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Food Revolution Day型男名厨奥利佛:世界食品改革日Imagine if you lived in a world, where more people died from diet related illness than any war, than any homicide or murders, or even drugs, alcohol and smoking combined, or where diabetes was the fastest growing cause of death in the world. Imagine if you lived in a world where diet related disease caused over two hundred billion in Health Care; in a world where food producers could get away with putting fillers and additives into your food without even telling you to make more money; with governments hands were tied, because of the power of large corporations, and with forty-three million children were obese, where they could be fed junk food everyday of their school life, and when they left school, they couldnt even identify basic fruit and vegetables. Imagine that!想像一下如果你活在一个世界上,在那儿跟战争相比、跟杀人或是谋杀相比,甚至跟毒品、酗酒和抽淤加在一起相比,有更多的人死于饮食相关的疾病,又或者在那个世界上糖尿病是成长最快的死亡原因。想像一下如果你活在一个世界上,饮食相关疾病造成超过二千亿的花费在健保上;活在一个世界上,食物制造商为了赚更多钱,可以在你的食物中放入食品填料及添加物,甚至没有告知你,而不用受罚;因为大型企业的力量,政府被绑手绑脚,而且还有四千三百万孩童过胖,每天在学校生活中被喂以垃圾食物,而离开学校时,他们甚至不能辨别基本的水果和蔬菜。想想看那是什么样子!Surely, its time to get real. Some people think so, because if you care, they have to care. The Los Angeles Unified School District removes flavored milk from six hundred and fifty thousand kids school meals every day.当然,是认清现实的时候了。有些人这样认为,因为如果你在乎,他们必须要在乎。洛杉矶统一学区将调味奶从六十五万个小朋友每天的学校餐点中移除。Fresh milk today! Happy day!今天喝鲜奶!快乐的一天!Both the USA and the UK legislate for higher nutritional standards for school food. McDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell and more companies every day remove ;pink slime; from their beef products.美国和英国都制定法律让学校食物有更高的营养标准。麦当劳、汉堡王、Taco bell和更多公司每天都把“粉红肉渣”从他们的牛肉产品中移除掉。;The solution is...; ;There isnt no easy solution.; ;It took us fifty years to get Christmas.; ;And its going to take us some time to get out of it.; ;Food Revolution Day!;“解决办法是...”“没有简单的办法。”“花了我们五十年得到圣诞节。”“将要花上我们一点时间走出来。”“食品改革日!”Oh, I havent got all the solutions, but if we all do it a little bit, then we can definitely make a difference. And you know what? Youre probably gonna have a really good time doing it too. So get stuck in! Go on! You can do it!噢,我并没有所有的解决之道,但如果我们全都付出一点心力,那么我们绝对可以做出改变。你知道吗?过程中你可能也会非常开心。所以全力以赴吧!开始进行吧!你可以的!So this is how it works: you go to an event, or even host one yourself, where you can pass your knowledge onto your friends, family or community.所以就这么进行:你去参加一个活动,或甚至自己办个活动,在那儿你可以把你的知识传达给你的朋友、家人或是社区。;But if everyone works together...; ;businesses and schools,; ;governments,; ;parents; ;and kids,; ;then nothing would stop us.;“但是如果每个人合作...”“企业和学校、”“政府、”“家长”“以及小孩,”“那么没有东西会阻挡我们。”If we all vote with our cash for real food, then the food industry would have to change. If weve got food education back into schools and communities, imagine that.如果我们都用我们的现金选择真正的食物,那么食品工业必须改变。如果我们把食品教育带回学校和社区里,想像一下那个样子。;High five!; ;May 19th.;“击掌一下!”“五月十九日”Lets take a stand, get involved on May the 19th. Be a part of the Global Food Revolution Day.让我们表达自己的立场,实际参与,五月十九日。成为世界食品改革日的一份子。;Lets stand up for real food!; ;Food Revolution Day!;“持真正的食物!”“食品改革日!”201506/379838lt was difficult to believe that they were Motown artists,很难想象他们是城旗下的歌手because they were just kids.因为他们只是孩子lt was as if they had some kind of stardust rub off on them彷佛突然受到青睐because, you know, they were becoming close to Berry Gordy,他们跟贝瑞热络起来Diana Ross, and to all of my idols.还有黛安娜·罗丝 所有我的偶像When l wrote Whos lovin You, l was, you know, in my early 20s.我写Whos Lovin You时才20出头But at least, at that point, l had had a chance to experience但至少那时我已经算是有一些some life and some love.