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A clothing store in Beijing has provoked outrage after posting a sign in the window banning Chinese customers.北京的一家衣店在窗口挂出“拒绝中国顾客”的牌子后激起了民愤。The sign, which was reportedly put up a week ago, translated to: #39;Chinese not admitted, except for staff.#39;据报道称,这块一周前挂出的牌子写道:“除了工作人员外,中国人禁止入内。”A shop assistant explained it was for business reasons - but another said it was because Chinese customers are irritating.一位店员解释到这是出于商业原因考虑——但是另一位店员称这是因为中国顾客太烦人了。One employee at the shop on Yabaolu Street, a popular shopping destination, said Chinese customers are #39;too annoying#39; and #39;Chinese women often try on lots of clothes but end up buying nothing#39;.人气购物街雅宝路上的一位雇员声称中国顾客“太烦人了”而且“中国女人总是不停试穿,但是最后啥都不买”。A reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily entered the store posing as a customer but was refused by staff, who said they did not sell clothes to Chinese nationals.北京青年报的一名记者走进了这家商店,其假扮成顾客但是被工作人员赶了出来,工作人员称他们的衣不卖中国人。An employee told the paper that it had been put up to avoid competitors from copying their designs.一位雇员告诉青年报,这样做是为了防止竞争对手山寨他们的设计。Shanghaiist.com reported an employee also said the sign had been put after a Chinese customer stole a tourist#39;s wallet then the owners of the shop were forced to pay 00 in compensation.Shanghaiist.com 报道称,一位雇员也提到这块牌子之所以挂出,是因为之前一位中国顾客偷了一名游客的钱包,然后店家不得不赔偿5000镑。#39;We didn#39;t mean to debase our nationals, but sometimes they have gone too far#39;, one employee said.“我们没有贬低国人的意思,但是有时候他们做的太过分了”,一名雇员说道。On social network Weibo, China#39;s answer to Twitter, people were outraged and called for the store to be closed down.在社交网络新浪微(中国版推特)上,民众愤起并且呼吁这家店闭店。One user said: #39;Is this still China?#39;一名网民说道:“这还是中国吗?”But Li Xiandong, a professor from China University of Political Science and Law, said that although the sign is discriminatory, the owner hasn#39;t broken any laws as racial discrimination is not illegal in China.不过中国政法大学的教授李显冬说道,虽然这块告示牌存在歧视性,但是店家并没有违法,因为在中国种族歧视没有被载入法律。#39;This may not be regarded as illegal, but this is extremely improper judging from cultural aspects,#39; he said.他说,“这种行为可能并不等于犯法,但是从文化角度来说是非常不恰当的。” /201412/347546。

Officials at Avon Lake Municipal Utilities west of Cleveland said Wednesday that the valves at the plant are caked in ice. Although they are still able to draw water, the rate is below typical demands — which means several surrounding cities could be hit by a veritable drought. In a message on the city of Avon#39;s official website, officials called on residents to hold off on doing anything that uses a lot of water.受北极寒流南下影响,美国大部分地区本周遭遇近20年来最严寒天气。据美国媒体1月9日报道,由于供水管道被冻住,俄亥俄州数万居民遭遇“水荒”。为此,政府建议居民不要洗衣洗澡,就连冲厕所的次数也要尽量减少。Avon Mayor Bryan Jensen sent out an emergency messages to locals asking them to hold off on laundry, baths and showers, according to Cleveland.com. ;We even ask people to refrain from flushing toilets as often as they used to until this can be resolved,; Jensen said. The plant website said it provides water to over 200,000 people living in a 680-square-mile area made up of seven counties — including Lorain, Cuyahoga, Medina, Erie, Huron, Ashland and Wayne.当天,埃文湖市政府网站上出现了一则温馨提醒,呼吁市民暂停一切耗水量大的事情。市长布莱恩·延森更给出具体建议,要求市民不要洗衣、不要洗澡,“我们甚至要求人们在情况好转前尽量减少冲厕所的次数”。 /201401/272510。

Chinese tech companies have sparked controversy on social media after choosing to motivate their male employees by hiring #39;programming cheerleaders#39;.中国的科技公司雇佣“程序员鼓励师”(programming cheerleaders)来激励男性员工,此举在社交媒体上引发了争议。The #39;pretty, talented#39; girls are hired to #39;create a fun work environment#39; for employees of internet companies across the country, according to a social media website in China.根据中国一家媒体网站的报道,中国国内的互联网公司请来“‘智慧与美貌并存的#39;女孩,旨在给员工‘创造一个愉悦的工作环境#39;”。#39;Their job includes buying programmers breakfast, chitchatting and playing ping-pong with them,#39; the post said.报道称:“她们的工作包括为程序员买早餐,陪他们聊天、打乒乓球。”An HR manager of one of the companies that apparently hired three of the #39;cheerleaders#39; told that their programmers were #39;mostly male and terrible at socialising.#39;一家已雇佣三名女性程序员鼓励师的公司中,人力资源部经理透露,公司里的程序员“男性偏多,社交能力很差。”#39;The presence of these girls have greatly improved their job efficiency and motivation,#39; the HR manager said.这名经理还表示:“这些女鼓励师激励他们工作,大大提高了工作效率。”The response on social media to the pictures has been less positive.社交媒体对此却不怎么乐观。#39;Or you know, hire some women who code. Oh wait, that would be too intimidating for there man-children, right?#39; One Facebook user wrote.一名脸书用户写道:“哎呀,雇些女性编程员嘛。诶,等等,这岂不是会吓到那里的男娃娃们呢?”#39;How about the female coders? Do they get some men?#39; Another said.还有人说:“女程序员咋办?她们有配备男鼓励师吗?” /201509/396608。

