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Now, lets take all this information together and ask:现在,综合以上所有信息,我们要问一个问题:How can we use it to transmit a memory that I have from my brain to your brains?我们该如何利用它,把我大脑中的记忆传送到你们的大脑中呢?So we did the following experiment.我们做了下列实验。We let people watch, for the first time in their life,我们在受测者首次观看a TV episode from the B series ;Sherlock,; while we scanned their brains.英国国家广播公司的“神探夏洛克”电视节目时,扫描他们的脑部。And then we asked them to go back to the scanner and tell the story to another person that never watched the movie.然后我们让他们回到扫描仪前把故事讲给另一个从没看过这部电影的人听。So lets be specific.具体来说,Think about this exact scene, when Sherlock is entering the cab in London driven by the murderer he is looking for.想象一下这个场景:福尔斯坐进了伦敦的一辆出租车,而司机正是他寻找的凶手。With me, as a viewer, there is a specific brain pattern in my brain when I watch it.对我而言,做为一个观众,当我观看时,脑中有种特定的图像。Now, the exact same pattern, I can reactivate in my brain again by telling the word: Sherlock, London, murderer.现在,透过讲述下列几个词语,我的脑中再度激发出同样的图像:福尔斯、伦敦、凶手。And when Im transmitting these words to your brains now, you have to reconstruct it in your mind.当我把这些字汇传至你的大脑时,你必须在你的大脑里重建图像。In fact, we see that pattern emerging now in your brains.事实上,我们看到那些图像正在你脑中涌现。And we were really surprised to see that the pattern you have now in your brains我们当时相当惊讶,在我描述的时候,when Im describing to you these scenes would be very similar你的脑波跟我几个月前to the pattern I had when I watched this movie a few months ago in the scanner.看那部片子时被扫描机扫到的脑波非常相似。This starts to tell you about the mechanism by which we can tell stories and transmit information.这正是我们说故事和传递信息时的机制。Because, for example, now youre listening really hard and trying to understand what Im saying.因为,举个例子来说,此刻你们听得很辛苦,尝试想要理解我所说的话,And I know that its not easy.我知道那并不容易。But I hope that at one point in the talk we clicked, and you got me.但我希望在某个顿悟点,我们同步了,你理解我所说的话了。201610/469940This will be a win-win for our companies and for our workers.这对我们的企业和我们的员工都将是双赢的。Lets buy American and hire American. Lets create jobs in America.让我们购买美国的产品,雇佣美国人。让我们在美国创造就业岗位。Lets imagine new industries. And lets build a beautiful future together.让我们畅想新产业。让我们一起打造美好的未来。Among the workers building B-24 bombers at the Willow Run plant during World War II was one tough lady.二战期间在Willow Run工厂生产B-24轰炸机的工人中,有个女强人。You might have heard of her: they called her Rosie the Riveter.你可能听说过她:他们叫她;铆工露丝;。And when Rosies country called her, she answered the call.当露丝的国家召唤她,她回应了这样的呼吁。Rosie was famous for her toughness and her strength - and for the words that were emblazoned above her famous image.露丝因为她的坚韧和能力而著名--也因装饰她著名照片的话语而著名。It said very simply: ;We can do it.;话很简洁:;我们能做到的。;If Americans unite, and find again within our nation the soul of Rosie and the spirit of Jackson如果美国团结起来,并在我们国家再次找到露丝的灵魂和杰克逊的精神I have no doubt that we can do it, and do it like never before.我毫无疑问我们能做到的,就像以前做的那样。Thank you. Enjoy your week.谢谢大家。周末快乐。201704/503925

【中文这样说】为什么不拿一个驾照呢?【英文对比翻译】Chinese Style——Why don’t you take a driving license?American Style— Why don’t you get a driving license? /200604/6388

