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squalid ———— 肮脏的(形容词)英文释义 (adjective) Describing a filthy, disarrayed, miserable condition.例句 The poorest sections of the huge city were squalid neighborhoods without paved streets or proper sanitation.在这座大城市最贫困的地带,居民区很肮脏,没有柏油路,也没有本应常见的卫生设施。 /201605/445089UNHCR Gains Access to Buffer Zone in Georgia联合国机构进入格鲁吉亚缓冲区  The U.N. refugee agency says it finally has succeeded in entering the so-called "buffer zone" north of the town of Gori in Georgia. The zone is controlled by Russian military forces and has been out of reach during the past weeks due to the unstable security situation. 联合国难民机构说,他们终于成功地进入了在格鲁吉亚城市哥里以北的缓冲区。这个缓冲区由俄罗斯军队控制,由于安全形势不稳定,过去几星期来一直无法进入。The so-called buffer zone is a strip of land that borders Georgia and its breakaway region of South Ossetia. It is under control of the Russian military and during the past few weeks thousands of residents were forced to flee their homes after being attacked by marauding militia men, many reportedly from South Ossetia.  这个所谓的缓冲区是格鲁吉亚和分离地区南奥塞梯之间的地带。它在俄罗斯军队的控制下,过去几星期来,数以千计的居民在遭受民兵团匪的袭击抢掠后,被迫逃离家园,据报导,这些民兵有许多来自南奥塞梯。The area has been off-limits to the U.N. refugee agency until now. Spokesman William Spindler says aid workers who recently ventured into the area to assess the situation were disturbed by what they saw. 联合国难民机构直到现在才能进入该地区。难民机构发言人斯平德勒说,最近冒险进入该地区去评估局势的救援人员看到的景象触目惊心。"There is still a great deal of fear among the people currently residing in these villages," he said. "Beatings, looting and arson by marauding militias have created an atmosphere of fear and insecurity."  “住在这些村庄里的居民都胆颤心惊。这些民兵盗匪在村落里打人、抢劫和纵火,制造了恐慌不安的气氛。”"The destruction of buildings and houses is not as widesp as was initially feared and varies from village to village. In Karaleti, for example, our team counted 29 houses destroyed, out of some 600. In Kitsnisi, only a few buildings have been burned or bombed, while more material and psychological damage has been caused by lootings and destruction inside people's houses," he added.  “然而建筑物和住房的破坏并不像原先担心的那样广泛,而且各个村庄的情况都有所不同。例如,在卡拉勒梯,根据我们小组的点算,在大约六百栋房屋里有二十九栋房屋被毁。在基茨尼西,只有几栋房屋被烧毁或者炸毁,然而对人们住所内的抢劫与破坏却带来了更大的物质和精神损伤。”Spindler says the situation and the needs in the villages north of Gori are similar. He says all of the communities are largely dependent on agriculture for food and income. He says villagers told UNHCR up to 80 percent of this year's harvest is gone. 斯平德勒说,哥里以北地区村落的局势及需求基本相仿。他说,所有的社区多半依靠农业为生。他说,村民告诉联合国难民机构,今年百分之八十以上的收成都报废了。"This is due to restricted irrigation water coming mostly from South Ossetia and the fact that during the hostilities heavy military equipment passed through many fields damaging the crops," said Spindler.  斯平德勒说:“这是因为有限的灌溉用水多半来自南奥塞梯,而且在冲突期间重型军用设备碾过许多农田,毁坏了庄稼。”"In addition, there are still a lot of mines and unexploded ordnance littering the fields and gardens, preventing people from collecting the harvest. As the local gas pipeline is not functioning any longer, the villagers now rely on firewood, both for cooking and heating. As a result, the price of firewood has risen by 50 percent," he continued.  “此外, 还有许多地雷以及尚未爆炸的炮弹四处散落在田野菜园里,使得人们不敢前去收农作物。因为当地的天然气管道不再运作,村民都依靠柴禾煮饭取暖。结果柴禾的价格上涨了百分之五十。”Spindler says the UNHCR plans to conduct regular assessment missions to the buffer zone and to provide aid to the inhabitants. Since the situation has calmed down, he says a number of people who had previously fled have now returned to their homes. 斯平德勒说,联合国难民事务高级专员公署打算在该缓冲区开展常规的评估工作,并且向当地居民提供援助。他说,自从形势平定以来,许多原来逃离的人都已经返回家园。Based on first assessments, he says returnees to the villages in the buffer zone need rehabilitation and reconstruction assistance as many of their homes have been burned down or otherwise damaged. He says they also will need supplementary food and firewood. 他说,根据初步的估计,返回缓冲区的村民需要得到重新恢复和重建的援助,因为他们的住房有许多已经被烧毁或者遭到破坏。他说,他们还将需要得到食品和柴禾的补给。200809/49072

