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城口县做双眼皮埋线多少钱重庆脱毛哪家医院好Melbourne: So lovely. So... livable. 墨尔本:如此怡人。如此……宜居。 Every year, the Economist Intelligence releases a list of 140 cities and ranks them in terms of their #39;livability.#39; For the third year running, Melbourne has topped the list, edging out Vienna and Vancouver. In fact, there was so little change in this year#39;s rankings that only 13 of all the surveyed cities changed their scores over the past six months, while the rankings of the top 10 cities remained exactly the same as last year. 每年,经济学人智库(Economist Intelligence )都会发布一份包含140个城市的榜单,按照“宜居度”对其进行排名。墨尔本连续第三年夺冠,排在其后的是维也纳和温哥华。实际上,今年的榜单与此前几乎没有什么变化,受调查的全部城市中只有13座城市过去六个月的得分出现了变化,而排在前10位的城市排名与去年一模一样。 Using both qualitative and quantitative measures, the rankings rate #39;relative comfort#39; for more than 30 factors across five categories: stability, healthcare, education, infrastructure, and culture and environment. The final scores are calculated as a percentage ranging from 1 (#39;intolerable#39;) to a perfect score of 100 (#39;ideal#39;). 使用定性及定量分析方法,该排行榜对五大类中的30多个因素进行了“相对舒适度”评估。这五大类是:稳定性、医疗、教育、基础设施、文化和环境。最终得分从1(“无法忍受”)到满分100(“理想城市”)。 Tellingly, in addition to being ranked in relation to other cities on the list, they#39;re also ranked relative to New York - a city that everyone, apparently, has an opinion on. 很明显,从榜单上,既可以看出一座城市相对于其他城市的排名,也可以看出相对于纽约的排名。纽约这座城市貌似每个人都对其有着自己的看法。 So which cities came closest to #39;ideal#39;? Take a look at the top 10: 那么哪些城市最接近“理想城市”呢?以下为榜单中的前10名: 1. Melbourne, Australia (97.5) 1. 澳大利亚墨尔本 (97.5) 2. Vienna, Austria (97.4) 2. 奥地利维也纳 (97.4) 3. Vancouver, Canada (97.3) 3. 加拿大温哥华 (97.3) 4. Toronto, Canada (97.2) 4. 加拿大多伦多 (97.2) 5. Calgary, Canada (96.6) 5. 加拿大卡尔加里 (96.6) 5. Adelaide, Australia (96.6) 5. 澳大利亚阿德莱德 (96.6) 7. Sydney, Australia (96.1) 7. 澳大利亚悉尼 (96.1) 8. Helsinki, Finland (96.0) 8. 芬兰赫尔辛基 (96.0) 9. Perth, Australia (95.9) 9. 澳大利亚珀斯 (95.9) 10. Auckland, New Zealand (95.7) 10. 新西兰奥克兰 (95.7) Half of the cities are in Australia and New Zealand, three are in Canada, and two are in Europe. The common denominators: They#39;re all medium-size cities in prosperous countries, with relatively low population densities. 其中一半的城市位于澳大利亚和新西兰,三座位于加拿大,两座位于欧洲。它们的共同点是:都是富裕国家中的中型城市,人口密度相对较低。 It#39;s an equation that leads to low crime rates, functional infrastructure and plenty of recreational activities for residents. So, while laid-back Melbourne may lack the glitter and verve of, say, Paris (No. 16, with 94.8 percentage points), Tokyo (No. 18, with 94.7), London (No. 55, with 87.2) or New York (No. 56, with 86.6), it trumps all of them in terms of crime, congestion and public transport (though commuters on the Myki might beg to differ). 这样的城市犯罪率低,基础设施完善,居民活动丰富。所以,悠闲的墨尔本也许缺少巴黎(排名第16,得分94.8)、东京(排名第18,得分94.7)、伦敦(排名第55,得分87.2)或纽约(排名第56,得分86.6)等城市的绚烂活力,但在犯罪率、交通通畅和公共交通方面更胜一筹。 