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Girl’s biggest dream is her perfect proposal. Every girl has a dream, to be asked The Question. But what and How? Guys are lacking is the romance and creativity to ask such an important question. Most of girls do not want the ordinary scenario, that is the guy getting down on one knee with a red rose in his hand, and just proposing. Though this is an old way of proposing. You can make your proposal as the best and the most romantic date with your loved ones. I am here to give you the top 10 best ways to propose a girl. and I am sure your girl of your dreams will say yes. These are just ten best ways to propose a girl.. Try them out and win the heart of your lady.女孩最大的梦想就是有一个完美的求婚仪式。每个女孩都会做一个梦,梦中有个人会问她那个最经典的问题(“你愿意嫁给我吗?”——译者注)。但是用什么语气?如何来求婚呢?男孩在这个重要问题上正缺少一些浪漫细胞和想象力。大多数女孩都不愿遵循常规的情景,让一个男孩单膝下跪、手持玫瑰花来求婚。尽管这是求婚的传统方式。你可以把求婚变成与你所爱的人最好、最浪漫的一次约会。这里,我给大家提供了求婚的十大绝招,让梦中的女孩对你说“我愿意”。这些仅仅是十条求婚建议,勇于尝试,就能赢得女孩的真心。Lets check the 10 Best Ways to Propose a Girl.让我们一起检验一下求婚的十大绝招吧!1. Be yourself1. 做真实的自己!This is the first rule that you need to get into your mind when you think of proposing a girl. Do not overdo your proposal. Keep it simple yet special and sweet. Listen up fellas if you want to capture your woman’s heart by a marriage proposal, then follow your heart and hers. Be creative, and be yourself. Its every girls dream to have a guy propose to her. Be who you are, and in your own special way say those three golden words.这是你在准备求婚时脑海中应该第一个想到的准则。不要把你的求婚弄得太花哨。最好让它简单而又特别、甜蜜。听着吧,小伙子,如果想让你的求婚能抓住女人的心,就要遵循自己的真实想法,理解她的内心世界。要有创造力,并做真实的你自己!每个女孩都梦想有个男孩向自己求婚。做你自己,用你独特的方式说出这三个珍贵的字眼——“嫁给我”。2. Candle lit Dinner2. 烛光晚餐This is a classic but one of great ways to propose your dream girl. Candles are one of the quintessential elements of a romantic evening. The dim lights of the candles burning flames and the romantic tunes sets one of the perfect settings for a romantic proposal. A candle lit dinner is a romantic way to propose to anyone who holds a special place in your heart and the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. Guys set the mood, by preparing and cooking your significant other their favorite dinner. Turn off all lights and lit the candles, play romantic songs. The glowing of the candles sets a mood for a night full of romance and is one of the most perfect scenes to propose. It will set the mood for love and romance.这是一个经典的但又极其有效的求婚方式。蜡烛是一个浪漫夜晚必不可少的因素之一。昏暗的灯光下,蜡烛摇曳的火焰、舒缓的曲调构成了一个浪漫求婚最完美的背景。一份烛光晚餐是向你心中最特别的她或那个你想携手走过一生的她求婚的浪漫场所。通过为她准备最爱的晚餐,你也可以整理自己的心情。关掉所有的灯,点燃蜡烛,让优美的音乐伴随。烛光为浪漫一夜做了铺垫,它是求婚的最完美场景,它会点燃爱和浪漫的心情!3. Place Where You Met First Time3. 去你们初遇的地方Take her to the place where you met each other for the first time. Recreate the same moment and then propose to her. It will definitely move her and get embossed on her memory for lifetime. Its one of the romantic ways to propose.带她去你们初遇的地方。重现当初的瞬间,然后向她求婚。这绝对会感动她,并让她一生铭记。这也是浪漫求婚的一种方式。4. Special Day4.最特别的那一天What better way to propose to the woman of your dreams is on Valentines Day, Christmas Day, Eid Day, Holly or Dewali Day. Corny but very romantic. Yes I realize a lot of you guys propose on ‘Valentines Day’ because it is a national holiday and a romance filled day. But to make the proposal extra special, propose on a causal day. Pick a day that has special meaning to you both, such as a birthday, anniversary of your friendship or the day when you went for your first date and etc. A proposal isn’t something to take lightly. For a guy to remember special days such as the anniversary of friendship or first date and to propose on that particular day is a special proposal to a woman. A marriage proposal is a commitment between two people who are deeply, passionately in love.