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黑龙江哈市阳光妇科医院打胎可靠吗哈尔滨医院做药流多少钱Wheat Baba小麦粑粑Wheat Baba, a traditional snack made of wheat like pies in Qujing, Yunnan, enjoys great popularity among locals. According to the local customs, it is served as an indispensable cuisine during events like traditional festivals, birthdays for the elderly, weddings and funerals. Additionally, it plays a significant role in engagement and invitation to the wedding. As far as locals can remember, Wheat Baba must be included in bride-price paid by the bridegroom’s family as part of betrothal gifts. Furthermore it supersedes invitation card to the wedding, for receiving the Wheat Baba indicates that one is being officially invited as a distinguished guest.一些当地人回忆,小粑粑在曲靖的城乡有着牢固的根基,是当地普及程度最高的零食,它被用来招待客人,也是一种是较为通行的民间礼节。传统节日、祝寿、红白喜事等民间重大场合中,都少不了小粑粑。据说曲靖小粑粑还是当地人婚嫁聘礼的一部分,男方家到女方家下聘时,必须要准备“曲靖小粑粑”,按照当地传统习惯,“曲靖小粑粑”有类似请柬的作用,凡是收到“曲靖小粑粑”的人,都会被邀请参加婚宴。 /201506/378355香坊区中医医院网址 Why do some travelers squabble about overhead bin space? Or feud over an armrest? Why, when a passenger reclines his seat, does another respond with rage befitting the pages of “Lord of the Flies”?为什么有些旅客会为舱顶行李箱或扶手发生口角?为什么前排乘客把椅背向后调,后排乘客会用简直可以写进《蝇王》(Lord of the Flies)式的狂怒去回应?What makes rational travelers like you and me suddenly explode?为什么你我这样理智的旅客会突然之间勃然大怒?Some factors are environmental (packed planes, teeming gates); others are internal (stress, fatigue). Together, they can make a perfect storm. Last month at least three flights were diverted because passengers got into fights about reclining seats (and that’s to say nothing of the other unruly passenger incidents that regularly transpire). While the percentage of flights diverted each year is low — it’s been well under 0.40 percent since at least 2004, according to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics — even a handful of diversions due to passengers who can’t play nice is too many. We may be animals, but need we prove it on a flight to West Palm Beach?有环境方面的原因(拥挤的机舱和入口处的排队等候);也有旅客自身的原因(压力、疲惫)。这些因素结合在一起很容易让人发怒。上个月,至少有三个航班因为有乘客向后调节椅背导致打架而改变航线(更不必说其他难以约束的的乘客事件也经常发生)。虽然每年航班改道的比率很低——据美国运输统计局称,至少从2004年起,远低于0.40%)——但就算只有几起改道航班事件是由不友好的乘客引起的,也还是显得太多了。我们也许真的是动物,但我们需要在飞往西棕榈滩的航班上明这一点吗?One of the most obvious catalysts is, of course, a crowded cabin. Many seats are thinner and narrower than in the past, and planes like some 777s, which used to have only nine seats across in coach, now cram 10 across.当然,一个最明显的催化剂是拥挤的机舱。很多飞机的座位比过去更窄,比如,波音777的某些飞机过去一排有九个座位,现在却挤了十个。“When you crowd people together, there is a point at which they are no longer able to function appropriately,” said Leon James, a professor of psychology at the University of Hawaii who has studied road and air rage. Crowding breeds feelings of alienation, cynicism and anonymity. It leads, as Dr. James put it, to “a breakdown of ordinary social inhibitions” — such as controlling one’s explosive emotions.“如果你让人们挤在一起,到了一定程度,他们就不再能做出适当的行为,”夏威夷大学研究路上和机上愤怒的心理学教授利昂·詹姆斯(Leon James)说。拥挤会滋生异化、利己和匿名的感觉。就像詹姆斯士说的,它会导致“普通社交控制力的崩溃”——诸如控制情绪爆发等能力。