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福州治疗宫颈糜烂价格福州女性结扎复通比较好的医院Fighting a battle with Amazon.com Inc. to be the preferred entry point for Internet shopping, Google Inc. last year retooled its lucrative search page. Its strategy is showing signs of progress.在与亚马逊公司(Amazon.com Inc.)争夺首选网络购物入口地位的大战中,谷歌(Google Inc.)去年改造了其颇为赚钱的搜索页面。它的战略如今开始显示出取得进展的迹象。The change allowed retailers to post pictures, descriptions and prices of products at the top of search results, both on desktop computers and, later, mobile devices. For example, a Google search for #39;microwave oven#39; shows a grid of photos for specific models, sold online by retailers like Macy#39;s Inc. and Target Corp., with prices clearly marked. The ads more closely resemble what Amazon shows shoppers than Google#39;s typical text-based ads. The same search on an iPhone shows a carousel of such ads that users can swipe through.谷歌的调整使零售商可以在搜索结果的顶部发布商品照片、产品描述和价格,先是台式电脑可以利用这一功能,随后推广至移动设备。举个例子,用谷歌搜索“微波炉”,会显示梅西百货(Macy#39;s Inc.)和Target Corp.等零售商在网上销售的具体款型的照片,并明确标明价格。这种广告更像亚马逊面向购物者投放的广告,而非谷歌那种典型的基于文字的广告。用谷歌搜索iPhone,会显示一系列相关广告,用户可以滑动屏幕进行查看。By directly helping searchers who know what they want, Google#39;s #39;product-listing ads,#39; as they are called, reduce the number of clicks before users get to the #39;buy#39; button. Searchers click on product ads 34% more frequently than regular text ads, according to Adobe Systems Inc.#39;s research arm.对于那些知道自己想要什么的搜索者,谷歌所谓的“产品列表广告”可以减少用户抵达“购买”按钮之前的点击次数。据奥多比系统公司(Adobe Systems Inc.)旗下的研究公司说,相比常规的文字广告,搜索者对这类产品广告的点击量要高出34%。Recent data suggest that such product-listing ads are attracting advertisers and revenue-generating clicks. Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and eBay Inc. are the top buyers of Google#39;s product ads, according to AdGooroo, a search-advertising research firm. Marin Software Inc. says that its advertising clients more than doubled spending on Black Friday product ads, compared with last year.最近的数据显示,这类产品列表广告开始吸引广告客户,还能带来可以创造收入的点击量。据搜索广告研究公司AdGooroo说,沃尔玛(Wal-Mart Stores Inc.)和eBay Inc.是谷歌产品广告的最大买家。Marin Software Inc.说,其广告客户在今年黑色星期五的广告出较去年增加了一倍以上。One happy advertiser using Google#39;s new ads is John James, chief executive of Acumen Brands, which owns retailer CountryOutfitter.com. The product-listing ads #39;perform very well,#39; he says, particularly when searchers know what they are seeking, like the Ariat Rambler Cowboy Boots his company advertises on Google. #39;They are definitely a way to unlock value compared to old text ads,#39; Mr. James says.约翰#12539;詹姆斯(John James)就是一位使用谷歌新广告并感到满意的广告客户。他是Acumen Brands的首席执行长,该公司旗下拥有零售商CountryOutfitter.com。詹姆斯说,产品列表广告表现非常好,尤其是当搜索者知道自己想要什么的时候,比如他的公司在谷歌打了广告的Ariat Rambler牛仔靴。詹姆斯说,相比过去的文字广告,这种产品列表广告毫无疑问是释放价值的一种途径。At stake is supremacy in the U.S. e-commerce market, which comScore expects to grow 14% to around 0 billion this year. While many think of Amazon and Google as being in separate businesses, the two are locked in fierce competition to be the first search box shoppers turn to when they are browsing products online. As more Internet users begin searches on Amazon#39;s marketplace--which comprises an array of vendors besides itself--Google loses an opportunity to show them ads.