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Good morning. Thank you. Thank you very, very much. Thanks so much. Thankyou, Penny, for an extraordinary introduction. And based on that introduction,I accept the nomination. (Laughter.) I’m totally kidding. I’m out of that now;I’m out of that now.I’ll tell you, I – about a coupleof months – I mean, before I was offered the job of being Secretary of State, Iwas still, obviously, serving in the ed States Senate. And I was walkingthrough an airport one day, and this fellow – you notice when people have thatsense of recognition. And he points at me, and he says, “Hey, you, hey you,anybody tell you you look like that Kerry guy who we sent down to Washington?”(Laughter.) And I say, “Oh, they tell me that all the time.” He says, “Kind ofmakes you mad, don’t it?” (Laughter.) So I’m very happy to be out of theelectoral process, folks. (Laughter.) It’s just fine by me.I’m really happy to be here andI’m very, very honored to be introduced by Penny, who is a good friend. She wasvery involved with me in 2004 when I ran for President. I’m just so thrilledshe is now our Commerce Secretary, and I’m very grateful for the effort and theenergy that’s gone into making this first ever summit such a success. No onewho knows Penny is going to be surprised by that, because everything that Pennyhas done – in business, in philanthropy, in public service – has always been asuccess. And those of you who know her know that she is really a dynamic CEO inher own right, and you can feel the energy and the leadership that she isaly bringing to the Commerce Department. She’s a fabulous partner and I’mthrilled by it; very, very happy to have her there.And I was with her, and she said– I heard her in the introduction talk about being in Kuala Lumpur together,and we had a chance to go out and break b together. And we were chatting,and she was reminding me of the story of her dad who started the familybusiness with one motel out in Los Angeles. And she kind of lived in the motel,and then she went up to San Francisco, and boom, it grew to six. And noweverybody knows what Hyatt Hotels Incorporation are – it’s a great Americanstory. It’s a great story of entrepreneurship, and we’re so proud of Penny andgrateful that she’s stepping back from the private sector to share with us thatexpertise and give us the energy and dynamics we need.Her leadership of SelectUSA isjust one of the reasons that this effort has the potential to grow our country,and to grow all of yours, for those of you who are here visiting from so manyother countries. And we welcome you here. The single biggest reason SelectUSAis going to make a difference is, frankly, all of you, a group of very capablebusiness leaders, people who are hungry, who understand the dynamics of themarketplace, who are ambitious in your business goals, and come here with avision from nearly 60 countries around the world and from all across the edStates.I said in my confirmationhearing, when I was selected to become Secretary of State – I said to theSenators, my former colleagues, that in many ways, foreign policy today iseconomic policy. And leaders in government need to understand that. There is asynergy and an importance to this relationship that cannot be denied.I think many of you are herebecause you understand this new marketplace that we’re all operating in –voracious, huge appetite. And very, very fast-moving. And we wanted you to comehere and SelectUSA is the umbrella that is hosting this event because webelieve deeply – we’re convinced, based on our dealings in the world, theexposure in the world, without arrogance, without chauvinism – that there is nobetter place in the world to invest than here in America. And there’s no bettertime to do it, in many ways, than right now, because some of the growth anddevelopment of the last few years has sort of