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揭阳治多囊医生多少钱番禺市桥中心医院检查妇科多少钱Katie Couric: Family law practitioner Mark Barondess has tried to demystify both marriage and divorce with his new book "What were you thinking?". Six hundred dollars per hour legal advice on relationships, marriage and divorce. Hi, Mark. Good morning. (Hi. Katie.) Nice to see you. Mark Barondess: Good to be here. Katie Couric: Well they say that you should write about what you know. And in many ways, this obviously since you're a divorce lawyer, you know intimately about a lot of different cases. But this is as much about marriage and how to avoid divorce, isn't it? Mark Barondess: Well, it is. Because it became very clear to me during the course of all these years representing people in divorces that the number one problem was who they had selected to marry. That may seem sort, sort of simplistic, but people spend a lot of time planning a wedding; they don't spend a lot of time planning a marriage. That's a big mistake. Katie Couric: And I would say probably there, there are a lot of great points and pieces of advice in this book. But perhaps the best is to be prepared like a boy scout, right? I mean, and you, you've talked about how to do that in a variety of ways, can you explain? Mark Barondess: Sure, you have to be prepared. You have to really get to know your spouse. And you know, that seems simplistic again. But people don't take the time to understand where their value is, what are their true religious upbringings, what do they see themselves in five years, ten years. When it comes to time for children, what would the discipline be like for children? What would not be like? How are they gonna interact with in-laws. There are so many issues that will take place in the normal course of life. But they have to be talked about in advance. Katie Couric: And it's interesting. I think one of the points you say think of your partner's most annoying habit, and realize it's only going to be more annoying as the years go on. (Sure. ) It is funny what you find sort of cute and quirky and attractive is really irritating ultimately, isn't it? Mark Barondess: I saw the segment on your show earlier again about cell phones. And that's example that I used in my book. I mean if your spouse or your girlfriend talks very loudly in the cell phone now. By the time 5 years passed, she's gonna be sticking pencils in your eyes every time she makes a phone call. Katie Couric: Yeah. You also talk about the number one reason for divorce and that is cheating, cheating, cheating, right? Mark Barondess: Well, the number one reason for divorce is marriage. We can't ha...Katie Couric: In fact you have a cute e by Henny Youngman in here. I just want, the secret to a happy marriage remains a secret. And you also said Jack Nicholson said that there is any realistic deterrent to marriage, it's the fact you can't afford a divorce. Mark Barondess: Jack is a very intelligent man. Katie Couric: Yeah. But so marriage is the number one reason. But you also say cheating. (is, is...)Mark Barondess: Cheating is clearly at least in my experience, there is a propensity in this country for people that are married to waver outside their marital vows. And you know it's just as much for women now as it is for men. Women are all out there cheating, having sex in this whole Desperate Housewives things if you will. All seems to support that. Katie Couric: And in fact you cover a lot of different things in your book about Detectives, Good idea or Not, High-tech love, Beware? Know the judge and There is Hope