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上饶德兴市吸脂多少钱上饶胎记医院Part Preparing sea第部分 备航1.Close and secure hatch covers sea.1.关紧舱盖以备航.Lash and secure goods sea..系固货物以备航3.Close and secure bow doors.3.关紧前门.Fold and secure bow ramp..收紧艏跳5.Side ramp folded and secured.5.边跳已收紧6.Lower and secure derricks sea.6.收妥吊杆以备航7.Check lashings and securing and report.7.检查系固措施和安全措施并报告 3699玉山县妇幼保健人民中医院去除狐臭多少钱 Are Beijingers Getting Snowed About Who Makes The Weather?When Beijing residents were surprised and delighted by rare snowfall earlier this month, the Beijing Weather Modification Office took http://blogs.wsj.com/chinarealtime//11/02/beijing-snow-man-made-in-china/ credit. But when Beijing was blanketed with more heavy snow this week, causing massive traffic disruptions and flight delays, they denied involvement. Could it be that Beijing's vaunted mastery of the weather is not as complete as it's sometimes cracked up to be?Despite cold winters, snow is rare in this notoriously dry city - especially in early November. When Beijingers woke up to find massive snow out their windows two Sundays ago, the Beijing Weather Modification Office boasted of its role in bringing it about. 'We won't miss any opportunity of artificial precipitation since Beijing is suffering from the lingering drought,' Zhang Qiang, head of the modification office, told http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/-11/01/content_12367931.htm Xinhua. The office had enhanced what would otherwise have been light snow by firing 186 doses of silver iodide into the clouds to catalyze the precipitation process, she explained.Then, when heavy snowfall returned this past Monday, the China Daily cited an unnamed official at the Weather Modification Office saying the snow was also artificially induced, but offered no further information http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/china/-11/11/content_8946435.htm .On Thursday, the city was once again hit with snow. Indeed, it has been snowing on and off all week across much of northern China, with some cities seeing the heaviest snow in over 50 years, according to Xinhua. Premier Wen Jiabao spent Thursday traveling the region by train to inspect the damage http://english.china.com/zh_cn/news/china/11020307/1112/15699681.html .We called the Beijing Weather Modification Office to ask if the latest snow was its doing. This time, an official at the office said they hadn't induced snowfall on Monday or on Thursday. They had indeed induced snow two weeks ago, he said, but only to conduct tests in a very small area.The Weather Modification Office has become a source of much fascination, if little understanding, since it supposedly engineered nice weather during the Beijing Olympics last year. Local residents regularly attribute heavy rain and other weather phenomena to the office's machinations, not least because officials from the office have sometimes been reported by local media taking credit following incidents of odd weather. If skies are especially clear in Beijing, rumors circulate that it is because an important official is in town. This time, the rumor is that the snowfall has something to do with U.S. President Obama's visit next week.Recent weather in Beijing has indeed been odd. But anywhere else in the world, people just shrug at odd weather. In Beijing they assume the government is manipulating Mother Nature. After this week, perhaps some will view the claims about the Weather Modification Office more skeptically. /11/89424上饶玉山县自体脂肪填充多少钱

上饶万年县去除川字纹手术多少钱A:May I help you?我可以帮您吗?B:Yes, please. Can I exchange money here?是的,麻烦你我可以在这里兑换外币吗?A:Here we can exchange HKD, USD and Euros. Which do you require?我们可以兑换港币、美元和欧元您需要哪一种?B:To be honest, I really wanted to exchange my GBP, but I suppose USD will be fine. I have some and I just need a little local currency expenses. Could you tell me what the rate is like today?说实话,我真的想兑换我的英镑,但是我想美元也可以我有一些美元,而我只需要一点儿本地货币来应付日常开销你能告诉我今天的汇率是多少吗?A:At the moment it 830.3 RMB 0 USD, which is a pretty good rate.在0美元兑换830.3元人民币,是相当不错的汇率B:OK, that sounds fine. I think 0 USD worth of RMB should be plenty, thanks.好吧,好像还不错我想换0美元的人民币应该足够了,谢谢 5866上饶婺源县彩光祛痘多少钱 上饶市中医院激光祛痘手术多少钱

上饶韩美医院光子脱毛多少钱Price is turning high(low)价格上涨(下跌)Price is high(low)价格高(低)Price is rising (falling)价格上升(下降)Price is up (down)价格上涨(下跌)Price is looking up.价格看涨Price has skyrocketed.价格猛涨,Price has shot up.价格飞涨Price has risen perpendicularly.价格直线上升Price has risen in a spiral.价格螺旋上升Price has hiked.价格急剧抬高Your price is on the high side.你方价格偏高Price has advanced.价格已上涨The goods are priced too high.货物定价太高Your price is rather stiff.你方价格相当高Price is leveling off.价格趋平Your price is prohibitive.你方价格高得令人望而却步The Japanese yen is strengthening.日圆坚挺The U.S. Dollar is weakening.美圆疲软Your price is much higher than the price from U.K. France and Germany.你方价格比英、法、德的都高Since the prices of the raw materials have been raised, Im afraid that we have to adjust the prices of our products accordingly.由于原材料价格上涨,我们不得不对产品的价格做相应的调整Your price is 0mt, twice of the other countries.你们每公吨500美圆的价格是其他国家的两倍Is it possible you to raise (lift) the price by 5%?你们能否把价格提高5%?Words and Phrases外贸口语词汇ceiling price最高价,顶价maximum price最高价minimum price最低价average price平均价格base price底价rockbottom price最低价bedrock price最低价 3730 Part Women Problems第十二部分 妇女病What the matter with you?你有什么不舒? the last two or three weeks在过去的两三周内,Ive been getting real bad pains in one of my breasts.我的一个乳房很痛.Im afraid there is something wrong with it.我担心会有什么毛病.There seems to be some sort of a lump.这里看来有个硬块.I have very bad period pains every month.每次月经来,我都痛得要命.Is your period heavy or light? 来月经时,量多还是少?It always very heavy总是很多的.And how long does it last?经期多长?Eight or ten days.My face always goes very pale8到天,月经一来,and I cant concentrate on work because of the pain.因为痛经,脸色总是苍白,无法专心工作.Ill give you some Chinese medicine to relieve your pains.我给你开些止痛的中药.Dont eat very hot or cold food,不要吃很烫的和冷的食物and keep off stimulating foods such as sour or spicy food.也不要吃诸如酸的和辣的等刺激性的食物 66上饶上饶县开个眼角多少钱上饶韩美医院毛发移植多少钱



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