Does that mean non-Melbournians should all pack up and decamp to Australia#39;s most livable metropolis? Not necessarily. 这是否意味着非墨尔本人都应该打好行李,移居到澳大利亚最宜居的都市里?不一定。 #39;I find Melbourne a really boring town, so more livable means really dull,#39; a male police officer in Sydney told us, though he wouldn#39;t give his name because he was working undercover in a park. 悉尼的一位男警察对我们说,我发现墨尔本是一个非常无聊的城市,所以更宜居意味着无聊透顶。不过他不愿透露自己的姓名,因为他当时正在一个公园里便装执行任务。 #39;I live in Sydney because it#39;s interesting, not because it#39;s comfortable,#39; he added. (Note to ers: We checked his badge, and he#39;s the genuine article.) 他还说,我住在悉尼,因为这里有趣,而不是因为这里舒适。(读者请注意:我们查验了他的警徽,他确实是名警察。) Though the top 10 cities in the EIU#39;s rankings may be pleasant and easy to live in, they#39;re not high on most people#39;s lists of top cities to visit (for that, see Bangkok). After all, they can hardly be described as dynamic. Before Melbourne assumed the No. 1 ranking, it was Vancouver that came out on top - a spot it occupied for almost a decade owing to the fact that as a city, it#39;s incredibly stable. 尽管经济学人智库发布的排行榜上排在前10位的城市可能舒适怡人,适宜居住,但在大部分人的旅行目的地城市名单中它们排名并不靠前(有关热门旅游城市,请参看有关曼谷的这篇文章)。毕竟,这些城市很难说有什么动态变化。在墨尔本夺冠之前,温哥华曾位居榜首。温哥华这座城市凭借其令人难以置信的稳定程度,占据榜首将近10年。 The question is, do you want to live in a livable ( #39;tolerable#39;) city or a dynamic one? The answer is entirely personal. Big cities like Tokyo, London and New York suffer in the rankings because of higher crime rates and overburdened infrastructure, dragging down perceptions of how #39;comfortable#39; they are. Yet when it comes to recreational offerings - including nightlife, culture and entertainment - they#39;re hard to beat. 问题是,你是希望住在一个宜居(背后的意思是“可忍受的”)城市还是一个动态变化的城市?完全因人而异。东京、伦敦和纽约等大城市由于高犯罪率和负担过重的基础设施而拖累了人们对其“舒适度”的感受,因此排名靠后。然而,在包括夜生活、文化和等消遣活动方面,它们是别的城市难以匹敌的。 Of course, where you live can be unstable or downright dangerous - which brings us to the lower rankings on the list. Below are the 10 least livable cities according to the report, bearing in mind that it was designed to cover cities that people might want to live in or travel to (which is why you won#39;t find Kabul or Baghdad mentioned): 当然,你住的城市可能不稳定,甚至非常危险,排名靠后的城市正是如此。以下为报告中评出的10座最不宜居的城市,需要注意的是报告意在评估的是人们可能希望居住或游览的城市(正因为如此,榜单中没有提到喀布尔或巴格达): 131. Tehran, Iran (45.8) 131. 伊朗德黑兰 (45.8) 132. Douala, Cameroon (43.3) 132. 喀麦隆杜阿拉 (43.3) 133. Tripoli, Libya (41.7) 133. 利比亚的黎波里 (41.7) 134. Karachi, Pakistan (40.9) 134. 巴基斯坦卡拉奇 (40.9) 134. Algiers, Algeria (40.9) 134. 阿尔及利亚阿尔及尔 (40.9) 136. Harare, Zimbabwe (40.7) 136. 津巴布韦哈拉雷 (40.7) 137. Lagos, Nigeria (38.9) 137. 尼日利亚拉各斯 (38.9) 137. Port Moresby, PNG (38.9) 137. 巴布亚新几内亚莫尔斯比港 (38.9) 139. Dhaka, Bangladesh (38.7) 139. 孟加拉国达卡 (38.7) 140. Damascus, Syria (38.4) 140. 