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哈尔滨妇儿妇科医院医生有哪些哈尔滨医科大学附属第二医院官网通河县妇女医院口碑怎么样 Video games are a huge industry kids and young adults spend more time playing them than watching movies or TV.是十分巨大的产业,儿童和年轻人在这上面花费了远比看电影和电视更多的时间。And some of the most popular games are ultra realistic war and fighting games featuring massive amounts of hi-res violence.许多当前最流行的游戏则是高分辨率暴力为特征的超现实战争和格斗游戏。So if youre a parent, or a pundit, or maybe even a dedicated gamer, youve gotta wonder: does spending countless hours doing virtual violence to pixelated monsters and warriors have any effect on our sensitive and malleable brains?如果你是一位家长,或者一位专家,抑或是一位游戏发烧友,你不禁会感到疑惑,花大量时间在这些由像素构成的怪兽和战士实施虚拟的暴力行为是否会影响我们敏感而且可塑性很强的大脑?To find out, researchers at the Indiana University School of Medicine studied the effects of violent games on twenty-eight non gaming guys.为了找出,印第安纳大学医学院的研究者们研究了暴力电玩对于28个从未接触过该类游戏的人产生的影响。Half of them played a violent game for a weekand then took a week off.他们让一半的研究对象持续打一周然游戏后休息一周。The other half didnt play any games, acting as the control group.而另一半的人作为对照组,不打任何电玩。After one week the subjects underwent MRI analysis and then again after two weeks.一周后,对研究对象进行核磁共振分析,两周后,再进行一次核磁共振分析。During the MRI sessions both groups did tasks meant to test their cognitive abilities.在进行核磁共振期间,两个小组都接受了旨在测试他们认知能力的测验。Now, twenty-eight subjects is a pretty small sample size, but the results were interesting.尽管28名测试对象这样的样本数是非常小的,但结果却是十分有趣。After onlyone week of gaming, the guys that played the violent game showed decreased activity in parts ofthe brain associated with cognitive function and emotional control.在仅仅玩了一个星期的电玩后,这些玩暴力游戏的人就呈现出大脑控制认知能力和控制情绪部分的活动减少的情况。After a cool down week of nogaming, the subjects brain functioning was closer to normal.而那些一周没有玩游戏的人,他们的大脑功则会恢复到和正常水平相近的状况。So does this prove that violent games warp young mens minds?那么这项实验是否能够明暴力电玩会扭曲年轻人的思想呢?Not exactly. That wouldtake a much larger study.也不尽然。想要明这个观点还需要更大规模的实验。But the study at the very least suggests that doing pretend violence may have a real effect on how we think and act.但这项实验至少表明,虚拟暴力确实会对我们的思想和行为方式造成一定的影响。 201404/283744哈尔滨意外怀孕第二个月专科医院

哈尔滨市红十字中心医院在线咨询Business商业报道Bihars pro-business reforms比哈尔的利商改革Paper tiger雷声大,雨点小There is more talk about reform than action in Indias poorest state印度的贫困之邦,改革都是浮云Its difficult to stir up business刺激商业谈何容易IT IS surely no coincidence that Bihar, besides being Indias poorest state, has also been its least inviting for entrepreneurs.比哈尔既挂着印度贫困邦的名头,那它的招商引资做得最差,自然是情理之中的事。That is supposed to be changing. Nitish Kumar, Bihars chief minister, has spent his five years in office fixing the roads and other infrastructure.这种现象本应得到改善,比哈尔邦首席部长Nitish Kumar于其任上的5年中,都在大兴土木,改善基础设施。Crime has fallen, so the bright and wealthy are no longer frightened off by the threat of kidnapping, extortion and murder.犯罪率降低了,显贵们不会再被绑架、勒索和谋杀的威胁吓跑。Stability has allowed local trade to flourish.稳定带来地区经济繁荣。A state official reels off an impressive-sounding list of 398 approved investment proposals—from sugar mills to power plants—worth .8 billion.