by fits and starts ———— 断断续续英文释义 To proceed intermittently; to move forward without consistent, regular progress.例句 Since he was quite busy as a high school teacher and the father of two young children, the novelist wrote his first book by fits and starts.这位小说家在写第一部小说时是位高中老师,又是两个小孩的父亲,平日相当忙碌,所以小说是断断续续写出来的。 /201607/451628

US Presidential Contenders Pursue Different Election Strategies美三总统参选人各有入主白宫战略 With less than seven months until Election Day, the three major U.S. presidential candidates each have their own strategy for winning the White House in November.  距离美国大选日还有不到7个月的时间,3名主要参选人每人都有自己赢得11月大选入主白宫的战略。 For the moment, Republican John McCain has an advantage over Democratic rivals Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. 目前,共和党总统参选人约翰.麦凯恩的处境好于民主党竞争对手巴拉克.奥巴马和希拉里.克林顿。McCain has effectively secured his party's presidential nomination and can focus on fundraising and preparing for the general election campaign that begins in September after the nominating conventions are over. 麦凯恩实际上已经稳获党内总统候选人提名,因此他可以全力以赴为今后的竞选活动筹集资金,并为两党党内提名大会结束后9月开始的大选竞争做准备。McCain continues to make victory in Iraq the centerpiece of his campaign, and he will continue to tout his long experience in foreign policy and national security. 麦凯恩将继续把美国在伊拉克取得的胜利作为竞选中心议题,并继续以他在对外政策和国家安全方面的长期经验来打动选民。"By giving General Petraeus and the men and women he has the honor to command the time and support necessary to succeed in Iraq, we have before us a hard road, but it is the right road, and it is necessary and just," he said.McCain's biggest obstacle to winning in November may be a public yearning for change. A recent poll found 81 percent of those asked believe the ed States is on the wrong track, and a weak economy is usually bad news for the party that holds the White House. 麦凯恩要想赢得11月的总统大选,他面临的最大难题就是公众渴望变革的心情。最新民调显示,81%的人认为美国偏离了正确的轨道,而经济疲软对于执政党来说通常都是坏消息。"I would be very, very nervous about a looming environment that looks to be preparing the country for change," said Tom DeFrank, who is Washington bureau chief for the New York Daily News and a guest on VOA's Issues in the News program. "The country wants a lot of change, and when the country is y for change, they do not usually leave the party in power in power." 汤姆.德弗兰克是纽约每日新闻驻华盛顿记者站负责人。他说:“如果我是麦凯恩,目前这个人心思变的紧迫形势会让我非常、非常紧张。这个国家希望有很多改革,而一旦人民做好了变革的准备,他们通常不会让目前的执政党继续掌权。”The path to victory for both Democratic contenders is more complicated, because neither has yet secured enough delegates to claim their party's nomination. 对于民主党两位参选人来说,通往胜利的道路比较复杂,因为他们两人都没有赢得党内提名所需的代表票数。Barack Obama leads in the delegate count and in the popular vote from the primaries and caucuses so far, and most experts now give Hillary Clinton only an outside chance of catching up in either category. 目前,奥巴马在代表票数和普选票数上都领先于克林顿。大多数专家认为,克林顿要想在这两方面反超奥巴马几乎没有可能。Both Democrats sharply disagree with McCain's view on Iraq and have proposed a phased withdrawal of U.S. troops. 两位民主党参选人在伊拉克问题上都不认同麦凯恩的观点,他们都建议分阶段从伊拉克撤回美国军队。Both Democratic contenders also campaign against one another with an eye toward the general election. 但奥巴马和克林顿仍然要为赢得党内提名而激烈较量。Obama presents himself as a unifier who can draw support from independents and even some Republicans. 奥巴马以一个能够团结各派力量的形像出现在选民面前,显示自己既能得到独立选民的持,甚至还能赢得一部分共和党选民的选票。"We cannot afford another four years of Bush policies, and that is what John McCain is offering, and that is why I know we will come together this fall to take this country back," he said.Senator Clinton counters that her experience in Congress and as First Lady would make her the stronger Democratic candidate against Republican John McCain. 克林顿则回应说,她在国会经历和做为第一夫人的经历得以让她成为民主党更强有力的人选,挑战共和党的麦凯恩。"I can win. I know I can win," she said. "That is why I do this every day, and that is what my campaign is about. I am in it to win it, and I intend to do just that."Both Democrats have demonstrated strengths in appealing to various voting groups. 奥巴马和克林顿显示出迎合不同选民群体的实力。"