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通过海关 Going Through Customs-- ::59 OFFICER: May I see your passport please?CHARLES: Here is my passport. And this is the declaration m.OFFICER: What is the purpose of your visit to the ed States?CHARLES: Business. I have a trade convention I'm attending in Chicago.OFFICER: This visa is good two weeks. Do you intend to stay longer than that?CHARLES: No. I will fly back twelve days from now.OFFICER: And you will do some traveling while you are here?CHARLES: Yes, I want to spend a couple days in New York. I have friends there I will visit.OFFICER: What do you have in the bag, Mr. Lee?CHARLES: Just my cameras, my clothes, and some books.OFFICER: You're not carrying any food with you today?CHARLES: No.OFFICER: Okay, Mr. Lee. This is just a routine check.Would you mind opening the bag me?CHARLES: Alright.OFFICER: Hmm. You have three cameras. Are you a photographer?CHARLES: No, my company makes cameras.Well, I'm also a photographer, but two of these are our display.OFFICER: I see. And what's in this bag?CHARLES: Egg tarts.OFFICER: I thought you said you didn't have any food with you today.CHARLES: I thought you meant vegetables and meat when you asked me. Things like that.I don't have any vegetables.OFFICER: I'm sorry, Mr. Lee. Egg tarts are food too. We will have to confiscate these.CHARLES: Confiscate?OFFICER: Yes, we will have to dispose of them.CHARLES: It's too bad. They are very delicious.OFFICER: I know. One out of every three travelers from Taiwan seems to be carrying them.They are being smuggled in by the thousands.CHARLES: Oh, well. Not by me.OFFICER: No, not today at least. Enjoy your visit to the ed States, Mr. Lee.CHARLES: Thank you.海关人员:我可以看一下你的护照吗?查尔斯:这是我的护照,这是入境申请表海关人员:你到美国的目的是什么?查尔斯:商务,我要到芝加哥去开商务会议海关人员:你的签期限是两个星期,你打算待更久吗?查尔斯:不会,我十二天之后就要回去了海关人员:这段期间你会去旅行吗?查尔斯:是的,我想去纽约几天,我在那儿有朋友,要去拜访海关人员:李先生,你的袋子里有些什么?查尔斯:只是一些照相机、衣和书籍海关人员:你没有携带任何食物吧?查尔斯:没有海关人员:好的,李先生,这是例行检查,请你把袋子打开让我看看好吗?查尔斯:好的海关人员:嗯……有三台照相机,你是摄影师吗?查尔斯:不是,我们公司是生产照相机的我自己也是摄影师,但是有两台是展示用的海关人员:我明白了,那这个袋子里面装什么?查尔斯:蛋挞海关人员:我以为你没有带任何食物查尔斯:我以为你是指蔬菜和肉品之类的食物我并没有带蔬菜海关人员:李先生,对不起,蛋挞也算是食物,我们必须充公查尔斯:充公?海关人员:是的,我们将会处理掉查尔斯:太可惜了,蛋挞非常好吃海关人员:我知道台湾来的旅客,三个就有一个会带蛋挞成千的人就成走私了查尔斯:我没有海关人员:至少今天没有,祝您旅途愉快,李先生查尔斯:谢谢

说我自己(Talk about me) --01 ::59 来源: 说我自己(Talk about me)  hello, my mame is ada. i am years old. i am a quiet girl. i study in lin pu no.1 primary school. my favourite food is ice cream. it’s sour. my favourite teacher is art teacher. my favourite class is art class. my favourite animal is squirrels. my favourite drink is juice. my favourite fruit is strawberries, because it’s sour.i am helpful at home. i can sweep the floor, cook the meals, clean the bedroom, water the flowers, empty the trash, set the table, make the bed, do the dishes, wash the clothes and put away the clothes.  can you be my friend ?

my good friend --3 :7:5 来源: my good friendlook !this is my good friend.he has two big and nice eyes.he can run.but he cann't run fast.he is friendly and helpful .he is never gets angry.he like me. and i like him too.so. we are good friends.

I Am Going to Hong Kong My Vacation 我要去香港度假 -- :50: 来源: I Am Going to Hong Kong My Vacation 我要去香港度假  This summer, my vacation, I'm going to Hong Kong with my mother. I can visit Disneyland and lots of museums. It is also a wonderful place shopping. I have lots of things to buy, example, I want to buy some nice clothes, school things and interesting books. What's more, I can visit my aunt who works there, I think we will have a good time in Hong Kong.  今年夏天,我要和妈妈去香港度假我可以参观迪斯尼乐园和许多物馆香港还是一个购物的好地方我有好多东西要买,例如,我要买些漂亮的衣、学习用品和一些有趣的书而且我还能见到在那里工作的姑姑我相信我们在香港会过得很愉快

英剧《德伯家的苔丝经典台词(中英双语) -- :35: 来源: 英剧《德伯家的苔丝经典台词(中英双语)  A pity.Well, she can't see you, I'm afraid.  真遗憾 恐怕她不能见你  She's an invalid.You'll have to deal with me. Is it business?  她卧病在床 你只能跟我谈 是公事吗  Not business, sir, it...I can hardly bring myself to say.  不是公事 先生 我真是难以启齿  Pleasure, then?No, it is...It's very foolish.  是喜事吗 不 因为这很愚蠢  I like foolish things. Try again.  我喜欢愚蠢的事 说吧  You were in the middle of the road!  你挡在路中间了  Look! Look what you've done.  看看你做了什么  No, sir, you mustn't!  不 先生 千万不能  Sorry, miss. It's all I can do.  抱歉 我只能这么做  He won't sell Prince's body  他不肯把王子的尸体卖了  says when we were knights of the land,  说我们还是英国爵士的时候  we didn't sell our chargers cat-meat,  就从没把战马卖了做猫食  let 'em keep their shillings.  省省他们那点小钱吧  Silly old fool.Mother...  真是越老越蠢 妈妈  Still, I suppose we must take the ups with the downs.  看来 我们只能认命了  He might get work, I suppose, as a day labourer.  他得出去找活干 做做临时工  if his heart holds out.  如果心脏能受得了的话  Mother, I'll go.  妈 我去  What's that?  什么意思  If that's what you want, I will go.  如果你想让我去 我去好了  Claim kin.  去攀亲戚  I do beg your pardon, Lady D'Urberville.  请您原谅 德贝维尔夫人  Please give the intrusion, your ladyship, but my name is...  请原谅我不请自来 夫人 我叫...  Begging your pardon, ma'am.  请您原谅 夫人  Please give the intrusion, your ladyship,  请原谅我不请自来 夫人  but my name is Tess Durbeyfield and I have come...  我叫苔丝·德北菲尔德 我是来  Can I help you?I am Mr D'Urberville.  需要帮忙吗 我是德贝维尔先生  Have you come to see me or my mother?  你是来找我 还是我母亲的  Your mother, sir.  您母亲 双语 中英 台词

Last Weekend --19 ::5 来源: Last Weekend I had a happy weekend last week. On Saturday morning, I watched TV and helped my mother wash clothes. In the afternoon, I cleaned three bedrooms in my house-- mine, my parents’ and my brother’s.On Sunday, I played football in the park. Then I went to my grandparents’ house. Grandpa played the piano! The whole family was so happy. Later, we wanted to swim. But it was too cold. This was last weekend.

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