当地官员甩出398份华丽丽的投资意向书,总值48亿美元,内容从糖厂覆盖到能源。That all sounds rosy, until you look for success on the ground.看上去很美,实际都是浮云。Indias tycoons have visited, and left.连一个大型工业投资的案例都拿不出来,There is not one example of a big industrial investment to show for it.无怪乎印度的商业大亨们在此地来去匆匆不留银了。Perhaps local officials are failing to spot the brightest entrepreneurs—those deft enough to avoid the bureaucrats.也许当局没有淘金的眼光,他们需要的是对避免官僚主义驾轻就熟的企业。Take the case of Husk Power Systems, formed in 2007 by three young Biharis and an American friend.拿“米糠发电系统”为例,2007年,3个年轻的哈比尔人和一位美国朋友将该计划成形。It runs 50 micro power plants in rural areas fired by burning otherwise useless rice husks.仅仅靠燃烧无用的米糠,他们在农村地区经营起50家小型发电厂。Now employing more than 250 people, the firm sells cheap electricity to 200,000 rural folk, who previously relied on kerosene lamps or candles.现在,这家拥有250多名员工的公司,为20多万农村人口提供低价电,此前人们离不开的煤油灯和蜡烛,都退出了历史舞台。Each power plant turns a profit in a few months, and Husk plans to build hundreds more in the next two years.几个月后,每个发电厂都开始盈利,稻壳公司计划在未来两年增建100多个发电厂。But that is no thanks to Bihars pen-pushers.然而,比哈尔的官员们对这些成绩毫无帮助。Scientific advisers in Delhi were “very helpful” with permits and business contacts.德里的科学顾问们在办许可和业务往来上称得上是“砖家”,But the entrepreneurs try to avoid contact with the Bihar government as much as possible.但要和比哈尔政府打交道,企业家们都是唯恐避之不及。An early brush-off from one of Mr Kumars deputies set the standard for their treatment.一个前车之鉴就是,他们曾被Kumar先生的众多副手之一不友好地拒绝过。Ratnesh Yadav, one of Husks founders, describes constant struggles with local corruption.与地方腐败的斗争已是家常便饭,稻壳公司的创始人之一Ratnesh Yadav,有着如下讲述。A village policeman grabbed a bundle of cables for one of the first plants, demanding a bribe: the company refused, opting to bore him into submission instead.一名“村警”从最早期的发电厂强占了一大捆电缆,以此向公司索贿,公司不但没有接受,反而迫使他屈。When Husk started building a centre to train its workers near the state capital, Patna, a neighbourhood tough-guy demanded 100,000 rupees in protection money.当公司在邦首府巴特那附近建设员工训练中心时,附近的无赖寻上门来,索要10万卢比的保护费。This was refused, so the builders were threatened, then beaten, and a mob flattened the construction site.这一要求遭到拒绝,于是施工人员先是被威胁,接着被殴打,一群暴民还扫荡了施工场地。A Bihari property developer, while accepting that official corruption is a fact of life, laments how crooked officials in his state prefer “taxing” inputs—the first investments made—to demanding a share in the output of an enterprise, a practice he says is more common in Bengal.比哈尔的一个房地产开发商,一边接受官员腐败的现实,一边感慨着当地政府如此狡诈,官员们倾向于投入“课税”,从而要求在其企业的产出中盘剥。Bengal-style graft at least means officials have a long-term interest in seeing the business thrive.开发商说,在孟加拉,这种现象更为普遍。“孟式”贪污至少表明政府长期乐见于商业的繁荣。The state government talks some fine talk about having made things easier for businesses, such as creating a “one-stop window” for them to submit all their paperwork.邦政府曾有精言论,说要降低商业事务办理难度,例如开设“一站式窗口”,以便商人们投放文件资料。But half a dozen businessmen, asked about the window, hoot with laughter.然而,有6位商人在窗口咨询时,遭遇了呵斥和嘲笑。It is nothing more than a postbox, says one; the papers are simply shuffled on to the same old unresponsive departments.