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Page: 1When we think it out we can see that most of the energy we use comes from the sun by way of the materials which plants build up in photosynthesis.Scientist know only a little, so far, about photosynthesis.It is only a little more than a hundred years since the first of it was given by the German scientist von Mayer.But with more experimenting being done every year, much more will certainly be known bee very long.The rate at which scientific knowledge is increasing is going up all the time.In time it may even be possible to use the energy of light itself in industry to do in our factories something like what plants do in their green cells.Page: Bee long, we may learn from working on photosynthesis how to make or grow more food.AS we have seen more than one billion people on this planet are short of food.As more and more people are born, the need new food supplies will increase.It may be that we can find what we want in the sea.It is thought that as much as 90 per cent of the photosynthesis which takes place in the world goes on in microscopic water plants in the sea.Maybe much of the food people are going to need in the future will come out of the oceans.Or making food straight from complexes of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen may become a great new industry.At present we have to get most of the energy used in industry by burning coal and oil and other fuels.Page: 3This energy is the sun energy stored up long ago by plants.Coal comes from the dead bodies of plants stored, away m the air and under pressure, through millions of years in great beds in the earth.The amount of coal and oil in the earth is, it is true,very great,but the amount we are using today is great too.A time may come bee long when we will have used up all the coal and oil that is easy to get at.We have been taking oil out of the earth only since about 1860.Without oil there would be no cars and no airplanes.It is strange to think that airplanes depend on what plants were doing millions of years ago.Page: 1Plants and animals all need air.Only about one fifth of the air is oxygen.The other four fifths is another gas, without taste, smell or color, named nitrogen.Both plants and animals need nitrogen as well as oxygen but they cannot take it from the air themselves.How do they get their supply of nitrogen?There are very small organisms in soil and water which can take nitrogen out of the air and fix it in complex materials which plants and animals can use.These materials are taken up by plants through their roots in water from the soil.Animals get their nitrogen by eating plants.Some of this nitrogen comes away in animal waste and people have many thousands of years known enough to put animal waster back into the soil to help plants grow.Page: 5Nitrogen, like carbon,oxygen and hydrogen, is used over and over again in support of life.Plants build nitrogen up into complex structures.Animals eat the plants.Then animal waste and dead plants and fallen leaves are broken down into simpler ms again.So the great round goes on without end, all made possible only by energy coming from the sun.Scientists say that all the oxygen and all the carbon dioxide now in the air have been put there after use by plants through photosynthesis.Page: 6All organisms, it is clear, have a number of needs in common, of which air, water, food and the sun light and heat are the chief.But people have many other needs,though we may not think of them as needs.One of them,our need other people,is very important.First of all, we need other people to do things us when we are very young or very old, or when we are ill.We need others to take care of us.We need their help.We need them to do things us which we cannot do ourselves.We need their love.Page: 7Every hour of our lives we do things that are possible only because of work which is done us by other people.Who grew the cotton?Who made the sheets?What watched the sheep?Who washed the wool?Who made the blankets the bed you sleep in?Whose work are you using when you turn on the light?Who mined the coal which gives the power to heat and light your room?But equally men and women need to do things other people.Most people are not happy if they are not in some way helping others-doing things others.They need someone to love.Page: 8All our lives we need other people.In many parts of the world families do everything themselves.Until the nineteenth century this was true almost everywhere outside the cities.Families were self-supporting.They grew the food they needed,built their own houses,and made their own clothing and furniture,the candles lighting the rooms at night,and the plows and carts work on the farm by day...In every way they took care of themselves.Living like this, a family is very like a simple organism.Page: 9But a family living in a city today is more like a cell in a complex organism.Other people whom it does not know do almost everything it.Workers in factories make the things it needs and send them to the stores,which sell them to it.Other people teach its children in schools