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嘉兴牙科价目表秀洲区哪家割双眼皮比较好Have you had any experience with traditional Chinese medicine? Do you think it is effective? Some people share their opinions of TCM – and also some experiences. Please feel free to join in!你看过中医吗?你觉得效果如何?下面是来自世界各地的一些人对于中医的看法,你的看法是什么?MotikaMotika(瑞典人)Nothing wrong with TCM, East Europe still has herbal pharmacies in use. That is recommended first - then “chemicals” (Western medicine) as a last resort.我觉得中医挺好的。东欧人也喜欢中草药,一般生了病都是先考虑能不能吃中草药,不行的话在吃西药。LaowaiLaowai (英国人)My wife is a TCM practitioner so that is always the first port of call. However, she does accept that in some cases Western medicine is more effective. Whether you choose Chinese or Western medicine - it can be difficult to know if either was successful as the problem might have cleared up without any connection to the treatment. There is also the placebo effect to consider.我老婆就是一名中医,所以生了病肯定首选中药。但她也承认在一些情况下还是西药比较有效。不过无论你选择中医还是西医,都很难说哪种更有效,因为很多症状就算你不管它它也会好,况且吃药本身也有安慰作用。SenecaSeneca(美国人)Chinese medicine regards the human body as a system that needs constant fine-tuning and medico-chemical measures, so as to avoid contracting diseases, whereas Western medicine treats the human body after the illness or disease starts manifesting itself. As I see it, Chinese people are more likely to take Chinese traditional medicine, herbal teas and observe ;cold; or ;hot; warnings for food than Westerners. Westerners drink icy-cold drinks in hot weather too often, and this can lead to conditions such as a hoarse voice, inflamed throat, colds, upset stomach, diarrhea.中医把人体看成一个系统,而且需要不断调理,避免生病。而西医则注重得病以后该怎样治疗。据我观察,中国人似乎更喜欢中医,更喜欢花草茶,更重视食物的是凉是热。西方人在天气热的时候特别喜欢喝冷饮,像这样毫无节制地喝冷饮对声带不好,容易导致嗓子发炎、感冒、胃病还有腹泻。seanboyceseanboyce (英国人)I have a lot of studies about the ineffectiveness of many Chinese treatments. The few miracle cases can be put down to statistical anomalies or placebo effect which has been proven to be better than quack medicine in some cases. Chinese medicine really does fail when it comes under the scrutiny of scientific method... Maybe it does work, but I personally don#39;t believe in it.我看过很多关于中医疗效甚微的研究报告。中医里那些为数不多的成功案例可以归结为数据异常或者安慰剂效应。现在已经有研究表明,用安慰剂在一些情况下比用不那么对症的药的效果都要好。现在的科学研究已经明中药的作用微乎其微了……当然也许是有效的,但我个人不信中医。SDIvesterSDIvester (美国人)TCM is difficult but not impossible to find in the US. However, if you go to your local GNC, many supplements on sale contain Chinese herbs or medicine. Many Western medicines are derived from plant-based materials, so TCM does have its place in society.中药在美国并不多见但还是有的。如果你去当地的保健品商店,你会看见货架上摆着许多中药。况且很多西药其实也是从草本植物里提炼出来的,所以说中药还是有市场的。AzizAziz(孟加拉人)I have had great experiences with Chinese herbal medicine - and acupuncture. My baby daughter was cured by a herbal liquid made by the hospital for a cough - which was about to turn into bronchitis. A US-educated doctor failed to help her with a Western type of injection and medicine. Then the doctor suggested local traditional medicine and - after the sixth day of TCM treatment - all the symptoms had disappeared. But it must be said that anybody would vomit when tasting the liquid - and we had to give to on 8 month-old girl. There are many kinds of herbs - but make sure you are taking advice from a proper doctor, and it is better to collect the medicine from the hospital, as there are lots of fake medicines nowadays.