of Second Marriages. But second marriages have a higher failure rate than first marriages. Mark Barondess: Seventy percent. Katie Couric: That is so depressing to me. Mark Barondess: Seventy percent. Because people make the same mistakes twice. If I, if you were married to me and I was a workaholic and you divorce maybe because I was a workaholic. Chances are you will still marry another workaholic again. It's just people repeat the same patterns over and over again. Katie Couric: And it's really important to recognize the patterns. So you get advice in this book from a lot of high- profile folks like Donald Trump. What does he have to say about divorce and urh, marriage rather, and why should we listen to Donald's hints. Mark Barondess: Well. Because Donald at least points out that marriage is an extremely serious thing to be dealt with. He points out the reasons why you should have a pre-nuptial agreement. But there is advice from Doctor F. , from M. Williams, from Golfur, from Love Boat, GL, Jin Simens from Kiss. I mean we have the whole spectrums so that you get a good viewpoint in terms of what marriage and what divorce is really about. Katie Couric: And you also talk about how to pick a divorce lawyer and sort of buyer beware on a couple of points flat out liars. Are there lawyers to, I mean, right? I mean aren't there some just bad news. Mark Barondess: They are a lot of sleazy lawyers. I , mean (no). there are a lot of sleazy lawyers and. . . But,but...Katie Couric: I always defend lawyers coz I was married to one. Mark Barondess: Well, but the good thing is that there is a lot of great lawyers and what you have to do is you have to be selective, and find one of those great lawyers. If you do, then most likely you'll have an experience that would be palatable by the end of the day. I am not saying you'll throw a divorce party like you guys who were talking about earlier. It's a little strange. Katie Couric: Yeah, yeah. While I think there is a lot of anger that people have to release in some ways following divorces so maybe that explains that. Are there some lawyers who just keep the divorce proceedings going coz they don't want gravy train to pull into the station? Mark Barondess: Unfortunately there are. There are people that would take advantage of you in every profession whether it's a home contractor or it's a divorce lawyer, so you need to keep your eyes open. Follow the recommendation of a friend who is used to the divorce lawyer that has been very satisfied with the experiences, and most likely you'll have a satisfactory experiences as well. Katie Couric: Well , it's a really fun book to . I know that sounds funny since it's about divorce. But it's got some great advice and I think people who are contemplating marriage should it, also maybe people who are thinking about divorce can enrich their lives by using some of the lessons and sustain their marriage. Mark Barondess: Yeah, one of the things I did was to have this book be written for someone that was going to get married, in other words, if you had a daughter that was going to get married and said , Mum, I really love this guy. Well, this book first and then if you still love him after ing this book. Then ok.Katie Couric: Or at least follows some of the steps here.Mark Barondess:Sure.Katie Couric: All right,lawyer Mark Barondess. Great to see you(thanks, Katie) and it's nice to have Rose here-your beautiful wife, who also is our make-up artist at the times. Anyway, thank you so much and good luck of the book.Mark Barondess: Thanks 200807/44673广州天河女子医院在哪里呀 Bush Aims to Strengthen Relations on European Trip布什总统将出访欧洲  Less than one month after his return from the Middle East, U.S. President George Bush is heading abroad again, this time to Europe. He will hold talks with European Union leaders and visit the capitals of key allies: Germany, France, Italy, and Great Britain. 