一名商人说,这窗口充其量也就是个邮筒,那些文件被简单的混在得过且过的部门里。An investor with political clout can get things done in perhaps four visits.政商也许4次登门拜访就能把事情搞定,Otherwise, its a long wait.其他投资者,就只有“等到花儿也谢了”。 /201304/234907哈尔滨女性附件炎会影响生育吗 Business商业报道Facebook and WhatsAppFacebook与WhatsAppGetting the messages即时通讯,拿下!Why Mark Zuckerbergs social network is paying such a whopping sum for a messaging startup马克?扎克伯格的网络帝国为何花这么大笔钱收购一家初创的即时通讯公司?THE rivalries among the tech industrys giants have often resembled a Game of Thrones, in which companies such as Facebook, Google, Amazon and Apple constantly try to invade one anothers online kingdoms.科技巨头们的对抗往往跟权力的游戏里所呈现的相差无几,就像Facebook、谷歌、亚马逊和苹果一样,他们彼此之间都不停地尝试着入侵对方的网络王国。On February 19th Facebook took a dramatic step to defend its turf, saying it would pay 19 billion for WhatsApp, a messaging service that had also attracted the attention of Google and almost certainly other suitors.为了捍卫自己的领地,有家企业则于2月19日迈出了惊人的一步:Facebook宣布将以190亿美元的价格收购WhatsApp。而这是一家同时吸引了谷歌以及几乎可以肯定其他一众追求者的即时通讯应用公司。Even veterans of Silicon Valley goggled at the staggering sum of money changing hands, which comprises a mixture of cash and shares in Facebook.这笔交易涵盖了现金和Facebook的股权,而其数额之大就算是在硅谷打滚了多年的行家也为之侧目。WhatsApps price tag is the most ever paid for a venture-capital-backed company and gives a startup founded in a valuation that is greater than that of household names such as Southwest Airlines and Sony.这是有史以来针对风投持的创业公司规模最大的一笔收购交易,同时,这次交易也让年创立的WhatsApp估价比诸如西南航空、索尼之类家喻户晓的企业更高。The deal marks the coming-of-age of messaging apps, which let people send text messages and share photos and other stuff without incurring charges from telecoms firms.这笔交易标志着即时通讯软件的成熟。通过WhatsApp,人们不需要向电话运营商付费,就能够发送信息、分享照片以及一些其他东西。WhatsApp is free to use for 12 months and then costs a mere 99 cents a year.人们可以免费使用这款软件长达12个月,接着每年仅需99美分便可继续使用。Plenty of other such apps have sprung up, including Viber, which Rakuten, a Japanese internet giant, recently bought for 900m, and the immensely popular WeChat, which belongs to Tencent, an innovative Chinese company.许多相类似的应用已经在市场中涌现,例如最近被日本网络巨头Rakuten以9亿美元收购的应用Viber,以及受到极大欢迎的微信,而这是一个由中国创新企业腾讯公司所开发的应用。All of them have benefited from two profound trends that are transforming the technology landscape.以上的所有应用均得益于两大影响深远的,正改变着科技格局的趋势。The first of these is the rapid growth of web-connected smartphones, which has allowed WhatsApp and its rivals to sp like wildfire.首先便是能够连接互联网的智能手机迅速普及。这一趋势让WhatsApp以及其对手们能够像野火一般飞快地蔓延开来,获得大量的用户。Announcing the deal Mark Zuckerberg, Facebooks boss, said WhatsApp had reached 450m users much faster than any other web service.在宣布交易之时,Facebook的老板马克?扎克伯格表示,目前WhatsApp已经拥有了4亿5千万用户,远比其他任何网络应用务的用户要多。It has also made itself addictive: 72% of its users are active on it every day.与此同时,它也成功地使用户们沉溺其中:每天的活跃用户数占总数的72%。And the viral nature of its appeal means it has achieved all this without spending a penny on marketing.如此强烈的病毒式吸引力意味着这家公司没有在市场营销上投入过一分钱,便取得了这一切成就。Casual-gaming apps are also sping rapidly on mobile devices.同样地,休闲游戏类应用正迅速地攻占着人们的移动电子设备。