叙利亚大马士革 (38.4) The biggest downward trend was for cities in China due to unrest across the country. Everything from labor disputes to anti-Japanese protests prompted a decline in the livability rankings for Chinese cities overall, cancelling out improvements in other factors that would have otherwise boosted their positions on the list. As a result, 13 cities are at the very bottom tier of livability, with ratings below 50%. 排名下滑幅度最大的是中国的城市,原因是该国各地的不稳定状态。从劳动纠纷到反日抗议等各种问题导致中国城市整体宜居度排名下滑,抵消了其他因素得分上升可能带来的排名上升。结果是,中国有13座城市在宜居度方面排名在后50%梯队。 Between the two poles of the spectrum are plenty of cities considered highly livable, whether their defining qualities are convenience, ease and comfort, or energy, soul and grit. The report points out that more than a third of the cities in the rankings fall within the #39;highest tier of livability,#39; with No. 1 (Melbourne) through No. 64 (Santiago, Chile) considered #39;broadly comparable#39; despite more than 16 percentage points between them. 处于最宜居和最不宜居这两极之间,有很多被认为是非常宜居的城市,无论是在便利性、悠闲和舒适性,还是活力方面。该报告指出,榜单中有三分之一以上的城市处于“宜居度最高等级”,第一名(墨尔本)到第64名(智力 地亚哥)被认为是“大体差不多”,尽管墨尔本与 地亚哥之间有着16%以上的分差。 That may be why these rankings are such a heated source of debate. Embedded within the rankings are micro-rankings, in which cities with longtime rivalries pit themselves against each other: Hong Kong versus Singapore, for instance, or Melbourne versus Sydney (see above). 或许正因为如此,这份榜单引发了激烈的争论。榜单之中还有小榜单,素为对手的城市相互较量:比如,香港与新加坡,或墨尔本与悉尼。 What makes a city livable? Would you want to live in the world#39;s most comfortable city, or the world#39;s most dynamic and interesting? 决定一座城市宜居的要素是什么?你愿意住在全球最舒适的城市,还是最富变化、最有趣的城市? /201309/255240合川区儿童医院预定电话 重庆抽脂减肥价格一览表

南川区腿部脱毛价格Drivers ogling pedestrians cause nearly one million crashes in Britain every year, new figures have shown.最新数据显示,英国每年因司机偷瞄行人而酿成的撞车事故达近百万起。Figures show distracted motorists cause an average of 2,525 crashes every day - the equivalent of 921,840 per year.该数据显示,因行人分神的司机平均每天都会造成2525起撞车事故,相当于一年会发生921840起事故。Researchers found drivers crash their cars into lampposts or shunt other vehicles more in the summer when men and women are wearing less clothing.调查者发现,司机们通常都会撞到街灯柱或在紧急避开其他车辆时撞上,在夏天人们穿着较少时,此类事故更加频发。 A study of 2,142 drivers found 60 percent of men admitted being distracted by attractive women while 12 percent of women said they took their eyes off the road to leer at good looking men.一项针对2142名司机的研究发现,60%的男性司机承认会被漂亮女性吸引目光,而12%的女性司机则表示她们的眼睛会离开路面向帅哥抛媚眼。 And 21 percent of drivers also admitted that advertising billboards featuring pictures of perfect models were also a major distraction on the road.还有21%的司机承认,有完美模特照片的广告牌也是路上的主要干扰之一。Insurance company Direct Line discovered 17 percent of male drivers admitted knowing their actions were dangerous but said they ;could not help but look;.