美国总统布什结束中东之行回到美国还不到一个月,即将再次出访,这次的目的地是欧洲。布什将跟欧盟领导人举行会谈,访问重要盟友德国、法国、意大利和英国的首都。You might call this George W. Bush's farewell tour. As his presidency draws to a close, he is making the rounds of European capitals - stressing the importance of trans-Atlantic relations. 可以把布什的这次出访称为告别访问。布什在总统任期即将结束之际访问上述欧洲国家首都,目的是强调大西洋两岸关系的重要性。Those ties have been strained throughout much of his presidency, in large part due to the war in Iraq. 在布什担任总统的大部分时间里,美国跟这些国家的关系紧张,主要原因是伊拉克战争。Tensions rose during the run up to the war, and have only begun to ease a bit in the last few years. The White House has made a concerted effort to reach out to Europeans. 伊拉克战争即将打响时,美国跟欧洲盟友的紧张关系升级,最近几年才稍微有所缓解。白宫全力以赴,争取与欧洲和解。The president's message: there is more that unites us than divides us. 布什想让欧洲知道:让我们团结的因素大于我们的分歧。"The alliance of Europe and North America is the main pillar of our security," he said. "Our robust trade is one of the engines of the world economy. Our example of economic and political freedom gives hope to millions, who are weary of poverty and oppression." 布什说:“欧洲和北美联盟是我们实现安全的主要柱。我们之间繁荣的贸易是推动世界经济增长的动力之一。我们的经济和政治自由榜样让厌倦贫穷和压制的成百上千万人有了希望。”Mr. Bush visited Europe three times in the 12 months following his second inauguration. And, in February 2005, he became the first U.S. president to set foot in the Brussels headquarters of the European Union. 布什在第二届总统任期的头一年曾经先后三次访问欧洲。2005年2月,布什成为第一位访问欧盟布鲁塞尔总部的美国总统。"Our strong friendship is essential to peace and prosperity across the globe, and no temporary debate, no passing disagreement of governments, no power on earth will ever divide us," the president said. 布什说:“我们的牢固友谊是世界和平与繁荣不可或缺的,任何一时的争论、任何政府之间过去的分歧、任何力量都不会将我们分开。”The goal was to change the tone, to ease the bitterness of the war, according to John K. Glenn, who heads the foreign policy program at the German Marshall Fund of the ed States. 美国德国马歇尔基金会对外政策项目负责人约翰.格伦认为,布什欧洲之行的目的是改变调子,缓和战争给美国和欧洲盟友之间造成的不愉快。"What we have seen over the past couple years is, you might think of it as a kind of a gentleman's agreement not to discuss Iraq," he said. "And, instead, trans-Atlantic relations have been fairly bolstered by a vision of a kind of global agenda - what are the challenges that face us all? And that list is fairly formidable." 格伦说:“过去两三年的情况看起来好像是一种君子协定,就是大家同意不讨论伊拉克问题。实际上,泛大西洋国家之间的关系出于对全球的看法而得到了加强。这种看法是,我们大家共同面临的挑战是哪些?这些挑战相当可怕。”The list includes Iran, the rise of China and Russia, and economics - especially trade. 这些挑战包括伊朗问题,中国和俄罗斯的崛起,以及经济,特别是贸易问题。On Iran in particular, President Bush embraced the European diplomatic initiative led by Germany, France and Britain. 尤其在伊朗问题上,布什接受了德国、法国和英国所倡导的欧洲外交动议。"The U.S. and Europe rarely have the kind of big, deep disagreements that they used to have over Iraq," said Glenn. "There certainly is [was] the complaint about a lack of consultation and coordination that we used to hear, in particular, over the issues of the Middle East. Instead, U.S.-European relations seem to be on a fairly functional, fairly working level and to be reasonably successful." 他说:“美国和欧洲很少存在像伊拉克问题上那么巨大而深刻的分歧。我们听到过双方抱怨彼此缺乏磋商和协调,特别是在中东问题上。不过,美国和欧洲的关系似乎处于比较顺畅、比较好的水平,也相当成功。”In the final years of his term, President Bush has seen a new group of European leaders come to the fore who have signaled more of a willingness to work with the ed States. Angela Merkel of Germany and Nicholas Sarkozy of France have brought about great change according to veteran journalist Reginald Dale, who is now an analyst with the Center for Strategic and International Studies. 