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浙江嘉兴治疗咖啡斑价格嘉兴比较好的去疤痕医院是哪个栏目介绍:搞笑英语轻松学通过不同的搞笑生活片段来学习日常口语,领域涉及生活的各个方面,让我们既可以学习到地道的口语,还能够爆笑一番。快来看看吧。201509/396368嘉兴激光祛斑会反弹吗 The Guy with the Train in his Basement火车男Hi, Im Jason Shron, and I love VIA trains. In fact, I love VIA trains so much I built one in my house. So heres my basement, and heres my Doctor Who toys, and thats my full-size VIA train. It took me four and a half years and two thousand and five hundred dollars to build this VIA train in my basement, and here it is in twenty-six seconds.嗨!我是Jason Shorn,我爱 VIA火车。事实上,我太爱VIA火车,爱到自己在家里盖了一辆。这就是我的地下室,这些是我的《异世奇人》玩具,然后那是我的实体大小VIA火车。我花了四年半以及两千五百美金在我的地下室打造了这辆VIA火车,就在以下二十六秒中。The Guy with the train in his basement地下室里有辆火车的老兄I still have a letter from 1987. I was twelve years old, and VIA rail was telling me, ;Were sorry, Mr. Shron, but we cant sell you any seats from our trains.;我还有一封1987年的信。我当时十二岁,然后VIA铁路告诉我:“很抱歉,Shron先生,不过我们不能卖给你任何我们火车上的座椅。”The train is where I feel most at home. Its where I feel most at peace. Its this bubble of comfort, especially when its hurdling along at eighty-five miles per hour with the snow and the rain pelting on the outside. Its just the perfect perfect place.火车是我感到最自在的地方。它是让我最感到最平静的地方。它是个舒适的小天地,尤其是当它在以每小时八十五英里(约137公里)的速度冲刺时,雪和雨水猛击着车外。它简直就是最完美的地方。At this end of the car on the real train is the bathroom. I replaced the bathroom with my record collection and turntable and all that, and the plan was to be able to chill out and just listen to music, but to be honest, I kinda just like listening to the train sounds.在真正火车车箱的这个末端是洗手间。我用我的唱片珍藏和唱片转盘以及全部那些东西给取代了洗手间,计划原是要能放轻松、就听听音乐,但老实说,我好像就是喜欢倾听火车的声音。This is amazing. Ive got a photo mirror of the next car, where the next car is supposed to go, so you think youre on a train, with another car.这超神奇的。我有个下一节车厢的镜像,那是下一节车厢该在的地方,所以你觉得身在一辆火车上,有着另一节车厢。Its details like these that make this train so real for me. Ever since I was a kid I wanted to have a VIA train in my basement, but you can only find stuff like the garbage can if you actually have a real VIA train, and thats what happened. Some friends and I found out about VIA train car number 5647. It was going to be scraped. So we got ahold of it before it was scraped, and we took all these original parts out of it, like the garbage can, the coat hooks, the gena-motor light, the first aid box, the groovy 70s carpet, that basket for your time table, the conductors valve, the folding gate, the radiator covers, and of course, all the comfy chairs.就是像这些细节使这辆火车对我来说这么逼真。从孩提时代我就一直想要在地下室拥有一辆VIA火车,但仅在如果你实际上拥有一辆真正的VIA火车时,你才能找到像垃圾桶之类的东西,而那就是发生的事情。我和一些朋友发现了关于VIA火车车厢5647号的事。它要被送去拆解。所以我们在它被拆解前得到了它,然后我们把所有这些原厂零件从中取出,像是垃圾桶,大衣挂勾,动力发电指示灯,急救箱,时髦的70年代地毯,那个放时刻表的篮子,车长阀(紧急刹车用),折叠栅栏,散热器遮罩,还有当然,所有的舒适座椅。Thats it. The guy with the train in his basement. You too can have a train in your basement. You just need two things: you need to be completely insane, and you have to have an amazing wife.就是这样。地下室里有辆火车的老兄。你也能在地下室拥有一辆火车。你只需要两样东西:你得要是完全疯狂的,而且你得要有位超赞的老婆。See ya.再见喽。201505/372901嘉兴去皱