直线保险公司发现,17%的男性司机承认他们知道自己的行为很危险,但称“会不自觉地看过去。” Spokesman Matt Owen said: ;Stealing a quick look at an attractive pedestrian or billboard model may well be a bit of fun but, on a serious note, drivers shouldn#39;t underestimate that this type of distraction is a major contributing factor in road accidents.发言人马特·欧文说:“偷瞄漂亮的行人或广告牌模特照可能的确挺有趣,但需要严重说明的是,司机不应该低估此类干扰,它是造成交通事故的主要原因之一。”;The number of crashes caused in this way have not changed year on year so drivers obviously are not learning to keep their eyes on the road.;“因为这个原因造成的撞车事故每年都是这么多,这说明司机们显然没有学会要时刻注意看路。” Between 2008 and 2009, 921,840 drivers across Britain admitted crashing because they were distracted by a member of the opposite sex.在2008年和2009年间,英国各地有921840名司机承认他们因为看异性分神而发生撞车。 Driver Martyn Beard, 32, from Tipton, West Mids., wrote off his Ford Fiesta last July when he ogled a girl outside a pub.来自西米德兰郡蒂普顿镇的司机马丁?比尔德现年32岁,去年七月的时候他因为偷瞄一个站在酒吧外的女孩,结果报销了他的福特嘉年华。He said: ;I was on my way into Birmingham when I saw this lovely looking blonde girl standing on the side of the road. She was outside a pub wearing pretty much next to nothing. I couldn#39;t take my eyes off her, she had the classic long legs and lovely figure.他说:“我在去伯明翰的路上瞧见了那个可爱的金发女孩,她就站在酒吧外的路边,穿得很少很暴露。我没法不看她,她的双腿美丽修长,身材很漂亮。”;My concentration drifted and suddenly I realised I was about to crash into the car in front. I slammed on my brakes and this bloke went into the back of me. It wasn#39;t too bad though and when I told him what had happened he actually saw the funny side of it.“我的注意力转移了,突然我意识到我就要撞上前面的车了。我猛地踩下刹车,然后后面的家伙就撞上了我的车屁股。情况还不是太坏,当我告诉他是怎么回事时,他看到了这件事有趣的一面,所以也没发火。;But I was gutted the girl didn#39;t come and check if I was OK, she just walked off and I was stuck swapping insurance details with this big hairy bloke instead.“但让我很郁闷的是那个女孩并没有过来看看我是不是还好,她直接走掉了,而我只能留下来和这个浑身是毛的大个子交换保险资料。” /201208/195379荣昌区做双眼皮修复手术费用 重庆市公立三甲医院做整形美容要证明吗

重庆西南医院做丰胸手术多少钱Consumer goods in India.印度的日用消费品。Seducing shoppers in Sticksville.吸引小城市消费者。India#39;s small towns are the next frontier.下一个前沿阵地:印度的小城市。GROWTH in India is slowing. The economy expanded at an annualised rate of 5.3% between January and March, the slowest for seven years. Shoppers are scrimping. Sales of consumer durables fell by 10-15% in the year to March 2012, executives say. Indian factories cranked out 30% fewer air conditioners and 15% fewer colour televisions, official data show.印度的经济增长正在放缓。在一月到三月间,经济年均增长率为5.3%,是七年来的最低值。消费者越来越省吃俭用。管理层说,今年到三月间,耐用品的销量下降了10%至15%。 据官方数据显示:印度生产的空调数量下降了30%,电数量下降了15%。Yet there is a bright spot: small-town shoppers are starting to splurge. Godrej, a family-owned conglomerate, saw its sales of white goods drop by over a tenth in big cities in the past fiscal year. But sales in towns of less than 100,000 people rose by 19%, and in villages by over 40%. Bajaj, another conglomerate, says small-town and rural sales have risen handily in recent years, to a quarter of its home-appliances business. Sales of motorbikes and mopeds have decelerated more gently than cars, an urban luxury.