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吉安保仕柏丽美容医院做祛疤手术多少钱遂川县提眉手术多少钱But I told my doctors I didnt want cancer to define who I am.我告诉我的医生 我不想让癌症主宰我的人生And I said youd better fix me,cause I am not gonna go through this end.我说你最好把我治好 因为我可不会向它低头I wanted to be, uh, a normal kid, and like everybody else.我想当一个正常的孩子 和其他人一样Dont want to be known like,The cancer, like Courtney... Courtney has cancer,我不想大家觉得 我是有癌症的人 ;啊 考特尼有癌症;so I told them you better fix me.Cause I need to play soccer, and I will do whatever else I want.所以我告诉他们 最好把我治好 因为我还要踢球 我还要去做我想做的事Is that attitude that got you here today, right now.就是这种态度撑你坚持到现在So, I mean,I dont think that, that event can change you,那么 我不觉得那件事可以改变你and you become a different person,You clearly have been this person for long.把你彻底改变 很明显 你一直都这么坚强But you say that cancer brings the best out of.但是你说 癌症激发出了你的潜能Why do you say the cancer brought the best out of you为什么说癌症激发出了你的潜能I feel it makes me a stronger person,and you have definitely helped to that,我感觉癌症使我变得更坚强了 你对我的帮助也很大and with my community has stuck with me this whole time.我周围的人也一直陪着我and family and friends.Its just been amazing how much people care about me,家人和朋友 这么多人关心我 我真的很感动and wanna to help me anyway possible.大家都尽其所能来帮助我 /201510/403504吉安注射祛皱哪家医院好 吉安烧伤烫伤整形医院

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吉安朝天鼻宽鼻大鼻头大鼻子要多少费用Italys illegal immigrants意大利非法移民Tidal wave海啸More horrific deaths in the Mediterranean地中海发生耸人听闻的惨案FEW images of immigrant traffic across the Mediterranean have been as harrowing. Italian TV viewers this week saw the lifeless bodies of 45 African men being lifted, like animal carcasses, from the hold of a fishing boat in which they had tried to reach Europe. Others on the vessel said the men begged to be let out but, for fear of it capsizing, they were forcibly kept below and suffocated.每次发生在地中海的移民惨案都令人异常痛心。这周,意大利电视台播报了一组新闻。54个非洲人乘坐一艘渔船想前往欧洲,却不想在船上命丧黄泉。船上的人说这些人祈求将他们放出来,但是为了防止船只颠覆,他们被关在舱底窒息而死。Around 5,000 people were picked up by patrol boats on June 28th-29th, the busiest weekend of the year so far. On July 2nd another 70 migrants were reported lost at sea in a separate incident. All this comes after Italy began a search-and-rescue effort called Operation Mare Nostrum, in response to the tragedy last October in which 360 people drowned off Lampedusa, an island half-way between Sicily and the North African coast. On July 1st the police arrested five Eritreans who prosecutors said were part of a ring, with bases in Sudan, Libya and Italy, that arranged the latest ill-fated journey. In a wiretapped phone call, one was heard disowning responsibility for their deaths because “it was their fate”.6月28、29日两天,巡逻船逮捕了大约5000人,这是今年截至目前最忙碌的一周。7月2日,据报道70个移民在另一场事故中葬身海底。这些都是在意大利开始称作《地中海运营条例》的搜救工作之后发生的。该项搜救工作是针对去年十月份360人在蓝佩杜萨岛(意属地中海岛屿,位于西西里岛和北非海岸之间)溺亡的事件提出的。7月1日,警察逮捕了5名厄立特里亚人。其检察官说这些人属于一个组织,基地在苏丹、利比亚和意大利,就是他们策划了近期的这些惨案。警察通过窃听器听到其中一个人说否认将他人致死的罪行,因为“这就是他们的命运”。The latest horrors produced more agonised hand-wringing, but no sign that Italian or European Union leaders are any closer to agreeing what should be done. Mare Nostrum completed a U-turn for a country that until 2011 blocked immigrants at sea, returning many to Libya, their main point of departure. Some Italians believe this policy deterred people from attempting the perilous crossing, whereas Mare Nostrum encourages them. Matteo Salvini, leader of the xenophobic Northern League, said Italys prime minister, Matteo Renzi, and his interior minister, Angelino Alfano, were “stained with blood”.