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赣州宁都人民医院人流收费标准赣州仁济孕育医院评价This Sunday, a handful of stars will go home empty handed from the 2014 Academy Awards show. Not only will they be left with the bitter sting of defeat, but such loss may also lead to shorter lifespans than the winners.Seriously. Social status has long been recognized as a predictor for poor health. Typically, research has focused on disparities between the rich and the poor. But science tells us that the effect may extend to quite literally the top of social ladder. In fact, Oscar winners may also have the perk of longevity.The finding was first noticed in 2001. Researchers from the University of Toronto studied 1,649 Oscar-nominated actors and actresses. When they accounted for factors that could influence death rates, they found that among the participants, Oscar winners had a survival advantage of about four extra years of life, and actors who won multiple Oscars had an advantage of six years. Nominees who didn’t win had the same survival rates as their non-nominated peers.这几天不少明星将会从奥斯卡上空手而归,留给他们的不仅仅是苦涩的失败,还可能会减寿。这个现象是在2001年首次被发现的。多伦多大学的研究人员对1649位获得奥斯卡提名男女演员进行研究,发现奥斯卡获奖者大概可以多四年寿命,而多次获奖的演员会多六年的寿命,只是被提名和连提名都没有的寿命是差不多的。Success could possibly account for the survival advantage, the researchers say. They speculate that since stars are subjected to intense personal scrutiny, they pay special attention to their looks and behaviors. Consequently, they may avoid risky behavior and focus more intensively on eating and exercise. Not to mention, many have the means to hire nannies, trainers, and managers, which could mean they are under less stress than the general population.Of course, there are the exceptions, like Oscar winner Philip Seymour Hoffman who died recently after an overdose. Another study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine questioned the methods of the 2001 study. The original study was criticized for counting the years an actor was alive, instead of comparing years after a win. They also declared winners and losers at the onset, and didn’t factor in whether actors in the study won an award later on. When the new researchers re-calculated, they didn’t find the numbers significant.If the findings do hold true, it could mean that there are other factors that impact survival, like a jump in social status. Looks like we will have to wait and see.研究人员说,这是因为获奖明星会有强烈的自我监督,会特别注意自己的外表和行为。因此,他们会避免那些危险的行为,并且更加注意饮食和锻炼。更不用说他们有经济实力聘请那些保姆,教练和经纪人了,因为这就意味着他们受到的压力比一般人更少。当然也有例外,如奥斯卡影帝霍夫曼最近就因为用药物过量而去世。 /201403/278818赣州市赣南片区产检多少钱 赣州市仁济医院网上预约

瑞金市做无痛人流多少钱Sausage wrapped in glutinous rice大肠包小肠Average price: 10 yuan均价:10元Places: Taipei and Taichung美食地:台北和台中When Zhao Yanjun, 22, a chemistry major at the University of Science and Technology Beijing, looks back to her exchange days at Tunghai University in Taiwan, the first thing she remembers is sausage wrapped in glutinous rice. Just as the name suggests, it’s a carb-loaded rice mixture wrapped around a baked sausage. “The baked sausage looks oily, but doesn’t tastegreasy, and the rice is soft with a crispy skin,” Zhao says. Among the different flavors, which include spicy, black pepper and wasabi, Zhao recommends the wasabi flavor. “It’s a little strange at first, but it’s very refreshing.”北京科技大学化学专业22岁的赵艳君(音译)每每想起她在台湾东海大学交换的日子,首先在脑海中浮现出的都是大肠包小肠。正如其名,大肠包小肠是由混着蟹肉的米肠将烤好的台湾香肠包裹而成。赵艳君说,“里面的烤肠看似油光闪闪但丝毫不腻,而外面的米肠则内软外脆。”大肠包小肠有香辣、黑胡椒、芥末等各种口味,而赵艳君则特别推荐芥末味,她说“虽然入口有点怪异,但是十分爽口。” /201408/317989上犹县寺下中心医院可以做NT检查吗 大余县做无痛人流多少钱

