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Subject:You put your foot in your mouth. 迷你对话A: I don’t understand why my workmates all keep away from me? Am I not humorous enough?为什么我的同事都疏远我了,是不是我不够幽默呢? /201406/304217

I would rather own little and see the world than own the world and see little of it我们宁愿拥有少一点也要去旅行(本栏目主播为:Lily.Wong 微信账号:贵旅特) /201506/379506

6. confused 困惑的7. disappointed 失望的8. frustrated 沮丧的9. lonely 寂寞的10. overwhelmed 茫然不知所措的7. disappointed 失望的,例句:I was disappointed when I had no vegetables for dinner. 晚餐时因为没有吃到蔬菜而感觉到很失望。8. frustrated 挫败的,例句:Yuna felt frustrated when she couldn’t express herself in English very well. 当Yuna不能用英语很好表达自己的时候感到很挫败。9. lonely 寂寞的,例句:When I am lonely, I will do something that makes me happy. 当我寂寞的时候,我会做些让我自己开心的事情。10. overwhelmed 茫然不知所措的,例句:Its normal to be overwhelmed for some people when they get to a new environment. 对于某些人来说,到了新环境会感觉茫然不知所措是很正常的。公众微信账号:贵旅特(shanghai_greeters) 公众账号:meisi1949 /201705/511272

  Off sb's hands: no longer the responsibility of sb 不再由某人负责Now that the children are off my hands, I've got more time for other things.现在我不用照顾孩子了,就有更多时间做其他事情.On sb's hands1.(指工作等)待处理,待办 I've got a work on my hands at the moment. 目前我手头有很多事要做.2.由某人负责 I've got the neighbor's children on my hands this afternoon. 今天下午我得照看邻居的几个孩子.