最近的恐怖事件引起了更多令人苦恼的绝望情绪,但是意大利或欧盟领导人对应做的措施没有表现出明确的赞同意向。地中海国家的态度有了180度的大转弯,直至2011年,它们拦截了海上的移民,大多数都遣返回到了利比亚——人们主要想逃离的国家。有些意大利人认为这项政策阻止人们尝试这项危险的越境行动,另一方面又在鼓励他们。排外北方战线联盟的领导人Matteo Salvini表示意大利总理Matteo Renzi和司法部长安杰利诺·阿尔法诺“双手沾满了鲜血”。It is true that, since Operation Mare Nostrum began, arrivals in Italy have soared (more than 65,000 so far this year, against around 8,000 in the first half of 2013). But Greece also saw a large rise, of 142%, in the first four months of 2014, as fighting in Syria intensified. The “cruel to be kind” argument for returning migrants has become harder to sustain as Libya lurches from dictatorship to anarchy.自从地中海运营条例开始投入实施,意大利的移民人数确是激增(2013年的上半年只有大约8000人,而今年目前已经超过65000人)。而在叙利亚内战激烈进行时,希腊的移民人数也是大幅上涨,2014年的前四个月增长率高达142%。随着利比亚独裁政权解体陷入无政府状态,就遣返移民的“善良就是残忍”的话题很难得到人们的认同。In ever harsher tones, Italian officials have protested that the EU is not helping enough. Mr Alfano has threatened unspecified reprisals if Cecilia Malmstrom, the European commissioner responsible, skips a meeting in Rome to launch Italys six-month EU presidency. But the real obstacles to burden-sharing lie not in Brussels but in national capitals. Italian efforts to put immigration at the top of the agenda for last months EU summit came to nought.意大利官员以发表了更激烈的言辞,抗议欧盟帮助不够。阿尔法诺曾威胁欧盟称如果欧洲委员会的负责人马姆斯壮不出席在罗马举行的意大利6个月的欧盟轮值主席国的就任会议的话,将对其进行报复。但是真正的分担负担的障碍并非来自布鲁塞尔,而是在国家资本。上个月欧盟峰会上,意大利将移民提上日程的头号事件的努力无济于事。Italys partners argue that they deal with proportionately far more asylum-seekers. In the fourth quarter of 2013 Germany received proportionally three times as many applications as Italy. But none of the others is mounting, for humanitarian reasons, a naval operation comparable to Operation Mare Nostrum. The cost, initially put at 1.5m (m) a month, has exploded to 9.5m. As it grows, the Italian government can expect to come under mounting pressure from public opinion to use its EU presidency to force the club to lend it a hand.意大利的伙伴们认为他们自己做出的努力比寻求政治庇护者的努力要多得多。2013年的第四个季度,德国收到的移民申请是意大利的三倍。但是出于人道主义,没有哪个国家的政策可以与《地中海运营条例》相比。搜救费用从最开始的每月150万欧元(折合200万美元)激增到950万欧元。随着费用上涨,意大利政府迫于压力希望能利用担任欧盟轮值主席国的权利强迫其他国家向自己伸出援手。译者:毛慧 校对:邵夏沁 译文属译生译世 /201508/390997 Human rights人权The gay divide关于同性恋的分歧Victories for gay rights in some parts of the world have provoked a backlash elsewhere在世界一些地方同性恋人权的胜利招致了其他地方的不满。THERE was a teenager in Arizona in the 1970s who “could no more imagine longing to touch a woman than longing to touch a toaster”. But he convinced himself that he was not gay. Longing to be “normal”, he blamed his obsession with muscular men on envy of their good looks. It was not until he was 25 that he admitted the truth to himself—let alone other people. In 1996 he wrote a cover leader for The Economist in favour of same-sex marriage. He never thought it would happen during his lifetime. Yet now he is married to the man he loves and living in a Virginia suburb where few think this odd.20世纪70年代在亚利桑那州有一个少年“对渴望触摸女人的想象就像渴望触摸一个烤面包机”。但那时他确信自己是不是同性恋。渴望是“正常的”,他把这些对美貌肌肉男的痴迷归结于嫉妒。直到25岁,他承认了这一真相更别说别人。1996年给杂志领袖经济学人写了篇关于持同性婚姻的文章。他从来没有想到这会在他有生之年实现。现在他娶了他爱的男人,生活在弗吉尼亚州郊区,这里没有人认为这是件奇怪的事。The change in attitudes to homosexuality in many countries—not just the West but also Latin America, China and other places—is one of the wonders of the world (see article). This week America’s Supreme Court gave gay marriage another big boost, by rejecting several challenges to it; most Americans aly live in states where gays can wed. But five countries still execute gay people: Iran hangs them; Saudi Arabia stones them. Gay sex is illegal in 78 countries, and a few have recently passed laws that make gay life even grimmer. The gay divide is one of the world’s widest. What caused it? And will tolerance eventually sp?