在布什总统任期的最后时间里,一批新的欧洲国家领导人崭露头角,他们表示更倾向于同美国合作。美国智库战略与国际问题研究中心的分析员雷金纳德.戴尔曾是一位资深记者。他认为,德国总理默克尔和法国总统萨尔科奇给欧洲带来了很大的改变。"Sarkozy even ran for office with the nickname of 'the American,' and made no secret of the fact that he wanted to patch up relations - not only patch up relations with the ed States, but that he admired the ed States," he said.  他说:“萨尔科奇甚至以‘美国人’为昵称来参加竞选,并且公开表示他不仅想修补和美国的关系,而且很欣赏美国。”Dale says that fondness for the U.S. may be bearing fruit. 戴尔说,对美国的喜爱也许正在产生良好的效果。"The whole climate in Europe has actually moved more favorably from President Bush's point of view," he said. "And even - we are beginning to see slightly less anti-Americanism in Europe at the popular level." 他说:“实际上,从布什总统的角度看,欧洲整体上变得更加友善了。我们甚至开始看到欧洲普通老百姓的反美情绪已经略微减弱。”The improvement in the image of the ed States, according to European public opinion surveys, is slight but real. In part, experts say, it may be because of the prospect of change in the White House as Americans prepare to elect a new president. 欧洲的民意调查结果显示,美国形像的改善虽然有限,但却是实实在在的。有关专家说,这种变化的部分原因可能是美国人准备选举新总统,白宫内将出现变化。But Dale says it may also be a function of a growing realization that the two sides need each other. 但是,戴尔说,还有一个原因可能是,双方越来越认识到彼此需要对方。"The relationship between Europe and the ed States will be absolutely key to solving the problems of the 21st century," he said. "Where else can the ed States ultimately look for allies but Europe? It has to be Europe." 他说:“美欧关系绝对是解决21世纪各种问题的关键。除了欧洲,美国最终还能去哪里寻找盟友呢?只能是欧洲。”Dale says, despite their fundamental problems, the Americans and the Europeans share basic values of the rule of law, democracy and freedom. He says their bond is unique, and unlike any other in the world.  戴尔说,虽然美欧关系存在一些根本性问题,但是双方都信奉法治、民主和自由的基本价值观。他说,双方的凝聚力是独特的,和其它任何国家都不同。200806/41479广州去哪家医院解扎手术

潮州看不孕需要多少钱天河人工流产去哪里 US Presidential Candidates Debate Economy, Foreign Policy麦凯恩、奥巴马辩论会上激烈交锋 The two major party candidates for president of the ed States, Republican Senator John McCain and Democrat Senator Barack Obama met in a spirited debate over the financial crisis and foreign policy Friday at the University of Mississippi. The two candidates clashed frequently over such issues as tax cuts, Iran's nuclear ambitions and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.美国两大政党的总统候选人、共和党的麦凯恩和民主党的奥巴马星期五在密西西比大学举行激烈的辩论,讨论美国金融危机和外交政策问题。两位候选人在减税、伊朗的核野心以及阿富汗和伊拉克战争等问题上频繁交锋。Although this was to have been a debate focused exclusively on foreign policy issues, the grave financial crisis that almost undermined the debate was the top issue addressed during the first half of the debate. Both Senators came to Mississippi from Washington, where they had been involved in the effort to put together an emergency package to stem the crisis.虽然原计划这次辩论专门讨论外交政策问题,但是美国严峻的金融危机却是第一场总统候选人辩论的头半场的首要议题。金融危机险些让第一场辩论不能如期举行。两位候选人参议员都是从华盛顿来到密西西比的。他们在首都参与了为制定因应金融危机的应急计划所作的努力。On Wednesday, Senator McCain suspended his campaign and called for a postponement of the debate in order to concentrate on the financial crisis. Senator Obama said he would come to the debate alone, if necessary, and for two days the fate of this first presidential debate of the 2008 election was uncertain. On Friday, however, just hours before the event was to take place, Senator McCain said enough progress had been made in Washington for him to come to the debate.星期三,麦凯恩中断了自己的竞选,他呼吁推迟候选人辩论,集中对付金融危机。奥巴马则表示,如果必要,他会一个人参加辩论。有两天时间,大家不知道2008年总统选举的第一场辩论能否举行。