在情人节、圣诞节、宰牲节(伊斯兰教重要节日——译者注)或排灯节(印度的节日,相当于中国的除夕——译者注)向你梦中女神求婚也是一种不错的方式。尽管这种方式已经很老套了,当时却非常浪漫。是的,我知道你们很多人会在情人节求婚,因为这是一个全国性的节日,充溢着浪漫的情绪。但是,在其它的非节日求婚则会让这个仪式变得更加特别。你可以选一个对你们两人都有特殊意义的日子,如生日、相爱周年纪念日或第一次约会纪念日等。求婚绝不能草率对待。因此在一个特殊的纪念日里求婚对女人来说会显得更加特别。一次求婚是深深相爱的两人对彼此的承诺。5. Proposal During a Movie Break5. 在电影间隙求婚The very romantic and easy ways to propose your beloved. This way of proposing is tried and tested and it works, really. Edit and compile a short lovely movie which pop up the special question and screen it during the interval. It should be fun to see her reaction.这是一种既浪漫又容易的求婚方式。这种方式有人尝试过、检测过,并且成功过,真的。编辑一个短小可爱的电影,并在电影间隙突然出现这个特别的问题(“你愿意嫁给我吗?”——译者注)。这时,观察她的反应,应该会很有趣。6. T-shirt Proposal6. T恤衫求婚。Get a t-shirt with the text “will you marry me” or “Do You Love Me” and wear a jacket over it, take her to a nearby park or a place you usually meet up and get down on your knees and reveal your special tee to her.找一件印有“你愿意嫁给我吗”或“你爱我吗”的T恤衫,并在外面套上夹克。把她带到附近公园或者你们通常见面的地方,单膝跪地,然后把T恤上的文字展示给她看。7. Picnic in the Park7. 去公园野餐This is a simple but romantic ways to propose to the woman you love. What better way to propose to the woman of your dreams is by sticking her engagement ring inside the chocolate covered strawberry. Plan a perfect plan for a picnic. A nice and beautiful scene, Green hills and valleys and your loved one lying on your chest. This romantic moment can be made more beautiful chocolates covered with strawberry, bucket of a chilling champagne. You can stick ring with the choclate wrapper and cover it with strawberry for proposing your girlfriend for marriage. You can make this picnic even more beautiful by singing a romantic song for your loved ones.这是一种简单又浪漫的求婚方式。向梦中女孩求婚的一种比较好的方法是把戒指放在巧克力中,并用草莓掩盖。计划一次完美的野餐。有美丽的风景、绿色的小山和山谷,然后她正躺在你的怀中。在这个美好的时刻,一个顶上铺满草莓的巧克力和一桶冰镇香槟会让气氛更动人。你也可以把戒指黏在巧克力包装纸上,并盖上草莓。你还可以为她唱一首温情的歌,让这次的野餐更难以忘怀。8. Radio Proposal8. 电台求婚The girls love brave guyes. Any girl would love the guy who propose her would have the guts to propose in front of thousands of people listening over the radio waves.女孩都爱勇者。每个女孩都希望男孩能有勇气通过电波在成千上万人面前向她求婚。If you know she listens to the radio at a certain time everyday, making a dedication will work charms with her. Call your local FM radio station, one you know she will be tuning into. What would you say on the radio? That is clearly up to you. But it should be something memorable and sweet. Dedicate you beloved, her fevorite romantic song. Have the radio play you and your “song,” together, and a sweet proposal following before or after the song. Then have her phone in after the song to give her answer over the radio waves. She definatly answer ‘YES’如果你知道她每天固定时期收听的电台节目,勇敢一次,给她收听的当地电台打电话,这会对她更有吸引力。那你在电波中说什么呢?这当然由你决定。但切记要说一些难忘又甜蜜话语。为你所爱奉献,让电台一起播放你和你的“歌曲”,然后在歌曲前或后加入你甜蜜的求婚。最后,在歌曲完毕后,给她致电,让她通过电波回应你的求婚。她一定会回答“我愿意”。9. Surprising By Hiding In A Box9. 藏在盒子中给她惊喜This one can be easy, but a lot of coordination is required to execute this proposal. Hiding yourself in a box wrapped with gift paper can be a big surprise to her when you are holding a ring in your hand and waiting to be unwrapped.这种方式很简单,但实行这种求婚需要很多配合。把你自己藏在一个盒子中,用礼品纸包装好,然后手持婚戒,等待被她拆开包装,这对她来说绝对是一大惊喜。10. Banner Proposal10. 用横幅求婚If you can’t express your feeling or you are afraid of rejection then you can use banner for proposing a girl. You can get a banner prepared with the word ‘I Love You’ and have it displayed outside her house or in the workplace. It is advised that you do not use her real name on the banner, but use the endearment that you generally use to call her. You can also make a flying banner and can give surprise to your loved one by flying it over her head and making it the most excited and memorable moment of your life. Try this way only when you are sure that she is not going to reject your proposal.如果你不能很好地表达自己的情绪或担心被拒绝,你可以用横幅来求婚。你可以找一条横幅,并印上“我爱你”,然后把它挂在她的房屋或工作单位旁边。建议你不要在横幅上写下她的真实姓名,最好写上你平时对她的昵称。你也可以买一个可以飞行的横幅,这样当横幅飞过你所爱的人头顶时,不仅可以给她惊喜,还可以让这一时刻成为你人生中最激动、最难忘的瞬间。这种方式只有在你确信她不会拒绝你的求婚时才可以采用。 /201406/302889。

