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If you#39;re the kind of person who loves travel but finds it difficult to break down language barriers, you may want to check out Iconspeak, a T-shirt covered in basic pictographs ranging from clocks to bathrooms.如果你是那种爱旅行,却难以打破语言障碍的人,那你可能想看看这款图标语言T恤。从时钟到浴室,这款T恤上印着许多基础的象形图画。Simply point to the symbol associated with your need, and hopefully, the person you#39;re talking to will understand. It#39;s better than having to play charadeswith strangers, I can tell you that.需要什么,轻轻一指,很可能你谈话的对象就明白了。我敢说,这比对着陌生人比划猜词要强。Iconspeak is the brainchild of friends George Horn and Florian Nast.图标语言T恤的点子是一对好朋友,乔治·霍恩和弗罗里安·纳斯特一起想出来的。They were traveling through Asia in 2013 and found themselves in a remote village with ;no infrastructure, zero tourism, and just some locals.;2013年,他们到亚洲旅行时,曾经到过一个偏远的小村子,那里“既没有基础设施,也没有旅游业,只有一些当地居民”。This experience inspired them to start working on a simple yet effective solution to the language gap. Two years later, they came up with the Iconspeak t-shirt.这次经历启发他们开始寻找一种简单有效的弥合语言障碍的办法。两年后,他们设计出了图标语言T恤。;In the furthest and deepest corners of our world we were repeatedly left with no words, either in breathtakingawedue to the sceneries or in empty silence, due to our lacking linguistic talents,; the Iconspeak website states.图标语言T恤的官网上这样写道:“在世界上最遥远而偏僻的角落,我们常常会哑口无言,有时是因为周围美景摄人心魄,令人惊畏,有时则是因为语言不通,不得不沉默。”;Such situations got us thinking about how to bridgelanguage barriers with utmostsimplicity, on a global level. The answer came to us after a remarkable experience in the depths of Vietnamese backcountry: ICONs. Because with ICONs, you can SPEAK, you can SPEAK to the world.;“这种情况促使我们思考,如何才能用最简单的方式在全球范围内突破语言障碍呢?在越南一处穷乡僻壤的奇妙经历给了我们:图标。有了图标,它们就可以替你说话了,你就可以对世界说话了。”The products are available internationally through the Iconspeak website.目前,这款T恤可通过产品官网全球订购。 /201604/439663

;Peach Blossom Spring;, an ink-and-color work made by master painter Zhang Daqian in his later years, fetched HK0m (.8m) at Sotheby#39;s spring auction in Hong Kong on last Tuesday, setting an auction record for the artist.国画大师张大千晚年泼墨泼作品《桃源图》上周二在香港苏富比春季拍卖会上以2.7亿港元(约合3480万美元)成交,刷新了张大千个人作品拍卖纪录。;Peach Blossom Spring;, a hanging-scroll landscape that Zhang made a year before his death, aroused a heated bidding war in the salesroom of Sotheby#39;s major spring auction.《桃源图》是张大千在去世的前一年完成的山水立轴,该画在苏富比春季拍卖会上引起了一场激烈的竞购战。It finally went to Liu Yiqian, a billionaire collector from Shanghai who made headlines last year for spending 0 million on Amedeo Modigliani#39;s Nu Couche (;Reclining Nude;) in a New York auction.这幅画最终被来自上海的富豪收藏家刘益谦收入囊中。刘益谦因去年在纽约一个拍卖会上以1.7亿美元拍得莫迪里亚尼名画《躺卧的裸妇》而声名大噪。;Peach Blossom Spring;, which is 2 meters long, exemplifies Zhang#39;s mastery and creativity in the po cai (splashed ink and color) technique — an artistic approach he invented in his later years.《桃源图》尺幅颇大,长约两米。充分体现了张大千在泼技艺上的造诣和创新。泼是他晚年发明的一种艺术手法。Zhang created the painting at his well-known residence and studio, the Abode of Maya, located in the Wai-shuang-hsi area on the outskirts of Taipei. He settled in Taiwan in 1976 after decades of living in Brazil and the ed States.创作这幅图卷时,张大千居在他的名宅兼工作室“耶精舍”,该住所位于台北郊区的外双溪。在巴西和美国生活几十年之后,张大千于1976年在台湾定居。C.K. Cheung, head of Sotheby#39;s Chinese paintings department, said in a presale release that the painting is considered to be ;a pivotal work from Zhang#39;s late years, alongside Mount Lu,; another landscape by Zhang that is currently at the Taipei Palace Museum.苏富比中国书画部主管张超群在预售发布会上表示,这幅画和《庐山图》被认为是张大千晚年压卷之作。《庐山图》现藏于台北故宫中。 /201604/436576

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