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Europe thinks it has a Ukraine problem. In truth, it has a Russia, or more precisely, a Vladimir Putin problem. Moscow’s war against Kiev is a fragment of a bigger picture. The Russian president’s revanchism reaches well beyond Ukraine. The bigger goal is to tear up the continent’s post-communist settlement.欧洲认为,它的麻烦是乌克兰,实际上,这个麻烦是俄罗斯,或者更准确地说,是俄罗斯总统弗拉基米#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)。莫斯科对基辅的战争是冰山一角。普京的复仇主义目标远不止乌克兰。他的更大目标是撕毁欧洲大陆共产主义时代结束后的安排。European hesitation about confronting Russia is ily explained. Economic self-interest, history, cultural affinity, and latent anti-Americanism have persuaded many Europeans to look at Mr Putin as the leader they hoped for rather than the one who saw the fall of the Soviet Union as the geopolitical catastrophe of the 20th century.欧洲不愿与俄罗斯正面对抗的原因很好解释。经济上的利己主义、历史、文化上的亲缘性以及潜在的反美主义都让许多欧洲人认为,普京是他们所希望的领导人,而不是那个将苏联解体视为20世纪地缘政治灾难的领导人。There is a seductive narrative for a west chastened by bungled interventions in the Middle East. If Mr Putin’s demands are sometimes provocative and, as in Georgia as well as Ukraine, can turn into outright aggression the west should be mindful of the circumstances. Perhaps Nato had indeed broken promises about admitting former Soviet satellites? Maybe it had bent the rules when it bombed Serbia? As for the Iraq war, well, enough said.一个有诱惑性的说法是,西方由于搞砸了对中东地区的干预已经学乖了。如果说普京的要求有时是挑衅性的——而且正如格鲁吉亚和乌克兰的情形那样,可能演变为彻底的侵略——西方应该时刻牢记当前形势。或许北Nato)真的放弃了接纳前苏联卫星国的承诺?或许当北约轰炸塞尔维亚的时候,它就已经有所松动了?至于伊拉克战争,嗯,就不用多说了。The annexation of Crimea and the march into Ukraine’s Donbass region should have dispelled the doubts. In the case of Angela Merkel this is what seems to have happened. Not a politician to prefer confrontation over negotiation, the German chancellor has been offered too many lies and broken promises.俄罗斯吞并克里米亚以及进入乌克兰顿巴斯地区后,人们应该不再怀疑了。就德国总理安格#8226;默克Angela Merkel)而言,这些怀疑似乎已成现实。默克尔不是一位喜欢对抗胜过谈判的政客,她遭遇了太多的谎言和失信。The argument within Europe, though, has not ended. Much has been made of the sympathy towards Moscowshown by the Syriza government in Greece. It is not alone. Italy’s prime minister Matteo Renzi has been outdoing Silvio Berlusconi in his fealty to Mr Putin. Hungary’s Viktor Orbán publicly disdains liberal democracy. Cyprus always speaks up for Russia, while French consent to the sanctions regime is halfhearted. So no one should be surprised by the latest Russian offensive: there is no more powerful a provocation to the Kremlin than appeasement.然而,欧洲内部的争论没有结束。众所周知,希腊激进左翼联盟党(Syriza)领导的政府对莫斯科深表同情。这并非个例。在对普京忠诚方面,意大利总理马泰#8226;伦齐(Matteo Renzi)一直胜过西尔维#8226;贝卢斯科Silvio Berlusconi)。匈牙利总理欧尔#8226;维克Viktor Orbán)公开鄙视自由民主。塞浦路斯总是维护俄罗斯,而法国对制裁俄罗斯只是半心半意地赞同。因此,应该没有人对俄罗斯最新的进攻感到意外:对克里姆林宫来说,没有比绥靖政策更大的挑衅了。Mr Putin’s litany of grievances Nato’s “encirclementof Russia, a plan to humiliate Moscow, broken international rules have been heard over and over. Occasionally there is a small truth hidden in the big lie, but the essential storyline never deviates. The west wants to destroy the power and dignity of Russia. So familiar are the charges that the implications are often discounted. Everyone has heard Mr Putin pledge to roll back the frontiers, but few have really been listening.人们不断地听到普京的一连串抱怨:北约“包围”俄罗斯、计划羞辱莫斯科、违反国际规则。弥天大谎中偶尔也会隐藏着些许真相,但基本的故事情节永远差不了多少。西方希望破坏俄罗斯的实力和尊严。这些指控已是家常便饭,其影响往往大打折扣。所有人都听到普京承诺收缩疆界,但很少有人真的把他的话当回事。