King.com, which filed for an IPO in New York on February 18th, is a case in point.英国移动游戏公司King.com于2月18日在纽约提交的IPO申请书,便很好地印了这一点。The company, which makes the hit game Candy Crush Saga, saw its monthly active users soar from 67m in the fourth quarter of 2012 to 408m in the same period last year.这家公司便是知名游戏《糖果粉碎传奇》的开发商,而他们的每月活跃用户数量从2012年第四季度的6千7百万上涨至去年同期的4亿8千万。Its revenues soared too, hitting 1.9 billion last year compared with 164m in 2012.公司利润也在飞涨,其数额从2012年1亿6千4百万美元上涨至去年的19亿美元。The second trend behind WhatsApps success is the dramatic decline in the cost of building start-ups.WhatsApp成功背后的第二个趋势便是创业成本的大幅降低。Thanks to things such as cloud computing, which lets young firms buy vast amounts of cheap computing capacity, entrepreneurs can create globe-spanning businesses on shoestring budgets.在种种因素的作用下,企业家们可以用极低的成本在全球扩展业务。例如云计算,这便是一种能让新公司廉价购买大量运算能力的方法。WhatsApp has just 32 software engineers, which means that each one supports some 14m users.WhatsApp仅有32名软件工程师,也就相当于每一位工程师要维护接近1千4百万用户的运作。And the volume of messages it is handling is said to be the equivalent of all the SMS messages transmitted by the worlds telecoms companies.据称,WhatsApp所处理的信息总量已相当于全世界所有电话运营商所处理的短信量总和。Indeed, WhatsApps success in many ways mirrors that of Facebook itself, which came from nowhere to dominate social networking.诚然,WhatsApp的成功或多或少复刻了Facebook自身的发展模式,他们同样地是从默默无闻小公司起步,建立起了自己的社交网络帝国。Recently, however, Facebook has been losing some of its cool, especially among younger users.然而,近期Facebook已不再像从前一样那么吸引人,这一情况在更加年轻的用户群体中尤为明显。That may explain why the famously paranoid Mr Zuckerberg is willing to pay a kings ransom for a company that might ultimately eclipse his own creation.这或许能解释为何众所周知的偏执狂扎克伯格愿意付出一笔巨资去购买一家可能会完全超越自己Facebook的公司。He has spent lavishly before, paying around 1 billion for Instagram, a photo-sharing app, in 2012.而在此之前,他也做过一掷千金式的事情:2012年付了约10亿美元收购。But does the whopping price tag for WhatsApp make sense?但是,对WhatsApp进行如此高价的收购真的合理吗?Assuming it keeps adding users at its current rate of 1m a day—and they end up paying for its service—it could generate hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue.假设它依旧能保持每天1百万的用户增长速度,接着这批用户最终将付费使用这款应用,而这能够为公司带来成千上万的收益。Twitter, which reported 665m of revenue last year, has a market capitalisation of 30 billion.据称,去年利润为6亿6千5百万美元的Twitter总市值为300亿美元。Much will depend on how well Mr Zuckerberg gets on with Jan Koum, the boss of WhatsApp, who is joining Facebooks board and will run the app as an independent business.这笔交易的最终收益情况如何,很大程度上将取决于扎克伯格是否能与简?库姆进行良好合作。这位WhatsApp的老板将加入Facebook董事会,并且会继续独立运营这款应用。Mr Koum, who has a well-known aversion to collecting peoples data and plastering advertising over his app, seems an odd bedfellow for Facebook.虽然这位以不采集用户个人信息以及回避应用广告推广而闻名的库姆,对Facebook来说似乎格格不入。But the deal was clearly one that he couldnt refuse.但很显然,这确实是一笔让他无法拒绝的交易。 201402/277474哈尔滨医院那家宫颈糜烂好一点