equalized out in some places sothat manufacturing – as the Secretary said, the number of manufacturing jobshere now – we’re growing in manufacturing again because it’s competitive againfor a lot of different reasons.So make no mistake: As we lookahead to the major trends that are going to define this new age, the factorsthat will determine which countries thrive, as well as which businesses thrivein this competitive marketplace, I think it’s crystal clear that the edStates is going to continue, because it’s the nature and base of our economy,not because we’re somehow superior and somehow better. We just – the nature ofhow we have grown and where we’ve come from, from the Industrial Revolution allthe way through the 1990s and the tech explosion, and into where we are now. Wewill continue to lead the world in both innovation and education because of thenature of our universities, the structure, the number, and the openness withwhich they operate.And I believe also people willhave access here because we will continue to work hard to make sure that wehave the most qualified workers and one of the largest consumer markets in theworld. Again, I say, I don’t say any of this with one touch of arrogance. I sayit because that good news for America is also, in fact, good news for theworld. It is good news for you and your businesses. And you know the importanceof the American economy in terms of driving China’s economy and other economiesin the world, and their importance now to driving other economies in theirregions and elsewhere. And it’s a principal reason why I believe you ought toinvest here. It’s why President Obama is making attracting job-creatinginvestment a top priority at a level unlike any before.201412/350879

But no, I never went to college. Ive slept in some strange places, but the library wasnt one of them. I studied rock and roll and I grew up in Dublin in the 70s; music was an alarm bell for me. It woke me up to the world. I was 17 when I first saw The Clash, and it just sounded like revolution. The Clash were like: ;This is a public service announcement--with guitars.; I was the kid in the crowd who took it at face value. Later I learned that a lot of the rebels were in it for the T-shirt. Theyd wear the boots but they wouldnt march. Theyd smash bottles on their heads but they wouldnt go to something more painful like a town hall meeting. By the way I felt like that myself until recently.我没上过大学,我在一些陌生的地方睡过觉,但图书馆除外。我学的是摇滚音乐,在70年代的都柏林长大。音乐对我来说如同警钟,它唤醒了我,让我开始关注这个世界。我17岁那年第一次见到碰撞乐队,他们的音乐听起来像一次革新。这乐队“用吉他演奏音乐,性质却是公益事业。”而我当时只是人群中的一个看热闹的小孩。后来我了解到,许多反叛者加入这乐队只是为了得到一件T恤衫。他们会穿靴子,但他们不游行。他们会往头上砸瓶子,但不会去市政议会厅这些让人感到痛苦的地方。顺便说一句,就在前不久,我也喜欢那样做。I didnt expect change to come so slow. So agonizingly slow. I didnt realize that the biggest obstacle to political and social progress wasnt the Free Masons, or the Establishment, or the boot heal of whatever you consider ;the Man; to be. It was something much more subtle. As the provost just referred to, a combination of our own indifference and the Kafkaesque labyrinth of ;nos; you encounter as people vanish down the corridors of bureaucracy.我没有料想到变革来得如此之慢,慢得让人痛苦。我也没有意识到,政治和社会进步的最大障碍不是共济会,不是国教会,也不是权势集团,而是一些更为微妙的东西。就像院长刚刚说到的,是我们自身的冷漠和荒谬而令人困惑的事物的结合,就像人们在官僚主义的道路上迷失自己的那种感觉一样。 /201312/267346

If you are one of the same sex couples getting married this weekend, I want to congratulate you and wish you the very best of luck. As you make your vows, you’ll be making history.Finally, after years of campaigning, and having seen off some very tough opposition, any couple who wants to get married can get married.Together we’ve made our country a place where we celebrate love equally, gay or straight – and for that reason we should all be raising a glass.So, as you make those last-minute preparations and your family and friends gather, I hope you have a day to remember.Here’s to a long and happy life together for you and your partner. And here’s to a fairer more modern and equal future for our country.201502/358932

