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2019年10月17日 03:10:44 | 作者:挂号频道 | 来源:新华社
简介: He’s got a chip on his shoulder.chip on his shoulder 意为 to carry a grudge, or to prove people wrong.译文:他心怀嫉妒。 /200701/9995Oh, Mr. President, I think I want to use you in a TV ad. Thank you for that kind introduction.Good morning, everyone. Thank you, President Cost, JU Faculty, the Board of Trustees and staff for this distinguished opportunity. As the mayor of Jacksonville, you could imagine over the course of the last year, Ive given numerous speeches, but this is my first commencement speech, so I can tell you that the nerves were in full effect right now. And, I couldnt be more honored than to share this memory with the JU Dolphins. Congratulations, graduates, parents, loved ones and educators.As in most well-constructed speeches, one should always begin with a purpose. ;Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life.; Now, youve heard and seen this lyric on your television sets and in your newspapers over the course of the last week with the death of music legend Prince. However, today, his message of life is most fitting for this occasion, and that is very simple: live your life.Throughout today, youre going to receive a great deal of advice from educators, faculty, friends, family, and a whole lot of different people, including your commencement speaker. The truth is: You wont remember most much of this. In fact, youll forget most of it, most of us that have been to this dont remember who our commencement speaker was, what the speech was. But I appeal to you: Im going to share with you over the next few minutes, but just for these couple of minutes, these few seconds, if theres nothing you remember from today, remember this: You only get to do ;this thing called life; once time. And the older you get, you will realize there are no do-overs. Live your life with the motto ;YOLO; – You Only Live Once.So, hear me on this. People will try to define you; they will try to tell you where you should go, and what you should be. Your circumstances will try to define you at some point in your life. Reject them.If the journey youre beginning today is not your own, if its a path someone else has suggested you travel, if youre doing this for some reason, its not of your choosing – that does not evoke passion – my advice to you is very clear and this may upset some of the parents here. Choose your road, walk your path, that is to say, flip it all upside down today if you have to. Follow your passion in your dreams, do not live anyone elses version of your life and never let your circumstances define you.I remember being your age and Id like to think that it wasnt that long ago, I believed that I could chase any dream and become anything and go anywhere. I hope you believe that today. And if you dont, find that belief, because what you believe about yourself will absolutely define what life gives you. I hope the personal story that I share here with you today will reinforce the importance of living your life and pursuing your dreams.201605/444444

美国成语俗语教程录音 Lesson73-80暂无文本 /200606/7819

Thats appropriate because its a sunday这很合适 因为今天是礼拜日I see some moms and grandmas here, aunts我看到这里有一些母亲 祖母 姑妈In their sunday best 盛装出席Although they are upset about their hair getting messed up只是她们都很讨厌头发被淋乱Michelle would not be sitting in the rain(我夫人)米歇尔不会坐在雨中She has taught me about hair她总跟我讲发型的重要性I want to congratulate all of you the parents我想祝贺你们所有人 父母们The grandparents, the brothers and sisters祖父母们 兄弟们The family and friends who supported these young men in so many ways以各种方式持这些年轻人的亲友们This is your day, as well今天也是你们的节日Just think about it your sons, your brothers, your nephews 想想 你的儿子 你的兄弟 你的侄子They spent the last four years far from home他们过去四年远离老家And close to spelman, and yet they are still here today靠近斯贝曼 而今天他们仍在这里So youve done something right你们肯定做了一些正确的事Graduates, give a big round of applause to your family毕业生们 将热烈掌声致予你们的家人For everything that theyve done for you感谢他们对你的奉献I know that some of you had to wait in long lines to get into todays ceremony我知道 你们很多人排了很长的队才来到今天的典礼201604/435613

The whole time he was talking to me,整个谈话期间I sat there smiling and nodding like a numb idiot,我麻木的像个傻子。with my arms crossed over my chest,双手交叉在胸前,while nothing, nothing, nothing came out of my throat.不住地微笑和点头,却一句话都不说,So in the end, he patted me on the shoulder like a swim coach might.最后他像一个游泳教练一样 拍了拍我的肩膀。And he wished me luck and he gave me some free books他祝我好运,送了我几本免费的书and he showed me out the door.请我出去了。Next, they took me to the offices of W.W. Norton, W.W.接下来他们让我去诺顿的办公室,where I was pretty sure Id be escorted from the building just for wearing Doc Martens.我以为穿了马腾斯士靴的我一定会有人陪同一起过去。But that didnt happen.但是并没有人陪我。Being at the Norton offices felt like reaching up into the night sky and touching the moon在诺顿的办公室里就像身处洪荒,摘星揽月while the stars stitched your name across the cosmos.群星闪烁,在无尽的宇宙中编织着我的名字。I mean, thats how big a deal it was to me.这是我人生中多么重大的一件事啊。You get it?你明白了么?Their lead editor, Carol Houck Smith,他们的主编,卡罗尔·霍克史密斯,leaned over right in my face with these beady, bright, fierce eyes and said,靠在我面前,闪烁着有神,明亮,犀利的目光跟我说:;Well, send me something then, immediately!;“寄给我你的一些作品,马上!”See, now most people, especially TED people, would have run to the mailbox, right?大部分人,尤其是来能TED的人马上会去寄,对吧?It took me over a decade to even imagine putting something in an envelope and licking a stamp.而我花了很久的时间来思考要不要做这件事。201608/458800

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