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Something goes wrong with the delivery procedure.发货程序上出了问题。Something goes wrong with the delivery procedure.发货程序上出了问题。We prefer a definite date.我们需要确切的日期。Surely its also probable that the sea water got into the wooden cases and damaged the goods.当然也有可能是海水渗进了木箱而将货物损坏。It is evident that the goods damage is led by uncivilized transportation.很明显,货物损坏是由于野蛮搬运造成的。We should settle the dispute through negotiations without resorting to legal proceeding.我们应该通过谈判来解决纠纷,不要诉诸法律了。We should settle the dispute through negotiations without resorting to legal proceeding.我们应该通过谈判来解决纠纷,不要诉诸法律了。We will think about it.我们会考虑的。We prefer to resolve disputes by amicable conciliation between two parties.我们愿意通过友善的和谈来解决双方的争端。As a matter of fact, most disputes can be settled in a friendly way.事实上,大多数争端是可以通过友好的方式来解决的。 /201505/376180。

约会篇:11) A: Do you have some time tomorrow? B: Yes, I do. A: How about having lunch with me? B: Good idea. A:明天有空吧? B:有啊。 A:一起吃顿中饭怎样? B:好主意。 12) A: If you're free, how about lunch? B: When did you have in mind? A: I was thinking about Thursday? B: That will be fine with me. A:有空的话一起吃顿中饭如何? B:你想什么时候呢? A:我看星期四怎样? B:没问题。13) A: I'm calling to see if you would like to have lunch tomorrow. B: I'm sorry, but this week isn't very convenient for me. A: Perhaps we van make it later. B: That would be better. A:我打电话给你,是想知道明天一起吃顿中饭怎样? B:对不起,这个星期我都不方便。 A:那么,也许改天吧。 B:好啊。 14) A: I'm calling to confirm our luncheon appointment. B: It's tomorrow at twelve o'clock, right? A: Yes, that's right. B: I'll be there. A:我打电话来,是想确定一下我们约好吃饭的事。 B:是明天12点吧? A:是的,没错。 B:我会去的。15) A: I'm sorry, but I have to cancel out luncheon appointment. B: I'm sorry to hear that. A: I have pressing business to attend to . B: No problem. we'll make it later in the month . A:真抱歉,不过我不得不取消我们午餐的约会。 B:真遗憾。 A:我有紧急的事情要处理。 B:没关系,这个月改天再说吧。 16) A: I need to change the time we meet for lunch. B: What time would be good for you? A: I'll be about half an hour late. B: Good, I'll see you there at 12:30. A:我需要更改我们见面吃午饭的时间。 B:什么时间你合适呢? A:我大概要慢半个小时。 B:好的,十二点我会在那儿与你碰面。 /200809/50952。