广告客户争夺的是美国电子商务市场的霸主地位。comScore预计,美国电子商务市场的规模今年将增长14%,至约2,100亿美元。尽管很多人认为亚马逊和谷歌业务不同,但这两家公司却在激烈竞争成为购物者在网上浏览产品时首选的搜索提供商。随着更多的网络用户开始在亚马逊的集市上搜索产品――亚马逊的集市上除了亚马逊本身外还有很多零售商――谷歌失去了一个向这些用户显示广告的机会。In a recent survey, analytics and software firm SDL asked people the top three places they intend to research gift purchases this holiday season. #39;Online search#39; registered 45%, down from 49% a year ago. Meantime, the channel growing the most in popularity was the one that includes Amazon, jumping to 37% from 31%.在最近的一项调查中,分析及软件公司SDL请受访者列出这个假日季首选的三个搜索网购礼物的地方。“网络搜索”占了45%,低于上年的49%。与此同时,人气增长最快的是包括亚马逊在内的渠道,从31%增至37%。Many e-commerce experts say Google has a long way to catch up to Amazon when it comes to online-shopping searches. Jeff Jordan, a former eBay executive who is now a partner at venture-capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, contends that Amazon thrives by offering a better shopping experience than Google. He says the formula of selection, price and convenience is #39;radically in Amazon#39;s favor,#39; with its large network of merchants, consistent low prices, one-click ordering and fast shipping.很多电子商务专家说,在网络购物搜索方面,谷歌要赶上亚马逊还有很长一段距离。前eBay高管、现为风投公司Andreessen Horowitz合伙人的杰夫#12539;乔丹(Jeff Jordan)承认,亚马逊通过提供比谷歌更好的购物体验而兴旺起来。他说,将商品选择、价格和便利性综合起来看,亚马逊占了明显优势,亚马逊拥有庞大的商户网络,一贯的低价格、一键点击下单和快速的发货。ChannelAdvisor, which manages e-commerce efforts for retailers, says its clients#39; sales via Amazon increased about 25% in the third quarter, compared with a year earlier. Sales to users who arrived via search engines like Google increased about 1%.为零售商管理电子商务活动的ChannelAdvisor说,第三季度其客户通过亚马逊实现的销售额较上年同期增加了约25%,对通过谷歌等搜索引擎而来的用户的销售额增长了约1%。 /201312/269920晋安区做人流医院 三明市那些医院检查胎停

龙岩第三医院测卵泡多少钱Apple announced Monday that the newest operating system for its Mac computers will be called OS X Yosemite.苹果(Apple)本周一宣布,Mac最新一代操作系统将被命名为OS X Yosemite。CEO Tim Cook took the stage at 1 p.m. ET at Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco to welcome a crowd of a few thousand software developers – some of whom had lined up a day earlier to ensure themselves a spot in the audience.在旧金山举行的苹果年度全球开发者大会上,首席执行官蒂姆o库克于美国东部时间下午1点登台,欢迎数千名与会软件开发人员。他们中有些人为了确保能参会,在一天前就已经开始排队。After a brief introduction, Cook handed the reins to Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering, Craig Federighi, who walked through the design and functions of Yosemite, which he called “a gorgeous and more usable version of OS X, the best ever.”库克在进行简短的介绍后将控制权交给了苹果负责软件工程的高级副总裁克雷格o费德里吉。费德里吉向与会者介绍了Yosemite的设计和功能,声称Yosemite是“更华丽、更好用的OS X系统,比之前的系统都要好。”The new operating system includes design updates such as new desktop icons as well as a “dark mode” that switches bars and the dock to a darker gray color. Yosemite also includes an updated Notification Center and a faster, simplified Spotlight feature for searching for apps on your Mac and for searching online.