6. Be a good sport. 做个有风度的人。 用法透视 这个句子引申自"有运动家风度"。用来劝人要有雅量。 持范例 1. Be a good sport and help me with this problem. 做个有风度的人,来帮我解决这个问题。 2. Come on. Be a good sport. You just lost a race. 算了。做个有风度的人。你不过输了场比赛。 3. You've been a good sport to laugh at the trick we played on you. 你真是个有雅量的人,对我们的恶作剧一笑置之。 会话记忆 A: You are not being a good sport about this. 你在这件事上没有风度。 B: That's because you cheated. 那是因为你作弊。 A: I never cheat. 我从来不作弊。 B: Yes, you do. 有的,你有 /200705/13028Now, 21 billion hours, its a lot of time.现在看起来,两百一十亿个小时是很多时间。Its so much time, in fact, that the number one unsolicited comment that I have heard from people all over the world真的是很多时间。事实上,我看到的最多的来自世界各地的since I gave that talk, is this: Jane, games are great and all,自从我做完那个演讲是:Jane, 游戏是好东西,but on your deathbed, are you really going to wish you spent more time playing Angry Birds?但是在你临终前,你真的希望你这一生应该花更多的时间打愤怒的小鸟么?This idea is so pervasive — that games are a waste of time that we will come to regret打游戏就是浪费生命是普遍存在的想法。我们最终都会后悔,that I hear it literally everywhere I go.这是我确实到处都能听到的。For example, true story: Just a few weeks ago, this cab driver,例如,有一个真故事:就在几个星期前,这个出租车驾驶员,upon finding out that a friend and I were in town for a game developers conference,得知我和我的一个朋友是来参加一个游戏设计的会议,turned around and said — and I e — ;I hate games. Waste of life.他转过头对我们说 “我讨厌打游戏,那是浪费生命。Imagine getting to the end of your life and regretting all that time.;想一想到生命尽头的时候会后悔浪费掉的时间。”Now, I want to take this problem seriously.现在,我想要认真的对待这个问题。I want games to be a force for good in the world.我的意思是,我想让游戏成为这个世界上好的影响力。I dont want gamers to regret the time they spent playing, time that I encouraged them to spend.我不希望游戏玩家后悔他们花在玩游戏上的时间,那都是我鼓励他们花的时间。So I have been thinking about this question a lot lately.因此我最近一直在想这个问题。When were on our deathbeds, will we regret the time we spent playing games?当我们在临终前上,我们会后悔我们花在打游戏上的时间吗?Now, this may surprise you, but it turns out there is actually some scientific research on this question. Its true.现在这个可能会使你吃惊,但是在这个问题上确实有过一些科学的研究。Hospice workers, the people who take care of us at the end of our lives,善终医院的工作人员,照顾我们走完生命最后一程的人,recently issued a report on the most frequently expressed regrets that people say when they are literally on their deathbeds.最近发表了一个报告是关于最常听到临终的遗憾。的确是人们在临终床上说的。And thats what I want to share with you today — the top five regrets of the dying.今天我想跟你们分享的是排前五位的临终遗憾。201706/512901美国人每天说的话(日常俚语) 02 /200707/15384

VOA流行美语 147: To crack somebody up/Fess upLarry和李华刚刚看完Robin Williams主演的一部新的喜剧片。两人正准备离开戏院。今天李华会学到两个常用语:to crack somebody up和fess up.LL: That was great! Robin Williams really cracks me up!LH: 这部电影真的很有意思。我都笑得快流出眼泪了。对了,你刚才说crack me up,crack不是破裂,裂开的意思吗?这和好不好笑有什么关系?LL: If something or someone cracks you up, it means that it makes you laugh.LH: 噢,crack you up就是让你发笑啊?你是说Robin Williams很好笑,我完全同意。我特别喜欢看他演的电影。特别是演喜剧片,每次都会让我笑得肚子疼!LL: You know what else cracks me up?LH: 还有什么事情让你觉得好笑啊?我猜不出来耶!LL: That joke that you told me yesterday.LH: 我昨天告诉你的笑话?对,那个笑话谁听了都笑个没完。LL: After you told me the joke, I shared it with my friend, John. It really cracked him up, too. He was laughing so hard that I thought he was going to have a heart attack.LH: 你的朋友John笑得那么厉害,你还以为他要发心脏病!那他肯定是个爱笑的人。说到爱笑,我就是一个。我邻居那只猫经常让我笑。LL: Why? What does it do? Tell you jokes?LH: 哎哟,猫哪会讲笑话呐! 那只猫经常爱玩自己的尾巴。那天它在沙发上为了玩自己的尾巴,不小心从沙发上摔下来,那个模样真是逗! That really cracks me up!LL: That is cute. Animals crack me up, too. They do all kinds of silly things.LH: 没错,很多小动物都好可爱,常常有一些特别好笑的举动。我就准备养一只宠物。LL: Now, that idea cracks me up. You don't know how to take care of a pet!LH: 哼!我想养小动物,有什么好笑?很多东西我都可以学嘛!******LL: Li Hua, you look like there's something you want to tell me. Come on, fess up.LH: 我是有事情想告诉你,不过你先解释一下,什么是fess up啊?LL: To fess up is to confess or admit something.LH: 原来,fess up就是承认,坦白的意思。好吧!那我说了。你还记不记得我说过想养一只宠物?我去了流浪动物收容所,而且还领养了一只小猫咪!LL: That's great! But does your landlord know you have a pet now?LH: 嗯,这就是我在担心的地方,我还不敢告诉我的房东。我怕他知道我在屋子里养猫,他会生气。LL: Why? Aren't you allowed to have pets in your apartment?LH: 嗯,其实...LL: Come on, fess up.LH: 我们是可以在公寓里养宠物,但是我们应该先征求房东的同意后才可以。LL: And you didn't ask the landlord first, did you?LH: 没有耶,我没有先征询过他的意见,所以我现在才会担心嘛!LL: Well, you'd better fess up to him soon. It's better if he finds out from you. Otherwise, you seem dishonest.LH: 你说的没错,要是被他发现我先斩后奏,他说不定会把我踢出去呢!我想我今天下午就会告诉他,希望他答应让我保留我的小猫咪! I'll fess up to him today!今天李华学到两个常用语:to crack somebody up,意思就是让某人发笑。另一个常用语是fess up,也就是坦白,承认的意思。 /200602/3367