黑龙江省人民医院能做人流吗Scientists have suspected for many years that fish might giveoff a chemical signal to warn other fish about the presence of predators.多年来科学家们一直都在怀疑鱼会释放一种化学信号来警告其他鱼类捕食者的出现。When a fish in a schoolis injured,比如说,当鱼群中的一条鱼受到伤害时,for example, the rest of the school will panic and swim away in response.鱼群中的其它鱼将会感到恐慌并且四散游开。Scientists dubbed this unknown chemical “Schreckstoff,”科学家将这种未知的化学物质命名为“Schreckstoff”,or “scary stuff” in German,德语译为“令人恐惧的东西”。but theydidnt know what it was composed of until recently.但是直到最近他们才知道这种物质的组成。A major component in fish skin, chondroitin sulfate,鱼的表皮中有一种叫硫酸软骨素的主要成分,appears to be the mystery chemical.似乎就是那种神秘的化学物质。When afish is wounded,当有一条鱼受伤时,this substance is converted by enzymes into sugary molecules that are thenshed into the water.这种物质就会通过酶的作用转化成含糖分子释放到水中。Scientists tested one of those molecules, glycosaminoglycan chondroitin or G for short, onzebra fish.科学家们测试了用斑马鱼释放出来的分子中的其中一个,可称为葡糖胺聚糖硫酸软骨素或简称为G。They found that the sugary warning is detected by special crypt cells in the brainsscent processing olfactory bulb.他们发现这种含糖的警告可以被特殊的隐窝细胞检测到,而隐窝细胞存在于大脑处理气味的嗅球中。This region is directly connected with higher areas of the brainand could initiate a quick flight response in fish.这一区域和大脑更高级的区域相连,可以刺激鱼快速逃跑。Scientists have also found that closely-related species sometimes respond to each others warningsignals,科学家们还发现亲缘关系很近的物种有时也对彼此的警报信号有反应,but unrelated species do not.但是不同的物种就不会有反应。This suggests that there may be a variety of sugary-smellingmolecules,这告诉我们可能会有各种各样闻起来像糖一样的分子,with each species producing their own version.每个物种会产生它们自己的版本。Because the zebra fish brain is relatively simple,因为斑马鱼的大脑构造比较简单,this research is allowing scientists to investigate atthe cellular level what happens in the brain when an organism detects danger.这项研究让科学家们可以在细胞水平上研究当生物遇到危险时大脑的反应机制。It will allow them tosee how groups of neurons regulate behavior and emotional responses.也可以研究神经组织是如何控制行为和情感反应的。Fortunately, fear doesnt smell sweet for humans.幸运的是,人类的恐惧闻起来不像糖。We can enjoy all the apple pie, ice cream, candyand cookies that we want.我们可以尽情的吃我们想吃的苹果派,冰激凌,糖果和饼干。 201403/281872 Business商业报道Twitters IPO推特上市Going cheep?先闻其声?The microblogging firms shares may not be the bargain investors are hoping for推特股价可能高于投资者预期TWITTER is aly a social-media star.推特已经是社交明星。Now it hopes to become the toast of the stockmarket too.现在它又希望可以成为股票市场的新星。The firm has gradually been unveiling more information about its business.为了准备在纽约券交易所的上市交易,But as it gets y for its first day of trading as a public company on the New York Stock Exchange, which looks likely to be on November 7th, opinions about a fair price for the shares vary considerably.这家公司现在开始逐渐公开一部分商业信息。上市日期大概在11月7日左右,现在对其股票上市的价格有诸多意见。The firm has announced a provisional range of between 17 and 20 for its stock, which would value it at up to 11.1 billion.推特表示其股票价格暂定在17到20美金之间,总价值可达111亿美元。Speculation is rife that Twitter and its bankers could set an even loftier price before trading starts, though as we went to press no change had been announced.虽然现在还没有消息称公司会改变发售价但普遍认为推特及其会在股票发售前定一个较高的价格。If they do push the price higher, long-term investors could get their fingers burned.如果他们真的抬高了发售价,那些长线投资者的利益将会有所损失。