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2019年08月25日 20:03:56 | 作者:大河健康 | 来源:新华社
A woman#39;s place is in the home. 女人应当属于家庭。 That was the resounding message from Jiang Xipei, chairman of wire and cable conglomerate Jiangsu Far East Holding Group Co., speaking on a women#39;s leadership panel at the summer World Economic Forum in the northeastern city of Dalian. 在中国东北城市大连举行的夏季世界经济论坛(World Economic Forum)围绕女性领导力的讨论会上,电线电缆综合企业远东控股集团有限公司(Jiangsu Far East Holding Group Co.)董事长蒋锡培显然想传达这样一个信息。 #39;There must still be division of labor, with men working outside and women at home supporting the family,#39; Mr. Jiang said Friday. #39;Women, the career of your husband must be seen as your career,#39; he said, adding that women can succeed only when men do. 蒋锡培上周五说,现在依然应当有所分工,也就是男人在外面工作,女人在家里照料家庭。他说,女人,你必须将你丈夫的事业视为你的事业。他还说,只有当男人成功了,女人才会成功。 The comments represent some of the more traditional, yet still common, societal views of women#39;s roles in China--as well as the uphill battle women face all over the world. Women in China are largely expected to be the caretakers of their families, and many feel societal pressure to focus on finding a husband and having children rather than pursuing careers. 上述言论代表了中国更为传统但依旧普遍的有关女性地位的社会观点,也体现出全球女性在争取地位的斗争中面临的困难。中国女性被普遍认为应该担任家庭的照料者,她们当中许多人面临着社会压力,要求她们将重心放在结婚生子上而不是追求事业。 A 2012 study from the National University of Singapore#39;s Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy and the New York-based Asia Society found that for every five Chinese men who rise to a senior position in the workplace, only one woman achieves the same level of advancement. Last year, China fell to No. 69 on the World Economic Forum#39;s gender-equality index, down from No. 57 in 2008, due in part to a decrease in perceived wage equality. 新加坡国立大学(National University of Singapore)李光耀公共政策学院(Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy)以及总部设在纽约的亚洲协会(Asia Society)在2012年的一份研究报告发现,当五位中国男性在职场中晋升至高层职位,只有一位中国女性达到同样的升职水平。去年中国在世界经济论坛的性别平等指数排名中从2008年的第57名滑落至第69名,这在一定程度上市因为中国的薪资平等程度被认为有所下降。 Women have seen significant strides in in the last century, with the end of foot binding, and some might argue that more progress has been made in the last few decades: Women#39;s workforce participation rate in China is 74%, one of the highest in the world, according to the forum. 在上个世纪,随着中国女性不再被要求裹脚,她们的地位显著提升,一些人可能认为,过去几十年中国女性地位有更大的提升。据论坛上的信息显示,在中国,女性的劳动参与率是74%,为全球最高水平之一。 Yet obstacles remain. He Zhenhong, a female and the president of China Entrepreneur Magazine, said Friday in Dalian that social views create continuously reinforced stereotypes, making it difficult for women to break out of their perceived roles. 然而阻力依然存在。《中国企业家》(China Entrepreneur Magazine)杂志女社长何振红上周五在大连说,社会观点持续产生不断增强的束缚,使女性难以打破她们被认为应当承担的角色。 But Rui Chenggang, an anchor for China#39;s state broadcaster China Central Television, disagreed and said while moderating the panel he believes women are acting of their own accord when leaving careers to be with their families. #39;They choose deliberately to give up their positions,#39; Mr. Rui said. 但中国国有电视台中央电视台的主持人芮成钢不同意这样观点,他在主持该讨论会时说,他认为女性离开职场回归家庭是自愿的行为。芮成钢说,他们自愿选择放弃自己的工作。 