The early bird really does catch the worm… but he saves it for dinner.早起的鸟儿真的是在捉虫,但却在晚上才吃掉。Blue tits, great tits and other small garden birds scout for food in the morning but only return to eat it in the late afternoon, a study found.研究发现,蓝山雀、大山雀和其他花园鸟类在早上找食,但只在临近傍晚的时候才吃掉。The Oxford University researchers believe the strategy allows them to stock up on food while avoiding the clutches of predators.牛津大学的研究人员认为,鸟类用这种方式来囤积食物,同时也为了免于被猎食动物吃掉。A full belly in the morning would slow them down in the hunt for food and make them easy prey.要是早上吃饱了的话,在找食的时候飞得慢,容易被猎食动物吃掉。So they search out food when lean and lithe and then dine in the evening to ensure they have a big enough store of fat to survive through the night.所以鸟类趁身子轻盈的时候,在早上出去寻找食物,却在晚上吃掉,这样能保体内存储大量脂肪来过夜。The ‘early bird’ strategy was revealed in an experiment in which over 2,000 birds were fitted with tiny radio tags which activated when they landed on feeders hidden in Wytham Woods, near Oxford.针对超过2000只鸟的实验揭示了这种“早起鸟” 捕食策略方式,试验中给鸟儿安装了微型无线电标签,把喂食器藏在牛津附近的威萨姆森林里,鸟儿只要落在喂食器上微型无线电标签就会被激活。The feeders were moved around over the course of the day and the researchers noted when the birds landed on them. This revealed that the birds were much better at finding the feeders’ new locations in the morning. However, they waited until the afternoon to get tucked in.白天,研究人员会移动喂食器的位置,观察鸟儿落在喂食器上的情况。经观察发现鸟类在早上更容易找到喂食器的新位置。不过,他们等到下午才把捕来的虫子吃掉。The researchers said the complex strategy acts as an insurance policy, with birds remaining light yet still able to get enough fat to survive the night. It is particularly important in winter when the risks of predation are high and just one day without food can make the difference between life and death for small birds.研究人员说,这种捕食策略复杂一些则保险一些,鸟类要在保持身子轻盈的同时还要保过夜所需的脂肪量充足。 特别是冬季,捕食风险很高,小鸟就一天没有吃的,就得面临被饿死的境地。Zoologist Damien Farine said: ‘Birds have to store body fat to avoid starving during the cold winter nights, but this can make them slower and less manoeuvrable so they are more likely to be caught by predators.动物学家Damien Farine说:“鸟类体内储存脂肪为了免于在寒冷的冬夜里挨饿受冻,但吃饱了身子不够灵活就会飞得慢,所以,更有可能被猎食动物吃掉。”‘So there is a trade-off, where birds need to remain lean enough in order to “outrun” their predators during the day but also store enough fat to survive each night.’ Writing in the Royal Society journal Biology Letters, he added that the study shows that rather than ‘idly waiting’ to until the afternoon, the birds start searching out food in the morning.“所以,鸟类也要遵循权衡法则,为了‘逃脱’被捕食动物吃掉,就要保持身子轻盈,还要在白天储存够过夜的脂肪。” 该研究报告发表在《英国皇家学会生物学快报》杂志上,他还补充说,据研究鸟儿们并不是“无所事事”地空等到下午,它们从早上就开始寻找食物。‘Our results show these birds display very different patterns of food discovery in the morning and afternoon; very few new food sources were found during the afternoon, whereas nearly every new food source we put out during the morning was quickly discovered.“我们的研究结果显示这些鸟类在早上和下午找食物的模式大不一样,在下午很少能找到新的食物源,而我们在早上放出去的食物几乎每一个新的食物源都很快就被发现了。”‘It supports the idea of an ‘early bird’ strategy of scouting for food early on so they can return to feast a couple of hours before dusk in preparation for a long winter’s night.’“这项研究为‘早起鸟’利用早上找食的策略性方法提供了实验依据,这样它们可以赶在黄昏前飞回来吃掉为度过漫长的冬夜做准备。” /201402/277433。