石城县医院有取环吗In the frosty winter, it’s easy to forget about style and just bundle up in the coziest clothes you can find. But actually, fashion and warmth can be satisfied at the same time. There’s no need to sacrifice one for the other.寒冷冬日里,人们往往将时尚抛在脑后,用手边的厚衣把自己包成“粽子”。而事实上,时尚与保暖可以兼得,没必要“厚此薄彼”。Here, we pull together a few basic wardrobe pieces and layering tips. You can mix and match these staples following the layering principles to create stylish and fresh outfits —while still feeling comfortably warm all the time.这里,我们收集整理了一些衣橱必备单品及搭配小贴士。你可以根据搭配原则进行混搭,这样,既可以穿出时尚清新之感,又避免了“美丽冻人”的尴尬,可谓一举两得。Essential winter pieces衣橱必备单品Besides heavy coats and puffy down jackets, the following items will certainly make your winter wardrobe fun and easy to mix and match.除了厚重的外套和蓬松的羽绒,以下这些百搭单品也会让你的冬季衣橱乐趣十足,易于混搭。Cute boot可爱风女靴The rustic yet stylish Zorrba boots are popular this season because they’re versatile, comfortable, and fun. Any lace-up or combat-inspired boots paired with your leggings or skinny jeans will be trendy.凭借百搭、舒适、有趣等特点,质朴而时尚的女士翻帮中筒靴成为今年冬季大热单品。你可以用系带靴、军靴搭配打底裤或紧身牛仔裤,时髦立现。Cool cardigan酷帅的羊毛开衫Adding a neutral cardigan into the mix makes you instantly stylish. Choose the most flattering cardigan that hits right below the hips. Navy is a good option for color, as it looks great on all skin tones. You can pair it with a simple white T-shirt for a casual and laidback look or slip it over a sleek button-down for a more classic style.一件羊毛开衫可以立刻让你化身混搭达人。挑选一件你最喜欢的羊毛开衫,长短刚好盖过臀部。颜色方面,海军蓝是一个不错的选择,因为它适合任何肤色的人。你可以用它和白色T恤搭配出休闲风;你也可以在里面搭上一件带有领扣的衬衫,更显复古韵味。Dark jean queen深色牛仔达人Dark wash jeans strike the perfect balance between polished and comfortable, which is the ideal winter clothing combination. You can easily tuck them into your boots without any bunching at the knees or ankle. To show off your sleek silhouette in a chic and trendy way, get a pair of dark wash jeans.深色水洗牛仔裤是舒适与时尚的完美统一体,也是冬季混搭的理想之选。你可以轻而易举地就把裤腿塞入靴中,膝盖和脚踝处不会有一丝褶皱出现。想要时尚而别致地秀出魔鬼身材吗?穿上深色水洗牛仔裤吧!Sharp scarf靓丽围巾Scarves are among the most versatile accessories in your wardrobe. From different patterns and textures to varying fabrics and styles, they always make you look chic. A bold scarf can add a little brightness to your outfit. Just don’t forget to choose one that keeps you warm.围巾堪称衣橱里最百搭的饰品。从花色到纹理,从面料到款式,各式围巾会让你看上去靓丽时髦,一条抢眼的围巾更会为你的整体造型增添一抹亮色。当然也不要忘了兼顾保暖性哦。 /201401/274234 How to Pick the Right Pair of Running Shoes怎样挑选一双合适的运动鞋Are you y to start a new healthy habit of runningor a seasoned runner looking to replace an old pairof shoes Either way, it is very important to buy theright pair of shoes for you - not necessarily the onesthat are the most technically advanced or on the salerack!无论你是刚准备开始培养一个新的健康的跑步习惯的人,或者已经是一个有着丰富跑步经验的人,都要注意替换掉旧的运动鞋。不管怎么说,买一双适合自己的运动鞋是很重要的,——当然它不必是最先进科技产品或者是名店里的折扣鞋就挺不错的。At least for me, it is so tempting to hit the sale rackwhen I begin my search for new shoes. It kills me tospend anymore than I absolutely have to, but withrunning shoes, I have found, it is one thing to notspare any expense. Finding a great pair of running shoes is sure to save most people money with comfortand safety. Finding a pair for does not do a lot of good if you hurt your knee the next day!至少对我来说,只要我一打算买新鞋时,我就会一头扎进折扣区寻找。如果是我不需要的物品我绝对不会再花一分钱在它上面,但是运动鞋除外。我发现它是唯一不能节省的钱。买到一双好的舒适又安全的运动鞋事实上也能给人省很多钱。你图便宜买一双49美元的运动鞋不见得能有多好,说不准你穿上它的第二天就摔坏膝盖了呢!There are so many brands and styles of shoes that it#39;s hard to know where to start when you walk into aretailer. If you#39;re not sure where to start in the process, note the techniques listed below for finding theperfect shoe for your needs.