  Taylor! Hey! Hi! Come in!泰勒!你好!你好!请进!Thank you so much for fitting 73 Questions interview into your busy schedule.非常感谢你百忙中抽时间参加明星问答73题。That was all good. Alright, cool. Lets do this.小事一桩。好,那我们开始吧。So whats keeping you busy these days?你最近几天都在忙什么?Hm. Im just working out and getting y for Grammys.我忙于健身,并为格莱美做准备。Whats the most exciting thing in life right now?现在生活中最令你激动的是什么事情?Grammys.格莱美。What are you completely bored of in life right now?你现在生活中已经完全受够了的是什么?Click bait.标题党新闻。What is something that recently moved you?最近让你感动的东西是什么?The movie The Martian.电影《火星救援》。Ok, what do you have going on over here?你在这个房间里做什么?This is a room where I write a lot of songs.我在这个房间写了很多首歌。Nice piano. How many guitars do you own?钢琴真漂亮。你有多少吉他?I lost track of that in probably 2007.我从07年开始就数不清了。Whats the first song you learn to play on a guitar?你用吉他弹奏的第一曲是什么?Kiss me by Sixpence None The Richer.Sixpence None The Richer的《Kiss Me》。Whats the first thing you do when you get an idea for a song?在你有了一首歌的想法后最先会做什么?I record a voice memo of myself singing it or I write it down on my notes.我会唱它的时候录音或者把歌词记在笔记本上。Whats your songwriting process?你一般的写歌过程是怎样的?Lots of preparation. I write a lot of my ideas down before I get to the actual session.是充满准备的。我一般在正式的写歌过程开始之前总要记下来自己的很多想法。What song took you the least amount of time to write?你写哪首歌的时候用了最少的时间?Blank Space, cause Ive written a lot of the lines down aly in the year preceding the session.《Blank Space》。因为我在正式写歌过程的一年前就已经有了很多关于歌词的想法了。Which one took you the longest?你写哪首歌用了最长的时间?All Too Well, because its really an emotional song and I kept putting it down for months on end.是《All Too Well》,因为这首歌真的很注重情感,所以我花了几个月的时间完善它。So is this the room where you keep all your awards?你是把所有的奖杯都放在这个房间里了吗?No, theyre kind of everywhere. Do you want to see the rest of the house?并没有,它们其实哪儿都是。你想看看其它地方吗?Yes. Amazing. Alright, lets do it.当然。棒极了。好,走吧。Who is your favorite teacher?你最喜欢的老师是谁?My guitar player, Paul Sidoti teaches me a lot on the road about piano and guitar.我的吉他手Paul Sidoti,他在巡演的路上教了我很多有关于钢琴和吉他的东西。If you could teach one subject in school, what would it be?如果你可以在学校里教一门课程,你会教哪门?English.英语。Ok, so you are a scrabble player?所以你是个拼字游戏者咯?Yeah its a word you might know, check it out.这个词汇你一定懂,过来看。Yep, something tells who has planned.哈哈,这是有预谋的。Nope, that was spontaneous. I am a very spontaneous person.没有,一切都是偶然。像我这么随性的人。Whats your favorite beverage?你最喜欢的饮料是什么?Coffee. Would you like some? Lets see what you got.咖啡。你要喝点吗?看看你这里有什么。I have espresso, I have regular coffee, I have different flavors. I have a VMA here, you cant really take that, I dont think but...我这里有特浓咖啡,普通咖啡,还有不同的口味。这里还有个VMA奖座,这个不能喝,不过......You definitely cant drink it. You can stir with it though. Actually, Ill have water.你肯定不能喝这个。不过你可以用它搅一搅。我还是要杯水吧。Ok. Thank you very much.好。谢谢你。201705/508235Thats what ways gonna up.Well,theyre not 20,theyre playing babies.原来是这样的 呃 他们还没20呢 戏里都是些小宝宝instant family.instant family.Yeah,and do you feel protect of them,I mean.Do you ever take on that role?Do you feel like that?再婚家庭 再婚家庭 你们会想要保护他们吗 你们有没有沉浸在那个角色中 然后会想要保护他们In some ways,some kind.I heard people are talking,you know,trash about them.某种程度上 会有点吧 当我听到别人 说他们坏话的时候I thought Hey its my case.Cause I cant do...我就会想 我的活来了 因为我不能忍受And Elizabeth,you do your own,you do your own stuns,is that true?Well,yes.Not,but a choice.But it wasnt a choice.Elizabeth 听说你被吓到了 那是真的吗 是的 不是的 那是她选的 那不是我选的好吧Theres a scene where they got me to sad.And they said ok,we gonna put you in this hardness.有个场景他们弄得我很难受 他们跟我说 他们将会让我处于险境And they tell me they gonna hang me over a river off cliff.他们告诉我甚至想把我吊在悬崖边的小河上Why didnt you know about that ahead of time?为什么没有提前通知你呢They just spring that on you?I texted the producer,cause Im friendly with him immediately.他们只是和你稍微透漏了一下 所以我就马上发短信给制片商 因为我和他们的关系很好I said whats happening over there.Why am I have to hang in over a river.我告诉他们发生了什么 并问他们为什么我要被吊到河上面And he said,just go with it.And I think that,you knew that I...I was getting to text our producer,there was like you have to talk her throught it.但他说 你去吧 别害怕 然后我就想 原来你们是串通好的 我也在发短信给制片人告诉他 你真得和她好好说说怎么演过这一段Really?yeah.But it turned out to be fun.Right?真的吗 真的 但最后明这是一件有趣的事情 是吗It was so thrilling and funny once I kind of get rid and relax,and sort of my whole body just within do it.是的 当我放松下来的时候 我整个身体变得异常轻松 这件事情就变得非常的刺激和有趣And you do it again now?No.No.can I ask a collected question?I want to get votes.你现在想要重来一遍不 才不 我能问大家一个问题吗 需要大家投下票Supposedly the guy that married you two in the movie is a real priest.假如在电影中为你们婚的是一个真的牧师You say he was a real prist.Does anyone really believe that he was a real prist which hes a actor playing a priest.Was he...I thought was a right man,no?你们说他是一个真的牧师 你们中有谁认为他是一个真的牧师 或者认为他是一个扮演牧师的演员 我认为是真的牧师 不对么 /201612/484577大家好,最近生活还正常吗?平淡就是真。欢迎回来,《Faith口语课堂-天天学》的新老学员们,我是Faith老师,今天谈谈和正常,往常有关的英语。Normal adj. 正常的,平常的;正规的;标准的She braced herself to lead a normal life. 她振作起来去过正常生活。He received four years of normal education at college. 他在大学受了四年正规教育。Abnormal adj. 反常的,异常的;变态的Is the child abnormal in any way? 这孩子是否在哪方面有点不正常?This warm weather is abnormal for February. 二月里这种温暖的天气不太正常。Usual adj. 经常的,通常的;寻常的,惯常的Its usual for most people to have a holiday in summer. 很多人在夏天休假是普便的。Its our usual practice to charge on cash. 我们的惯例是收现金。Unusual adj. 罕有的,异乎寻常的;独特的,与众不同的It was an unusual day for summer, damp and chilly. 这是夏季少有的一天,又湿又凉。There is nothing unusual there. 那里的一切都很正常。as usual 和往常一样,照例The poor woman went to work as usual in spite of the typhoon. 尽管有台风, 那可怜的女人照常去上班。Well have beef and potatoes for dinner as usual. 今晚照例晚饭吃牛肉和土豆。I got up before 6 and uploaded the latest lesson this morning as usual, theres nothing abnormal so far. 我今早和往常一样,不到6天起床,上传最新一期的节目,到目前为止,一切正常。 /201203/174681