在许多国家不只是西方还有拉丁美洲,中国和其他地方态度上对同性恋的改变是世界奇迹之一(另见文)。本周美国最高法院通过拒绝几个挑战者对同性恋婚姻认可上有了另一个大的提升;大多数美国人生活是我州同性恋都可以结婚。但仍有五个国家对同性恋者执刑:伊朗的绞刑;沙特阿拉伯用石头扔他们。同性恋在78个国家仍然是非法的,最近有一些国家通过法律使他们生活更加快乐。同性恋将是世界上最大的分歧之一。这是什么引起的呢?宽容最终会蔓延吗?The leap forward has been startlingly quick. In the 1950s gay sex was illegal nearly everywhere. In Britain, on the orders of a home secretary who vowed to “eradicate” it, undercover police were sent out to loiter in bars, entrap gay men and put them in jail. In China in the 1980s homosexuals were rounded up and sent to labour camps without trial. All around the world gay people lived furtively and in fear. Laws banning “sodomy” remained in some American states until 2003.以惊人的速度发生着变化。在20世纪50年代的同性恋性行为在几乎所有的地方都是非法的。在英国,内政大臣发誓要“消灭”它,派出去卧底警察在酒吧闲逛,使同性恋者落入陷阱,把他们关进监狱。在中国20世纪80年代的同性恋者被围捕,不经审判就送往劳动营。世界各地的同性恋生活在阴暗和恐惧中。直到2003年美国的一些州法律仍然禁止“”。Today gay sex is legal in at least 113 countries. Gay marriages or civil unions are recognised in three dozen and parts of others. In most of the West it is no longer socially acceptable to be homophobic. Gay life in China is now both legal and, in cities, undisguised. Latin America is even more gay-friendly: 74% of Argentines and 60% of Brazilians believe that society should accept homosexuality. Thais are more relaxed about transgender people than Westerners are. South Africa’s constitution is remarkably pro-gay. The young have tended to lead the way: although only 16% of South Koreans over 50 think that homosexuality should be accepted, 71% of 18-to 29-year-olds do.现在同性恋在至少113个国家是合法的。在30多个国家和地区同性恋结婚或从事民事工会都是得到认可的。在大多数西方国家社会完全接受同性恋。中国的同性恋生活不仅是合法的而且在一些城市城市中更加是光明正大的。拉丁美洲对同性恋更加友好:74% 的阿根廷人和60%的巴西人认为社会应该接受同性恋。泰国人对变性人比西方人更开放。南非宪法是非常赞成同性恋的。年轻人往往是主导:虽然50多岁的韩国人中只有16%认为同性恋应该被接受,但71%的18至29岁的人赞同。Yet there are still parts of the world where it is not safe to be homosexual. Extra-judicial beatings and murders are depressingly common in much of Africa and in some Muslim countries. African gangs subject lesbians to “corrective rape”. In some countries persecution has intensified. Chad is poised to ban gay sex. Nigeria and Uganda have passed draconian anti-gay laws (though a court recently struck Uganda’s down). Russia and a few other countries have barred the “promotion” of homosexuality.然而,世界上仍有一些地方对同性恋是不安全的。司法外的殴打和谋杀在许多非洲和穆斯林国家都非常普遍。非洲集团倾向对女同性恋”纠正强奸”。在一些国家迫害不断的加剧。乍得将禁止同性恋。尼日利亚和乌干达已经通过了严格的反同性恋的法律(尽管法庭最近驳回了乌干达)。俄罗斯和其他一些国家已经禁止“促销”同性恋。This is partly a reaction to the sp of gay rights in the West. Thanks to globalisation, people who live in places where everyone agrees that homosexuality is an abomination can now see pictures of gay-pride parades in Sydney or men marrying men in Massachusetts. They find this shocking. Meanwhile some homophobic Western preachers have gone to fire up anti-gay audiences in Africa, and American conservatives offer advice to countries thinking of drafting anti-gay laws.这是对同性恋权利在西方国家传播的阻碍。由于全球化,只要是住在大家都憎恶同性恋的地方就可以看到这样的画面:同性恋在悉尼骄傲游行或在马萨诸塞州男人和男人结婚。他们发现这是令人震惊的事。同时,一些同性恋的西方传教士去点燃了非洲反同性恋观众的怒火,美国保守派建议国家考虑制定反同性恋的法律。