人生历练了l was married. l got married when l was 19.我已经结婚了 我19岁就结婚了The subject matter of the song is like a person歌曲主题是一个人who has somebody who really loves them.拥有别人的爱And yet they dont appreciate it. They do the person wrong.但那个人却不懂得珍惜 还对不起对方The first time l heard smokeys Whos lovin You,我第一次听到史基的 Whos Lovin You时my assistant was playing it and its one of those,我的助理放给我听的 那首歌的感觉oh, party, red-light, basement-type, you know, up on it.有种荒唐靡烂的氛围But when Michael got ahold to it,但迈克尔听到后and Bobby Taylor infused him up with that funk,鲍比·泰勒又对他灌输了情感与节奏的唱法man, Michael put that soul in that song so deep, it was soulful.迈克尔将那首歌诠释出很深沉的情感 富有灵魂201509/396487Im Bear Grylls.我是贝尔·格里尔斯Im gonna show you what it takes to get out alive from some of the most dangerous places on earth.我将向您展示 如何从地球上 最危险的地带 逃出生天Ive got to make it through a week of challenges短短一周时间内我将身涉险境 面临生死考验in the sort of places you wouldnt last a day without the right survival skills.周遭炼狱 没有生存技巧 你命在旦夕 而我要设法突出重围Now Im in the Alaska,tackling treacherous glaciers.现在我身处阿拉斯加 穿梭于险恶的冰川中If that goes on us,its basically the weight of a car.如果它砸下来 大概是一辆车的重量Fighting my way across wild water pools.Squeeze my spuds, this is cold.挣扎着渡过汹涌的山涧 制造我的竹筏 这水真冷And taking to the high seas with some of the largest creatures on the planet.Now, thats coming fast.和世界上最大的生物 一起畅游公海 它正快速驶来Alaska is the largest states in the U.S.Over half and a million square miles wildness.阿拉斯加是美国最大的州 方圆150多万平方英里Its more remote and less-populated than anywhere in the states.它比其他州都更偏远 人口更稀少For adventurers like me,its truly the ;last frontier;.对于我这样的冒险家而言 这里是真正的;最后的荒野;Im being dropped deep into the wilderness by the Alaska air national guard.阿拉斯加空军正把我 带入这片荒蛮之地And these guys are part of one of the busiest search-and-rescue operations in the U.S.这帮人是美国最繁忙的 搜救小组之一Last year alone, they flew 68 victims,and saved over 50 lives.仅去年 他们就救出68人 挽救了五十多条生命With 30,000 square miles of permanent ice,winter snows of up to 40 foot,这里有三万平方英里的永久冰层 冬天积雪厚达40英尺and one of the largest populations of black and grizzly bears in the world,作为世界上最大的 黑熊和灰熊栖息地之一Alaska is the ultimate survival challenge.阿拉斯加是终极的荒野求生之地You dont want to get lost out here,but if you do,these are the guys who will be looking to get you out.你绝对不想在这里迷路 但万一你迷路了 这些家伙会把你救出来201604/436735You produce between two-three pints of urine every day,but most of us still pay little attention to our liquid waste.So,what does your pee say about you? And could it be a clear indicator of your bodys overall health?一个人每天的尿量约2-3品脱,但是大部分人对尿液毫不关心,尿液能够说明些什么呢?它是否能作为整体健康状况的指标物。Before you pee,the kidneys filter waster soluble waste by absorbing the nutrients it needs to keep,like sugar,back into your body,`and getting rid of the things your body doesnt want,like toxins.The liquid waste then flows to your bladder where it is stored until eventually being peed out.在尿尿前肾脏会过滤水溶物吸收保留所需的营养盐,如糖分,将其保留在体内,并且排出对身体不利物质,如毒素,然后这些废液流向膀胱,储存在哪 ,直到取终被尿出来。If your urine is brown,it could be from eating a lot of rhubarb,fava beans or aloe.It is also a side effect of some medications,such as laxatives,muscle relaxants and antibiotics.More seriously it can be a sign of liver disorder or kidney disease.如果尿液是棕色,很可能是吃了大黄,蚕豆或芦荟,也可能是一些药物的作用,如通便药物,肌肉松弛剂和抗生素,更严重些甚至可能是肝脏损伤或肾病的信号。If youre seeing purple,you may be suffering from a rare inherited disorder know as porphyria.Porphyrias cause your body to be deficient in the enzymes which produce heme,an essential part of red blood cells.如果尿液是紫色的,那么你可能得了一种罕见的遗传疾病----卟啉症,卟啉症会导致身体缺少产生亚铁血红素的酶,它是红细胞的基本组分之一.Green urine?It could be from a new medication or vitamin.Some green food dyes dont get absorbed by your body and can be excreted in your urine,so a green stream is not always something to be alarmed about,especially after St.Patricks day.