但是,星期五,在辩论原计划举行的时间前几个小时,麦凯恩说,在华盛顿已经取得了足够的进展,因此他能够到密西西比参加辩论。In their responses to questions about the crisis, the two senators gave support to the general idea of a government bail out plan, but differed over what needed to be done to restore the nation's economic health. Senator McCain said government needs to restore fiscal responsibility.两位参议员在回答有关金融危机的问题的时候,都表示持政府拯救金融机构的总体设想。但是两人在应该采取哪些具体措施来恢复国家经济健康的问题上意见分歧。麦凯恩说,政府需要重新负担起财政责任。"We have to, obviously, cut spending. I have fought to cut spending. Senator Obama has 800 billion dollars in new spending programs. I would suggest that he start by canceling some of those new spending programs that he has," he said.他说:“很明显,我们必须削减开。我曾为削减开而奋斗。奥巴马参议员曾用8千亿美元来推动新的政府开项目。我建议他先取消一些他的新项目。”Senator Obama fired back, accusing Senator McCain and Republicans of approving tax cuts for the wealthy while neglecting the needs of average working Americans.奥巴马还以颜色,他指责麦凯恩和共和党人一方面批准给富人减税,同时却忽视普通美国工薪阶层的需要。"If we are spending 0 billion on tax cuts for people who do not need them and we're not even asking for them and we are leaving out health care, which is crushing on people all across the country then, I think, we have made a bad decision and I want to make sure we are not short-changing our long-term priorities," he said.他说:“如果我们用3千亿美元来给那些不需要减税的人减税,而且根本不问这些人需不需要减税,我们正在忽视医疗保健,这使全国各地的人们受害。我认为,我们作出了很糟的决定,我要确保不再改变我们的长远的头等大事。”When the debate moved to foreign policy, the exchange became more heated, with Senator McCain frequently suggesting that Senator Obama did not fully understand such issues as the threat of a nuclear Iran or how to deal with Russia. Senator Obama fought back with criticisms of the Bush administration's policies, which he said Senator McCain has largely supported. Senator McCain hailed the success of the military surge in Iraq and Senator Obama attacked the decision to invade Iraq in the first place. 接下来辩论议题转到外交政策。两人的交锋变得更加激烈。麦凯恩频繁暗示奥巴马不完全理解伊朗核武化的威胁等问题,也不理解应该怎样对付俄罗斯。奥巴马则反唇相讥,批评布什政府的政策,并且说,麦凯恩基本上持布什的政策。麦凯恩则称赞美国军队在伊拉克的军事成功。One of the fiercest exchanges between the two candidates came over the issue of Iran and what to do about its plan to develop nuclear weapons. Senator McCain emphasized the threat this would pose to Israel and attacked Senator Obama for saying he would hold direct meetings with Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.奥巴马还抨击布什从一开始根本就不应该打伊拉克战争。两位候选人辩论中一次最激烈的交锋有关伊朗问题。谈到伊朗发展核武器的计划时,麦凯恩强调,这将对以色列构成威胁,他抨击奥巴马,说奥巴马曾表示愿意跟伊朗领导人艾哈麦迪内贾德举行直接会晤。"What Senator Obama does not seem to understand is that if, without precondition, you sit down across the table from someone who has called Israel a stinking corpse and wants to destroy that country and wipe it off the map, you legitimize those comments. This is dangerous. It is not just naive, it is dangerous," he said.他说:“奥巴马似乎不理解,如果不预设条件,就跟伊朗人谈判,那你就把伊朗人的声明合法化了。伊朗人说,以色列是一具发臭的僵尸,他们要摧毁以色列,把以色列从地图上消灭掉。奥巴马这样作很危险,这样作不仅天真,而且危险。”Senator Obama responded by defending his willingness to meet with any foreign leader at any time if he believed it would make the ed States more secure.奥巴马的反应是,为他愿意在任何时候跟所有外国领导人会晤进行辩解,只要这些会晤能让美国更安全。"Now, understand what this means, meeting without preconditions. It does not mean that you invite them over for tea one day. What it means is that we do not do what we have been doing, which is to say that 'until you agree to do exactly what we say, we will not have direct contacts with you," he said.他说:“请理解我的意思。我说的无条件会晤,意思是请他们来喝茶。我的意思是,我们不再沿用过去的作法,不再说,‘除非你完全同意我们的立场,否则我们就不会同你进行直接接触。”