The organizational side of a holiday can often be so stressful or daunting that it takes away from the enjoyment of traveling. But with a few nifty mobile apps, much of this stress can be instantly eradicated. Here are some of the best travel apps for before, during and after a vacation that will guarantee you won’t forget to pack that extra pair of socks, help you find the cheapest flight, or even help ward off the post-travel blues.安排假日行程总是让人倍感压力、望而生畏,以至于夺走了旅行的乐趣。但在一些新潮实用的手机软件的帮助下,大部分压力就立刻被一扫而光了。下面我们就来介绍几款最受欢迎的旅行应用软件,不论行前、度假中、抑或是归来后,有了它们,你就不会忘记多备一双袜子,还可以轻而易举地订到最廉价的机票,甚至还有助于预防“游后抑郁症”。Get y行前准备Kayak应用名称:KayakPlatforms: iOS, Android, Windows运行平台:iOS、安卓和Windows操作系统Price: Free价格:免费Kayak takes away the research associated with traveling by providing a one-stop-shop for all your hotel, flight, transportation and organization needs. It not only consolidates hundreds of travel sites into one, but it also scours the best current deals for you to compare, and even offers a flight tracker and itinerary management.Kayak提供包括酒店、航班、交通和旅行社在内的一站式务,让你成功摆脱行前调研环节。Kayak不仅将数旅行网站汇聚旗下,还提供时下热门的旅行优惠套餐供你选择比较;甚至还提供航班动态和旅游管理等务。Packing Pro应用名称:旅行待办事项任务和行李单助手Platform: iOS运行平台:iOS操作系统Price: 18 yuan价格:18元Packing Pro is a must have for the modern day traveler — particularly for those who have a habit of packing at the very last minute, thereby inevitably forgetting something vital. All you need to do is tell it where you’re going and how long for and it will create an all-inclusive list of the things you should take. It categorizes the items into various groups and lists them in order of importance.旅行待办事项任务和行李单助手是现代驴友的必备软件,特别是对于那些习惯拖到最后时刻才打包行李的人,这些人总会落下一些重要物品。你只需要在软件中输入旅行目的地和旅行时长,它就会按照重要程度分门别类地列出一份详尽的旅行必需品名单。It even creates suggestions for other family members and it works as a perfect checklist while traveling to ensure you don`t lose anything along the way.它甚至还能够为你的家人提供建议。它就是一份完美的旅行清单,确保你在途中中不再丢三落四。Be informed搜罗讯息AroundMe应用名称:AroundMe(周边信息查询软件)Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows运行平台:iOS、安卓、Windows操作系统Price: Free价格:免费AroundMe detects your location and will show you any nearby points of interest within a certain radius. Feeling peckish? Simply click on the restaurants function and it will show you all your nearby options. You can even book a hotel or find the movie schedule of a nearby theater.AroundMe会提供定位务,然后显示出在你周边的景点信息。感到饥肠辘辘?只需点击餐饮功能,就能找到你周围的所有饭店。你甚至还能用它来预订酒店或了解附近影院的放映时间表。As the world’s most used local search application and with more than 10 different languages, including Chinese, this app must be doing something right.作为全球使用最广的本地搜索应用软件,AroundMe推出了包括汉语在内的十种语言版本。这个应用做的事情无疑是正确的。TripAdvisor应用名称:TripAdvisorPlatforms: iOS, Android, Windows, and Lumia运行平台:iOS、安卓、Windows操作系统以及诺基亚Lumia系列Cost: Free价格:免费It’s all well and good to find nearby places of interest, but that’s quite useless if the place you visit is beyond your budget, closed down or has some other unadvertised shortcomings.能够搜寻附近景点信息的软件当然是不错的选择,但如果景点花费超出预算,关门大吉或是私下具有哪些不足之处,那么这种软件也就变得毫无用处了。This is where TripAdvisor comes in. The TripAdvisor app was downloaded on average 25 times a minute in 2012. The app features hundreds of millions of trusted, unbiased reviews from real travelers detailing their experiences of particular places.这时候你应该考虑用TripAdvisor。2012年,该软件平均每分钟被下载25次。该应用的特点来自无数驴友真实可信的,其中详细记录着他们各自的旅行经历。With map-based browsing, a ‘near me now’ function, saved searches and plenty of photos, after traveling with the app you’ll wonder how you ever traveled without it.该应用配置了地图浏览和“当前离我最近”功能,还有搜寻记录以及大量美图,带上该软件去旅行,你会有种相见恨晚的感觉。