新的Yosemite包含大量的设计升级,比如新的桌面图标,以及将菜单栏和任务栏调成深灰色的“黑暗模式”。 Yosemite还包括升级版的通知中心以及速度更快的简化版Spotlight功能,后者能用于搜索Mac上的应用程序和在线查询。Federighi also unveiled the new iCloud Drive that will be available on Yosemite and will allow for the storage of content across all Mac and mobile products. The AirDrop feature will also allow for syncing between Macs and iOS devices, and it also includes “proximity awareness” – a feature that allows users to move documents and projects from device to device with the swipe of a finger.费德里吉还公布了Yosemite上的新版iCloud Drive,它能为所有Mac和移动设备提供存储空间。新的AirDrop也持在Mac和iOS设备之间同步了。此外,它还持“近场识别”功能——用户只需要滑动手指就可以在相邻设备之间传输文档和工程。Federighi used another new feature – the ability to answer phone calls on your Mac, using the computer as a speakerphone – to welcome one of Apple’s newest employees, rapper and Beats Electronics cofounder Dr. Dre. Federighi called Dre from his Mac and introduced him to the crowd, prompting the rapper to ask how early in the morning he should show up for work.费德里吉接下来使用了另一项新功能——将Mac作为免提电话——来欢迎苹果新员工、Beats Electronics联合创始人、说唱歌手德瑞士。费德里吉通过自己的Mac给德瑞士打了个电话,把他介绍给与会者们,而德瑞士则问费德里吉,自己早上应该几点到公司上班。Yosemite will be available to consumers in the fall, and will be free. Those eager to try it out sooner than that can take part in a new public beta program.Yosemite将于今年秋天免费发布。喜欢尝鲜的用户现在就可以下载公开测试版了。More announcements regarding an updated iOS platform and other software products are expected later in the keynote address.预计在之后的专题演讲中,还将发布更多关于新版iOS平台以及其它软件产品的信息。The five-day conference will be attended by 5,000 developers, who were chosen at random in a lottery to get access to the various sessions and labs Apple will run to help the developers familiarize themselves with new technologies. Later today, Apple will also give out its Design Awards to the developers of what the company deems to be the best apps available in its store.持续五天的大会共邀请了5000多名随机挑选的观众。他们会参加各类主题演讲,还将深入了解苹果实验室,后者是苹果为了帮助开发者熟悉自家的最新技术而设立的设施。晚些时候,苹果还将向应用程序商店中最佳应用的开发者们颁布设计大奖。 /201406/303470福州市一人民医院在哪个区 In the home of the future, you can skip the keys. Just tap your phone, and presto, your door swings open.在未来的家中,你不再需要钥匙了。只需轻点手机,转眼间就能打开家门。A new company with a high-powered designer is the latest one hoping to take that vision to the masses. That company, August, introduced its version of the so-called smart-lock to the public last week.一家名叫August,拥有超强设计师的新公司正希望把这幅愿景带给大众。上周,该公司向公众推出了自己的智能锁产品。The lock is the brainchild of CEO Jason Johnson and renowned designer Yves Béhar, who also designed the Jawbone fitness tracker and led the design for the One Laptop Per Child project. August hopes to win the hearts of early adaptors and bring more people to the smart home market, with a design that emphasizes sleek aesthetics and ease-of-use.这种智能锁是首席执行官杰森o约翰逊和知名设计师伊夫o贝哈尔的杰作,后者还设计过Jawbone健身追踪器,也是“每个孩子一台笔记本”(One Laptop Per Child)项目的总设计师。公司希望凭借这款造型优美,使用便利的产品,赢得早期用户的青睐,并带动更多人进入智能家居市场。While people may like the idea of smart homes, according to research firm IHS, only 5.6 million smart platforms have been installed globally. But the number is expected to rise to 44.6 million by 2018.