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Marc Pachter在Smithsonian(美国国家教研设施基金会,由已故同名英国科学家发起)国家人物志系列访谈中,采访了现当代美国史上许多最令人感兴趣的杰出人物。他揭示了成功访问的秘诀并分享了采访Steve Martin, Clare Booth Luce等人时的有趣故事。201409/331699。

Facial hair may be all the rage in the West, but most Taiwanese men still prefer the clean shaven look. Theres nothing wrong with that, unless you are promoting Philips Grooming Kits, in which case you have to ask: how do you interest the hairless in the artificial hair.胡须在西方世界也许很流行,但大多数的台湾男人仍旧偏爱刮好地干净俐落面貌。那没有任何问题,除非你是在推销飞利浦刮胡组,若是那样,你得问问:你要如何引起没有胡子的人对于人工胡须的兴趣。First, preparatory AR technology had to be developed to achieve a more natural effect. A compound material with solid, yet light conducting property was molded to contain a translucent liquid, and then printed with a dozen male facial hair patterns. With the device y, it was time for deployment at carefully chosen spots, where Taiwanese men would be highly receptive to suggestions about their looks.首先,想要达成更自然的效果,得先发展出“预先扩增实境”技术。一个固体,但透光材质的复合材料被塑造来盛装半透明液体,然后印上一打的男性胡须图案。准备好了这个装置,该是去精心挑选的地点展开部署的时候了,在那儿台湾男人会非常易于接纳关于他们造型的建议。Trained hair stylists then subtly introduced the Philips trimmer, but this was only a teaser to arouse the curiosity. When the salon beverage was brought in, that was the time for our AR technology, and the transformation was instant...from reality to augmented reality. Watch it again. Here is ;reality,; and here it is ;augmented.; No APPs! No downloads! No wireless, 3G network involved! Just good old fashioned, low cost, fail-proof, ink and mirrors. When a target expressed interest, live customer support was right behind him, and the deal was closed by a promotional offer on Philips Grooming products, right in front of his eyes.老练的发型设计师接着巧妙地介绍飞利浦刮刀,但是这只是一道开胃小菜(注一),要来激发好奇心。当发廊饮料拿进来时,那就是我们“扩增实境”技术上场的时机,而且那转变就在眨眼之间...从实境到扩增实境。再看一次。这是“实境”,然后这是“扩增实境”。没有APP!无须下载!不用无线、3G网路!只要美好怀旧式、低成本、不会失败的墨水和镜子。当一个目标表现出有兴趣的样子,现场的就在他后面,然后透过飞利浦刮胡刀产品的促销价完成销售,就在他眼前。Thank you Augmented Reality technology! Thank you!谢谢你“扩增实境”技术!谢谢!注一:Teaser原意是做弄他人的东西,引起他人兴趣的东西。引用在广告行销或是电影上,当作催化剂,或是预告片。201411/343457。

The team knew where to find leopard seals,拍摄团队知道 哪里可以找到豹斑海豹but finding the other top predator was going to be another matter entirely.但是寻找第二种顶尖掠食动物 又是另外一回事了Very little is known about Antarctic killer whales.我们对虎鲸的所知有限Time to bring in reinforcements.该是寻求外援的时候了HMS Endurance, the Royal Navys ice patrol ship.援军是英国皇家军舰坚忍号 皇家海军的巡逻舰She surveys Antarctic waters and the crew see changes every year.坚忍号勘测南极海域 船员观察到这里的冰层每年都在变化The latest chart of this area,根据最新的海图we are now six miles inside an ice shelf,我们目前的位置 是海棚内陆六英里处which just goes to show how much retreation可以观察到过去五,六年来of this ice shelf has occurred over the past five or six years.这个冰棚退却的程度Would you get complications...?我们会遇上哪些阻碍呢Series producer Martha Holmes and cameraman David Baillie were on board节目制作人玛莎霍姆斯 和摄影师大卫贝利在飞机上to find and film the killer whales from the air.他们要从空中寻找虎鲸 并进行拍摄Endurance carries two Lynx helicopters坚忍号运送两架山猫直升机used to assist the British Antarctic Survey它们的任务 是协助英国南极勘测and the Hydrographic Office.和海军海道测量局On this trip, some time on one of the helicopters这一趟行程中 他们将一架直升机is assigned to the Life team.指派给“生命脉动”团队201307/248397。