Countering that, panel member Cho Yoon-Sun, minister of gender equality and family in South Korea, said many women feel they have no choice but to drop out of the workforce. She said she is working to change the corporate culture in South Korea by urging businesses to add child-care services to offices and pushing to sync school and business hours. 参与讨论的韩国性别平等与家庭部部长Cho Yoon-Sun反驳说,很多女性觉得她们别无选择,只能放弃工作。她说,她正在敦促企业在办公室增加儿童看护务,并推动协调学校与企业的时间,进而努力改变韩国的公司文化。 At a speech at the forum on Wednesday, Facebook Chief Operating Office Sheryl Sandberg said women#39;s roles in leadership--in China, the U.S. and elsewhere--have stagnated in the last decade. Women are told they are too bossy when they exert themselves as leaders, while men are encouraged when they lead, Ms. Sandberg said. Facebook首席运营长桑德伯格(Sheryl Sandberg)上周三在该论坛上发表演讲时说,在中国、美国和其他地方,过去10年女性在领导领域扮演的角色一直停滞不前。桑德伯格说,当女性作为领导行使权力时,别人会说她们太专横,而当男性担任领导角色时,别人会鼓励他们。 #39;As women become more successful in their work, they are less liked,#39; she said, adding that the opposite is true for men. 她说,随着女性在工作中更加成功,她们更不招人喜欢。她还说,而男性的情况则相反。 At the Friday panel, Mr. Rui noted that some female leaders have traits more commonly attributed to men, like being strong and demanding, while others are more gentle and stereotypically feminine. 在上周五的讨论会上,芮成钢指出,一些女性领导人拥有在男性中更常见的特点,比如坚强、要求高,而不担任领导的女性则更温和,具有传统观念中的女性特点。 Ms. He responded to those comparisons by saying, #39;Let#39;s just talk about leadership as pure leadership. 何振红对这样的比较做出反应说,让我们仅仅讨论纯粹的领导力。 #39;When we talk about leadership, we should talk about individuals,#39; not highlight gender, she said.她说,当我们讨论领导力时,我们应该讨论个人,而不要强调性别。 Ms. He also said the country could benefit from stronger female organizations that could influence companies and government policies while also including men in the process. 何振红还说,在让男性也参与其中的同时,中国可能从更强大的女性组织中获益,这样的组织可能影响企业和政府的政策。 /201309/257429卡罗尔安特达菲颁发特德休斯奖来源:Guardian(卫报) 编辑:Vicki今日,桂冠诗人卡罗尔安特达菲与女王一起为特德休斯奖得奖者颁奖。特德休斯奖由达菲创办,达菲每年出资5750英镑,奖励那些在诗歌领域中有杰出贡献的人,达菲称“这对其他的诗人来说是一个荣誉,不希望把这个与金钱混在一起,最好能把它回归到诗歌上去。”Carol Ann Duffy launches Ted Hughes award Poet laureate (桂冠诗人)Carol Ann Duffy has announced a new prize celebrating poetry in all its forms, following her first audience with the Queen today.Funded by Duffy's donation of her yearly pound;5,750 stipend (薪俸)as laureate (获得者)to the Poetry Society, the prize, known as the Ted Hughes award (特德休斯奖)for new work in poetry, will be awarded annually throughout Duffy's 10-year term as laureate. Duffy had aly made clear that she "didn't want to take on what basically is an honour on behalf of other poets and complicate it with money". "I thought it was better to give it back to poetry," she said in May, when she was chosen as laureate.The prize, worth pound;5,000, will go to a UK poet working in any form – including poetry collections for adults and children, individual poems, radio poems, translations and verse(诗,韵文) dramas – who has made the "most exciting contribution" to poetry that year. "I'm delighted, with the assistance of Buckingham Palace and the Poetry Society, to be founding this new award for poetry. With the permission of Carol Hughes, the award is named in honour of Ted Hughes, poet laureate, and one of the greatest 20th-century poets for both children and adults," said Duffy in a statement announcing the new prize.Other poets welcomed