但也要看到光明之处:小城市的消费者开始大方起来。上一个财政年度里,家族企业Gofrej集团在大城市的家用电器销量下降了十分之一。但是人口少于十万人的小城市里的销量却上升了19%,在乡村,这一数字上涨了40%。另一家大型企业巴贾杰指出,近年来,小城镇和农村地区的销量不断上升,达到了其家用电器总份额的四分之一。汽车是城市里的奢侈品,尽管托车、小机动车和汽车的销量都有所下降,但不及汽车销量下降的迅速。;As far as I am concerned, the slowdown is not having an effect,; beams C.S. Gurubaran, as he plies customers with fizzy drinks in his home-appliances shop in Chengalpattu. Two years ago Mr Gurubaran would sell a dozen washing machines a month at most in this dusty town of 64,000 people in south India. He now sells that many a week. Fridges, food processors and fans are also shifting more quickly. A bride#39;s parents often buy a whole set of white goods as a dowry.;在我看来,增长放缓还没有开始产生后果,;C.S古鲁巴朗笑着说,在帕图(地名)的家用电器店里,他用汽水来招待顾客。两年前,在这个印度南部仅有64000人口的灰蒙蒙的小城里,古鲁巴朗每月最多卖十几台洗衣机。现在,冰箱,食品加工机和风扇的销量增长更加迅速。新娘的父母通常都买一整套的家用电器作为嫁妆陪嫁。Government subsidies, good monsoons, high land prices and a low reliance on credit have thus far sheltered these consumers. Chengalpattu#39;s shoppers are mostly farmers who benefit from government-fixed floor prices for crops. Some have also made big sums by selling fields to developers. Poorer shoppers from nearby villages make money from a government scheme that guarantees 100 days of work a year.这些消费者拿着政府的补助,得益于充沛的雨季,高额的地价,他们对于信贷的依赖程度很低,这些都使他们免于经济增长放缓的影响。帕图的顾客大都是农民,他们享受政府制定的粮食底价。一些人因将地卖给了开发商而赚一大笔钱。附近村子的人们要穷一些,政府一项政策规定:只要他们保一年工作满一百天,就能挣到钱。Such subsidies and schemes pushed up rural incomes by 12% last year, according to Kotak Institutional Equities, a broker. Rural incomes have grown more rapidly than urban ones since 2008.据经纪公司Kotak Institutional Equitie研究机构称, 这些补助和计划推动了农村地区居民收入上涨了12%,从2008年开始,农村地区的收入比城市收入增长的要快。Indian firms sense a fortune to be made by selling rustic folk their first fridges. Shekhar Bajaj, the head of Bajaj Electricals, the wing of the conglomerate that sells home appliances, wants to start reaching rural buyers directly and cutting out costly middlemen (such as Mr Gurubaran). Last year Mr Bajaj launched a chain, Bajaj World, mostly for rural areas. It now has 11 stores, one in a town of just 20,000 people. Mr Bajaj hopes to have 70 by next spring. ;We never looked at these markets…[but] a couple of years ago we started looking at this because we need to continue to grow,; he says.印度的企业已经隐隐地嗅到了商机,他们将冰箱卖给乡下人从中获利。巴贾尔家用电器是巴贾尔集团最为重要的下属公司之一。其总经理卡尔?巴贾尔筹划通过直营的方式将电器卖到农村顾客的手上,撇除要抽取大量费用的中间商(例如古鲁巴朗先生)。巴贾尔先生建立了一条名为;巴贾尔世界;的销售链瞄准农村地区。 现在,它共有11家门店,其中有一家开在了仅有20000人口的小城,巴贾尔先生希望明年春天开到70家门店。他表示;此前,我们从没有注意过这些市场,(但是)几年前,为了保持继续的增长,我们开始寻找新市场;Godrej is pushing even deeper into the hinterland, trying to reach villages with as few as 5,000 people. It is also designing washing machines with manual motors and tiny fridges for homes with unreliable electricity.戈德尔正努力将生意扩展到那些只有5000人小村子的穷乡僻壤去。同时,它还为那些居住在电力不稳定地区的家庭设计了手动驱动的洗衣机以及微型电冰箱。