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1 American IntonationThe American Speech MusicWhat to Do with Your Mouth to Sound AmericanOne of the main differences between the way an American talks and the way the rest of the world talks is that we dont really move our lips.(So, when an American says, ;Read my lips!; what does he really mean?)We create most of our sounds in the throat, using our tongue very actively.If you hold your fingers over your lips or clench your jaws when you practice speaking American English,you will find yourself much closer to native-sounding speech than if you try to pronounce every ... single ... sound ... very ... carefully.If you can relate American English to music, remember that the indigenous music is jazz.Listen to their speech music, and you will hear that Americans have a melodic, jazzy way of producing sounds.Imagine the sound of a cello when you say, Beddy bada bida beader budder (Betty bought a bit of better butter)and youll be close to the native way of saying it.Because most Americans came from somewhere else, American English reflects the accent contributions of many lands.The speech music has become much more exaggerated than British English, developing a strong and distinctive intonation.If you use this intonation, not only will you be easier to understand, but you will sound much more confident, dynamic, and persuasive.Intonation, or speech music, is the sound that you hear when a conversation is too far away to be clearly audible but close enough for you to tell the nationality of the speakers.The American intonation dictates liaisons and pronunciation, and it indicates mood and meaning.Without intonation, your speech would be flat, mechanical, and very confusing for your listener.What is the American intonation pattern?How is it different from other languages?Foa egzampuru, eefu you hea ah Jahpahneezu pahsohn speakingu Ingurishu, the sound would be very choppy, mechanical, and unemotional to an American.Za sem vey vis Cheuman pipples, it sounds too stiff.A mahn frohm Paree ohn zee ahzer ahnd, eez intonashon goes up at zee end ov evree sentence,and has such a strong intonation that he sounds romantic and highly emotional,but this may not be appropriate for a lecture or a business meeting in English.American Intonation Dos and DontsDo Not Speak Word by WordBob is on the phone.If you speak word by word, as many people who learned ;printed; English do, youll end upsounding mechanical and foreign.You may have noticed the same thing happens in your own language:When someone s a speech, even a native speaker, it sounds stiff and stilted, quite different from a normal conversational tone.Connect words to form sound groups.This is where youre going to start doing something completely different than what you have done in your previous English studies.This part is the most difficult for many people because it goes against everything theyve been taught.Instead of thinking of each word as a unit, think of sound units.These sound units may or may not correspond to a word written on a page.Native speakers dont sayBob is on the phone,but say[b戀椀稀渀 the foun].Sound units make a sentence flow smoothly, like peanut butter— never really ending and never really starting, just flowing along.Even chunky peanut butter is acceptable.So long as you dont try to put plain peanuts directly onto your b, youll be OK.Use staircase intonation.Let those sound groups floating on the wavy river in the figure flow downhill and youll get the staircase.Staircase intonation not only gives you that American sound, it also makes you sound much more confident.Not every American uses the downward staircase.A certain segment of the population uses rising staircases— generally, teenagers on their way to a shopping mall:;Hi, my name is Tiffany.I live in La Canada. Im on the pep squad.;What Exactly Is Staircase Intonation?In saying your words, imagine that they come out as if they were bounding lightly down a flight of stairs.Every so often, one jumps up to another level, and then starts down again.Americans tend to stretch out their sounds longer than you may think is natural.So to lengthen your vowel sounds, put them on two stairsteps instead of just one.Instead of ;Were here; say ;We are here;.The sound of an American speaking a foreign language is very distinctive, because we double sounds that should be single.For example, in Japanese or Spanish, the wordnois, to our ear, clipped or abbreviatednoin standard American.noouWhen you have a word ending in an unvoiced consonant— one that you ;whisper; you will notice that the preceding vowel is said quite quickly, and on a single stairstep.When a word ends in a vowel or a voiced consonant— one that you ;say; the preceding vowel is said more slowly, and on a double stairstep.Unvoiced seat Voiced seedThere are two main consequences of not doubling the second category of words:Either your listener will hear the wrong word, or even worse, you will always sound upset.Consider that the words curt, short, terse, abrupt, and clipped all literally mean short.When applied to a person or to language, they take on the meaning of upset or rude.For example, in the expressions ;His curt reply ...,;;Her terse response... or ;He was very short with me;all indicate a less than sunny situation. /201508/394995We can maybe fit you in at 3. 我们或许会把您安排在3点。例句:fit sb in (即使有很多别的事情要做,也要尽量)想办法挤出时间见某人The doctor said he could fit me in at 4:30.医生说他能想办法把我安排到4点半。The manager can fit you in at 2 oclock this afternoon.今天下午两点经理能挤出时间见你。A:I need to see the doctor.我要看医生。B:Do you have an appointment?You need one.您预约了吗?您需要预约。A:No,I dont.没有,我没有预约。B:Sorry,but the doctor doesnt see anyone without an appointment.对不起,但是医生不看没有预约的病人。A:Im just spending my vacation here.I live in another city and I have a painful stomachache right now.我是来这儿度假的。我住在另一个城市,我现在胃痛。B:Oh,I see..We can maybe fit you in at 3.我知道了。我们或许会把您安排在三点。A:Please!I need to see him as soon as possible.If you make me wait for even another 30 minutes.I think Ill faint from this unbearable pain in my stomach.I want to throw up.求您了,我得尽快看医生。如果我再等30分钟。我会因为受不了胃痛晕倒的。我想吐。B:Why didnt you say its an emergency?Here,fill out this form and take a seat.Ill send you in next.您为什么不说是急诊呢?来,把这张表填好,然后坐下。我给您安排下一个看病。背景音乐:Could write a book更多英语资讯欢迎关注微信公众号 SmethilyFM(注意:“S”“FM”均为大写) /201704/504494

Language PointsIt sounded like cats jumping off the Empire State Building.Im going to reach out with a hook if you dont shut up.That was extraordinary. Unfortunately, extraordinary bad!You have just invented a new form of torture.If you had lived 2,000 years ago and sung like that, I think they would have stoned you.Theres only so much punishment a human can take. I cant take anymore.You killed my favorite.It is a beautiful song when youre not singing it. /201608/455862

How much money can I save? 我能省多少钱?例句:A:Good morning.早上好。B:Good morning.I need three adult tickets and four child tickets.I also need two senior tickets.早上好。我需要三张成人票和四张儿童票,我还需要两张老年票。A:Did you know that you qualify for a group discount?您知道你们有资格享受团体优惠吗?B:Oh,yeah?How much money can I save?是吗?我能省多少钱?A:Youll be saving .您能省17美元。B:Great.Ill take the group package.How much do I owe you?太好了。我们要这个团体套票。我应该给你多少钱?A:67美元。更多英语资讯欢迎关注微信公众号 SmethilyFM(注意:“S”“FM”均为大写)0 /201703/498723

讲解文本:night person 夜猫子,习惯熬夜的人Jack is a night person, he stays up very late every night.Jack是个夜猫子,他每天都熬夜。I dont mind the night shift. Im a night person anyway.我并不在乎上晚班,反正我是夜猫子。疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201610/472643

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