Revulsion against homosexuals is ancient, deep and, in its way, sincere, even if some of the politicians leading the backlash do so for cynical reasons. By taking up arms against an imaginary Western plot to sp perversion, Vladimir Putin and Nigeria’s Goodluck Jonathan doubtless hope to distract attention from the corruption and incompetence of their own regimes. But they have picked their scapegoats shrewdly: 74% of Russians and 98% of Nigerians disapprove of homosexuality. In places like Indonesia, Senegal, Uganda and Malaysia the young are no more tolerant than the old—sometimes less so.实话说,即使一些政客以愤世嫉俗的原因提出反对,对同性恋的反感是一个古老深刻的话题。拿起武器反对假象的西方阴谋,普京和尼日利亚总统乔纳森无疑希望从自己的政权的腐败和无能中转移注意力。他们精明的挑选了他们的替罪羊:74%的俄罗斯人和98%的尼日利亚人反对同性恋。在像印度尼西亚,塞内加尔,乌干达和马来西亚这样地方的年轻人不像老年人那么宽容,甚至更少。Nonetheless, there are reasons for optimism, at least in the long term. Urbanisation helps. It is easier to find a niche in a big, anonymous city than in a village where everyone knows your business. Gay life in the Indian countryside is still awful; in Mumbai or Delhi it is much easier, despite being illegal. In rural South Africa, to be openly gay is to court death; yet half of South Africans now say that their neighbourhood is a good place to be gay. As people move to cities, old traditions lose their grip; and by 2050 mankind is expected to be 66% urban, up from 54% today.然而,至少从长远来看还是有乐观的理由。城市化有助于它的发展。在大的城市中匿名的生活,比在每个人都了解你的村子里更容易找到一席之地。印度农村,同性恋者的生活仍然是可怕的;孟买或新德里会更容易,尽管也是非法的。在南非农村,公开的同性恋就是找死;然而,现在一半的南非人说他们的邻居是同性恋者的好地方。随着人们迁往城市,旧的传统失去控制;并到2050城市人口预计将从今天的54%将会上升到66%。Emerging countries in Asia and Latin America have generally grown kinder to gay people as they have grown richer, more open and more democratic. The hope is that as Africa and the Arab world catch up, they will follow suit. Although religion is a barrier to tolerance—the more pious a society, by and large, the less enthusiastic it is about gay rights—it is not an insuperable one: plenty of devout nations, such as the Philippines and the ed States, are friendly to gays these days.在亚洲和拉丁美洲的新兴国家随着他们变得更富有,更加开放和民主,已经普遍的对同性恋者更加友好。我们期待非洲和阿拉伯他们将效仿,赶上步伐。虽然宗教是宽容的一个阻碍——但总的来说他们是一个更加善良的群体。对于同性恋权利缺乏热情不是不可逾越的:很多拥有宗教信仰的国家,如菲律宾和美国,现在对同性恋也是友好的。Familiarity breeds tolerance友好的接触会滋生包容之心What could help sp tolerance? If the past half-century is any guide, the prime movers will be gay people themselves. The more visible they are, the more normal they will seem. These days 75% of Americans say they have gay friends or colleagues, up from only 24% in 1985. But it is hard to be the first to come out in a country where that means prison or worse.什么东西能帮助传播宽容?如果过去的半个世纪里有任何指导,最直接的就是同性恋自己。表现的越明显,他们似乎看起来越正常的。现在75%的美国人说他们有同性恋的朋友或同事,而1985年只有24%。但在一个意味着监狱或者更糟国家很难站出来第一个人。Some Westerners would like to use aid budgets as leverage. That may have helped in Uganda, but attaching conditions to aid usually fails, and cutting it off may hurt the poor more than it helps gay people. It would be better to offer financial support to local gay-rights groups, to be generous when those persecuted for their sexual orientation seek asylum, to shame Western conservatives who encourage bigotry abroad and to buttress tolerance at home.一些西方人喜欢用援助预算为杠杆。这可能在乌干达有效,但有附带条件的援助通常是失败的,与之伴随的可能是相比它帮助的同性恋者而言,伤害到更多的穷人。当那些因为他们的性取向受到迫害寻求庇护时,大方的为当地的同性恋维权组织提供财政持可能更好,并且在国外羞辱持盲从的西方保守派,在国内鼓励包容。For those who cling to the notion of progress, it is hard to believe that tolerance will not sp. After all, gay people are not demanding special treatment, just the same freedoms that everyone else takes for granted: to love whom they please and to marry whom they love.对于那些坚持进步理念的人而言,很难相信宽容不会传播。毕竟,同性恋不是要求特殊待遇,只是希望享有其他人理所当然拥有的同样的自由:随心所爱,嫁心之所爱。译者:黄梅 译文属译生译世 /201411/340838吉安哪里割双眼皮比较好吉安保仕柏丽整形美容医院去黑头怎么样



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