Alison Bechdel is a comic book artist,艾莉森·贝克德尔是一个漫画作家,and back in the mid-80s, she recorded this conversation在80年代中期,,她记录下了她和一个朋友shed had with a friend about assessing the movies that they saw.在评估她们看过的电影时的讨论内容。And its very simple. Theres just three questions you should ask:非常简单,只有三个问题:Is there more than one character in the movie这部电影中是否有一个以上的角色that is female who has lines?是女性并且有台词?So try to meet that bar.想想看这个标准。And do these women talk to each other at any point in the movie?如果是,这些女性角色在电影中是否交谈过?And is their conversation about something other than如果交谈了,有没有跟她们共同的心上人the guy that they both like? 无关的谈话内容?Right? Thank you.明白了?谢谢。Thank you very much.非常感谢。Two women who exist and talk to each other about stuff.两个女人,有台词,有交谈。It does happen. Ive seen it,确实有这样的电影。我看过,and yet I very rarely see it in the movies但是在我们看过的和喜欢的电影中that we know and love.是很少见的。In fact, this week I went to see事实上,这个星期我刚看过a very high-quality movie, ;Argo.;一部质量不错的电影《阿尔戈》(Argo)。Right? Oscar buzz, doing great at the box office,奥斯卡热门电影,票房很好,a consensus idea of what a quality Hollywood film is.公认的好莱坞电影高品质电影。It pretty much flunks the Bechdel test.但是贝尔德尔测试不及格。And I dont think it should, because a lot of the movie,我觉得这不应该。因为电影中的大部分情节I dont know if youve seen it, but a lot of the movie不知道你们看过没有,电影中的大部分情节takes place in this embassy where men and women都发生在发生人质劫持事件的大使馆内,are hiding out during the hostage crisis.男人和女人都躲在里面。Weve got quite a few scenes of the men我们看到好几个场景,having deep, angst-ridden conversations in this hideout,男人们在藏身处深刻而充满焦虑的对话。and the great moment for one of the actresses is而电影中一个女演员最出的情节to peek through the door and say, ;Are you coming to bed, honey?;是隔着一扇门问道,“睡觉么,亲爱的?”Thats Hollywood for you.这就是好莱坞。So lets look at the numbers.来看看统计数字。2011, of the 100 most popular movies,2011年前100部最流行的电影中,how many of them do you think actually have female protagonists?有多少部电影有女主角?Eleven. Its not bad.11部。不算太坏。Its not as many percent as the number of women就刚刚普选出的国会议员中weve just elected to Congress, so thats good.女性议员比例而言,这个比例算好的。But there is a number that is greater than this接下来这个比例比刚才的要高thats going to bring this room down.而这个比例会让在座各位震惊。Last year, The New York Times published a study去年,纽约时报发表了一份that the government had done.由政府完成的报告。Heres what it said.以下是内容。One out of five women in America每五名美国女性中就有一位say that they have been sexually assaulted some time in their life.曾经遇到过性骚扰。Now, I dont think thats the fault of popular entertainment.我不认为是流行圈的过错。I dont think kids movies have anything to do with that.我不认为这是由于儿童电影导致的。I dont even think that我甚至觉得music s or pornography are really directly related to that,色情音乐和电影跟这都没有直接关系,but something is going wrong,但是肯定哪里出问题了。and when I hear that statistic,当我听到这个统计数字,one of the things I think of is我当时想到的是thats a lot of sexual assailants.性骚扰者的数量竟然这么多。Who are these guys? What are they learning?他们是谁?他们怎么被教出来的?What are they failing to learn?他们漏学了什么?Are they absorbing the story that他们有没有理解电影的情节,a male heros job is to defeat the villain with violence一个男性英雄打败了残暴的反派and then collect the reward, which is a woman然后获得荣誉和奖励--就是一个没有朋友who has no friends and doesnt speak?又不说话(没有思想)的女人?Are we soaking up that story?我们有没有从这些故事中吸取到什么?201510/404661

Hi, everybody.嗨,大家好。As a nation, our top priority is growing our economy and creating good middle class jobs.作为一个国家,我们的最高目标就是增长经济并为中产阶级创造良好的就业岗位。Thats why this week I m speaking to you from the Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois, because few areas hold as much promise as what theyre focused on right here—harnessing American energy.而这就是我为什么本周在伊利诺伊州阿尔贡国家实验室向大家发表讲话,因为很少有地方像他们一样为我们带来这么大的希望—掌控我们自己的能源。You see, after years of talking about it, were finally poised to take control of our energy future.众所周知,经过数年的讨论之后,我们终于可以完全掌握自己的能源未来。We produce more oil than we have in 15 years. We import less oil than we have in 20 years.