Narrator: Hello again. 这可真令人兴奋!经理 Paul 派 Anna 和 Tom 去法国,希望能拿到一家大客户的塑料水果订单。不过 Tom 想的只是工作吗?Tom: Really? What… me and Anna… to France?Paul: Yes but make sure you get that contract signed. We need the business.Tom: Yeah, yeah, of course. Are we staying overnight?Paul: Theres no money for that – just get there and come straight back. Oh and could you bring back those nice French biscuits that have in the duty-free shop?Tom: Sure. So were off on holiday together are we?!Anna: No! But Ive got to book the flights online, can you help me please?Tom: Its not my thing. Im sure Denise will help. I need to go and pack for this trip.Denise: (On the phone) Yes Marge… in the cupboard… envelopes apparently… Tom and Anna… oh here she is… got to go Marge… bye. Hello Anna, everything OK?Anna: Sort of. Ive got to go to France… with Tom.Denise: Yes, I know. I thought youd be pleased to go with Tom, after your time in the stationery cupboard with him!Anna: I was just finding an envelope Denise. Anyway, Im worried about booking the flights online. I usually book flights at a travel agents.Denise: Its company policy now – we have to do everything online – even my food shopping but dont tell Paul.Anna: Oh right, so where shall I begin?Denise: Pull up a chair Anna and well log on. Right, lets start with the British Airlines website. There. London to Marseille. What is the outbound date?Anna: Going out tomorrow, back tomorrow.Denise: Business class or Economy class? I think well say Economy.Anna: Thats cheaper I guess. Whats this mean? Flexible or fixed?Denise: A flexible ticket means you can change your flight but a fixed one means you cant – and thats cheaper so well choose that one. Ill book you on the 8am flight from Heathrow and flying home at 6pm. I just need to type in your full names now and select your seats. Window or aisle?Anna: Ill what?Denise: No Anna. A seat by the aisle or by the window?Anna: Oh, an aisle seat please, Denise.Denise: Good. Whats your frequent flyer number?Anna: Oh, I dont have one of those.Tom: Whats that? Frequent flyer number? Here Ive got a gold status card, can you stick my number in.Denise: Gold status! Where did you get that?Tom: Ive flown loads of time for business – Ive done deals all around the World.Narrator: 他才不是呢!花公司的钱到处旅游,晒太阳,可是正事儿没办多少!Denise: Hmm, really. Right I just need to pay now… using the company account, of course.Tom: Cool. Now, what do you think of my sunglasses?Anna: Lovely Tom. Denise has booked you a window seat OK?Tom: No! Sorry, I cant sit by the window… Im… errr.Denise: Yes, Tom?Tom: I mean, its only polite that the lady sits by the window.Denise: Really?!Narrator: 这象什么话?但愿他能帮到 Anna 的忙,可别是倒忙!好吧,让我们再复习一下订机票时会用到的语言…What is the outbound and return date? 往返日程是什么?Do you want to fly business or economy? 你想要商务舱还是经济舱?Do you want a fixed or flexible ticket? 你想要日期固定的机票还是允许更改日期的机票?Would you like a window or aisle seat? 你想坐靠窗的位子还是靠走廊的位子?Have you got a frequent flyer number? 你有飞行常客积分卡吗?Denise: There you go you two, your e-ticket. Now, dont forget your passports.Tom: Thanks Denise. Hey Anna, Im so pleased were on this trip together – itll be nice to spend some time with you.Anna: Yes, and to do some business and really show Paul we are his best employees.Tom: Oh yeah, of course… I just wondered…Anna: Yes?Tom: Is there any chance I could sit in the aisle seat?Narrator: 我觉得 Anna 这次行程可会碰到不少麻烦。 不知道旅程到底会怎样? 我们下次节目再看吧! 听力挑战:Anna 想在飞机上要靠窗的座位还是靠到的座位?上期:Anna 给了法国客户多少折扣?:10%的折扣。 /201301/222905。

(一):The network administrator will insure normally running of the network.网络管理员可以保网络的正常运行。How about the network here?这里的网络状况怎么样?The network administrator will insure normally running of the net-work.网络管理员可以保网络的IE常运行。We will ensure the normal operation of network.我们会保网络的正常运行。(二):we can provide audio equipment, projectors and broadband Internet services in the meeting room if they are required.如果您需要,我们可在会议室里提供音响设备、投影仪及宽带上网等务。We can provide audio equipment, projectors and broadband Internet services in the meeting room if they are required.如果您需要,我们可在会议室里提供音响设备、投影仪及宽带 上网等务。Wow, you are really a wonderful organizer!哇,你确实是一位出色的组织者!This conference room can provide multi-media equipments and facilities for simultaneous interpretation as international conference pattern.这个会议室可以提供多媒体设备及按国际会议模式配置的同声传译设备。It is a medium-sized conference room, which can accommodate 100 people.这是一个中型会议室,可容纳100人。 /201411/344586。

