!)It may sound strange, but it true. (听起来也许奇怪,但它是真的)You may not believe it, but Im telling the truth.It may be unbelievable, but it the truth. (你也许不能相信,但那是事实)我是无辜的!Im innocent!It your fault. (是你的错)Me? Im innocent! (是我?真冤柱呀!)Im innocent! (我是清白的)Dont lie! I saw you do it. (别撒谎,我看见你干的)I didnt do it. (我没干) 日常英语 英语口语上饶隆胸医院去哪里好 1The Origin of Sports1 The Origin of SportsWhen did sport begin? If sport is, in essence, play, the claim might be made that sport is much older than humankind, , as we all have observed, the beasts play. Dogs and cats wrestle and play ball games. Fishes and birds dance. The apes have simple, pleasurable games. Frolicking infants, school children playing tag, and adult arm wrestlers are demonstrating strong, transgenerational and transspecies bonds with the universe of animals ndash; past, present, and future. Young animals, particularly, tumble, chase, run wrestle, mock, imitate, and laugh (or so it seems) to the point of delighted exhaustion. Their play, and ours, appears to serve no other purpose than to give pleasure to the players, and apparently, to remove us temporarily from the anguish of life in earnest.Some philosophers have claimed that our playfulness is the most noble part of our basic nature. In their generous conceptions, play harmlessly and experimentally permits us to put our creative ces, fantasy, and imagination into action. Play is release from the tedious battles against scarcity and decline which are the incessant, and inevitable, tragedies of life. This is a grand conception that excites and provokes. The holders of this view claim that the origins of our highest accomplishments ---- liturgy, literature, and law ---- can be traced to a play impulse which, paradoxically, we see most purely enjoyed by young beasts and children. Our sports, in this rather happy, nonfatalistic view of human nature, are more splendid creations of the nondatable, transspecies play impulse.1体育的起源体育运动开始于何时?如果体育运动的本质就是游戏的话,我们就可以宣称体育运动比人类古老,因为正如我们所观察到的,野兽也进行嬉戏和猫会扭抱玩球,鱼和鸟翩翩起舞,猿类会进行一些简单的、愉快的游戏雀跃的幼儿,捉迷藏的学童和成年摔跤者展示出人与动物界的有力的跨越世代与物种的永恒的联系--特别是幼兽,它们翻筋斗、追逐、奔跑、扭打、模仿、嬉笑(或者看起来是),直到愉快地精疲力尽他们的玩耍,同我们的一样,似乎并没有别的目的而只是给游戏者以愉悦,暂时把我们从严肃生活的痛苦中拉出来一些哲学家称我们的嬉戏是我们本质中最崇高的部分依他们这些随意性很大的见解,游戏无害而且实验性地允许我们的创造力、幻想和想象发挥作用游戏让人们从永不间断亦不可避免的生活悲剧-与乏匮和衰退进行的枯燥抗争中得到一种解脱这是一个令人兴奋、给人启发的伟大见解这种见解的持有者宣称,我们的最高成就如宗教典礼、文学、法律的起源可以追溯到游戏的冲动但令人不解的是我们看到只有幼兽和小孩子才最纯粹地享受着这种冲动从这种比较豁达和非宿命的人性观来看,我们的运动是超时代、跨物种的辉煌的创造 568To a large degree, the measure of our peace of mind is determinedby how much we are able to live in the present moment.Irrespective of what happened yesterday or last year,or what may or may not happen tomorrow, the present moment is where you are—always!Without question,many of us have mastered the neurotic artof spending much of our lives worrying about a variety of things—all at once.We allow past problems and future concerns to dominate our present moments,so much so that we end up anxious, frustrated,depressed, and hopeless.On the flip side, we also postpone our gratification, our stated priorities,and our happiness,often convincing ourselves that“someday” will be better than today.Untunately, the same mental dynamics that tell us to look toward the futurewill only repeat themselves so that “someday” never actually arrives.John Lennon once said,“Life is what’s happening while we’re busy making”,our children are busy growing up, the people we love are moving away busy dying,our bodies are getting out of shape, and our dreams are slipping away.In short, we miss out on life.Many people live as if life were a dress rehearsal some later date.It isn’t.In fact, no one has a guarantee that he or she will be here tomorrow.Now is the only time we have, and the only time that we have any control over.When our attention is in the present moment, we push fear from our minds.Fear is the concern over events that might happen in the future—we won’t have enough money, our children will get into trouble,we will get old and die, whatever.To combat fear, the best strategy is to learn to bring your attention back to the present.Mark Twain said,“I’ve lived through many terrible things in my life,some of which actually happened.”I don’t think I can say it any better.Practice keeping your attention on the here and now.Your efts will pay great dividends. 3895江西上饶注射丰下巴费用

上饶韩美医疗整形美容医院激光脱毛多少钱“我们有只稀有的蒙古兔!”看着我3个饥饿的孩子, 我脱口说出, “我想要买这些食物喂兔子”他说, “既然是给兔子吃, 那就不要钱了”The Rare Mongolian RabbitPerhaps the frequency1) with which it so often happens nowadays should have lessened the pain;misery does love company, after all. But hearing that my husband’s job would be“phased out) ”was ungettable and shocking. John, my husband of ten years, expressed his concern over this nightmare occurrence. He assured me that he would do everything possible to get a job to provide our family. With three children under the age of five and one due very shortly, we relied on his income entirely. “Life goes on, ”John said, more outwardly upbeat than I over the situation. “We have our health, and after all, it’s only a job. Besides, the company will continue paying me three more months. I’ll surely have a new job