news of the award, with Sean O'Brien saying it would "take account of the scope of poetry in its many manifestations, in book form and beyond". Don Paterson called it "generous and innovative", and a prize that "acknowledges all the ways we can carry the poem into the mind of the er … This is typical of Carol Ann's imaginative approach to developing the art, and builds on her predecessor's democratic commitment to taking the best poetry wherever it can go," he said."Surely this is the prize many have been waiting for," agreed Moniza Alvi. "Its width is wonderful: it sheds light on areas of poetry which are so deserving of general recognition, for example, poetry books published for children and works in translation."The first winner will be announced in March 2010, with nominations to be made by the Poetry Society, and the winner will be decided by three judges, appointed by Duffy. Poetry Society director Judith Palmer said it was an honour to launch an award linking the names of two such inspirational poets. "It's been great fun devising this exciting new initiative with her, which we believe will make a significant impact in raising awareness of the range and vitality of contemporary poetry," she added.Keke View:英国女诗人达菲(Carol Ann Duffy)为英国桂冠诗人,是三四一年以来英国首位女性的桂冠诗人。现年五十三岁的达菲,同时也是英国历史上,第一位被指派为桂冠诗人的苏格兰人。 现代的桂冠诗人虽不像传统必须伺候皇上,但在皇室重要庆典上,吟诗作词仍是无可推卸的责任。 以莫逊担任桂冠诗人的十年为例,他曾为伊莉莎白二世女王结婚纪念日,查理王储和卡蜜拉婚礼及威廉王子廿岁生日等庆典撰写诗词。 /200907/77313“清感2号方”防治儿童甲流 20家中医医院有售市20家中医医院儿科今起设流感专台  防甲流儿童清感2号公布(Appear on the market on the 2nd)  为应对可能持续的大规模儿童流感样病例集中就诊压力,从今天开始,本市设有儿科的全部20家中医医院都要设置“中医药防治甲流儿科专台”,随时为患者提供治疗儿童流感的10余种中成药和“儿童清感2号方”的饮片和代煎剂。

This list explores a variety of fascinating scientific facts that you probably are unaware of. Science is still a very mysterious subject so there are millions of trivial facts about it – this will be the first of many scientific fact lists in the future. 这里罗列了一些非常有趣的科学事实,不过你可能还真不知道。科学仍旧是一个很神秘的课题,因此可以罗列的琐碎事实也是数以百万计——那么这一份清单就算是先行一步,抛砖引玉吧!1. There are 62,000 miles of blood vessels in the human body – laid end to end they would circle the earth 2.5 times. 人体里的血管总长度大约有62,000英里,拉直放到地上可以绕地球2.5圈。2. At over 2000 kilometers long, The Great Barrier Reef is the largest living structure on Earth. 大堡礁延绵2000公里以上,是地球上最大的生命结构体。 /201109/152181

A four-month-old girl received surgery to remove her 6-centimeter tail at a hospital in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, earlier this month.本月初,在广东省广州市的一家医院,一个4个月大的小女婴通过手术成功切除了她的六厘米的尾巴。The girl, who was diagnosed with spina bifida at the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital of the Sun Yat-sen University, was born with the hairless, soft, pink tail, the Guangzhou Daily reported.据广州日报报道,这个女婴在中山大学孙逸仙纪念医院南院被诊断为先天性隐性脊柱裂合并脊髓栓系,出生的时候携带着一根尾巴,尾巴光滑无毛,柔软,呈粉红色。Spina bifida, a birth defect affecting the spinal column, can result from genetic or environmental factors. The tail may be related to the disease, although no previous clinical cases have been reported, Deng Xiaogeng, director of the pediatric surgery department of the hospital, was ed by the newspaper as saying.先天性隐性脊柱裂合并脊髓栓系,是影响脊柱的先天缺陷,是遗传因素和环境因素共同作用的结果。医院小儿外科的主任邓小耿表示,虽然没有临床病例报告实,但是女孩长出的尾巴很可能与某种疾病有关。 /201211/209922

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