乐宁外教口语天天练No.70"T.G.I.F", every one must be very happy today ."T.G.I.F" 意指Thank God It’s Friday."T.G.I.F", every one must be very happy today .译文 : 每个人都很开心,因为今天是周五。谢谢收听,明天继续^^ /200611/9634点击此处下载音频大家好!欢迎光临广播学口语!这里是Andy老师,欢迎你们的加盟。这次我们接着讲一些英语中有关船的俚语--船浆的俚语。(音乐)船浆是早期的船只前进的动力。所以,;pull a strong oar;表面的意思是用力划浆。在俚语中引申为;起到强有力的作用;。 A manrsquo;s wife always pulls a pretty strong oar(.一个男人的妻子总是起着相当有力的作用。)怪不得人们说一个成功男人的背后总有一个贤慧的妻子。在公司里,领导者的地位是举足轻重的,虽然他们看似轻闲。he pulls a strong oar in making a decision.他却在决策方面起着重要的作用。所以有一个英明的决策者,公司才有希望,不然就会群龙无首,只能是一盘散沙。(音乐);pull a strong oar;的意思是;起到强有力的作用;。而;rest on onersquo;s oars;不再划浆就意味着;松懈。安于现状。不求进取;。我们知道逆水行舟,不进则退。So if you want to make progress, you canrsquo;t rest on your oars.(所以如果想要取得进步。你就不难松懈。) 在工作上,也是如此。If we expect to finish it in time, we canrsquo;t rest on our oars.(如果我们想及时完成我们的任务,那我们就不能够松懈。)(音乐)关于船浆,我们就介绍到这里:(1)A manrsquo;s wife always pulls a pretty strong oar.一个男人的妻子总是起着相当有力的作用(2)If we expect to finish it in time, we canrsquo;t rest on our oars.如果我们想及时完成我们的任务,那我们就不能够松懈。See you!When a movement includes in its discourse language around gender equality,当一个运动在其议题中包含性别平等时it increases dramatically the chances it will adopt nonviolence, and thus, the likelihood it will succeed.它采取非暴力的几率戏剧性增长,如此一来,它成功的可能性也相应增长The research squared up with my own documentation of political organizing in Israel and Palestine.这项研究和我自己对巴以政治组织的记录结论不谋而合Ive noticed that movements which welcome women into leadership positions,我注意到那些欢迎女性进入领导层的运动such as the one I documented in a village called Budrus, were much more likely to achieve their goals.比如我在一个叫做Budrus的村子记录的一个例子,就非常容易实现他们的目标This village was under a real threat of being wiped off the map when Israel started building the separation barrier.当以色列开始修建隔离墙的时候,这个村子面临这被从地图上抹去的切实危险The proposed route would require the destruction of this communitys olive groves, their cemeteries原定的(隔离墙)路线会摧毁这个社区的橄榄园、他们的墓地and would ultimately close the village from all sides.还会将这个村子从各个方向上完全隔离开来Through inspired local leadership, they launched a nonviolent resistance campaign to stop that from happening.通过富有灵感的当地领导,他们发起了一项旨在组织毁灭发生的抵抗运动The odds were massively stacked against them. But they had a secret weapon:形势对他们很不利。但他们有一件秘密武器:a 15-year-old girl who courageously jumped in front of a bulldozer一个15岁的女孩,她曾勇敢地跳到一辆推土机前which was about to uproot an olive tree, stopping it.阻止了它去推倒一颗橄榄树In that moment, the community of Budrus realized what was possible在那一刻,Budrus的居民们意识到是有可能的if they welcomed and encouraged women to participate in public life.如果他们欢迎并鼓励女人参与到公共生活中去And so it was that the women of Budrus went to the front lines day after day,也正是Budrus的女人们日复一日地到前线using their creativity and acumen to overcome multiple obstacles they faced in a 10-month unarmed struggle.发挥她们的创造性和敏锐性,以克她们在为期10个月的非武装斗争中面临的众多障碍And as you can probably tell at this point, they win at the end.正如你可以想见的那样,她们最终赢了。201704/506053

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