那么绿色的尿呢?可能是一种新药物或维生素造成的,有些绿色的食用色素无法被身体吸收,就会随尿液排出,因此看到绿色尿液并不用太过担心,特别是圣帕特里克节之后.If your urine is blue,you likely have familial hypercalcemia,an inherited disorder found in children which is caused by excess calcium in the blood also known as blue diaper syndrome.Some medications have methylene blue in them which can cause urine to turn blue/green.如果尿液是蓝色,你可能得了遗传性高钙血症,这是一种儿童会患的遗传疾病,是由于血液中钙过量引起的,又称为蓝色尿综合征,一些含有亚甲蓝的药物也会导致尿液变蓝/绿。If your urine is pink or red,there may be blood in the urine.This could be due to a variety of conditions from an enlarged prostate,bladder cancer or even chronic lead poisoning.But red urine can also be caused by different types of medications or from eating richly coloured foods like beets and blackberries.In fact beeturia is the technical term for peeing pink after eating too many beets.如果是粉色或红色的尿,期中可能含有血,这可能是由于前列腺肥大,膀胱癌,或者慢性铅中毒等因素导致的,不过红色的尿液可能是由于食用了不同类型的药物或是色素含量丰富的食物,如甜菜或蓝莓。甜菜尿就是一个描述食用过多甜菜后,尿液呈粉色症状的专业术语。If your urine is orange,it could be from eating excessive amounts of food containing high levels of vitamin C or carotene such as carrots.Its also caused by drugs,like a painkiller called Pyridium given to people with urinary tract infections which turns urine bright orange.Normally,urine should be a shade yellow,and it gets this yellow colour form the pigment of urobilin,which is a product of the breakdown of heme,an essential part of your blood.如果尿液是橙色,可能是由于食用了过多富含维C和红萝卜素的食物,如胡萝卜,不过也可能是由于药物造成的,如尿道感染患者食用止痛药马洛芬后,尿液会变成橙黄色,通常尿液应该带有些微黄色,这个黄色是由于尿胆素造成的,这是分解血液基本组合亚铁血红素得到的产物。Depending on how much water you have in your body your urine will either be diluted or concentrated with urobilin.Honey coloured? It means your body has reabsorbed a lot of water to keep you hydrated so now there is a higher concentration of urobilin in your urine making your pee appear amber coloured.You need to drink water right now.每天身体摄取的水量,决定了尿液中尿胆素是稀是浓,蜜黄色,说明身体为了合成水合物再吸收了大量的水分,因此尿液中尿胆素的浓度偏高,导致尿液呈琥珀色,这表示你需要多喝水。Dark yellow,this is normal.but there is more urobilin so you will want to drink water soon.No colour at all means you have been drinking a lot of water.It could also mean you have consumed caffeine or alcohol which inhibits the ability for your body to reabsorb liquid in the kidney,meaning you pee out way more water.深黄色也是正常的,但是这更高的尿胆素会导致你想喝水,完全无色的尿说明你喝了很多水,或是摄入了咖啡因或是洒精,这抑制了肾脏对水分的再吸收,说明你尿掉了很多的水。Transparent yellow,youre normal and healthily hydrated.透明黄色的尿,说明你很正常而且水和过程很健康。201506/383454

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Time for the Shoutout.“大声喊出来”的时间到了!What is represented by this formula, CNH20N?这个化学式代表什么?If you think you know it, shout it out.如果你认为你知道,那么大声喊出来吧!Is it sugar, sucralose, bleach or baking soda?是糖、三氯蔗糖、漂白剂还是碳酸氢钠?UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This is the general formula for the sample carbohydrate known as sugar.这是碳水化合物中的一种——糖的普通化学式。Thats your answer and thats your Shoutout.那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: Sugar cane, sugar beets, honey and maple sap are some natural sources of sugar. So is fruit. 甘蔗、甜菜、蜂蜜以及枫叶汁都是糖的自然来源。水果也是。And youd expect to find plenty of sucrose in candy and soft drinks and desserts.在糖果、软饮喝甜品都含有大量的蔗糖。But what about smoothies, barbeque sauce and crackers that dont taste sweet?但沙冰、烧烤汁、薄脆饼这些吃起来不调的东西里面有蔗糖吗?Most Americans are eating far more sugar than we should and most of us would be surprised to find out all the foods that have it.绝大多数的美国人都吃了超量的糖,我们看看有什么东西都含糖之后肯定会大吃一惊。 /201503/367122

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