Planes today are, in a word, antisocial, he said. Little wonder that people recline their seats without a friendly warning. “They just do it,” said Dr. James, adding that it’s a sign of “impersonal hostility among passengers,” an atmosphere “created by the airlines by the way they manage the passengers.” Most airlines don’t encourage social cabin environments (more on how to do that later). Rather, he said, their service changes have reinforced the hostile climate. By increasing fees for checked bags, passengers on a budget have had to compete for overhead bin space. By eliminating hot meals in coach, travelers have resorted to carrying on their own sometimes odoriferous food at the expense of their seatmates’ noses.他总结说,如今的飞机是反社交的。难怪人们调节座椅时不会友好地提醒后座的人。“他们就这么做了,”詹姆斯说。他补充说,这是“乘客间冷漠敌意”的一个表现,这种气氛是“航空公司对待乘客的方式造成的”。大部分航空公司不去营造彼此交流的机舱氛围(我后面再具体谈谈如何改善这一点)。他说,相反,航空公司务的改变强化了这种敌意气氛。由于托运行李费用增加,节省的乘客们不得不争夺舱顶行李箱。由于取消机上热餐,乘客们就自带食物,有时食物的味道不太好闻,邻座的鼻子就会遭罪。I find myself thinking of John B. Calhoun’s seminal overpopulation research, published in Scientific American in the 1960s, which found that as rats were increasingly crowded together they became ever more aggressive and exhibited “behavior disturbances” from “frenetic overactivity” to “pathological withdrawal.”我想起了20世纪60年代约翰·B·卡尔霍恩(John B. Calhoun)在《科学美国人》(Scientific American)上发表的一项关于人口过剩的重要研究。他发现,老鼠所在的空间越拥挤,它们就越好斗,表现出“疯狂的过度活跃”或“病态退缩”等“行为障碍”。In a congested plane, it’s not just other passengers from whom we feel estranged, though.不过,在拥挤的飞机上,我们不只是对其他乘客感到疏远。“You feel a distance from your sense of self,” said Emma Seppala, the associate director of the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education at Stanford University School of Medicine. “You lose self-awareness,” she continued, referring to one interpretation of a psychological theory known as deindividuation, “and it’s been shown to lessen rationality.”“你对自己的自我意识感到疏远,”斯坦福大学医学院同情与利他研究教育中心的副所长艾玛·斯帕拉(Emma Seppala)说。她继续说道,“你失去自我意识”——这是对“去个体化”(deindividuation)心理学理论的一种解释——“有据表明,这会降低理性”。The cabin is perhaps the most glaring environmental factor contributing to air rage, but there’s also the theater of getting to the airport and checking in: stop-and-go traffic, the obstacle course of suitcases on the curb, noise bouncing off the terminal walls, snail-like security lines, endless pings from your smartphone as work emails continue to land even as you remove your shoes and shove them into an X-ray machine.机舱可能是最明显的导致机上愤怒的环境因素,但是去机场、办理登机手续也让人烦躁:交通状况不好,路边的行李箱带来障碍,航站楼中回荡的噪音,安检队伍像蜗牛爬行一样缓慢,智能手机的提示音不停作响——因为工作邮件还是会不断到来,就算你脱掉鞋子,把它们塞进安检机后,手机还是响个不停。“Evolutionarily we’re currently experiencing more stimulation than we ever have before,” Dr. Seppala said. Many people feel overtaxed and depleted, especially when traveling, and “that really impacts our self-control and willpower,” she said.“从进化角度看,我们现在感受到的刺激超过之前任何时候,”斯帕拉士说。很多人感到负担过重,筋疲力尽,特别在旅行时,她说,“那真的会影响我们的自控力和意志力。”Self-control, however, is not a neat, unitary concept. It’s not as if some people have it and some people don’t.不过,自控不是个简单、单一的概念。不是说有些人有,有些人没有。“There are multiple ways to fail at self-control, and each of these are supported by different brain circuits,” said Joshua W. Buckholtz, an assistant professor in the department of psychology and center for brain science at Harvard. “As it turns out self-control is this heterogeneous construct, and we’re only now beginning to parse it and understand what these distinct faculties are.”