by then, just relax and don’ t worry. ”With his excellent university and professional credentials3), I figured he must be right. He was a mer Olympic athlete and knew about taking on a challenge. His father died when John was young, so he took on the responsibility of keeping his mother, sister, and brother. My husband knew how to work hard and smart. But as the months passed and no job possibilities materialized him, I grew more and more fearful and less“faith-abiding”. What if he couldn’t find a job?Under other circum stances I could have returned to class room teaching, but our fourth child was due in less than three months. With little money in our savings ac count, the mortgage payment two months behind, and no possible income from any other source, I whittled away) at our daily-living budget. Eventually our food budget became almost nonexistent5). One day while in the supermarket with my children, I noticed a young box boy packing overly ripe fruit and outdated food into cardboard boxes. Hesitantly, I inquired about the destination of the food. “We sell it real cheap, and whatever isn’t sold is thrown away, ”he said. I eyed the aging carrots, celery, tomatoes. Food we could use a week. What, I wondered, is the proper etiquette begging food one’s children?“We have a rare Mongolian rabbit.”I heard myself blurt out, glancing at my three hungry children. “I’d be interested in purchasing the food the rabbit. ”He replied easily, “Since it’s just a rabbit, there won’t be any charge. ”That day he loaded five boxes of produce into my car. We talked while he worked, me sharing inmation about my soon-to-be-expanding family and him talking about his. His name was Jeff. I learned he came from a family of five where finances were tight. This job helped pay his college education. Weeks went by, and Jeff began packing the boxes with outdated or damaged items ――peanut butter, soup, and cheese――that were otherwise still good but would be thrown away. “Surely a rare rabbit would eat all these items , ”he said, explaining their inclusion. As the weeks turned into months, we discovered, hidden under the produce, laundry detergent6), milk, juice, butter. . . The list goes on and on. Jeff started phoning me every time he had a box of“rabbit food”y. Now and then, he brought the boxes to our house. He never inquired after the rabbit, instead he would just stop by to leave its food and be on his way. When our fourth daughter was born, my elation7) was tinged with worry about our financial future. “O Lord, please, ”I begged. “You promised you would never give us more than we can handle. What do you want us to do?Help.”My husband slipped into the hospital room and said, “I have good news and sad news. The good news is that this morning I’ve been offered a very exciting job. ”I closed my eyes and thanked God his many blessings. “The sad news, ”he continued, “is that the rare Mongolian rabbit is gone. ”It turned out Jeff no longer worked at the supermarket. While I‘d been busy with the birth of our new baby, he had moved, the manager said, and left no warding address. Over the next ten years I made good on my silent promise to repay the kindness of all who had helped us throughout that difficult time. But my thanks were incomplete. Then one day, a decade later, there was Jeff standing in the store’s office. I noticed the title MANER on his name badge. How does one adequately thank the person who offers assistance without compromising your pride, extends a hand without sapping8) your strength, and believes in the rare Mongolian rabbits hiding somewhere in each of our lives?I’m not surprised Jeff’s risen up the ranks. He has a rare gift. He knew how to listen loudly to my special plea. “Mrs. Nunn.”he exclaimed, “I think of you and your family often. How is the rabbit?”he inquired softly. Taking Jeff’s hands into mine, I whispered with a wink, “Thanks asking. The rabbit moved on long ago, and we couldn’t be better. ”□by Maureen Nunn 6横峰县妇幼保健人民中医院祛痣多少钱 英语常用交际用语大全 -- :59: 来源: 英语常用交际用语大全  1.- Well done and congratulations to you.  - Thanks very much.  .- I hope you'll succeed in everything.  - So do I.  3.- I wish you success.  - Thank you.  .- We send you our best wishes.  - Thank you very much.  5.- Happy new year !  - Happy new year! (The same to you.)  6.- A merry Christmas to you.  - Thank you.  7.- I hope you'll have a good time.  - Thank you.  8.- Happy birthday!  - Thank you.  二、邀請和应答 (Invitations and responses)  1.- Would you like to come to the party?  - Oh yes, thank you.  .- I hope you can come to the dance next Saturday.  - I'm sorry, but I can't.  3.- Will you go dancing with us?  - Of course. I'll be glad to.  .- Will you come to our English Evening?  - Yes, thank you.  5.- Would you please give us a talk on English Learning?  - OK. When?  6.- You and your friends must come over to my house and see  mooncakes.  - OK. Thank you very much.  三、表示同意和不同意 (Expressing agreement and disagreement)  1.- I think the shop is closed at this time of day.  - No, I think it's open.  .- I think eign languages are more interesting than science.  - I really can't agree with you. I prefer science.  3.- I think I shall a book instead.  - Good idea. That's much better than watching a bad TV Programme.  .- I don't think that it's true. He's always telling strange stories.  - I know. But this time I can't decide if he is right or not.  5.- I think Chinese is more popular than any other subject.  - Maybe. But I prefer art.  6.- Don't think in Chinese when you're speaking English.  - You are quite right. 5 英语 常用 交际 英语常用交际用语大全上饶韩美整形医院做祛疤手术多少钱

