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惠州友好门诊怎么走博罗医院治疗包皮包茎多少钱惠州市哪家男科医院治疗包皮过长 I told you the glass door was a stupid idea...跟你说了装玻璃门是一个蠢主意你就是不听(飞行中的鸟对透明的玻璃往往会毫无觉察)…… /201702/492243惠州友好男科医院男科

惠州中医院男科专家惠州男尿道炎医院 Daughter Finds Kidney for Her Dad Through Facebook Page女儿通过Facebook为重病父亲匹配到合适肾脏When Michigan resident Jeff Charters and his family received the news that it may take five years to get a kidney transplant through the waitlist, his daughter took matters into her own hands.当密歇根居民Jeff Charters和他的家人听说等待匹配合适肾脏,至少需要五年时,他女儿决定为挽救老爸生命亲自出马。Kim Charters decided to try Facebook to find the organ that her dad desperately needed after he entered into stage five kidney failure in the spring.Kim Charters打算借助Facebook寻找老爸急需的肾脏。因为,今年春季已进入肾脏衰竭五期的老爸已经没有时间可等了。Kim created the Facebook page titled ;Find Jeff Charters a Kidney,; in April, in hopes of finding someone willing to donate.Kim在四月建了一个叫做“为Jeff Charters寻找肾脏”的facebook主页,希望能找到愿意捐肾的人。;I had hopes. I knew I was going to try to find someone eventually some way,; Kim told InsideEdition.com. ;Facebook was my first resort. The day I made the page I had a lot of feedback so I stuck with that.;“我当时心存希望,相信自己一定能找到匹配的人,”Kim在采访中说。“Facebook是我求助社交媒体的第一站。我建好主页的那天,就收到很多反馈,所以一直坚持维护网页。”Little did Kim know that one girl that sent her a message on that first day, a previous high school classmate, would end up being the donor for her father.Kim一定想不到,建好网页第一天给她发信息的一个女孩,竟会是她老爸的救命恩人,而且她们俩曾经还是高中同学。Rachael Milks offered to get tested and a few weeks later it turned up she was a match.Rachael Milks经过几番检查,几周后得出结果——和Kim老爸配型成功。;I was hoping and praying. It#39;s difficult to find 100 percent match,; Jeff said.“我满心期待,也一直在祈祷,要知道找到100%合适的配型相当不易,” Jeff说。Kim was in Hawaii when Rachael told her and Kim figured a phone call for the big news was too casual, so she thought of a more creative way to tell her dad his life was about to change.Rachael告诉Kim这个消息时,Kim人在夏威夷。她觉得打电话告诉老爸这个消息太随意,想要用更有创意的方式带给老爸这个惊喜。She bought a post card and wrote a poem on the back with the good news, and on her return she gave her dad the card in the airport. 她买了张明信片,背面写了首关于这个好消息的小诗。回家时,在机场上亲手把明信片给了老爸。;We were waiting for her at the terminal to come. She came out and we gave her hugs and she said ‘by the way she said I got you something#39;,; Jeff said. ;I#39;m ing it and it took me a couple of minutes for it to hit me, but when it did I just dropped I was balling.;“我们在机场等她。看到她时,先来了个拥抱,随后她说自己‘我给你带来了好东西’,”Jeff说。“我看到了那张明信片的诗,足足让我惊呆好几分钟才缓过来。”After just six weeks on the waitlist Jeff had a donor, and by August he was being wheeled into surgery with Rachael, who he didn#39;t meet until operation day.仅仅等了6周,Jeff就找到了捐献者。这个8月,直到他和Rachael一起走进手术室时,二人才第一次见面。With a good luck hug between the two, they went into their surgeries, which were both successful.他们互相拥抱祝福对方,随后一起进入手术室。手术最后非常成功。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201610/471743惠州友好泌尿专科医院有泌尿科吗

惠州市治疗内分泌多少钱 President Barack Obama won two straight elections for the White House, but during a talk with students at a town hall on race and sports he discussed a few times when he did not always come out on top.美国总统贝拉克·奥巴马曾连赢两届总统大选,但在市政厅举办的一场与青年学子的交流座谈会中,奥巴马多次公开提到,自己也并不是一直都占据上风。Obama recounted the fallout from his first presidential debate in his ultimately successful 2012 election race against Republican Mitt Romney.奥巴马回想起2012年大选时,在首场辩论和共和党对手米特·罗姆尼唇舌战后的心路历程。;I had that first debate, which was roundly panned. Everybody said you were terrible,; Obama said at the town hall hosted by ESPN#39;s The Undefeated at North Carolina AT State University.奥巴马在运动频道ESPN旗下网站The Undefeated于北卡罗来纳农工州立大学主办的座谈会上表示:“我首场辩论的表现恶评如潮,大家都说我表现很差。”;What is true is that I#39;ve always kind of hated these debate formats, so it wasn#39;t my best performance.;“事实上,我平常就蛮讨厌这种辩论形式,所以没交出最好表现。”He said what really inspired him to ;dig deep; for the second debate was seeing young volunteers around the country.奥巴马还提到,促使他全力以赴第二场辩论的动力来源于当时全国各地的青年志愿者们。While they put on a brave face, Obama said he could tell they were worried about the race.虽然他们故作坚强,但是自己能够从他们的脸上看出担心选情的情绪。;I just thought to myself these kids are pouring their hearts and souls into making calls and knocking on doors, I#39;m not going to disappoint them,; he said.奥巴马说道:“我跟我自己说,这些孩子们付诸了全部的心力,又是打电话,又是敲门拉票,我不能让他们失望。”Obama also described his experience losing his first campaign for a U.S. congressional seat in 2000 and how it humbled him. Without that defeat, Obama said he did not believe he would have went on to win his Senate race in 2004.奥巴马也提到2000年首次参选国会失利让他懂得谦卑,要不是有那次失败经验,他可能没办法再接再厉,进而在2004年赢得联邦参议院席次。;What is true about politics that is similar to sports, though, is when you lose, you lose publicly,; he said. ;It#39;s a hard feeling. One of the benefits of defeat is to take some of the vanity out of what it is you#39;re trying to achieve.;“政治和运动差不多的地方就在于,失败时,会搞得众所皆知,那感觉不好受。被打败的好处之一,就是你对努力想达成的目标,会少了点虚荣之心。” /201610/474560陈江医院地址查询惠州市人民医院割刨皮要多少钱




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