“很多因素会让我们失控,每个因素由大脑的不同回路控制,”哈佛大学心理系和脑科学中心副教授约书亚·W·巴克霍茨(Joshua W. Buckholtz)说,“结果发现,自控是个包含很多因素的复杂机制,我们现在刚开始分析它,想弄清它由哪些不同的机能组成。”What we do know is that certain things can affect our capacity for self-control, particularly stress and sleep deprivation — which tend to be as much a part of travel as luggage.我们确切知道的是,某些因素会影响我们的自控力,特别是压力和睡眠不足——它们和行李一样,是旅行的一部分。A study by neuroscientists at New York University, published last year in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, found that “even mild stress can make it difficult to control your emotions.” Other studies have shown that stress can make you more self-focused, said Dr. Seppala, resulting in tunnel vision for whatever it is you want, and woe be to anyone who gets in the way.纽约大学的神经系统科学家们去年在美国国家科学院学报上发表了一项研究。他们发现“甚至连轻微的压力都会让人很难控制情绪”。斯帕拉士说,其他一些研究表明,压力会让你更专注自我,视野狭隘,只关注自己想要的东西,厌烦任何妨碍你的人。Being jet-lagged, or simply not having had a good night’s rest, also makes you vulnerable.时差或睡眠不足也会让你变得脆弱。“Sleep deprivation can play a really important role in making people act much more emotional,” said Iris Mauss, an associate professor in the department of psychology at the University of California, Berkeley. A study by her colleague Matthew Walker, director of the university’s Sleep and Neuroimaging Laboratory, found that “without sleep, the brain had reverted back to more primitive patterns of activity,” he said in a news release, “in that it was unable to put emotional experiences into context and produce controlled, appropriate responses.”“睡眠不足真的会让人变得更情绪化,”加州大学伯克利分校心理系副教授艾丽斯·莫斯(Iris Mauss)说。她的同事、该校睡眠与神经影像研究室主管马修·沃克(Matthew Walker)做过一项研究,他在新闻发布会上说,“大脑在缺乏睡眠的情况下回到更原始的运行模式,无法把情绪体验放在具体环境中思考,无法做出克制的适当反应。”Stress and sleep deprivation also hurt our ability to interpret other people’s intentions and mental states. For instance, you might jump to the conclusion that the person who reclined his seat onto your lap is a jerk, when in fact maybe he’s a tired soldier returning from duty, or someone with a disability. “The very rich representations of other people’s minds become degraded and impoverished when we are stressed and sleep deprived,” said Dr. Buckholtz of Harvard. “Your predictions about other people are wrong.”压力和睡眠不足还会影响我们对他人意图和精神状态的理解。例如,前排的人把椅背向后调,压到你的手提电脑,你可能会马上认定他是个蠢货,而实际上他可能是个疲惫的退伍士兵或者残疾人士。“在有压力、缺乏睡眠的情况下,你会简单粗暴地理解他人头脑的丰富表现,”哈佛大学的巴克霍茨士说,“那时你对他人的理解是错误的。”Even those who pick fights at 35,000 feet?甚至包括那些在3.5万英尺的高空寻衅滋事的人?“They may be really nice people, but in that situation they got really deindividuated,” said Dr. Seppala of Stanford, referring to a loss of self-awareness. When we see another person act badly, we conclude, often incorrectly, that he or she is a bad person. Psychologists call this “fundamental attribution error.” After all, when we ourselves act badly, we simply say, “I had a bad day,” or “I wasn’t myself.” We don’t define ourselves as bad.“他们可能是很好的人,但是在那种情况下,他们真的失去了自我,”斯坦福大学的斯帕拉士说。她指的是自我意识的丧失。当我们看到有人行为恶劣时,经常会错误地认定他/她是个坏人。心理学家们称之为“基本归因错误”。毕竟,我们自己表现恶劣时会说,“我今天心情不好”或者“我平常不是这样的”。我们不认为自己是坏人。