Chiru, or Tibetan antelope, have arrived for the winter rut.长角羚或叫藏羚羊已经到了冬季的发情期。In the energy-sapping thin air, the males must try to control groups of females by constantly rounding them up and corralling them.在这样耗能的稀薄空气当中,雄性还必须经常地围着成群的雌性跑,以使她们在自己的控制之下。But the chiru have an advantage. Their red blood cell count is twice as high as ours, sufficient to supply their muscles with oxygen even at this extreme altitude.但是藏羚羊也有优势,他们的红血球数量是我们的两倍,即使在如此高的纬度 也足以为他们的肌肉输送氧气。Nevertheless, its hard work keeping his harem in check, and the males life is about to get even harder.然而,想要控制住这么一大群家眷并不容易,甚至有时雄性的生活会更加艰难。Another male is gearing up to steal his females. With their rapier-like horns,the males wont risk fighting unless they really have to.另一只雄性垂涎于它的家眷们,除非逼不得已雄性一般不会冒险用它们剑一样锋利的角搏斗。But if neither backs down, conflict is inevitable. Some of these fights end in death.但如果双方都不退让 大战就不可避免。有时甚至不死不休。While the males fence, the females look on.在雄性抵抗的时候,雌性就在一旁看着。Injured and weakened by the battle, the loser will be an easy target for the predators and scavengers that patrol the wilderness.虚弱受伤的失败者很容易成为在荒原上游弋的食肉动物和食腐动物的目标。Out here theres little room for mistakes.在这里生存不容许有任何失误。 /201403/279493。

Whats fascinating about trying to tell a history through objects is that they go on to have lives and destinies never dreamt of by those who made them-and thats certainly true of this pot.通过物品讲述历史最迷人之处就是,这些物品自身拥有的生命与命运,远远超越了当时制造人的想象。这件陶器也并不例外。这些漆金箔内衬大概是在公元十七或十九世纪贴上去的,当时古代陶器开始陆续出土,被日本学者们收集跟展览起来。That gold leaf was applied somewhere between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries, when ancient pots were being discovered, collected and displayed by Japanese scholars. And it was probably a wealthy collector a couple of hundred years ago who had the inside of the pot lacquered with a thin layer of gold. After seven thousand years of existence, our Jomon pot then began a new life-as a mizusashi, or water jar, for that quintessentially Japanese ritual, the Tea Ceremony.这件陶器可能在几百年前,曾经辗转落入一个富有的收藏家手中,他就在这陶钵内壁贴上了一层薄薄的漆金箔内衬。经过七千多年的历史尘封,几百年前我们这绳纹钵被重新赐于了第二生命,变成一个水罐子,运用于最典型的日本文化礼仪之一的茶道。I dont think that its maker would have minded. We know there were all sorts of rituals and ceremonies involving pots in the time of the Jomon. In that society, as in virtually all others, pots quickly went beyond their functional purpose to become objects of desire and display.我并不觉得它最初的制造者会介意这点。现在我们知道在绳纹时期,已经存在了各种与陶器相关的礼仪与仪式。在那个社会里,几乎像其他社会一样,陶器很快就超越了其最初的功能性价值,变成一种人类爱好与展示的物品。In their many manifestations, pots resonate throughout human history, from the most primitive domestic meal or drink to the Last Supper; from a nomadic snack to an international banquet. If mealtimes are a microcosm of society, then pots are the very glue that binds hosts and guests, indeed the whole of society, together.在它们众多的表现方式中,纵观人类历史,从最原始农耕时代的部落饮食,到“最后的晚餐”,从游牧民族简陋的一顿饭到国际盛宴,这些锅碗瓢盆奏响一曲永恒的绝唱。假如说进餐时间是一个社会的缩影,那么这些锅碗瓢盆便是粘合主人与客人,甚至整个社会的有机结合物。This week weve traced the beginnings of farming and settlement; in the next programmes, were with the consequences: the worlds first cities.本周我们追寻了人类农耕时代与定居生活的开始。在下期节目中,我们将继续探讨随之而产生的世界第一座城市。201405/297974。