上饶市中医院激光去胎记多少钱Pioneering Jazz IconLionel Hampton,9,the frenetic1) jazz vibraphonist),gifted bandleader and storied showman who was one of the most celebrated musicians of the swing era and went on to a six-decade career on the American stage,died on August at a hospital in New York after a heart attack.A dynamic showman with an electric personality,Hampton was one of the last giants of jazz.He pioneered the use of the vibraphone as a jazz instrument and single-handedly popularized its use.Hampton has cut hundreds of records.He was known tremendous energy and directing bands that were among the most long-lived and consistently popular large ensembles in jazz.His work has been hailed by everyone from presidents to jazz critics and endorsed by the public through enthusiastic attendance of his permances and unending sales of his records.Hampton was born on April ,19,in Louisville,Kentucky.He began working as a drummer when he was a teenager.He spent many of his mative musical years in Los Angeles,playing with top local bands and some great national figure s as they came through town.Among them were Louis Armstrong――who first encouraged him to play the vibraphone――and,later,Benny Goodman.He was one of the first musicians to bridge the racial gap between blacks and whites in jazz.He joined drummer Gene Krupa and pianist Teddy Wilson to m the multiracial3) Benny Goodman quartet in the 1930s.Hampton later recalled,“I didn’t recognize that it was a social advancement,but it was the first time blacks and whites ever played together out in public.”By 1930,he was touring extensively o n the West Coast with his own groups,making records and enjoying billing as the“fastest drummer in the world,”when he struck his first note on a vibraphone.He played with Armstrong’s group a year,establishing the vibraphone as a jazz instrument and himself as its top interpreter.Hampton played the vibes with lightning swiftness and harmonic and melodic) simplicity and the drums with a fierce,driving rhythm.He became a household name after recording such hits as Moon glow and Dinah with Goodman in the 1930s and continued to make the charts in the 190s and 1950s.He kept up a torrid5) perming pace,appearing at colleges and jazz festivals across the country and on countless television variety shows.He also wrote more than 0 pieces of music,including such jazz standards as Evil Gal Blues and Midnight Sun.He once estimated that he permed his best-known composition,Flyin’ Home ,more than 300 times a year from 1937 to 1987.In 190,he left Goodman and started h is own big band,featuring a big sound,swinging arrangements and such soloists6) as Washington.Hampton’s newly recorded big-band version of Flyin’ Home became a huge success.The band specialized in boogie-woogie7),jump and later bop,and by the early 1950s it had become as much a rhythm and blues as a jazz attraction.But it nevertheless remained the medium the introduction of many jazz talents.Hampton dissolved the big band in 1965but continued to play with a sextet he called the Inner Circle.He remained an attraction at concerts and jazz festivals,despite ill health in his eighties.He played into his nineties.In 1995,after suffering two strokes,he received an award artistic excellence at Manhattan’s first Jazz at Lincoln Center Awards gala,then permed a swinging rendition7) of Goodman’s Air Mail Special on the vibraphone.Over the decades,Hampton was a consistent winner of annual polls as the best vibes player in the business.He won countless awards(including the Kennedy Center Lifetime Achievement Award in 199and saw both a Berlin street,Hampton-street,and the music school of the University of Idaho named in his honor.Through all of it,Hampton once said,he had just one goal:“I want to be remembered sping happiness and goodwill.”He did just that.President Bush issued a statement saying that Hampton“was an American music legend and will be sorely missed.” 19 On Sitting down to Read King Lear Once Again golden-tongued Romance with serene lute! Fair plumed Syren! Queen of far away! Leave melodizing on this wintry day, Shut up thine olden pages, and be mute Adieu! once again the fierce dispute, Betwixt damnation and impassion'd clay Must I burn through; once more humbly assay The bitter-sweet of this Shakespearian fruit. Chief Poet! and ye clouds of Albion, Begetters of our deep eternal theme, When through the old oak est I am gone, Let me not wander in a barren dream, But when I am consumed in the fire, Give me new Phoenix wings to fly at my desire. 866上饶腋臭手术多少钱江西省上饶韩美医院激光祛痘多少钱



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