现在鞋的品牌实在太多了,以至于有时候走进鞋店,都很难知道应该从何下手挑选。如果你在买鞋过程中不知道该怎么开始挑选,那么请注意一些下面讲述的技巧,关于怎样挑选一双满足你需要的好鞋。Find Your Foot Type:了解自己的脚的类型Figure out how you run (outside of your foot, outside to inside, or straight down the middle). The easiestway to determine how you run is to look at an old pair of running shoes. If the shoe is worn on the outside ofthe heel and rolls inward excessively, you have a pronated foot type - the majority of the population (60%)fits into this category. You#39;re more likely to have this foot type if you are flat footed.判断跑步的方式(脚外旋呈八字形,由外旋到内旋,或者两脚平直)判断你跑步方式最容易的方法就是看你的就运动鞋磨损的情况。如果你的鞋总是在脚后跟的外侧受力,然后被过度的磨损,那就说明你是内旋脚——大多数人(60%)的脚都是这样。如果你一般是慢跑的话就更有可能是内旋脚这种脚型。If you have high arches, your foot is rigid and doesn#39;t pronate (roll inward) so there is not an effective shockabsorber. Roughly 30% of the population has high-arched or supinated foot types.如果你的脚弓的高,还比较僵硬,并不内旋(朝里旋),那就没法有效的吸振。大约有30%的人是高足的或者内翻型高足的脚型。If you land on the outside of your heel and roll inward slightly to absorb shock, you are of normal weight, youare considered the most sound (biomechanically) runner. Only about 10% of the population hasneutral/ideal feet.如果你是脚跟外翻着地,然后脚尖轻微朝里来吸振的话,那么你就是正常足。那你就是大多数人认为的(生物力学上的)的高效跑步者。只有10%的人能拥有这样的中型/完美的脚型。Tips for Your Trip to the Shoe Store: Examine your old shoes for t wear. Socks are important. Wear your running socks when you try on. If your feet are different sizes, buy for the larger one. Shoes with better breathability will help curb sweating. Grooves in the sole offer more flexibility. Flat feet need support rather than flexibility. If you tend to overpronate, look for shoes that will lace higher up so you can better customize the fit of theshoe. Shoe should feel comfortable right way - they don#39;t need to be broken in.鞋店购鞋过程之小建议检查你旧鞋的脚底胎面的磨损袜子很重要。试鞋的时候记得穿上你的运动袜如果你的脚大小不一致,那就买大脚适合的鞋子鞋的通透性较好的话有利于减少出汗鞋底的凹槽有利于增加灵活性平足更注重对脚的撑而非灵活性如果你是过度内旋的话,那就找一双可以系紧点的鞋,因此你最好定制一双合适的鞋。鞋子必须一穿上就给你你舒适的当的感觉——不需要你去适应它。When to Buy New Running Shoes: Look at the soles. If they are worn out or very unevenly worn it is time for a new pair. If you#39;ve traveled roughly 400-500 miles on your tmill or it#39;s been six months, it is time for a new pair.Remember, if you are wearing your shoes for other activities, those miles count too!什么时候去买一双新的运动鞋呢?看鞋底,如果他们已经被磨损严重,穿起来有点不平衡了,就该换双新鞋了。如果你在跑步机上大概已经跑了400—500英里或者是已经穿了六个月,那也应该买双新的了。记住,如果你参加别的活动也穿了这双鞋,那那些路程也要算上。What questions should the salespeople ask How long have you been running How much mileage are you doing per week Are you training for a particular event Where do you do most of your running How much do you weigh Are you aware of any foot problems售卖员应该询问哪些问题呢你跑步时间为多长?你每周大概跑几英里?你是接受特殊的培训吗?你一般在哪里跑步?你体重多少??Simple solutions will get your running. The more you know about your feet and what activities you will bepartaking in, the more prepared you will be to find the right pair of shoes. Shoes are important for the healthof your feet, but for the rest of your bones and joints as well.轻松解决跑步中的问题。你越了解你的脚和你参与的运动,你准备的越充分,你就越容易找到一双适合你的鞋,鞋不仅对你脚的健康十分重要 ,对你的骨头和关节也同样重要。Robb Ksiazek is an author and web publisher writing about mind, body, and soul for Body-Mass-Index-4U.com. He believes that our bodies have the power to heal themselves, we just need to allow them.Robb Ksiazek是一个关于思想、身体、Body-Mass-Index-4U.com网页精神的作家兼网络出版商,他相信我们的身体有自疗的功能,我们只需要允许他们去做就好了。 /201407/310080赣州仁济网上预约赣州仁济医院无痛人流好吗



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