You have to understand that Senator Clinton has been performing much better among certain kinds of voters. Latino voters, women voters, older voters and downscale voters, partisan Democrats who come from less affluent families," said Stuart Rothenberg, who publishes an independent political newsletter in Washington. "Senator Obama has been doing very well with independents, with younger voters, with of course African-Americans, and with upscale voters, high-education, high-income voters." 斯图尔特.罗森伯格在华盛顿出版政治时事通讯。他说:“人们必须明白,克林顿参议员的竞选在某些选民群体中产生的效果好得多,比如拉美裔选民、妇女选民、年长选民和低收入选民,也就是那些来自不太富有家庭的党派色鲜明的民主党选民。奥巴马参议员则在独立选民、年轻选民,当然还有非裔选民中非常受欢迎;受过高等教育、有高收入的选民也拥护他。”Experts say both Democrats must do a better job of broadening their appeal to win their party's nomination and to be competitive against McCain in the general election.Peter Brown, who is with the Polling Institute at Quinnipiac University in Connecticut, says recent surveys in the key states of Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania suggest that Barack Obama needs to boost his support among working-class white voters. 彼德.布朗是康涅狄克州琴尼派克大学选举研究所研究员。他说,佛罗里达、俄亥俄和宾夕法尼亚等关键州最近的民调显示,奥巴马需要提高他在白人劳工阶层的持率。"Roughly one in five Democrats in each of these states say they will vote for McCain against Senator Obama, whereas only less than one-in-10 Democrats say they will vote for McCain versus Senator Clinton," he explained. "That is a pretty significant drop-off." 他说:“大体上,这几个州中各有五分之一的民主党选民表示他们会持麦凯恩,而不持奥巴马,相比之下,不持克林顿、而持麦凯恩的民主党选民不足十分之一,这个差距相当大。”On the other hand, Brown says Hillary Clinton faces a different challenge. Clinton has the highest negative ratings of any of the major candidates and some Republicans believe she could become a uniting force for their party if she becomes the Democratic nominee. 另一方面,布朗指出,克林顿面临的是另外一种挑战。在主要总统参选人中,克林顿负面得分最高,因此有些共和党人认为,假如克林顿得到民主党提名,就有可能促成共和党内部的团结。"There are very few Americans who do not have a pretty firm opinion about Senator Clinton," he added. "People know what they think about her. She has been an icon in American politics since 1992. That is a long time." 他说:“没有几个美国人不知道如何评价克林顿参议员。人们知道自己对克林顿参议员的看法。从1992年开始,她就是美国政界的偶像人物了,时间很久了。”Given the strengths and weaknesses of the three contenders, it should come as no surprise that public opinion polls suggest a very close race in November between McCain and either Obama or Clinton. 在了解了三位总统参选人的优势与短处之后,民调显示在11月大选中麦凯恩和奥巴马或者克林顿的竞争将十分激烈,就不足为怪了。200804/34883

Bush Speech Declaring End to 'Major Combat' in Iraq Passes 5th Anniversary前美军将领称伊战不会迅速结束  This week marked the fifth anniversary of the speech President Bush gave on a U.S. aircraft carrier, in which he declared the end of major combat in Iraq. The anniversary came at the end of a difficult month for U.S. forces in Iraq, and caused some renewed debate about the course of the war. 这个星期是美国总统布什在一艘美国航空母舰上发表演讲五周年。他在那次演讲中宣布伊拉克的主要战斗结束。这次周年纪念正值驻伊美军刚刚结束一个艰难的月份,使人们再次就伊拉克战争的走向展开辩论。It was a happy moment for the president. A year and a half after the September 11 attacks he was able to visit a U.S. aircraft carrier on its way home from the Persian Gulf, and speak to the crew under a banner that "Mission Accomplished." 这曾经是总统欢欣鼓舞的时刻。在9/11恐怖袭击一年半之后,他登上一艘从波斯湾返回美国的美军航空母舰,并且在“使命完成”的横幅标语下向舰上人员发表讲话。BUSH: "Officers and sailors of the USS Abraham Lincoln, my fellow Americans, major combat operations in Iraq have ended. In the Battle of Iraq, the ed States and our allies have prevailed." 布什说:“林肯号的官兵们,美国同胞们,在伊拉克的主要战斗已经结束。美国及其盟友胜利了。”In the speech, the president warned of more work to do to restore order to Iraq and to defeat global terrorism, but he told the crew that day that America had "seen the turning of the tide." 布什在讲话中提醒说,还要做更多的工作,以便恢复伊拉克的秩序,击败全球恐怖主义,但是他在那天对舰上人员说,美国已经“看到局势在扭转”。As violence spiraled upward during the following years, the president took a lot of criticism for that speech, and for the "Mission Accomplished" banner, as his press secretary Dana Perino acknowledged this week. 由于在随后几年中暴力活动不断增加,布什因这篇讲话及“使命完成”的横幅标语而受到大量批评。布什的新闻秘书佩里诺这个星期承认了这一点。"