我对中草药和针灸印象相当好。我的小女儿有一次咳嗽得厉害,都快变成气管炎了,后来喝中药治好了。一个从美国留学回来的大夫用西医的疗法给她治病,一点用也没有。后来他建议我们去看中医,结果治了6天病就好了。但是那药真是难喝啊,谁要是喝一口非得吐了不可,而我们却得让8个月大的女儿喝这个。中草药有很多种,你一定要去看一位靠谱的大夫,而且最好在医院抓药,因为现在市面上的假药太多了。GhostBusterGhostBuster (美国人)Traditional Chinese Medicine needs a more scientific approach. No kind of medicine is a cure for everything. If we could find a way to combine all knowledge of both Eastern and Western medicine – then we could perhaps find a way to cure all diseases. The major difference between Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine is that the former treats an illness or sickness as a component of the entire body’s system, while the latter treats it as a single isolated component. Each condition or disease is best treated by one of these types of medicine. In other words, no single medicine is superior to the other.中医需要更科学的治疗方法。无论是中医还是西医,谁都不能包治百病。如果我们能够将中西方的智慧结合在一起,说不定就能把所有的病都治好了呢。中西医最大的不同是,中医在治病的时候着眼于全身,而西医则专注于局部。不同疾病最佳的治疗方式不同,换句话说,无论是中医还是西医,没有谁比谁好这么一说。ForeignchineseForeignchinese(马来西亚人)Chinese med takes effect at a much slower pace. Unlike Western med, Chinese med needs time to cure a condition. However, you should be careful about using TCM as it is known to contain high levels of mercury.中医见效慢,疗程长。而且据说中药里的汞含量比较高,喝中药还是谨慎为好。 /201508/391061浙江嘉兴去蒙古斑价格 1. Lack of faith (beliefs )1. 缺乏信念。Most people do not know what the expectationsare in one#39;s whole life, simply put it, you do not know what you want.Confucius ate coarse rice, drank water, didn#39;t even have pillows when sleepingand used his arms as pillows, but Confucius said, “Happiness is within”; Hesaid, “A basket of cooked rice, a ladle of water, living in the ghetto alley”,others might think this is an unbearable life, but Confucius was able to “keephis happiness”. Why? Because he knew what he is pursuing in this life.许多人都不知道他人生中最期待的是什么,仅仅放下,你不知道你想要什么。孔子吃糙米喝水,甚至睡觉都没有枕头,而仅仅以手臂为枕,但孔夫子说,“乐亦在其中矣”;他说:“饭疏食,饮水,曲肱而枕之”,其他人可能认为这是不能忍受的生活,但孔子却能“保持幸福”。为什么呢?因为他知道他追求的就是这种生活。2. Always comparing2. 老是比较。Western saying goes, Whether a person isfortunate or not, happy or not, does not depend on how big of accomplishmenthe/she has achieved, but from the way how the neighbors look at them. When whatwe are pursuing is not happiness, but to be happier than others, then happinesswill be even further away from us.西方谚语说,一个人是否幸运,是否快乐,不取决于他取得了多大的成就,而是他的邻居怎么看他。一旦我们追求的不是如何幸福,而是怎么比别人幸福时,幸福反而会更加远离我们。3. Living in happiness without realizing it3. 生在福中不知福。If a light has been constantly lit, you willnot pay attention to it, but if it is brighter and darker at times, or if it ison and off at times, you will notice. Similarly, sometimes we are envied byothers, but we hardly notice it. Only if one day we loss that, then we willrealize.如果灯被点亮,你就不会去注意它,如果它时亮时暗或者时关时开,你就会注意到它。同样道理,有时我们被别人艳羡,我们不大发觉。可一旦某天失去了,我们就会察觉。4. Not moved by beautiful things4. 缺乏发现美的眼睛。