Manage memories整理旅行记忆Trip Journal应用名称:旅行日记Platforms: iOS, Android运行平台:iOS、安卓操作系统Price: 25 yuan价格:25元Rather than having to lug around a heavy paper journal that you cut and glue memorabilia in to, Trip Journal allows you to keep your travel memories in order amid all the chaos and excitement. The app was awarded No 1 Travel Application by Google and in 2011 was a finalist in the travel category of the Best App Ever awards. The savvy app allows you to document your holiday experiences and share them with friends and family through social media. You can track and record your travel routes, photos, s, blog entries, and even statistics such as distance, time and geography traveled.与其带着厚重的纸质日记,然后剪贴上备忘录,不如下载这款旅行日记软件,它能够让你在混乱与兴奋中井井有条地记录旅行点滴。该应用曾被谷歌评选为“旅行神器”,并成功入围2011年旅行类最佳应用程序奖。有了这款智能应用程序,你就可以将旅行经历记录下来,通过社交网络与家人朋友分享。你可以追踪并记录旅行路线、拍摄照片及视频、撰写文、获得旅行距离、时间和地形等数据。 /201405/295112。

In the third in a series about designers in their offices and studios, Vera Wang, who introduced her y-to-wear line in 2004 and has won both the designer-of-the-year and lifetime-achievement awards from the Council of Fashion Designers of America, talks retreat and creation. (The conversation has been edited and condensed.)王薇薇(Vera Wang)在2004年推出自己的成衣系列,曾获得美国时装设计师协会的年度最佳设计师奖和终身成就奖。在一部讲述设计师办公室和工作室生活的视频系列里,王薇薇在第三集中谈起自己的静居之处和创作过程(下面的对话经过剪辑和浓缩)。Q. How long have you been out of the garment district?问:你离开时装区多久了?A. I have been in this space coming up on three years. I moved here, to Madison Square Park, initially for light, air and a view. I’d been in the garment center for so long, and it was starting to feel very oppressive: the intensity of the streets, the amount of people, the amount of factories still, even now; the amount of showrooms, design studios, all so jammed into a three-to-four block area. I calculated once that just running from 39th Street, where I was, to Eighth Avenue probably had taken ... um, a fifth of my life over 20 years. When I calculated that, I thought maybe it’d be better to go to a less intense neighborhood. Then I found out they shoot movies here, so really, you can’t win any way you look at it.答:我在这里待了三年了。我最初搬来麦迪逊广场公园是为了这里的光线、空气和风景。我在装区待得太久了,慢慢觉得非常压抑:密集的街道,拥挤的人流,即使到现在还有很多工厂;数不清的展厅和设计工作室都挤在那三四个街区里。我曾算过,我在第39街到第八大道待了20多年,度过了我人生五分之一的时间。我这么算过之后觉得也许搬到一个不那么拥挤的地方更好。然后我发现他们拍电影在这里取景,这里真的是怎么看怎么喜欢。How much work did you have to do around the space to make it your own? 问:你对这里进行了多少整修才把它变成自己的空间?We took the lease completely brute, meaning we put every single thing in. We used to have six floors in our old building, so everybody spent their time going up and down the elevator. Here we have it all on two, so it is infinitely more efficient for us, and also I feel that everybody in the company is more accessible to each other.答:我们的租约还挺粗暴的,我的意思是我们把所有的细枝末节都写进去了。这幢楼本来有六层,所以大家把时间都浪费在坐电梯上了。现在总共就两层,极大地提高了效率,而且我感觉公司里的人相互之间也更亲近了。How do you differentiate your office from the rest of the office?问:你的办公室和这座楼的其他地方有什么不同?This is my refuge — outside is my design studio/think tank/laboratory. I wanted a space where I could retire from the intensity of that room. I really wanted something that had a very Asian — not only contemporary — but Asian kind of feel. And in all fairness, in my heart of hearts I am — funny for me to say this — but in my own strange way I’m very minimalist. And this space reflects that. It makes me calm down and think more clearly, and it’s very, very soothing. I always come in here, although our real entrance is downstairs. Usually I’m on the phone until I get here, whether about business or my daughters or other parts of my life. Coming through this environment prepares me for the transition into the design space.答:这里是我的避难所——外面是我的设计工作室/智囊团/实验室。我想要一个空间,能让我从设计室的压力中解脱出来。我真的想要很亚洲的东西——不只是当代的——而是那种亚洲的感觉。平心而论,在内心深处——我这么说有点好笑——我是个强烈的极简主义者,虽然我的方式有点古怪。这个空间反映了这一点。它能让我平静下来,更清晰地思考,它特别让人放松。我总是从这里进设计室,虽然我们真正的入口在楼下。通常,到这里之前我都在打电话,不管是关于生意、女儿们还是我生活的其他方面。经过这个环境的洗涤,我才能做好准备过渡到设计室。Two things about this office: no desk, no computer.