President Bush is well aware that the banner should have been much more specific and said, 'Mission Accomplished for These Sailors on Who Are on This Ship on Their Mission.' And we have certainly paid a price for not being more specific on that banner," she noted. 她说:“布什总统很清楚,那个横幅应当更为具体,应该说明‘在这艘军舰上执行任务的人员已经完成使命’。我们的确因为那条横幅标语不够具体而付出了代价。”As the speech anniversary passed on May 1, casualty figures indicated 52 American troops died in Iraq in April, making it the deadliest month since the height of the U.S. surge of operations last September. The operations director for the senior U.S. military staff, Lieutenant General Carter Ham, notes that American commanders have warned that even with the success they claim for reduced violence in recent months, there will be setbacks. 当5月1号这次讲话发表五周年之际,驻伊美军今年4月的伤亡人数达到52人,使这个月成为去年9月驻伊美军增兵以来美军伤亡最多的一个月。美军高级军官行动指挥卡特.汉姆中将指出,美国指挥人员警告过,即使近几个月来他们成功地减少了暴力行动,但是仍会有反复。"While it is sad to see an increase in casualties, I don't think it is necessarily indicative of a major change in the operating environment," he said. 汉姆中将说:“虽然伤亡人数增加令人悲哀,但是我认为这不一定显示战局发生了重大变化。”General Ham said Iraq's government has proved in recent weeks its willingness and ability to take on insurgents, including Shi'ite militias. And he does not believe most Americans will see the April casualty figure as an indication the situation in Iraq is deteriorating again. 汉姆中将说,伊拉克政府近几星期已经明他们愿意而且能够对付包括什叶派民兵在内的暴乱力量。他认为,大多数美国人不会把4月份的伤亡人数视为伊拉克局势的再度恶化。Retired Lieutenant General Robert Gard, who has criticized the Iraq war effort, says that is not good enough.  一向批评伊拉克战争的退役中将罗伯特.加德说,这不足以令人信。"To say that violence is merely where it was in mid-2005, when it was unacceptable, that doesn't give you a political outcome," he noted. 他说:“声称暴力活动只相当于2005年中期的水平,而当时暴力活动的严重程度就是不能让人接受的,这样并不能在政治上解决这个问题。”But in a conference call with reporters marking the speech anniversary, General Gard acknowledged that ending the war quickly will be difficult, even if one of the Democratic Party presidential candidates is elected in November. 但是在与记者举行纪念布什讲话周年纪念的电话会议上,加德将军承认,即使今年11月是一位民主党人当选为总统,也难以迅速结束这场战争。"I would guess, of course, which is all I can do, that they would begin to reduce the number of troops in Iraq very shortly after taking office," he added. "Now, where they would go from there would depend to a considerable extent on whether we have done the necessary work ahead of time in a diplomatic offensive." 加德说:“当然我只能猜测,我猜他们就任后很快会开始削减驻伊美军人数。而接下来怎么做在相当程度上取决于我们是否在之前的外交攻势中完成了必要的工作。”On Thursday, U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates was asked about continuing opposition to the Iraq war among many Americans. 星期四,有人向美国国防部长盖茨询问许多美国人继续反对伊拉克战争的问题。"The question is at this point not whether or not we should be in Iraq," he said. "We are there. The question is, what's the end game?" 盖茨说:“当前的问题并非我们是否该在伊拉克,因为我们已经在那里了。问题是这场战争如何了结。”The secretary says U.S. policy must remain focused on ending the U.S. combat role in Iraq, while also leaving a representative government in Baghdad that is an ally in the war on terrorism. 盖茨说,美国的方针必须继续集中在结束美国在伊拉克的作战使命,同时在巴格达留下一个在反恐战争中成为美国盟友的代议制政府。"We are where we are, and we have to manage properly how we get from here to where Americans would like us to be, and that is basically out of Iraq in any sense of a major combat role," he added. "But I think despite our impatience as we enter the sixth year of the war, we still have to handle the end of the war and the end of our participation in major combat, in a sensible and thoughtful way." 盖茨说:“我们已经在这个地方,我们必须妥善处理,朝美国人希望的方向发展,基本上就是撤离伊拉克、不再参加任何主要战斗。但是我认为,尽管由于我们进入这场战争的第六个年头而感到不耐烦,我们还要以明智和考虑周全的方式处理结束战争工作,停止参与重大战斗的工作。”Referring to continuing 'major combat' hearkens back to President Bush's speech five years ago, reporting the end of "major combat." Officials acknowledge now that will likely not happen until sometime after the president leaves office next January, perhaps a considerable time after. 说到重大战斗的延续令人想起布什五年前宣布重大战斗结束的那篇讲话。美国官员如今承认,在布什明年1月离任时,这不大可能实现,也许要在布什离任后相当一段时间才有可能实现。200805/37340

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