In a heated exchange, it can help to view the other person as someone who is fundamentally good, yet going through something stressful. Some people are obviously better at doing that — and at regulating their emotions — than others. They’re resilient, able to distance themselves from a stressful situation while others in the same situation fall apart. Are these stoics just born that way? Scholars like Dr. Mauss of the University of California, Berkeley, are still trying to find out. But she said being good at regulating emotion seems to be something that’s learned either early in life from, say, your parents, or later in life through conscious reflection on yourself as well as analysis of situations in which you learn to think, “this will pass,” or “it’s not relevant in the grand scheme of things.”在激烈争吵时,想想对方本质上是个好人,只是现在有些压力,会对情况有所帮助。有些人明显更擅长于此,能控制住自己的情绪。他们更有弹性,能让自己从紧张情况中脱离出来,而其他人在同样的情况下可能已经崩溃了。这些镇定的人是天生如此吗?加州大学伯克利分校的莫斯士等学者仍在努力弄清这个问题。不过她说,善于控制情绪似乎是早年从父母那里学来的,或者是后来在生活中通过有意识的自我反省或者通过分析情况养成的——在这个过程中你学会这样想:“这会过去的”或者“从更广阔的角度看,这无关紧要”。When our emotions are high and we’re physiologically aroused, however, it’s difficult to reason with ourselves. Thankfully, there are other ways to control the mind. Take breathing, for instance. Dr. Seppala cited a study that showed that different emotions such as joy, anger, fear and sadness, each have distinct patterns of breathing (like faster and shallow when afraid, she said). What’s revolutionary, she added, is that the study also showed that by breathing in different ways, people were actually able to generate different emotions.不过,当我们在情绪上和生理上很激动时,我们很难理智思考。幸好还有其他方法来控制大脑。比如,深呼吸。斯帕拉士说,一项研究表明,处于高兴、生气、恐惧和悲伤等不同的情绪之下,会有不同的呼吸方式(她说,比如恐惧时呼吸会更快、更浅)。她补充说,具有革命意义的是,这项研究还发现,用不同的方式呼吸真的能产生不同的情绪。“It’s the only autonomic process that can be controlled,” said Dr. Seppala, who is also the lead author of a study published last month in The Journal of Traumatic Stress that found that a breathing-based meditation was able to decrease post-traumatic stress in American military veterans. “We can learn to have an impact on our nervous system,” she said.“它是唯一可控的自发过程,”斯帕拉士说。她也是上月发表在《创伤压力杂志》(The Journal of Traumatic Stress)上的一项研究的主要作者。那项研究发现,以呼吸为基础的冥想能减轻美国退伍军人的创伤后压力。“我们能学会对自己的神经系统施加影响,”她说。The breathing-based meditation that was used by the researchers is known as Sudarshan Kriya Yoga, and it has also been shown to increase self-reported “optimism and well-being” in college students, and to decrease self-reported anxiety in people with general anxiety disorder. Don’t have time for meditation or yoga? Experts say to make time, because the better you are, the better your fellow travelers will be.研究者们所使用的呼吸冥想被称为净化呼吸法,大学生练习后自称变得“更乐观、健康”,有焦虑障碍的人练习后自称焦虑减轻。没时间冥想或做瑜伽?专家们说,那就腾出时间来,因为你变得更好,跟你同行的旅客们也会变得更好。“Taking care of yourself,” Dr. Seppala said, “is the most unselfish thing you can do.”斯帕拉士说,“照顾好自己是你能做的最无私的事情。”There’s plenty the airlines could be doing, too (aside from configuring planes with seats that actually fit their ticket holders). For example: Improve the cabin atmosphere.航空公司也有很多方面需要提高(除了把机舱座位设计得可以真正容纳购票者之外)。比如,改善机舱气氛。“They have to think of the crowd as a potential community,” said Dr. James of the University of Hawaii, and enact certain community-building principles. One simple tactic is what he refers to as live demography: a flight attendant standing in front of the cabin asking questions like “How many of you are going home?” or “Raise your hand if you’ve never been on an airplane before.” It may sound like a kindergarten exercise, but it encourages passengers to relax, be friendly and communicate with one another. “It breaks the anonymity and the hostility,” Dr. James said.