嘉兴哪个医院面部脱毛好Across the Atlantic,Another conflict between past and future.大西洋彼岸 是另一个过去与未来的冲突争斗America, a nation divided.美国正闹着分裂The industrial north Versus the agrarian south.北方工业 对战南方农业States grown rich from farming,美国通过农耕富裕But an economy based on the labor of 4 million slaves.但这是一个依赖四百万奴隶的经济体In America well now see a clash between North and South,在美国 我们看到了 北方和南方的冲突between an industrialized non-slave portion of the country一个工业化 非奴隶地区and a portion of the country that supports an agrarian slave economy.和持农业奴隶经济地区 之间的冲突And those two things stood in the way of the free-thinking which is what we were based on.而这两件事阻碍了人类的自由思考 而这正是我们的根基If you think of it as a marriage,the marriage had fallen apart,the differences had become irreconcilable.如果你把它看做是婚姻 婚姻早已土崩瓦解 双方已势不两立The south secedes.Americas new president, Abraham Lincoln,南方从联邦分离出去 美国的新任总统亚伯拉罕·林肯Will do anything to keep the nation united.将竭尽所能保持国家统一The power of industry will be the key To a new age of warfare.工业的力量将会是 新时代战争的关键Across the globe, mankind faces a struggle Between industrial might and an older world,在世界各地 人类都面临着 工业力量和旧世界之间的斗争Launching a new age of warfare.America is divided.一场新世纪的战争一触即发 美国分裂了201604/438502浙江嘉兴玻尿酸注射填充价格 Within 100 seconds,在一百秒之内it was as big as our solar system.就已经膨胀到太阳系的大小Trillions of miles across.越过了数万亿英里While this was happening,在这个过程中the pure energy of the cosmos began to cool and create matter,纯粹的宇宙能量开始冷却并创造出了物质in the form of countless trillions of subatomic particles.形成数万亿无以计数的次原子微粒The first stuff there ever was.它们是宇宙中最先出现的东西Half these particles were made of matter,这些微粒中有一半是由物质构成the same kind of stuff which makes us.那是与构成人体相同的物质The rest were made of the opposite of matter,其余则由物质的对立面构成stuff called antimatter.即反物质When the two meet they destroy each other当它们相遇时,会互相毁灭in a flash of energy.释放出能量之光It seems as if building the universe is a pretty wasteful process.宇宙的形成看似是一个破坏性的过程Fortunately there was just a bit more matter than antimatter.幸运的是,物质略多于反物质Just one in a billion particles of stuff survived.仅有约十亿分之一的微粒存活下来Which was lucky for us.这对我们来说是幸运的because that residue is what our present day universe is made of.因为残存的微粒构成了我们如今的宇宙You could say we are made of the smoke of the Big Bang.可以说我们是宇宙大爆炸烟尘的衍生物By the time the cosmos was 10 minutes old,在宇宙诞生十分钟之后it was aly thousands of light years in diameter.其直径就已经达到数千光年After that, everything sp out and cooled for about 330,000 years,在那之后,一切又扩散并冷却了近33万年when finally the fog cleared and the universe became visible.直到最终大雾散去,宇宙变得清晰可见So thats how everything got going,这便是一切的开始which I think its a pretty fantastic story是个非常美妙的故事and probably much stranger than anything our ancestors且或许比我们祖先们所提出的各种解释just came up with by way of an explanation.听起来更加离奇But the next thing that happened,但接下来发生的事情well, thats pretty spectacular too.壮观程度是有过之而无不及This is the universe seen in extreme fast forward.你所看到的是极速快进版的宇宙All 14 billion years在不到一分钟的时间内in less than a minute.将宇宙140亿年间的变化纵观眼底It shows how the universe changed from the crowd of gas它揭示了宇宙是如何从一团气体into a place filled with perhaps 100 billion galaxies,发展为充满千亿星系swirling in a vast chaotic dance.以杂乱的舞步旋转着的空间201508/395106海盐县妇幼保健院做红色胎记手术多少钱

嘉兴曙光中西医整形美容医院做祛疤手术好吗Only stable, rich and powerful states can commission great art and architecture, which unlike text or language, can be instantly understood by anyone-very valuable in multi-lingual empires.只有强盛稳定的国家能出现伟大的艺术与建筑,它们比语言文字直观得多,只要一眼便可以了解,这在多语言的大帝国中是极大的优势只有。But, whereas in Rome Christianity was soon imposed as the exclusive religion of the Empire, for the Gupta kings worship of the Hindu gods was always only one of the ways in which the divine could be apprehended and embraced. This is a world that seems to be at ease with complexity, happy to live with many truths, and indeed to proclaim them all as an official part of the state, and we can glimpse something of the richness of this Gupta religious landscape through two gold coins.在罗马,基督教迅速成为唯一的国教,但在印度,印度教对笈多王来说只是接近神祇的方式之一。看起来,这个世界能轻松地面对复杂状况,让不同的真理和谐共存,并宣布它们都得到国家承认。我们通过两枚金币可以看到笈多王宗一些丰富的教景观。Im in the study room of our Coins and Medals Department, and in front of me Ive got two coins of the Indian king Kumaragupta I, who ruled from AD 414 to 455.我正身处大英物馆的钱币与勋章馆,我手里的就是这里藏有的2枚印度国王鸠罗笈多一世的金币,他于公元414年至455年在位。And theyre two coins that show very different aspects of this kings religious life. Theyre each almost exactly the size of a one penny coin, but theyre made of solid gold and, like all small gold objects, they sit quite heavily in the hand.这两枚硬币表现了国王的宗教信仰中极为不同的几个方面。它们由黄金制成,大小与英国的一便士相当,拿在手里颇有分量。On the first coin, where youd normally expect to see the king, theres a horse-a magnificent standing stallion. Hes decorated with ribbons, and a great pennant flutters over his head, and around the coin, in Sanskrit, is the inscription that translates: ;King Kumaragupta, the supreme lord, who has conquered his enemies;.在第一枚硬币上,别国通常用来雕刻国王头像的位置,刻着一匹神骏的牡马,身上装饰着带,头顶上飘着一面三角旗幡。金币边缘有一句梵语,意为“鸠罗笈多一世,至尊王者,克敌制胜”。201504/370968 栏目简介:《外国人在北京》是英语视频听力下面的子栏目,节目关注在北京生活的外国人的时尚新生活。话题紧紧围绕网络生活,每日的话题内容按照网络热门固定划分为家居、汽车、数码、饰美容、健身、交友、美食等,了解外国人生活的同时通过网络互动提供一个中外人士互相帮助的平台。201511/407590嘉兴曙光医疗医院口腔美容中心嘉兴玻尿酸隆鼻价格是多少



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