问:这个办公室有两个特点:没有书桌,没有电脑。No desk on purpose. I sit at a table in the design studio. When I’m in here, I really like to be focused. I come here to make very difficult phone calls or engage in very complex negotiations, and I don’t need a desk to do that. I also do not work on a computer. I on a computer a lot. And I carry my mini iPad everywhere.答:我是故意不放书桌的。在设计室里,我是坐在工作台旁边。在这里我真的希望专心致志。我来这里打非常棘手的电话或者进行非常复杂的谈判,我做这些事不需要书桌。我也不用电脑工作。我用电脑读很多东西。我到哪儿都带着迷你iPad。Who comes in here?问:哪些人会来这里?No one. I only see it as space for me. When I’m here I feel calm, I feel safe, I feel relaxed, and I think I feel like there’s a private part to me that I really do treasure. The exception is sometimes I meet executives from my licensees in here. It’s ironic to see businessmen in suits sitting on a very low sofa but they get used to it.答:没人来。我把这里看作我自己的空间。我在这里感觉平静、安全、放松,我觉得这里是珍贵的私人空间。唯一的例外是有时我在这里会见获得特许授权的公司的主管。看着西装革履的商人坐在很矮的沙发上有点让人啼笑皆非,但是他们习惯了。Is there a reason there’s nothing on the walls?问:墙上没有任何东西是有原因的吗?Nothing to distract me, everything to calm me. I have art in my apartment — I’m not a major collector but have some Richard Serra, John Chamberlain — and I have personal photos in my bedroom at home. But I don’t have any in the workplace. I want to be free when I’m working, and I need that kind of emptiness in a weird way.答:我不要任何东西来分散我的注意力,一切都是为了让我平静。我家里有艺术品,我不是个大藏家,但是我有理查德·塞拉(Richard Serra)和约翰·张伯伦(John Chamberlain)的一些作品。我的卧室里有私人照片。但是我工作的地方什么都没有。我想在工作时自由自在,我需要那种怪异的空旷感。Why do you have barbells against the wall?问:为什么墙边有杠铃?I was told that I should be lifting weights to firm myself up, and I like the look of them — they’re black, rubber coated. I thought they were very chic. Actually, they could be sculpture for me. I do think it’d be nice to lift them once and a while, though I keep forgetting they’re there. I am a bit of a sports fanatic, though, which is why I have the TV over the barbells. My two sports are figure skating and tennis. When the U.S. Open is on, which is always right before the show, we tape it, and I’ll just come in and hopefully, if I’m lucky, I’ll hit Nadal and Djokovic or Federer.答:有人对我说,举重能让我变得强壮。我喜欢它们的外形——黑色,裹着橡胶。我觉得它们很时尚。实际上对我来说它们像雕塑。我的确认为偶尔举一下杠铃挺好的,但我经常把它们给忘了。不过我对体育运动还是有点狂热的,所以杠铃上方有台电视机。我最喜欢的两个项目是花样滑冰和网球。美国网球公开赛期间——它总是在时装秀前举办——我们把比赛录下来,我来这里时,如果幸运的话,能赶上纳达尔(Nadal)、德约科维奇(Djokovic)或费德勒(Federer)的比赛。So that’s in here; just outside are all the fabrics, the mood boards, the sample rooms. How does a collection start for you?问:所以里面是这样的情形,而外面是各种面料、情绪板和样品间。你的一个系列是怎么开始的?I’ll say at any given moment to my design assistants, “Well, maybe it’s Marie Antoinette if she lived today,” because there’s one piece of fabric this time that resonated for me, a brocade. And then I’ll say: “You know, it does look kind of Chinese, but I don’t want to go there. I’d like to see it as something that Marie Antoinette would have worn but executed in a whole different way.” And then, “Well, maybe that’s too dressy because how would I wear brocade if I were wearing it?” And then: “Who is this woman? She was so young, she wanted to be free. She wanted to experiment with how she looked.” It starts like that.答:我随时可能对我的设计助理们说,“呃,如果玛丽·安托瓦内特(Marie Antoinette)活到现在的话,这也许就是她的造型,”因为这次有一块面料引起了我的共鸣——一块织锦。然后我会说:“你知道,它的确看起来有点中式,但我不想要中式。我更喜欢把它看作玛丽·安托瓦内特会穿的衣,不过是用完全不同的方式展现出来的。”然后我又说,“呃,也许那样太考究了,因为要是我穿织锦装的话,我会穿什么样式的呢?”然后又说,“这个女人是谁?她这么年轻,她想要自由。她想尝试各种造型。”开始就是这样。Of the materials you work with, how much of them actually end up in a shop versus how many do you say, “Oh, that was a mistake, forget it, I shouldn’t have done that”? 问:你用过的面料中,有多少最后真的到了店里,又有多少最后你说,“哦,那是个错误,别管它了,我不该用它。”