我们生产的石油与过去15年相比增加了。我们进口的石油与过去20年相比降低了。Weve doubled the amount of renewable energy we generate from sources like wind and solar—with tens of thousands of good jobs to show for it. Were producing more natural gas than ever before—with hundreds of thousands of good jobs to show for it.我们生产的风能、太阳能等可再生能源也翻了一番,伴随与此也创造了数万高薪的工作岗位。我们生产的天然气也比以往任何时候都多,伴随与此还有数十万高薪的工作岗位。Weve supported the first new nuclear power plant since the 1970s.而上世纪70年代我们就建成了第一座新型的核电站。And were sending less carbon pollution into the environment than we have in nearly 20 years.过去近20年来我们排放的碳污染物一直在减少。So were making real progress.因此我们取得的是实实在在的进步。But over the past few weeks, we got a reminder that we need to do more.但过去几个星期,有人提醒我,我们需要做更多努力。We went through another spike in gas prices, just like last year, and the year before that. It happens every year.我们经历了新一轮的油价涨跌,跟去年一模一样,跟以前也是如出一辙。Its a serious blow to your budget—like getting hit with a new tax coming right out of your pocket.这种事情年年都在发生。对于大家的预算出是一种严重的冲击,就如同从大家的口袋里征收新的税种一样。Over the past four years, as part of our all-of-the-above energy strategy, weve taken steps to soften that blow by making sure our cars use less gas.过去四年来,作为我们顶级能源战略的一部分,我们已经采取的多项措施确保汽车使用更少的汽油来减缓这种冲击。Weve put in place the toughest fuel economy standards in our history so that by the middle of the next decade, our cars will go twice as far on a gallon of gas.我们施行了史上最严格的燃料能效标准,这样,5年后,我们的汽车每加仑汽油的行驶里程将翻一番。Over the life of a new car, the average family will save more than ,000 at the pump.在一辆新车的生命周期里,平均下来,每个家庭将因此在油费上节约8000美元。But the only way were going to break this cycle of spiking gas prices for good is to shift our cars and trucks off of oil for good.但我们完全打破油价涨跌怪圈的唯一途径就是转型,让我们的汽车和卡车不再使用石油。Thats why, in my State of the Union Address, I called on Congress to set up an Energy Security Trust to fund research into new technologies that will help us reach that goal.因此,在我的国情咨文中,我号召国会成立一个能源安全信托基金,资助那些帮助我们实现这些目标的科学研究。Here s how it would work.具体实施方案如下。Much of our energy is drawn from lands and waters that we, the public, own together.我们大部分能源开采于我们共有的公共陆地和水域。So Im proposing that we take some of our oil and gas revenues from public lands and put it towards research that will benefit the public, so that we can support American ingenuity without adding a dime to our deficit.因此,我提议从开采自公共陆地和水域的石油气的收益中拿出一部分为公众利益务,这样我们就能资助美国的创新研究而不会在财政赤字上增加一分钱。We can support scientists who are designing new engines that are more energy efficient; developing cheaper batteries that go farther on a single charge; and devising new ways to fuel our cars and trucks with new sources of clean energy—like advanced biofuels and natural gas—so drivers can one day go coast-to-coast without using a drop of oil.我们可以持研发具有更高能效的新型发动机的科学家;研发充一次电能使用更长时间的电池;设计新的加油方式让汽车和卡车可以使用新式的清洁能源,比方说生物燃料和天然气,到时候司机就可以从横穿全国而不用加一滴油。Now, this idea isnt mine.这样的想法不是我一个人的。Its actually built off a proposal put forward by a non-partisan coalition of CEOs and retired generals and admirals.这一方案的提出建立在一项有无党派的CEO联盟和退休将领提出的方案之上。So lets take their advice and free our families and our businesses from painful spikes in gas prices once and for all.因此,让我们采纳他们的意见,让我们的家庭和企业一劳永逸的远离油价涨跌带来的痛苦。And in the meantime, lets keep moving forward on an all-of-the-above energy strategy.与此同时,让我们继续在顶级能源战略上前进。A strategy where we produce more oil and gas here at home, but also more biofuels and fuel-efficient vehicles; more solar power and wind power. A strategy where we put more people to work building cars, homes and businesses that waste less energy.根据这一战略,我们虽然还将在国内生产更多的石油气,但同时也将生产更多生物燃料和节能汽车;以及更多的太阳能和风能。根据这一战略,汽车生产领域将为人们带来更多工作岗位,家庭和企业也将减少能源浪费。We can do this. Were Americans. And when we commit ourselves to something, theres no telling how far well go.我们可以做到。因为我们是美国人。只要我们下定决心去做一件事,无论路途多么遥远我们也要走下去。Thanks and have a great weekend.谢谢大家,祝你们周末愉快。201303/231513

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