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南安市妇科疾病多少钱German officials reacted ominously Monday to the latest allegations of U.S. spying, saying that the affair threatened to make a return to ‘business as usualimpossible.德国官员周一就美国在德国从事间谍活动的最新指控表现出的反应给人以不祥之感。他们表示,这起事件可能将导致德美关系再无可能回归“一切如常”的轨道。The air over Germany has been thick with moral outrage over the weekend after revelations that an employee of Germany’s secret service, the Bundesnachrichtendienst or BND, had been arrested on suspicion of passing information to the CIA in return for cash payments.上周末,一位供职于德国联邦情报局(BND)的雇员因为涉嫌向美国中央情报局(CIA)传递情报以获取现金报酬而被捕。消息一经披露,德国上下一片哗然,群情激奋。Reports citing political and diplomatic sources said the employee had passed information to the CIA from the very parliamentary committee that Germany set up last year to look into allegations made by former NSA analyst Edward Snowden.相关报道援引政治和外交消息源称,这位雇员是从一个议会委员会向中情局传递情报的,而德国去年成立这个委员会正是为了审查美国国家安全局(NSA)前分析师爱德华o斯诺登曝光的美国间谍活动。According to the newspaper Bild-Zeitung, officials swooped when the man tried to sell information to Russia. But as they made the arrest, he admitted “I’ve been selling to the Americans for two years aly!”据德国《图片报Bild-Zeitung)报道,就在这名男子试图向俄罗斯出售情报那一刻,他被执法官员一举捕获。但他在被捕后承认,“我一直在向美国人出卖情报,已经两年了!”The furore over Snowden’s disclosures–including accusations that the U.S. had tapped the mobile phone of Chancellor Angela Merkel–has never really died down.斯诺登此前披露称,美国曾经窃听德国总理默克尔的手机。这些指控引发的怒火从未真正平息过。Currently on an official visit to China, Merkel told a press conference that, if confirmed, the “seriousallegations “would be for me a clear contradiction of what I consider to be trusting cooperation between agencies and partners.”目前正在中国进行国事访问的默克尔在一个记者招待会上表示,如果得到实,这些“严重”指控“显然跟我所认为的两国机构的互信合作关系背道而驰。”Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier also weighed in, saying that if it’s confirmed that U.S. services are involved, “it will become a political issue and we can’t just get back to business as usual,Reuters reported.路透社(Reuters)报道称,德国外交部长弗兰瓦尔特o施泰因迈尔也发表了自己的看法。他说,如果实美国情报机构参与了这起事件,“它将成为一个政治问题,我们根本无法重建正常关系。”Lower-ranking officials have been less restrained, with senior Bundestag members calling for the expulsion of the BND agent’s U.S. handlers from Germany.低级别官员就没这么克制了,一部分联邦议院的资深议员甚至呼吁德国政府将这位BND雇员的美国联络人驱逐出境。The newspaper Bild-Zeitung, meanwhile, reported Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere as telling colleagues that they should be prepared to get themselves “a 360-degree viewby spying back on Germany’s western allies such as U.S., U.K. and France.《图片报》同时报道称,内政部长托马斯o德迈齐埃告知同事,他们应该做好万全准备,让自己获得“一60度的视角”,对美英法等德国西方盟友进行反刺探。The Interior Ministry didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment, but any such step would represent a dramatic watershed in post-war German policy. Acutely conscious of the excesses of the Nazi-era Gestapo and the communist East German Stasi, spying is something the Federal Republic would still rather pretend it didn’t have to do–especially if by doing so it casts doubt on its anchoring in the Atlantic alliance.内政部没有立即回应记者的置评请求,但任何此类动作都将成为德国战后政策一道颇具戏剧性的分水岭。德意志联邦共和国一直对纳粹时期的盖世太保和东德秘密警察的猖獗活动十分敏感,一直假装自己没必要从事间谍活动——特别是,如果德国搞这一套,外界对德国在大西洋联盟中的柱作用产生怀疑。