夏威夷大学的詹姆斯士说,“他们必须把机上乘客当成一个潜在团体”,并且采取某些团体建设的方法。一个简单的方法是他所谓的现场人口统计:一位空乘人员站在机舱前问一些问题,比如“你们中间有多少人是返乡?”或者“以前从未坐过飞机的请举手”。这可能听起来像幼儿园活动,但它能帮助乘客放松,让他们更友好,愿意相互交流。“它能打破隔膜和敌意,”詹姆斯士说。Airline personnel also need to be trained, or better trained, to be more compassionate in how they handle people, he said, be it demonstrating sympathy when problems arise or simply being specific when asked about delays, saying “20 minutes” instead of just “a few more minutes,” which creates uncertainty and increases frustration.他说,航空公司的人员还需要接受更多培训,以便在对待乘客时更有同情心,不管是在问题出现时表现出同情心,还是在乘客询问延误时间时具体地说“20分钟”,而不是“几分钟”,后面这种说法给人一种不确定的感觉,让人更沮丧。“The airlines have to learn how to help people cope,” he said. “If they don’t, it’s going to get a lot worse.”“航空公司必须学会如何帮助乘客应对糟糕情况,”他说,“否则,情况会变得糟糕很多。” /201412/349716哈尔滨市人民医院网上咨询

哈一大一院预约四维彩超香坊区无痛人流手术多少钱 Once there was a woman on Mosco Street in Chinatown who made nothing but egg cakes, spheres of dough like a waffle’s dimples turned inside out. Each had a near-crisp shell and chewy guts, with a puff of steam cradled between. There were other vendors, other cakes, but hers were the ones everyone lined up for and, when she retired, mourned.以前,唐人街的莫斯科街(Mosco Street)上有个女人,她只做鸡蛋糕。与华夫饼的凹痕正好相反,她的鸡蛋糕是一个个圆圆的突起——外壳微脆,里面黏软,中间裹着一股热气。街上的其他摊铺也卖蛋糕,但只有她的摊铺前排着长队。她退休后,大家甚是怀念。At East Wind Snack Shop, which opened in February in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn, the egg cakes — called Hong Kong hot cakes on the — arrive not as separate balls but conjoined, like a mutant pancake or Bubble Wrap reimagined as dough. They are just seconds old, peeled out of a cast-iron mold and carried a few feet from the narrow open kitchen. Eat them quickly, while there’s still a pulse of heat, and you’ll know what the egg-cake lady’s faithful knew.今年2月,东风餐厅(East Wind Snack Shop)在布鲁克林的温莎台(Windsor Terrace)开业。这里菜单上的鸡蛋糕叫香港热香饼(Hong Kong hot cakes),它不是一个个单独的,而是连在一起,像变了形的薄煎饼,形状类似起泡包装膜。它一做好,就从铸铁模具上被取下来,从狭窄的开放式厨房端到几英尺外的餐桌上。趁着冒热气赶快吃,你就能体会到鸡蛋糕女士忠实信徒们曾经有过的美妙感觉。Chris Cheung, 46, the chef, grew up half in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, and half in Chinatown in Manhattan (back then, the only one in New York City), where his grandparents lived and his mother worked as a seamstress. East Wind Snack Shop is a homage to the neighborhood’s bygone working-class coffee houses, run by immigrants who, like Mr. Cheung’s grandparents, came from Taishan, in Guangdong Province. These were often cramped, dingy storefronts with plastic fans stuttering above, strategically hung fly paper and a lot of (happy) yelling between tables. They offered unlimited tea and limited food, the likes of har gow, colossal char siu bao and glossy braided sesame buns.46岁的大厨克里斯·陈(Chris Cheung)在布鲁克林的本森赫斯特和曼哈顿的唐人街长大(当时纽约市只有一个唐人街),他的祖父母曾住在那里,母亲曾在那里做裁缝。这个街区从前有不少移民开的工薪阶层餐馆,陈的祖父母来自广东省台山市,他们也是这样的老板。那些餐馆大多狭窄肮脏,塑料电扇在头顶突突作响,灭蝇纸巧妙地挂起来,食客们经常大声(高兴地)寒暄。餐馆里无限量供应茶水,食物种类却很有限,就是大叉烧包和光亮的花式芝麻馒头之类的食物。东风餐厅正是向这样的餐馆致敬。