研究公司IHS表示,尽管人们可能喜欢智能家居这个理念,但全球目前只安装了560万套智能平台。不过到2018年,这个数字有望升至4460万。Smooth and round, August’s lock has the heft of a medallion or a gilded hockey puck and allows users to unlock their doors by using their phones. Customers can also let in a babysitter or a maid by issuing them a temporary wireless key.August智能锁光滑圆润,重量相当于一枚奖章或一个镀金冰球,用户可以通过手机开门,还能给保姆或家政人员一把临时的无线钥匙。“We’re approaching it as a consumer product rather than a piece of technology” says Béhar.贝哈尔称:“我们将其作为消费产品而不是一项技术来开发的。”The lock, which uses Bluetooth, fits smoothly over an old-fashioned door with the help of two screws and some wing flaps so customers can retrofit their doors without altering the appearance. Users open the door by holding their phone app up to the lock or tapping a button on their phone screen.只需两颗螺丝和几个合页,就能轻松地这把使用蓝牙技术的锁安装在老式门上,而无需改变房门外观。用户把手机上的应用对准这把锁,或是按一下屏幕上的按键就能开门。Skeptics have raised concerns about how well August locks, which cost 9, can hold up under security attacks. Registering for the app requires two layer authentication. But during a recent product demo, the process was slightly buggy and difficult to enter email addresses for Android phones. Johnson defended the company’s security by pointing out there’s also two layers of encryption on the lock.对于这款售价249美元的锁,持怀疑态度的人担心它能否很好地抵挡安全攻击。注册这款应用需要两层认。但在近期举办的一个样机展示会上,这个注册流程并不那么顺畅,而且在安卓手机上输入电子邮件地址时颇有困难。约翰逊则大力夸赞产品的安全性能,指出该锁还有两层加密系统。August has raised over million in venture capital funding for their lock, one of the early forays into the world of smart home security. It faces a lot of competition from both well-established brands and start-ups. Yale has its own line of smart locks while Kwikset released its smart-lock, Kevo, last year. Meanwhile, start-up Goji plans to release a sleekly designed smart-lock that will take pictures of people who knock on your door and sends it to your door. This lock is August’s first product, but they don’t seem too worried about the competition.作为智能家居安全领域的早期产品,August公司已为这款智能锁募集了超过1000万美元风投。不过它正面临来自知名品牌和初创企业的激烈竞争。耶鲁公司(Yale)就有自己的智能锁产品线,Kwikset公司去年也推出了自己的智能锁Kevo。同时,初创公司Goji正计划推出一款设计时尚的智能锁,它能拍下敲门人的照片再发到用户手机上。本文开篇所提到的这款锁是August公司的首款产品,但该公司似乎并不太担心激烈的市场竞争态势。“We’d love to see other people enter this market,” says Johnson. “It helps us if more people start using smart locks.”约翰逊称:“我们很乐意看到其它公司进入这个市场。如果更多人开始用智能锁,这对我们来说是件好事。”Johnson envisions a world where keys are unnecessary, and speaks of them as jagged and ugly.约翰逊希望未来世界不再需要钥匙,在他看来,锯齿状的钥匙十分丑陋。“We’re about changing the way you interact with your home.,” he says. “We have keyless cars, why not keyless homes?”他说:“我们会改变你和家互动的方式。已经有无钥匙汽车了,为什么不能有无钥匙之家呢?”Johnson won’t go into further specifics about August’s long-term vision, but he did say in less than 90 days, August will be unveiling and shipping a new and complementary product.约翰逊不愿进一步透露公司的长期愿景,但他表示,在不到90天后,该公司就将向市场推出一款全新的补充产品。 /201411/341200三明市治不育需要多少钱