;The spring wind is so selfless, not askingfor anything in return but blossomed millions of flowers.; We may not have theability to create beauty, but have we been appreciating the beauty of nature,or the beautiful things created by others? We often ignore and unaware of thenatural beauty, artistic beauty, spiritual beauty and many beautiful things inlife around us.“春风如此无私,不问索取,却使得遍地花开。”我们可能不能创造美,但可以欣赏自然美,或者其他人创造的美。我们常常忽视或不了解自然之美、艺术之美,精神之美以及一切我们身边美好的事物。5. Do not know how to give5. 不知奉献。Zhang Shangying from Song dynasty said,;Nothing is happier than being happy of doing good deeds;, only a person whoknows how to give rather than just take can be truly happy. Charity is not aprivilege of the rich. Donating millions to disaster relief is charity, give astranger a smile is also charity.宋朝的张商英曾说,“没有比做好事更快乐的了。”只有当一个人懂得给予而不是一味索取的时候才会感到真正的快乐。慈善不是富人的特权。捐献几百万救灾是慈善,给陌生人个微笑也是慈善。6. Not being content6. 不知足。How much does a person need to be satisfied?Never enough!一个人什么时候才能满足?永远不会满足。When you are not happy because you don#39;t haveshoes, have you noticed those who do not have feet? Contentment bringshappiness.当你不满足是因为你没有一双鞋的时候,你注意到有些人没有穿鞋的脚了吗?知足常乐。Harold Albert is the academic director of the University of California. Once he walked on the streetfull of dissatisfaction and confusion because he had aly lost his job andwas looking for new work. He walked in the road like a depressed person,completely lost confidence and courage.Harold Albert是加州大学的教务处主任。有次,他曾满怀不满和困惑地走在街头,因为他丢了工作,在找新的工作。他走在路上像个沮丧的人,失去了信心和勇气。Just then, a man with no legs came, sitting ona small wooden platform which was attached with wheels from old skates. Hecarried 2 pieces of wood and wheeled himself across the street.就在这时,一个没有腿的人经过,坐在一个附着在旧溜冰轮子的木头平板上,带着两片木头,滑过街道。When Harold saw him, he had just crossed thestreet, trying to raise himself a few inches to get on the pavement. Harold#39;seyes met his, the disabled man said happily, ;Good morning! Sr. Nice morningweather, is not it?; At the time Harold felt a strange sense of satisfaction.He thought, I have 2 legs, he has no legs, but he is so happy, what reason do Ihave to be upset? So Harold became more confident, and went on happily.Harold发现了他,他刚穿过街,试着把自己举高几英寸以登上人行道。他们四目相对,那个残疾人高兴地说:“早上好!早上天气真好,不是吗?”这时Harold感到一种莫名的满足。他想,他有两条腿,而他却没有腿,但他仍然开心,他又有什么理由心烦呢?所以,Harold变得更加自信,快乐地生活着。7. Anxiety is everywhere7. 无处不焦虑。Anxiety of safety, wealth, health and anxietyof children#39;s education and employment… Only a person who is carefree can behappy.担心安全、财富、健康,担心孩子的教育问题和工作……只有当一个人不焦虑时才能幸福快乐。8. Too much pressure/stress8. 压力过大 。Political pressure, pressure from work,family, emotional stress, financial stress, interpersonal pressure,psychological pressure and physical pressure政治压力,工作、家庭压力,情绪上的压力,经济压力,人际关系压力,心理和生理压力。9. Standards are too high9. 标准太高。Using person#39;s own standard to demand others ;If I can, why can#39;t you?;用自己的标准去要求他人,“我能做到,为什么你不能?”Using other#39;s standard to demand oneself, ;Ifhe can, why can#39;t I?;用他人的标准来要求自己,“他能做到,为什么我不能?”10. Not being oneself10. 不能做回自己。A person who becomes a good son, a goodhusband, a good father, a good friend, a goodpartner… but if a person cannotbecome someone that himself/herself desires, always fighting with oneself, thenthis person has no balance, and naturally, it is difficult for him/her to betruly happy.一个人能做到好儿子,好爸爸,好朋友,好伴侣,但是如果一个人不能做到他想做到的,老是和自己斗争,那么他就平衡不了,自然很难让他自己真正快乐起来。 /201212/217661嘉兴祛除雀斑哪家医院好