Twitbulls point out that Twitter is going public at a time when social-media stocks are all the rage.推文指出现在社交媒体类股票风靡一时,于是推特选在这时上市。On October 30th Facebooks share price, which had aly risen by 84% this year, soared in after-hours trading following news that its latest quarterly revenue had hit 2 billion.10月30号,脸书公布其最新季度收入达到20亿美金,之后其股票飙升,而今年它的股票已经升了84%了。LinkedIn has seen its stellar revenue growth slow a bit recently, but its shares are still up 95% this year.LinkedIn 最近的主要收入增长有所放缓,但今年他的股票仍涨了95%。Twitters boosters also claim that the company deliberately set a conservative initial price range to fuel investor interest in its stock, noting that an internal valuation conducted by the firm in August reckoned its shares were worth 20.62 each at the time.推特的持者声称公司故意设置了一个保守的价格区间以吸引投资者,公司在8月份内部股价认为当时价值20.62美元每股。The company has continued to increase its audience, and now boasts 232m users that visit it at least once a month.现在公司的关注度在持续上升,至少有2亿3千2百万用户每月至少浏览一次。Small wonder, then, that some financial folk are predicting Twitters stock will fly even if the IPO price is a bit higher than the existing range.不足为奇的是,一些民间金融预测推特的股票会上涨即使IPO的价格略高于现有区间。Brian Wieser of Pivotal Research Group reckons its shares will be changing hands at 29 by the end of the year.广告业研究机构匹维托研究集团的布莱恩?维瑟认为这股票到年末会涨至29美元。Others are even more optimistic.甚至还有一席人表现得更为乐观。Doug Kass of Seabreeze Partners Management, a hedge fund, has said he thinks the share price of Twitter could double within its first month of trading and that he would be willing to pay up to 32.50 for its shares. Twitbulls like to point out that Twitter is currently generating about 2.30 of revenue per user.海风资产管理公司的对冲基金管理人Doug Kass表示他认为股票价格会在交易的第一个月翻倍,他愿意以32.5美元的价格买入股票。That is much less than Facebook makes from its audience, implying Twitter has plenty of room to boost sales.推文指出推特最近可以在每个用户上收入约2.30美元,远脸书的收益,旨在暗示推特任由上涨空间。But they gloss over an important fact. Unlike Facebook and LinkedIn, which were making healthy profits before they went public, Twitter is still losing money—134m in the first nine months of this year compared with 71m in the same period of 2012.但是他们掩盖了一个重要事实。推特不像脸书和LinkedIn那样在上市前健康盈利,而是还在亏损。These losses make it impossible to compare Twitters IPO with others using the traditional yardstick of a price-earnings ratio.今年的前9个月亏了1.34亿美金,去年同期则亏损了7千1百万美金。这些亏损使得推特的IPO不能用传统的价格收益比来衡量。Instead, analysts often look at another measure: the ratio of a firms proposed market capitalisation at IPO to the past 12 months sales.相反,分析家经常看其他数据,例如公司就过去12个月销售及IPO所提出的公司目标市值比。Jay Ritter, a professor at the University of Florida, has calculated this ratio for Twitter using a share price of 18.50, which is the midpoint of its proposed range.Jay Ritter佛罗里达大学教授根据这个比计算得出推特的股价应在18.50美元,这一价格处于公司提出的股价范围的中位。Counting in restricted shares and those associated with outstanding stock options, this produces a market cap of 12.9 billion and a price-to-sales ratio of 24.1 based on Twitters revenues over the past 12 months.计算有限的股票和相关的优秀股权,这产生了大约129亿元的市场价值和24.1的市销率。