  网罗天下新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达,尽在独家专栏节目;E聊吧;。本期节目的topic: 青春已逝,年华不再She is no spring chicken.她已青春不再。【讲解】no spring chicken : 不再年轻,年纪大了【情景一】现在很多人的实际年龄跟样貌不相符,这一切都是护肤品的功劳。A: How old do you think Lucy is?B: Well, shes certainly no spring chicken.A:露西多大了?B:她当然年纪也不小了啦。【情景二】时下很流行角色反串,很多年龄大的演员挑战一些跟年龄不相符的角色。That actress is no spring chicken , but she does a pretty good job of playing a twenty-year-old girl.这个女演员虽然已不再年轻了,但是演起20岁的小姑娘来也游刃有余。 /201204/176669

  嘿 ,大家好,欢迎收听本期的”E聊吧”,依然是Ukki在这陪着大家聊聊那些新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达。今天Ukki想跟大家分享的这个词跟意大利文艺复兴三杰之一有关系,当然今天我们不聊文艺复兴三杰的故事,我们来聊聊跟达芬奇这个名字有关的一个英语表达。达芬奇家具,相信大家一定早已耳闻这个名词了吧,而且对于这个事件也有一定的了解吧。 在东莞生产,拉到意大利贴个洋标签,再运回国内,就摇身一变成为高档进口家具,单品价格动辄数十万。达芬奇家具“出国一日游”近日被曝光后,引起消费者的声讨,而其老总竟哭诉创业艰难,称家具原产地标错,拒绝退货,更引起消费者的强烈指责。 我们来看看《中国日报》关于达芬奇家具的一则报道: A retailer of international brand furniture, which has recently been suspected of selling poor-quality fake foreign products at high prices, has insisted it does not play foul with buyers but has admitted "faults" in its employees' sales tactics. 国际家具品牌“达芬奇”的某零售商坚称没有欺骗消费者,但承认职员的销售策略“有误”。该品牌涉嫌高价出售低质假冒洋货。 文中的play foul with buyers就是指“欺骗消费者”,foul,有犯规的意思,play foul一般用来指比赛中的犯规行为,如果把play和foul这两个词调换过来,foul play则变成了名词,也就是“犯规动作”,或者引申为“不公平的行为”。比如说:He was booked by the referee for foul play. (他因动作犯规而被裁判记下姓名。)   与foul play相对的就是fair play了,fair,公正地,从by fair means or foul(不择手段,千方百计)这个习惯用法中我们也可以看出fair和foul的这种对应关系。我们来看看下面这个例句:They will win the election by fair means or foul. 他们将不择手段地在选举中取胜。 OK, 今天的”E聊吧”Ukki想跟大家分享的表达是哪一个呢?没错就是:play foul with buyers “欺骗消费者”,最后提醒一下大家别忘了动起你们的小手把学到的表达跟我分享给我留言哦!So much for today,see you next time. Have a nice day. Bye~ /201110/158805