桐乡市妇幼保健院口腔科人无完人,必定会为一些事情“抓狂”。十二星座也不能免俗,他们的脑袋里同样暗藏着很多不可触碰的“神精”哦。快来看看都有哪些事是星座们最不能忍受的吧……CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 - Jan. 20)When it comes to taking charge, while you may occasionally pretend you don't absolutely adore it, to be perfectly honest, you know you do - and you know we all love it when you're "driving," because you're so good at it. So what absolutely makes you nuts is having to take orders from someone who's not only less qualified than yourself, but also pitifully less suited to the position. Fortunately, that doesn't happen much, now does it?羯:你会偶尔假装不热衷权力,那是因为你知道大家希望你掌控大局,这是你擅长的。你最不能忍受的就是让你听命于那些才干不如你且并不适合这个位置的人。幸运的是,这种情况并不经常发生,对吗?AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 - Feb. 19)You're the rebel, the radical, and the eccentric in every group, whether it's family, friends, or your team at work. You love and cultivate those labels because of the freedom they allow you to be yourself. The worst thing, then - the very worst thing of all, in your eyes - is being pressed into a mold, being told what to do, having to obey, and being forced to act like everyone else. 水瓶:无论在家人、朋友还是同事的眼中,你都是一个激进反叛、行为古怪的人。你热爱自由,喜欢创意。在你看来,最糟糕的事莫过于将你模式化,告诉你必须遵循什么或是和其他人做一样的事。PISCES (Feb. 20 - Mar. 20)Your specialty, Pisces, is emotions, maybe even more so than sentimental Cancer. You're comfortable sniffling and dabbing at your eyes during a sad movie (or a commercial, for that matter) and rather - no, extremely - proud of your ability to sense what's wrong with a loved one before they even realize it themselves. So what makes you most irritated is when someone tells you you're being "overly emotional." 双鱼:鱼儿最注重的就是感情,你甚至比蟹子还要敏感。在看完一部悲情的影片后能酣畅淋漓地大哭一场会让你觉得很舒。你还会为自己能敏锐地感觉到爱人情感的变化而骄傲。那么,最让你怒不可遏的事就是有人告诉说你“感情过于丰富”了。 /201109/155440桐乡市隆鼻手术多少钱 《诺丁山》这部电影是根据巨星麦当娜的真实经历改编的,讲述了一个单身汉威廉巧遇当红明星安娜,安娜也从此走进了他的心中。也许我们心底也有这样一种诺丁山情结,期待有一天可以邂逅一段完美的缘分。Notting Hill Complex refers to the love knot that men desire the romance. They dream that the perfect star or the perfect actress of a fair tale can walk into their real lives bring them unforgettable encounter. Even they dream that the lolita shoes stars finally love them and wear for them to walk on the red carpet in the church. Notting Hill romantic love belongs to a kind of love knot which is a ideal love story.;诺丁山情结;是指男人们渴望浪漫的爱情故事,渴望梦想中完美的女明星或者童话里完美的女主角,能够走进自己的现实生活中,带给他们刻骨铭心的邂逅。他们甚至梦想穿着洛丽塔公主鞋的明星最后能够爱上他,并一起走上教堂的红地毯。诺丁山式的浪漫爱情是一种把爱情故事理想化的情结。Notting Hill love used to be a dream for everybody. Many people want to have a romantic encounter. When the romance has past away, the reality calmed us down to the earth. We realized that most of us are the ordinary common people and we all eventually should live the lives that belong to our own.诺丁山式的爱情故事,应该曾是每个人的梦想。很多人希望自己也可以有次浪漫的邂逅,只是一切过后现实让人们都冷静下来,变得实际。我们意识到大多数人都只是平凡的普通人,人们终究要过属于自己的平凡生活。 /201201/167514嘉兴快速祛色斑哪家医院好

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