This may be Mr. Cheung’s culinary heritage, but his training was at the higher end: He started out at Nobu and Jean-Georges, then took detours through Ruby Foo’s and, most recently, the short-lived Cherrywood Kitchen. At East Wind, “I’m not trying to elevate the food,” he insisted. Yet here are pot stickers packed with dry-aged beef from DeBragga, the meat emphatically rich. He grinds Niman Ranch pork in-house for dumplings and makes the skins from scratch, thin enough not to impose but still sturdy.这可能是陈的烹饪传统,不过他接受过更高端的培训:他从“信”餐厅(Nobu)和让-乔治餐厅(Jean-Georges)起步,而后在红宝石傅餐厅(Ruby Foo’s)工作,开餐馆前是在短命的樱桃木厨房(Cherrywood Kitchen)工作。他坚称,在东风餐厅,“我不想改进食物”。不过,这里的锅贴塞的是DeBragga肉店昂贵的风干牛肉。他做饺子用的猪肉来自尼曼农场(Niman Ranch),他自己绞肉,自己做出薄而结实的饺子皮。From his s at previous restaurants, Mr. Cheung has reprised sweet-sour ribs, well shellacked and juicy, cut into short batons than can be held with one hand. He devised the foie gras bao years ago as a riposte to the DB Bistro burger, stuffing it with gold leaf and truffles. “I’ve calmed it down,” he said. Now there’s just a dab of p#226;té, sealed inside a house-made steamed bun of impeccable pallor, fluffy and springy, suggesting sweetness without surrendering to it.陈借鉴老东家的菜单,在东风餐厅也推出糖醋排骨,它烂熟多汁,切成小段,可用一只手拿着吃。多年前,为了与DB Bistro餐馆的汉堡抗衡,他设计了鹅肝酱包,里面塞满金叶和块菌。“我已经把它变得更温和了,”他说。现在他只往里面塞少量肉酱,包子皮白得无可挑剔,松软有弹性,微甜而不腻。The same b in less voluptuous form is used for what Mr. Cheung calls a “gwaco,” a version of gua bao with caramelized pork belly not tucked in but laid atop an unsliced bun, as if it were a tortilla. It’s dainty in comparison to its hulking counterparts at the Momofuku restaurants and Baohaus, almost a canapé, but also slightly cheaper and less sweet, with pickles that lean both East and West and trails of crispy garlic, fried shallots, dried mushrooms and sesame seeds.另一种包子同样松软而不太奢侈,陈称之为“gwaco”,它是一种刈包,焦糖色五花肉不是包在里面,而是放在未切开的包子顶上,类似玉米粉圆饼的做法。与Momofuku旗下的餐馆和“包好吃”包子铺(Baohaus)粗笨的包子相比,它显得更精致,有点像法式吐司(canapé),不过价格较为便宜,味道也不那么甜,里面加入融合东西方风味的咸菜以及少量爽脆的大蒜、煎圆葱、干菇和芝麻籽。At certain old-school Chinatown restaurants, vegetarian dishes often seem begrudging. Here, Mr. Cheung adds fermented tofu, with its whiff of deep sea, to stir-fried water spinach, long beans and bok choy and to cabbage, to little avail. Better are the tight cigarillo spring rolls, dusted with salt intensified by five-spice and crushed dried mushrooms, among other fine intrusions. I can’t give away more because Mr. Cheung has a running contest in which a diner who names seven of the salt’s ingredients (aside from salt and pepper) gets free dumplings.在某些老式唐人街餐馆里,素菜通常不太令人满意。陈在炒空心菜、豇豆、白菜和卷心菜时会加入带有一丝深海气息的豆腐乳,不过收效甚微。更好吃的是紧实的小春卷,上面撒着椒盐,椒盐里加有五香粉和碎干菇等细小配料。我不能透露太多,因为陈正在举办一场竞赛,能说出这种椒盐其中7种配料(盐和胡椒除外)的食客能免费得到一份饺子。True to the shop’s name, the shelves are stocked with snacks beloved in East Asia: Yan Yan biscuit sticks, almond-crusted Pocky. Perhaps someday there will be dried cuttlefish, too. For now, the most bracing flavor comes in lemonade steeped with salted plum, sweet, sour and briny, indulgent and chastening at once.诚如店名,货架上堆满东亚人喜爱的零食,比如Yan Yan饼干棒和杏仁涂层百奇棒(Pocky)。也许将来还会有干墨鱼。目前,最受欢迎的是话梅柠檬水,它又甜又酸又咸,既放纵又收敛。 /201505/372905黑龙江第九人民医院门诊