Home prices in Hong Kong have reached their highest point ever, according to an index compiled by one of the city#39;s largest property agencies.香港最大房地产中介公司之一编制的一项指标显示,该城市房价已经触及了历史最高点。#39;We have three [indexes]: one is the whole market, one measures small units and one measures high-end units,#39; said Sandia Lau, a director at Centaline Property. #39;All of them are at a record high.#39;中原地产(Centaline Property)董事刘瑛琳(Sandia Lau)称,他们有三个指标:一个是整体市场,一个是衡量小户型住宅的,一个是衡量高端住宅的;这三个指标全都触及了纪录高点。The Centa-City index is compiled every week by tracking recent transaction prices of 118 of the most-traded units in Hong Kong, the second-most expensive real estate market in the world. A property in the city#39;s exclusive Peak neighborhood was just listed for HK9.1 million, the world#39;s most expensive home per square foot.中原城市(Centa-City)指数每周编制一次,追踪的是香港118个交易最活跃的楼盘的近期成交价格。香港房地产是全球第二昂贵的市场,位于该城市独有的太平山顶社区的一栋房子最新报价为8.191亿港元,单价为全球最贵。Analysts attribute Hong Kong#39;s steadily rising prices to a series of economic and regulatory factors. A combination of low interest rates, currency stability and stringent government regulations on development have fed years of demand while buildable land, always scarce in Hong Kong, continues to shrink.分析师们把香港房价稳步上涨归因为一系列经济和监管因素。利率较低、币值稳定、政府对开发的监管严格,这些因素加在一起,助长了数年来的需求,同时在香港总是稀缺的可建设土地继续萎缩。#39;There#39;s still a low interest rate, which makes demand a bit urgent now, #39; Ms. Lau said. #39;People feel the economy is quite stable, and because [the Hong Kong dollar] is [pegged] to the U.S. dollar, it attracts foreign money--people are trying to buy assets to protect their money from depreciation.#39;刘瑛琳称,目前香港利率依然很低,这使得现在的需求有点急迫,人们感觉经济很稳定,而且因为港元钉住了美元,其吸引来了外资――人们试图购买资产来保值。She also pointed out that various regulations hinder injections of new housing supply into the market. #39;You can only build so many units, they have to be a certain size... When the Hong Kong government puts land on auction, they put limitations on it,#39; she added.刘瑛琳还指出,香港许多规定阻碍了新住房供应进入市场。她补充称,当香港政府拍卖土地时有一些限制性要求,会对住宅单元建造数量和面积作出规定。Prices hit new highs despite extensive government measures to cool the red-hot market. In 2012, three new property taxes were rolled out in quick succession, including a 15 percent tax on foreign buyers meant to deter speculators from mainland China. But in the two years since the measures were enacted, the index has only continued to climb, rising from 94.02 in February 2012--when the last of the taxes were implemented--to 134.14 today. (The index is anchored to prices in July 1997, which are represented by a value of 100.)尽管香港政府已采取各种举措为火热的房地产市场降温,但当地房价仍创出新高。2012年时,香港接连新推出了三项房地产相关税收,其中包括对境外购房者征收15%的印花税,旨在阻止来自中国大陆的投机者。但这些举措实施两年以来,中原城市指数仍一路攀升,由2012年2月(最后一批税收举措实施)的94.02升至周一的134.14。(该指数基期数值为1997年7月的100)。Wong Leung-Sing, associate director of research at Centaline, says the record-breaking market has mixed significance for the city. #39;Over the last 20 years, the Hong Kong property market has been up very sharply and down very sharply,#39; he said, referring to how prices plummeted in the aftermath of the Asian financial crisis, a fact later compounded by the SARS epidemic. #39;It#39;s not very healthy.#39;中原地产研究主管黄良升表示,房价创出新高对香港的影响有好有坏。他称,过去20年中,香港地产市场曾大起大落,例如亚洲金融危机过后(加上之后非典疫情爆发),房价曾暴跌。他说,这种走势不是很健康。He also expects more records to be broken, predicting that prices will rise another five percent by the end of the quarter.黄良升预计,香港房价还会再创新高,第三季度结束前将再上涨五个百分点。 /201408/320514。