Attempts by Merkel to agree a mutual “no spyingarrangement with the U.S. were rejected by Washington last year.默克尔去年曾试图与美国签署“互不刺探”协定,但遭到华盛顿拒绝。Snowden’s disclosures have aly encouraged some in Germany to hold back in the new free trade initiative between the E.U. and the U.S., known as the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, or TTIP. U.S. internet and digital giants are set to be among the biggest beneficiaries of those talks.斯诺登曝光的间谍活动已经鼓励一些德国官员阻止欧盟和美国签订新的自由贸易协定——跨大西洋贸易与投资伙伴协议(Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership,简称TTIP)。美国互联网和数字巨头将是这些贸易谈判的最大受益者之一。“Free trade and spying don’t mix,said Ralf Stegner, a deputy head of the Social Democratic Party (Merkel’s coalition partners), told the newspaper Handelsblatt.社会民主党(默克尔执政联盟伙伴)副党魁拉尔夫o斯特格纳对德囀?商报Handelsblatt)说:“自由贸易和间谍活动不可调和。 /201407/310986泉州哪里做流产 泉州新阳光医院在哪儿

泉州治疗不育 The Obama administration has set the stage for a fierce debate over a US ban on crude oil exports by allowing more overseas sales of lightly processed oil as it grapples with the consequences of cheap crude.奥巴马政府为围绕美国原油出口禁令展开激烈辩论做好了准备。为应对廉价原油所带来的影响,美国将允许将更多轻加工石油出口到海外。Last week’s decision will push the US’s 40-year-old export ban up the political agenda as environmental concerns over shale production crosscut with rising tensions between US producers and Saudi Arabia over the falling price of oil.上周的这项决定将把美国保0年之久的出口禁令提上了政治议程,在一些人对页岩油生产的环境影响感到担忧之际,美国生产商与沙特阿拉伯围绕油价下跌所产生的紧张关系日益加剧。Critics of the crude export ban including oil industry executives and some Republicans say it is a 1970s anachronism that should be scrapped as the US faces a glut of shale oil, which has undercut the global market by reducing US import needs.批评原油出口禁令的人士(包括石油行业高管以及一些共和党人)表示,这一上世0年代的一禁令已经过时,应该取消,因美国面临的是页岩油的供应过剩,这削弱了国际市场的需求,因其减少了美国对石油的进口。The benchmark Brent crude price has more than halved since June to under per barrel and now threatens the economic viability of some US shale production.自去月以来,油价基准布伦Brent)原油价格已下跌逾一半,至每桶不8美元,这正危及美国一些页岩油生产的经济前景。Stephen Myrow, a former Treasury official now at Beacon Policy Advisors, said the Obama administration was seeking to achieve two goals by encouraging more exports of a product called oil condensate, which has been processed through a basic distillation tower, but not announcing a formal policy change.前美国财政部官员、现供职于Beacon Policy Advisors的斯蒂芬#8226;迈洛(Stephen Myrow)表示,奥巴马政府正试图实现两个目标:鼓励扩大“凝析油”(通过基础蒸馏塔加工)产品的出口,但不宣布正式的政策转变。Ending the export ban could encourage more shale investment or at least offset the discouraging effects of the low oil price. But environmentalists worry that global warming is being exacerbated by leaks of methane, a potent greenhouse gas, from shale sites.取消出口禁令可能会鼓励更多页岩投资,或者至少会抵消低油价所带来的负面影响。但环保主义者担心,甲烷气泄露正加剧全球变暖,页岩矿区会产生这种强烈的温室气体。President Barack Obama is ting carefully on the issue because he wants to make action on climate change part of his legacy, but has also celebrated the shale boom for spurring economic growth and reducing US dependence on foreign oil.美国总统巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)在这个问题上行事谨慎,因为他希望在气候变化方面采取措施,但也一直称赞页岩热潮推动了经济增长并减轻了美国对外国石油的依赖。来 /201501/352211泉州泉港不孕医院排行泉州医科大学第二医院院长是谁

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