I’ve had whole collections that were mistakes. I have thrown away a quarter of a million in fabric for the resort collection, just thrown it in a pile in the corner. Then my staff runs to gather it and says maybe we’ll use it in another season. That really happens. Really.答:我曾做过一些完全错误的系列。我扔掉了那个度假系列的25万美元的面料,就堆在角落里。然后我的员工跑去把它收了起来,说也许在另一季还会用。后来我们真的用到了。And what happens at the end of a season, what do you do with all the, the things that are on the boards, all the fabrics, everything, where does it go?问:每一季结束时,你怎么处理情绪板上的所有东西和所有的面料?这些东西都去了哪里?It all goes away, and we start all over again. We don’t archive. There are times — “Oh, I remember that great dress with the incredible embroidery in Barneys’ window, where is it?” — and it’s nowhere to be found. Sad, but true.答:都扔掉了,我们重新开始。我们不存档。有时我会说,“哦,我记得巴尼斯百货公司橱窗里的那件很棒的连衣裙,上面有精的刺绣,它在哪里?”——找不到了。很遗憾,但往往就是这样。 /201409/328649。

Are sunny skies overhead the key to a sunny disposition? New research from the ed Arab Emirates shows a strong link between positive moods and time spent outdoors in sunlight.我们头顶的晴空是否能助我们获得一个阳光的心情?阿联酋最近的一项研究给出了肯定的回答,正能量与多晒太阳有着很大的关系呢。;This is just a pilot study and we need larger sample size but we found that behavioral change is associated with mood change and vitamin D status,; study co-author Dr. Fatme Al Anouti, an assistant professor in Zayed University#39;s college of sustainability sciences and humanities, told The Huffington Post in an email. ;So participants who adopted a more outdoor lifestyle got better in terms of mood and vitamin D status.;“这只是初次研究,我们需要更大的样本。不过我们的确发现心情变化与体内维生素D的含量有关。”本项研究的作者之一 Dr. Fatme Al Anouti 说,他是萨义德大学可持续性自然与人文学院的教授。Dr. Fatme Al Anouti 在一封 email 中告知赫芬顿邮报,“研究参与者中,热衷户外运动的人心情比较好,维生素D的含量也更高。”For the study, researchers identified 20 individuals with depressive symptoms and low blood levels of vitamin D from a group of more than 100 people. Some of these individuals were encouraged to spend more time in the sun for seven weeks while others were encouraged simply to see a doctor, Abu Dhabi-based newspaper The National reported.根据总部在阿布扎比的 The National 报报道,在这项调查中,调查者从100名参与者中选出了20名有抑郁症状和维生素D含量较低的人。这20人中,一部分鼓励他们在未来的七个星期里多晒太阳,另一部分则只让他们去看医生。What did the researchers find? The individuals who were encouraged to get more sun ;showed less symptoms of depression,; Dr. Al Anouti told The National. ;In this study we showed that if you improve your vitamin D level, you will improve your mood.;研究者们发现了什么呢?那些被鼓励多晒太阳的人“表现出更少的抑郁症状,” Dr. Al Anouti told 告诉 The National 报纸,“这项研究表明如果你提高体内维生素D的含量,你的心情就会变好。”Psychologist Dr. Michael Terman, professor at Columbia University and author of the book ;Reset Your Inner Clock,; told The Huffington Post in an email that this new research implies the antidepressant benefit comes from exposure to ultraviolte rays that act on the skin to stimulate vitamin D production.哥伦比亚大学教授、《重置你的生物钟》一书的作者、心理学家 Dr. Michael Terman 通过 email 告诉赫芬顿邮报,这项新研究说明:阳光能有抗抑郁的效果,是因为紫外线照射皮肤刺激了维生素D的产出。But another factor may be at play.不过另一个因素也可能影响着实验结果。;The primary antidepressant effect of light must lie in the visible range,; he noted. ;So the Zayed subjects likely showed improved mood because of increased retinal light exposure rather than increased skin exposure to UV in sunlight.;“阳光的抗抑郁效果必须是在有可见光的情况下才有用。”他注意到,“萨义德研究中的参与者的情绪好转,可能是因为视网膜接收到了阳光,而不是因为皮肤接收了阳光中的紫外线。”This new study is not the first to suggest a link between mood and vitamin D levels. A 2006 study linked vitamin D deficiency in older adults with lower moods. More recently, research at the Loyola University Chicago Niehoff School of Nursing showed that vitamin D supplements improved the moods of women with type 2 diabetes and signs of depression.这项研究并不是第一项指出情绪与维生素D有联系的研究。一项2006年的研究显示,心情不好的老年人通常缺少维生素D。洛约拉大学护理学院最近的一项研究表明,补充维生素D可以使有抑郁症状和Ⅱ型糖尿病的女性情绪好转。 /201310/259371。