Senator Obama said one of McCain's own advisors, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, had endorsed the idea of meeting with Iran's leaders without preconditions. Senator McCain said that was not true. In a recent meeting with other former secretaries of state, Kissinger did say U.S. officials should meet with the Iranians without preconditions, but he did not say the two presidents should meet.奥巴马说,麦凯恩自己的一个顾问,前国务卿基辛格就持无条件会晤伊朗领导人。麦凯恩说,这不是事实。他说,基辛格最近会晤其他前任美国国务卿的时候确实表示,美国官员应该无条件会晤伊朗人。但是基辛格没有说两国总统应该会晤。The next scheduled debate will be between the two vice presidential candidates, Republican Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska and Democratic Senator Joe Biden of Delaware. That event is scheduled for October 2 at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri.按计划,下次辩论将在两位副总统候选人之间举行。他们是共和党的佩林州长和民主党的拜登参议员。下次辩论将在10月2号在密苏里州圣路易市的华盛顿大学举行。200809/50861广州长安妇科医院卵巢检查

广州番禺子宫肌瘤消融术S. Africa's Zuma Fails to Confirm Party Candidate for President非国大主席似为副手出任总统铺垫  Despite promising to do so, African National Congress president Jacob Zuma has failed to name the party candidate to replace President Thabo Mbeki. Zuma appeared to anoint his deputy for the job. 尽管非国大党主席祖马此前做出承诺,但是他没有提名该党的候选人来取代总统姆贝基。祖马好像在为他的副手担任总统的职务进行铺垫。Jacob Zuma failed in his first address since forcing the ouster of Thabo Mbeki, to categorically answer the question of who his party will nominate to become president of the country. All Zuma was willing to do, was hint that the party's deputy, Kgalema Motlanthe, might be a good choice.  在迫使姆贝基下台之后的第一次讲话中,祖马没有明确回答他的党将提名谁担任总统。祖马所要做的是暗示非国大副主席莫特兰蒂可能是个好的人选。"But I went further to say, we do not run short of comrades to undertake that task," Zuma said. "We have got experienced ministers who are there, including the deputy president of the ANC who is part of the cabinet, who if given that task, will equal it." 他说:“但是我还要说,我们不缺担任这一职务的同仁。我们内阁中有经验丰富的部长,其中包括担任内阁成员的非国大副主席,如果他被征召担任总统的职务,一定会胜的。”Zuma urged South Africans not to be apprehensive, but did not offer them the certainty they hoped for in the wake of Mr. Mbeki's resignation. 祖马呼吁南非人民不要担心,但是在姆贝基辞职后,他并没有给南非人所希望的安定感。Motlanthe, who is believed to have been born in 1949, came to the ANC through the Black Consciousness Movement of slain activist Steve Biko. He was jailed by the apartheid government for his political activities for about 10 years. 据信,莫特兰蒂生于1949年,他通过遇害的活动人士比科领导的“黑人觉醒运动”加入非国大。他因政治活动被南非种族隔离政府监禁了大约10年。While in jail he forged relationships with several ANC leaders, paving the way for his future in the organization. After his release from prison he joined the trade-union movement, and became secretary general of the National Union of Mineworkers. In 1997 he was elected secretary general of the ANC, and last year became the party's deputy president. 在监狱里,莫特兰蒂和几名非国大领导人建立起关系,从而为他在这个组织里的未来铺平了道路。在从监狱释放之后,莫特兰蒂加入了工会运动,并且成为“全国矿工工会”的秘书长。1997年,他当选为非国大秘书长。去年,他成为非国大副主席。He is among those leaders of the ANC who believe Zuma was unfairly targeted by the prosecuting authority and is a strong supporter of the ANC president. Even so, he enjoys broad support across most factions in the ANC because of his calm approach to party disagreements and is considered a peacemaker. 莫特兰蒂和其他非国大领导人认为,祖马受到检察部门的不公平调查。他也是非国大主席祖马坚定的持者。尽管如此,莫特兰蒂因为温和的对待非国大的党内分歧,得到非国大大多数派系的广泛持。莫特兰蒂被认为是个善于调解争端的人。Parliament is expected to meet Thursday to elect a new president who will remain in office until scheduled general elections around April of next year. The ANC is likely to win that election, although experts say with a reduced majority, at which time Jacob Zuma is likely to become president of South Africa. 南非议会预计将在星期四举行会议选举新总统,新总统的任期将到定于明年4月前后举行的大选为止。非国大可能赢得选举,但是专家说,非国大由于多数地位被削弱,届时祖马可能会成为南非总统。200809/49971 天河人流去哪家好广州复通手术费用



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