三明市激素六项检查那个医院最好 Though you’ve never met Susan Bennett, you are probably more familiar with her than you think. You may have asked her for directions, what the weather is like, the score to baseball games and even to remind you to pick up dog food.也许你和苏珊·班尼特素未谋面,但你很可能对她比你想象中要熟悉。你可能曾经向她询问驾驶方向,询问天气状况,棒球赛比分乃至需要她提醒你该买粮了。Bennett has revealed herself the voice of Apple’s original Siri, and in a recent interview with CNN, she dished on, among other things, how she came to be the one to give life to your favorite snarky personal assistant.在最近接受美国CNN采访时,班尼特坦言,自己就是苹果手机第一款语音助理的录制者,在采访中她絮絮叨叨的说出了自己成为语音助理的录制者——那个给你你最喜爱的、有点小脾气的个人助理赋予了生命的人——的始末过程。Bennett has done voice work for automated systems since the 1970s. Her first job in the biz was as the voice of Tilly the all-time teller, the first ATM machine. She’s also lent her vocals to GPS devices, automated telephone systems and even Delta airlines terminals.自上世纪70年代起,班尼特就开始从事自动系统声音录制方面的工作。她的第一份工作是为第一代自动取款机——“全天候柜员蒂莉” 配音。她也曾为全球定位导航GPS系统、自动电话系统,以及三角洲航空公司终端系统献声。“The Siri voices were recorded in 2005, in the month of July, four hours a day for the whole month,” Bennett told CNN. “When I recorded those voices, I had absolutely no idea where they would end up.”“苹果语音助理是我在2005年7月录制的,每天工作4个小时,干了整整一个月,” 班尼特告诉CNN的记者说,“当我录制那些声音的时候,我完全不知道它们是干什么用的。”Though Bennett’s thought was that those speech samples would be used in company telephone systems, according to CNN, she first heard her voice as Siri the same time many of us did - after the launch of Apple’s iPhone 4s in 2011.根据CNN相关报道,当时班尼特以为她录制的声音样本是被用在公司电话系统上的,结果在2011年苹果公司推出iPhone 4s 时,她和其他人一样第一次听到了自己当时录制的声音。“The first time I actually heard my voice as Siri was when my friend emailed me and said, ‘Isn’t this you?’ Bennett said. “And because I didn’t have the newest version of the iPhone, I went to the Apple site and that’s where I heard the voice, and I just went, ‘Ohh, hmm. That is me.’”“我第一次听到自己在苹果语音助理上的声音是因为朋友发邮件给我,问‘那不是你的声音吗?’”,班尼特说,“由于当时我没有买最新款的苹果手机,我登陆了苹果官网,我就是在那里听到自己的声音的,当时我就说,‘噢,那是我的声音。’”Apple has yet to confirm that the Susan Bennett recordings were what was used to create the original Siri voice, but legal representation for Bennett has vouched for her and audio-forensics have told CNN that Bennett and the Siri voice are a “100%” match.对苏珊·班尼特是否就是为第一代语音献声的人,苹果公司尚未实。但苏珊的法律代理人已经为她做了保,并对苏珊的声音进行了音频取,明她的声音和苹果语音助理“100%匹配”。...for now, at least: With iOS 7, Apple has given users two options for Siri voices, a male and female now. And though Apple will neither confirm or deny, it sounds as though Bennett’s female voice has been replaced.至少目前为止是。随着苹果iOS 7问世,苹果公司已经为用户提供了男声和女声两种语音助理以供选择。尽管苹果公司尚未承认或否认此事,但听起来似乎班尼特录制的女声助理已经被另外的声音取代了。As for the sometimes “snippy” tone of our beloved original Siri, there may be an explanation for that.至于为什么替换掉我们最爱的、有时听上去“傲慢”的第一代语音助理,苹果公司也许应该给出解释。;There are some people that just can hour upon hour upon hour, and it#39;s not a problem,” Bennett explained to CNN. “For me, I get extremely bored ... So I just take breaks. That#39;s one of the reasons why Siri might sometimes sound like she has a bit of an attitude. ;“也许有的人可以数小时不断的录制声音,没有问题”,班尼特对CNN记者说,“但是我会感到特别厌倦……所以这时我需要休息。这就是为什么苹果语音助理有时听上去有些摆架子的原因之一。” /201310/259376福州哪间医院做人工受孕福建检查激素六项三甲医院



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