  迷你对话:A:Why are youcut uprecently, Nancy?南希,最近为什么这么沮丧。B:Irsquo;ve just parted with my boyfriend.我刚和男友分手。A:Oh, cheer up. A boyfriend is not everything.哦,振作起来。男友不重要。B:But I cannot forget him.但是我忘不掉他。地道表达:cut up解词释义:cut up做动词词组用,其意思为;挫伤某人;。在该习语中,cut是过去分词,所以cut up就转为形容词短语。结合动词短语的意思,形容词短语cut up的意思就是;心情沮丧;。该习语常用作表语。持范例:Eg.She is very cut up about her fathers death.她父亲的死使她非常难受。Eg.John was cut up about his failure to win Mary.约翰没有赢得玛丽的芳心,感到十分伤心。Eg.The boss is bound to cut up rough when he hears what happened.如果老板知道发生的事情,他肯定要发脾气Eg.Jean was really cut up when her husband left her.在丈夫抛弃她之后,简痛苦极了。词海拾贝:1.part with:与......分手Eg.He was sorry to part with his friends.他和朋友们分手,心里很不好过。Eg.I would not part with her for the world.我说什么也不会让她离开我的。Eg.she said that she can figure something out to deal with it as she wasnt panning to part with this young man so soon.她说;咱们可以想想办法嘛。;她不太打算就这么快地和这个人分手。2.cheer up:高兴起来,振作起来Eg.Try and cheer up a bit; life isnt that bad!想办法高兴点儿,生活并不是那么糟!Eg.Cheer up! Im sure youll feel better tomorrow.振作起来!我肯定你明天会好些的。Eg.Cheer up! Things are not so bad as they seem.振作起来!情况并不象看上去那样糟。 /201207/190549。

  迷你对话:A: Which school is your children in?你的小孩现在在哪儿上学?B: She is now in a private school.她在一家私立学校上学。A: Oh, it costs too much. Its more expensive than the pulic school.喔,那收费很高。比公立学校贵得多。B: Its idea of my husband. He is always banging the drum for better schools.这是我丈夫的主意。他总是一味鼓吹好学校,好教育。A: But the private school amount to better schools.可是私立学校并不就是等于好学校。地道表达:beat the drum(s):竭力鼓吹;热烈持持范例:Eg. A few of us club members took a bunch of tickets out and beat the drum for the play with our friends. 我们俱乐部的几个成员把一大把票子拿到外面去和我们的朋友一起作推销宣传。Eg. He is beating the drums for himself, trying to raise campaign money and find groups to support him.他开展宣传,为自己大吹大擂,尽力募集竞选资金并寻觅持他的团体。视野拓展:Beat the drums for中的介词for可以用作against,即:beat the drums against,后面可以接something,也可以接somebody。Eg. They beat the drums against the new policy.他们竭力反对新政策。Eg. I spent a lot of time beating the drum against their plans for the future.我花了很多时间竭力反对他们对未来的计划。词海拾贝:1. a private school:私立学校2. a public school:公立学校3. amount to:等于,合计Eg. In fact, your ambiguous words amount to a refusal.实际上,你说的那些模棱两可的话等于是拒绝。 Eg. Their expenses amount to fifty dollars. 他们的消费共计五十元。 Eg. It doesnt amount to a row of beans. 这实在不算什么。 /201206/187089


  听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):Since Donald Trumps election there has been an increase nationwide in reports of harassment and intimidation of minorities.One such incident is making headlines in Traverse City. Police Officer Michael Peters has been suspended after flying the Confederate flag on his truck at a ;Love Trumps Hate; rally.Aaron Selbig of Interlochen Public Radio joined us.;On Veterans Day there was a rally near downtown Traverse City, and this Officer Peters showed up in his truck. He was off-duty, and in the back on his truck he had a giant Confederate flag. And apparently, according to witnesses, he got out of his truck, he drank a beer and he engaged with some of the protesters there,; Selbig told us.;We dont know exactly what he said. There are witnesses who were there who were clearly upset and agitated by his presence. He was engaging with them, we dont know the exact words, but these witnesses have been invited by the police department to come forward to tell their story to folks who are investigating this.;Selbig told us there are two investigations underway: an internal investigation looking into whether Peters violated the Traverse City Police Departments code of conduct, and a criminal investigation to determine whether the officer violated any laws regarding the alcohol.Peters has been suspended with pay pending the investigation.;Chief OBrien urged patience while the investigation and the process plays itself out, but he also spoke personally about his own experience. He was in the Army in Fort McClellan in Alabama in the ‘70sa, and said he witnessed segregation up close during that time. He said that he doesnt approve of the Confederate flag. He thinks the Confederate flag belongs in a museum,; Selbig said.201611/478247

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