and take care of them in hospital when they are ill.Police and fire stations keep watch over the city.Lighting and water supplies, the clearing away of waste, the upkeep of streets and roads are all public services.In exchange all this, each of us does our own sort of work, our daily round, whatever it is.This is true most of us,if not all.Page: 0People need play as well as work, though,if your interest is deep enough, work and play can be the same thing.To some people all their best work is a sort of play.They get so much pleasure m it and are so interested in it that they work when they dont need to.They are doing what they want most to do.It was the philosopher Plato who said,All learning is best done as play.Nothing learned under pressure takes root rightly in the mind.So let children work be a sort of play. 1851美国一家公司日前开通;月球邮政;包裹递送业务,仅需60美元,人们有机会把对自己来说有纪念意义的物品寄到月球上.此项业务旨在为一个私人探月车发射计划进行筹款.AP: A US firm has recently launched ;Moon mail; delivery services, which give people a chance to send their personal keepsakes to the Moon, 60 dollars (about 00 yuan) in order to help fund a privately owned lunar rover launch.According to Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, a keepsake mailer was a tiny hexagonal capsule that sells 60 US dollars or the largest, a .5cm by 5cm hexagonal that sells 5,800 US dollars (9,960 yuan). 388655讲解Today key word is RiceballRiceball 饭团In Japan, it is also called O-nigiri or o-musubi.It is a Japanese food made from white rice med into triangular(三角形的) shapes and often wrapped(包裹) in seaweed(海苔).我们的元宵,或者汤圆也叫做riceball.Here is an example:It is very convenient to just eat a rice ball in the morning when you wake up late.早上起晚了的话,吃一个饭团既方便又快捷诶,今天我们要说的这个饭团呢,不是吃滴!是什么呢?这还得从一个不靠谱的老爸说起Masahiro Ehara is a Japanese comedian.(喜剧演员)One day, he decided to post some photos of himself squishing(挤压) his kids’ faces to look like rice balls.有人就问了,为什么呢?This老爸说了,就是想捏脸需要理由吗?Quickly, those photos went viral being ridiculously adorable(不可理喻的可爱).一大批网友被萌的不要不要的其中有一位说:“Oh, babies. Their chubby(胖乎乎的) little faces bring so much joy to everyone around them… When the babies themselves are not screaming or crying(哭喊) of course.”还有很多人,像这个逗比老爸请教饭团脸制作方法于是, the first time, he revealed it in a short .这段魔性的视频,我会告诉你我看了十几遍吗?It is so cute; the look on that baby’s face is so amazing and ridiculously adorable.You just can’t stop watching it over and over again.And actually, this father didn’t explain why he did it.视频中,他只是拍了他两只手挤孩子脸的画面那这个可爱的不要不要的饭团脸到底怎么做呢The father said “you just put both your hands together and gently squeeze.”就是这么简单有木有!于是,广大日本小朋友就开始了被爸爸妈妈挤脸的生活Here are some replies from parents.“I gave it a go and got a perfect rice ball first try. So cute!”“I was surprised the baby didn’t hate it. Far from it, she laughed and loved it!”没有孩子的童鞋们不用担心,If you don’t have children, why not turn your friends and family into “rice balls” instead?And don’t get to share the pictures with us.Search AYOEnglish to find more pictures of this ridiculously adorable rice ball baby.就说到这,我继续看饭团宝宝去了!See you next time! 53676Mind my mom听妈妈的话Hired to perm as a magician at a church banquet, I closed my act by ;magically; producing candy all of the children, and then took a seat next to the podium to listen to a speech by the school superintendent. It wasnt long bee I noticed a small boy in the fourth row trying desperately to get my attention. I pretended to ignore him,but the more uninterested I appeared, the more outlandish his attention-getting antics became.在一次教堂会议上,我受雇表演魔术我“神奇地”为孩子们变出糖果结束了表演,然后就坐在台子旁边的座位上听学校负责人讲话不久,我注意到第四排有个小男孩拼命想引起我的注意我假装没看见他,可是我越无动于衷,他就用越古怪的行为想引起我的注意By mid-speech, the superintendent was visibly annoyed. In a final eft to save his speech, he turned to me and said, ;I suppose if I am ever continue you should find out what is troubling that young man.;讲了一半,负责人显然很生气为了能把话讲下去,他终于转向我,说道:“我想你应该去看看那个小家伙怎么了,否则我不可能继续讲话”Embarrassed, I went over to the child.;What wrong?; I asked.我很是尴尬,就走过去问道:“你怎么了?”In a loud voice, he replied, ;My mom says I cant eat candy. Could you make mine a peanut-butter and jelly sandwich?;他大声回答道:“妈妈说我不能吃糖你能把我的糖变成花生酱和果冻三明治吗?” 67

Ways and Means 花招A man handed a pair of gray gloves to the clerk of a duty-shop. ;Id like these altered, please.; he said. The clerk asked the sales receipt, but after making a thorough search in his pockets, the man replied he had lost it. The clerk told him that it was store policy not to do free alterations without a receipt.一位男子把一副灰色的手套递给免税商店职员“我想换一副”他说店员向他要售货收据,但这位男子翻遍了他所有的口袋,最后只得说收据丢了店员告诉他说没有收据不能更换,这是商店的规矩;Okay, then, ; the man said, ;Id like to return the gloves.; The clerk processed the return and gave him cash equaling the cost of the gloves.“那好吧,”这位男子说,“我要把这幅手套退掉”店员程序办理了退货手续并把手套钱如数退给了他The man pushed the money back across the counter. ;Now I want to buy the gloves.; he said. The clerk rang up the sale, bagged the gloves and handed them to him with a receipt.这位男子把钱从柜台上推回去“现在我还要这幅手套”他说店员用收银机收下了钱,把那幅手套装进包里,并把它连同收据递给了他Triumphantly, he put the gloves and the receipt on the counter. ;Id like to have these altered, please.;这位男子把手套和收据放在柜台上,神气地说:“我要把这幅手套换了” 33

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