职场社交英语 Lesson 70:你别欲擒故纵了SCENE④ A 电话响起 戴夫与吉娜继续说话 【你别欲擒故纵了】Zina: No, Dave. I haven't wrecked my jeep. I'm calling to 1) offer you a job.吉娜: 不,戴夫。我的吉普没有撞毁。我打来是要提供你工作机会的。Dave: With InfoKing? No, thanks.戴夫: 去“资讯王”?免了吧,多谢。Zina: I'd like you to manage a new online auction site we're building.吉娜: 我希望你能管理我们新架设中的线上竞标网站。Dave: I'm not interested, Zina.戴夫: 我没兴趣,吉娜。Zina: Don't play hard to get. The 2) pay is good. You'd be working with Elvin again.吉娜: 你别欲擒故纵了。薪水很高的。你会跟艾文再度共事。Dave: I don't think so.戴夫: 我想不妥吧。Zina: Elvin doesn't 3) hold a grudge, if that's what you're worried about.吉娜: 艾文并没有怀恨在心,若你是在担心这个的话。语言详解:A: Life is too short to hold grudges. C'mon, talk to me again. 人生苦短,何须心怀怨恨。来嘛,再跟我说话。B: Well, if you put it that way... OK. 既然你这样说……那好吧。【play hard to get 欲擒故纵】在人际的关系当中,好比男女关系或是聘雇之间的关系,有时候一方会采取不置可否的态度,让人觉得对方若即若离的,在要与不要之间,真叫人拿捏不定。也许你会觉得对方其实是想要,只是爱欲擒故纵、搞神秘,这种情况在美语中就可以用 play hard to get “欲擒故纵”来形容。A: I don't think Lisa likes me. 我不觉得莉莎喜欢我。B: Yes, she does. She's just playing hard to get. 不,她喜欢你。她只是欲擒故纵。1) offer (v.) 提供(工作机会等)2) pay (n.) 薪水,酬劳3) hold a grudge 心怀怨恨,挟怨 /200602/4286。

Problem of the trademarks image商标形象A:Mr.Green, sit down please.A:格林先生,请坐。B:Thank you, Mr. Sun. Iam very sorry for coming late, but something urgent came up at the last minute.B:谢谢孙先生。很抱歉我来晚了,但我临走时突然有点急事。A:Thats all right. Lets get down to business. I was told that you have some comments to make about the registeration of our trademarks.A:没关系,我们谈正事吧。我听说贵公司对我们的商标注册有异议。B:Yes, I work in a law firm. I have been asked by the British trading company to come here and have a face-to-face consultation with you.B:是的,我在法律事务所工作,这次是受英国贸易公司委托来跟您面谈的。A:You are welcome. I believe that you have some problems to discuss with me regarding the application for the registration of our trademarks.A:欢迎。您是不是想和我谈谈我们申请商标注册的问题?B:Yes, you are applying to register the trademark of ;Golden Dragon; for table lights, right?B:是的,贵公司正在申请金龙牌台灯,是吗?A:Yes, you are right.A:对。B:You may not know this, but the dragon represents an evil omen in our country. Its not appropriate to register the brand.B:您也许不知道,龙在我国是不祥之物。采用这个牌子恐怕不合适。A:Oh, will you excuse my oversight. Then what do you think I should do?A:哦,请原谅我们的疏忽。那您看来,我们该怎么办?B:I think its better for you to change the brand name.B:我认为你方最好改变名称。A:But in that case, the customers wont recognize our products.A:但是那样的话,消费者就认不出我们的产品了。B:Yes, its a tough problem.B:是啊,这个问题很难办。A:Ill hold a meeting to discuss this problem and find out a solution soon.A:我立即召开会议,尽快找出解决办法。 /201601/419891。

愈忙愈要学社交英文随书光盘Mp3(下) 04 /200710/18729。

不用课本学商务英语口语第85期接听外商电话你能应对自如吗? 面对外商谈判你能应对自如吗? 面对外籍上司谈论商务问题你能应对自如吗? 商务场景→英语句子 你本来口语还不错,可面对突然而遇到的商务场景,你却找不到合适的句子,怎么办?《 NO-BOOK 商务英语口语》的“商务场景→英语句子”让你闭目养神时听一听,就能记住很多有“现场感”的英语句子,让你面对“紧急”的商务场景,也能应对自如。。