That is the third-highest PSR of any IPO in America since 1980 involving firms with significant revenues.这是自1980年以来美国企业重要收入IPO中第三高的市销率。Shares in the two companies ahead of Twitter in the chart—Facebook and Palm, a now-defunct maker of hand-held devices—fell sharply in the months following their IPOs; and Mr Ritter notes that the top 15 companies in his PSR ranking saw their share prices drop by an average of 5% in the six months after their first day of trading.表上领先推特的2家公司—脸书和Plam的股票继IPO之后在本月快速下降;Ritter先生表示15家市销率榜上的顶尖企业的股票在第一日交易后的6个月中都平均下降了5%。“A valuation at a high price-to-sales ratio removes a lot of the upside potential for investors in the public market,” he says.在公共市场中,基于高市销比的估价减少了投资者的上涨潜力。The challenge faced by companies with high ratios is to generate revenue fast enough to meet investors expectations.那些有着高市销比的公司面临着加快产生收益已满足投资者期许的挑战。So far, Twitter has only a microscopic share of the 118 billion a year global market for online advertising.到目前为止推特只拥有1180亿美元每年的网络广告全球市场的微型股。Yet the fact that many people tweet on their smartphones means it is well-positioned to take advantage of growth in mobile advertising.然而,很多人用智能机发推特表示了它能很好地利用手机广告的增长。On the other hand the compact nature of its tweets, limited to 140 characters, means that Twitter will find it harder than Facebook to generate ad formats that mint money.另一方面,由于140字符的限制使得推特短小精悍,这意味着较脸书推特跟难产生广告效应从而盈利。And it now faces much stiffer competition from the social network and other companies such as Google in the mobile-ad arena.同时现在它正面临着来自其他社交媒体和类似谷歌的公司在手机广告领域的挑战。Trick or tweet?恶作剧还是推特So what is a fair value for Twitters shares?所以推特的真正股票价值是多少?Aswath Damodaran, a professor at New York University, has built a valuation model that assumes Twitter will scoop up around 5.5% of the online ad market by 2023, giving it revenues of 11.2 billion.Aswath Damodaran纽约大学教授建立了价值模型,估计到2023年推特的网络广告市场将会增加5.5%,这会给企业带来112亿美元的收入。His model also posits an operating margin of 25% for the company, which seems plausible given that of other internet firms that have grown fast.他的模型还假定基于其他网络公司快速发展的情况下,推特营运利润率为25%看上去是可信的。Based on his analysis, he reckons Twitters shares are worth 17.84 each, which is towards the lower end of Twitters current price range.根据他的分析,他推算推特的股票脚趾17.84美元每股,低于推特最近给出的价格范围。Given the many uncertainties that still dog the companys business model, a price of around 18 a share seems reasonable.由于公司发展仍有很多不确定性,每股18美元左右的售价是比价合理的。But investors who like volatility may still want to take a flutter on Twitters stock even if the price is somewhat higher.但是那些活跃的投资者仍想入手推特的股票,即使价格有些高。Given all of the hype around the company, Twitters shares could spike upwards immediately after its IPO, allowing investors to mint money by buying and selling quickly.在大肆宣传之后,推特的股票会在其上市后发行,允许投资者以快速买卖的方式流动资金。So Twitters flotation could be a great short-term trading opportunity.所以推特发行股票是一个很好的短期交易机会。But at anything above 18 each, its shares will be a poor long-term investment.但是任何一股超过18美元每股后,他就会变成长期投资。 /201311/263573哈尔滨江北最好的妇科医院是哪哈尔滨阳光医院治疗子宫肌瘤好吗



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