Nude photos of “Hunger Games” star Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Ariana Grande and Kirsten Dunst, among others, leaked online Sunday morning in one of the biggest celebrity hacking scandals in recent memory.8月31日上午,《饥饿游戏》女星詹妮弗#8226;劳伦斯,以及凯特#8226;阿普顿,爱莉安娜#8226;格兰德,克尔斯滕#8226;邓斯特等诸多好莱坞一线女星因手机遭到黑客攻击,不雅照外泄,成为最近规模最大的明星“艳照门”事件。It is understood some of the images were obtained from services such as Apple iCloud that back up content from devices on to the internet.据悉,其中一些照片正来自于如苹果iCloud这样的备份软件务,它们可以将手机中的文件在网上进行备份。Apple says it is investigating whether iCloud accounts have been hacked.苹果公司称其正在对iCloud账户是否遭到黑客攻击展开调查。Ms Lawrence has requested an investigation after a hacker apparently obtained photographs, with graphic content, from the mobile phones of numerous celebrities.诸多明星的手机显然都已遭到黑客攻击,并导致照片外泄,詹妮弗#8226;劳伦斯已要求对此进行调查。A spokeswoman for the actress said the internet posts were “a flagrant violation of privacy”.她的女发言人称,在网上曝光这些照片是”公然侵犯个人隐私”。An FBI spokesman told the Associated Press news agency that it was “aware of the allegations” and was “addressing the matter”.一名FBI发言人在接受美联社采访时则表示,他们已经“得知此事”并开始着手“解决问题”。Apple spokeswoman Nat Kerris was ed by Reuters as saying in an email: “We take user privacy very seriously and are actively investigating this report.”另据路透社报道,苹果公司女发言人娜特#8226;克里斯在邮件中写道:”我们一直非常重视用户的隐私问题,并且正在对此事积极展开调查。”Experts have raised concerns over the security of “cloud” storage sites.专家们则开始对 “云存储”的安全性产生质疑。“It is important for celebrities and the general public to remember that images and data no longer just reside on the device that captured it,” said Ken Westin, security analyst at Tripwire.Tripwire公司安全分析师肯#8226;威斯汀认为:“明星或者公众人物一定要记得不要把照片和数据保留在照相设备中。”“Although many cloud providers may encrypt the data communications between the device and the cloud, it does not mean that the image and data is encrypted when the data is at rest.”他还说:“尽管许多云务提供商也许能对移动设备与云之间的数据传输进行加密,但这并不意味着其中的静态数据也能被加密。”“If you can view the image in the cloud service, so can a hacker.”“如果你能通过云务看到这些照片,那么黑客也可以。”“Creepy effort”后果不堪设想Images of the celebrities were leaked on image posting website 4Chan.明星们的照片是在图片网站4Chan上被泄露和发布的。The user posting them - who defined him or herself as a “collector” rather than “hacker” - said more images of different celebrities would soon be posted.发帖用户并没有以”黑客”自居,而是自称”收集者”,他还宣称很快会曝出更多其他明星的照片。While some of the celebrities said the images were fake, others have confirmed their authenticity.虽然部分明星声称照片系伪造,但另一些明星则确认了照片的真实性。Actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead posted on Twitter: “To those of you looking at photos I took with my husband years ago in the privacy of our home, hope you feel great about yourselves.”女星玛丽#8226;伊丽莎白#8226;温斯泰德在Twitter上写道,”这些照片都是我和我丈夫几年前在家中拍摄的私照,希望那些围观的人们还能自我感觉良好。”“Knowing those photos were deleted long ago, I can only imagine the creepy effort that went into this.”她还说:“虽然那些照片早已被删除(但还是泄露了出来),其后果真是让人不寒而栗、难以想象。”Winstead”s comments would suggest iCloud was not at play, as pictures on Apple’s service are only viewable online for 30 days.温斯泰德的话直指iCloud并没有像它所描述的:苹果务器中的照片只有在30天内可以在网上被浏览。Raj Samani from Intel Security said: “Almost every service used online requires a password, and to ensure your passwords are secure, they must be complex.”来自英特尔杀毒软件公司Intel Security的拉杰#8226;萨马尼则说,”任何在线务都需要密码,而且为了确保其安全性,密码越复杂越好。”But more often than not, it is human weaknesses that give hackers the simplest route to compromising accounts.但往往正是人类的弱点让黑客们有机可乘,得以轻松盗取账户。“Phishing” people - meaning to trick them into giving up their password - is considered perhaps the simplest and most targeted way hackers gain access to accounts.网络钓鱼正是黑客盗取账户最简单也是最常用的手段,他们通过欺骗手段让用户们直接”交出”密码。 /201409/325564。