Foreign firms such as Samsung and Panasonic are following suit. Mahesh Krishnan, who heads Samsung#39;s home-appliances division in India, hopes to increase the firm#39;s presence in rural shops by a fifth in time for November#39;s Diwali festival, a big shopping season. Foreign firms typically have skimpier distribution networks than their local rivals, but their products are more popular where they are available. A foreign brand is often a status symbol.诸如三星、松下等外国企业也紧随其后。三星印度地区家用电器负责人麦海士?克里斯南希望在11月大型购物节-排灯节之前,将其在农村地区的份额提升五分之一。外国企业的分销渠道确实不如印度本土企业的多,但他们的产品在出售地区却更加受欢迎。外国品牌通常是身份的标志。As India gets richer, rural folk are becoming more entwined with the national economy. Ramesh Iyer, the managing director of Mahindra amp; Mahindra Financial Services, a rural lender, now has 2m customers, twice as many as he had in 2008. ;As they move up the chain, the demand for credit will only get higher,; he says. ;They are getting aspirational.;印度变得越来越富,乡下人和国家经济的联系越来越紧密。农村借贷机构马辛德拉 amp; 马辛德拉金融务的总经理拉梅什?伊艾现在有200万名客户,这一数量是他在2008年的客户数量的两倍,;当他们在产业链上向上移动的时候,信贷的需求就随之增加;他说道,;他们现在雄心勃勃;Chengalpattu#39;s shopkeepers are upbeat. A motorcycle vendor says families are buying one bike per adult, rather than one for everyone to share, as they did a few years ago. Mr Gurubaran has started stocking 3D televisions that cost 95,000 rupees (,700) a pop. Viewers will doubtless see even more new products to crave.帕图的店家都很兴奋。一位经营托车的店主说现在每家都是成年人人手一辆车,而不是像十几年前一样,每家只有一辆,大家合伙骑。古鲁巴朗也开始进了3D电视的货,每台要95000卢比,(1700美元)。毫无疑问,看电视的人将看到更多想买的东西。However, rural shoppers cannot always be relied on to splurge. Their wealth often depends on handouts rather than increased productivity. A poor monsoon curbs spending for a whole year—light rains in June are causing jitters, though the forecast for the whole year is still good. Life in small-town India may be better, for now, but it is precarious.然而,不能总是指望乡下人会大手笔买东西。他们的收成是看老天的眼色,而不是依赖增长的生产力。一个糟糕的雨季会让一家人一年的生活都很拮据--尽管整年的预报总体上是好的,但六月里,零星的雨点就会使人们精神紧张。现在,印度的小城市的生活可能已经大有改善,但仍过的是提心吊胆,忧心忡忡的日子。 /201208/194541 A hot air balloon has crashed near the Egyptian city of Luxor, killing 19 tourists on board.一个热气球在埃及城市卢克索附近坠毁,造成乘气球的19名游客死亡。Two other people, including the pilot, survived after the balloon caught fire and exploded Tuesday while traveling at an altitude of 300 meters over the west bank of the Nile River.星期二,这个热气球在尼罗河西岸上空300米漂浮时起火爆炸,包括驾驶员在内的两人幸免于难。Officials said the dead included people from France, Britain and other countries.有关官员说,遇难者中包括来自法国、英国和其他国家的游客。The area where the balloon went down was a capital of ancient Egypt, and draws tourists to see temples, palaces and tombs, including the burial site of the pharaoh Tutankhamun.热气球坠毁地点位于一个埃及古都,游客们到那里游览庙宇、宫殿和古墓,包括图坦卡蒙法老的墓地。The ed Nations cultural agency UNESCO designated it a World Heritage site in 1979.联合国教科文组织于1979年将卢克索指定为世界遗产。 /201302/227318长寿区中心医院医生咨询重庆哪里做去疤手术比较好




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