黑龙江省阳光官网专家在线咨询 Do you Yahoo!? Would you if you had to Jerry#39;s Guide to the World Wide Web?你喜欢“雅虎”这个名字吗?如果叫“杰瑞的网络指南”还会喜欢吗?While a bad name isn#39;t enough to sink a brand on its own, several of the biggest shed some puzzling titles before becoming worldwide hits.虽然一个不太好的品牌名称不足以让一个品牌没落,但有一些顶级品牌在成为全球热门品牌前曾放弃过一些令人费解的名字。According to CN, electronics chain Best Buy was still called Sound of Music back in 1981 when the brand#39;s Roseville, Minnesota, store was reduced to rubble by a tornado.根据美国全国广播公司财经频道介绍,电子商品连锁店百思买(Best Buy)在1981年还叫“音乐之声”(Sound of Music)。当时,其品牌旗下位于明尼苏达州的罗斯维尔零售店被龙卷风夷为平地。Afterwards, the store held a #39;Tornado Sale#39; in the parking lot advertising #39;best buys#39; on damaged electronics. Two years later, all the stores were rebranded as Best Buy.后来,该门店在自家停车场举行“龙卷风后甩卖”,为受损的电子产品打出“最划算商品”的广告。两年后,所有的门店都更名为百思买。Google, the most popular search engine provider, earned that name two years after it was founded in 1986, under infinitely less catchy name BackRub.最受欢迎的搜索引擎提供商——谷歌,在1986年刚刚创建时使用的是一个极不显眼的名字“BackRub”(译者注:谷歌创始人佩奇把他在斯坦福的一个项目称为BackRub),两年后才更名为“谷歌”。Hertz Rent-A-Car was originally Hertz Drive-Ur-Self System, but changed to The Hertz Corporation in 1954 after a major restructuring.赫兹租车公司原名为“赫兹自我驾驶系统公司”,1954年进行了一次重大重组后,更名为赫兹租车公司。Many of the top brands simply went from wordy and boring to short and sweet with their name changes.许多顶级品牌通过改名字就实现了由冗长而乏味向简洁友好形象的转变。Computing Tabulating Recording Corporation became IBM (International Business Machines), while Jerry#39;s Guide to the World Wide Web became Yahoo, an acronym for Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle.“计算列表纪录公司”更名为IBM——国际商业机器公司,“杰瑞的网络指南”更名为“雅虎”(Yahoo),这是“另一种非官方层次化数据库”的首字母缩写。Quantum Computer Services turned into America Online back in 1991, then in 2006 shortened its name to AOL.1991年,量子电脑务更名为“美国在线”,2006年又将名字缩短为“AOL”。Starbucks Coffee, Tea and Spice, once called Il Giornale Coffee Company, was shortened to simply Starbucks, and Marafuku Company turned into Nintendo Playing Card Company before becoming Nintendo.“星巴克咖啡,茶叶和香料”原来叫“每日咖啡公司”,后缩减成简单的“星巴克”;任天堂在使用现用名之前,最初曾命名为马拉夫库公司,后又曾更名为任天堂扑克牌公司。One of the most profitable companies in history, Apple Inc, made only a subtle change from Apple Computers in 2007 as the company moved into other areas of consumer electronics.历史上最赚钱的公司之一——苹果公司,在其进军其他消费电子产品领域时只是对名字作了细微更改——将“苹果电脑公司”更名为“苹果公司”。Once known as Research in Motion, the makers of the BlackBerry simply adopted the name of their flagship product in 2013 as they tried to catch up to competition in the midst of declining sales.曾经被称为移动研究公司是黑莓手机的制造商,该公司在2013年改名为黑莓,这是该公司最有名的一款旗舰产品的名字,此番改名主要是他们想要在销量下降的情况下与竞争对手抗衡。Other companies, named after their original founders, eventually outgrew their more provincial-sounding names.还有一些以创始人名字命名的公司,最终的发展与他们最初带有乡音的名字已经不可同日而语。Pete#39;s Super Submarines became SUBWAY, Wards Company became Circuit City, Brad#39;s Drink turned into Pepsi-Cola and Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo became Sony.“皮特的超级潜艇”现在成了“赛百味”,“华德公司”更名为“电路城”,“布拉德饮料公司”更名为“百事可乐”,东京通信工业公司也变成了“索尼”。Blue Ribbon Sports, which distributed Japanese sneakers Onitsuka Tiger in the US, eventually became Nike, named after the winged Greek goddess of victory.最初在美国代理日本鬼冢虎运动鞋的蓝带体育用品公司最终成为了如今的耐克公司,耐克是古希腊神话中展翅的胜利女神的名字。 /201506/378790哈尔滨医大二院人工流产手术 费用哈市医大一院怎么样



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