The annexation of Crimea and the push into eastern Ukraine were in one dimension opportunistic. Mr Putin had mis the Maidan protests and failed to anticipate the fall of former president Viktor Yanukovich. So he grabbed what he could. Expedient as the war may have been, it fitted the game plan to restore suzerainty over much of the former Soviet empire.从某个方面来说,俄罗斯吞并克里米亚和进入乌克兰东部有些机会主义。普京误读了独立广场的抗议活动,未能预见到乌克兰前总统维克#8226;亚努科维Viktor Yanukovich)的垮台。因此他抓住了他能抓住的机会。虽然战争可能是权宜之计,但它符合俄罗斯对前苏联帝国的许多加盟共和国恢复宗主国地位的通盘计划。General Yury Baluyevsky, the former chief of staff of the Russian armed forces, says the confrontation with the west is a continuation of the cold war. The methods, though, are now more sophisticated. Military force, he says, is “the final stage of the process Moscow has mastered the art of hybrid warfare, including “information and psychological pressure To paraphrase the general, Mr Putin will divide and weaken his enemies before deploying force.俄军前总参谋长尤里#8226;巴卢耶夫斯基将军(General Yuri Baluyevsky)表示,与西方对峙是冷战的延续。然而,现在的对峙方式更加复杂。巴卢耶夫斯基将军说,军事力量是“这一过程的最后阶段”。莫斯科掌握了混合战争的艺术,包括运用“信息和心理压力”。用巴卢耶夫斯基将军的话来说,普京将会在动用武力之前分化削弱其敌人。In its softest form, this means presenting rolling propaganda as rolling news with the rapid expansion of the Kremlin-controlled Russia Today news network. Then there is the funding of populist parties of left and right in western European capitals. Marine Le Pen’s National Front in France has taken a Russian loan. Nigel Farage, the leader of the anti-immigrant UK Independence party, counts himself an admirer of the Russian leader.其最温和的斗争方式,就是借助俄罗斯政府控制的“今日俄罗斯Russia Today)新闻网络的快速扩张,不断地以滚动新闻的形式滚动宣传。然后是向西欧国家的左右翼民粹主义政党提供资金。法国马#8226;勒庞(Marine Le Pen)领导的国民阵National Front)已经接受了俄罗斯的贷款。反对移民的英国独立UK Independence party)的领导人奈杰#8226;法拉Nigel Farage)自称是普京的仰慕者。Further along the spectrum there are the bribes paid to politicians and business leaders and the stakes taken in vulnerable financial institutions in south eastern Europe and the Balkans. There is a none-too-subtle campaign to destabilise pro-western governments in the former Soviet space Bulgaria is a recent victim by exploiting their dependence on Russian energy. Add in the testing of Nato defences by Russian fighter planes, cyber attacks and kidnappings in the Baltics, and the incursions of nuclear bombers, and you can see what the general was talking about.再接下来是贿赂政客和商界领导人,以及收购东南欧国家和巴尔干地区的脆弱金融机构的权益。俄罗斯利用前苏联势力范围内亲西方国家对其能源的依赖,毫不掩饰地发动破坏这些国家政府稳定的攻势——保加利亚就是最近的一个受害者。再加上俄罗斯战机、网络袭击和巴尔干地区绑架事件对北约防务的考验,以及携带核弹头的轰炸机的入侵,你就可以明白巴卢耶夫斯基将军在说什么。Ms Merkel has recognised the danger, publicly warning about subversion in Moldova and attempts to pull Serbia back into the Russian orbit. The US has been working with the European Commission to ease some of the vulnerabilities of energy-dependent governments in southeastern Europe. But in western Europe there is widesp reluctance still to recognise the big picture to set the Ukraine crisis in the context of Mr Putin’s broader aims.默克尔意识到了这种威胁,对尔多瓦境内的颠覆活动和俄罗斯将塞尔维亚拉回自身轨道的企图进行了公开警告。美国一直在与欧盟委员会(European Commission)合作,以减轻有能源依赖性的东南欧国家的部分脆弱性。但在西欧,人们仍普遍不愿承认这种大局,不愿从普京更大范围企图的角度看待乌克兰危机。Mr Putin is not the creation of western perfidy. Throughout his career, from the office of the mayor of St Petersburg to the top job in the Kremlin, he has been remarkably constant in his ambitions and in the ruthlessness he will deploy to achieve them.普京并非是西方背信弃义的产物。在从担任圣彼得堡市副市长、到入主克里姆林宫的整个政治生涯中,普京的抱负及实现抱负过程中的冷酷无情没有变过。A collapsing oil price and the impact of sanctions have made him more dangerous: without oil and gas revenues, his domestic support now rests on his capacity to mobilise nationalist anger against the alleged attempt by Nato and the EU to subjugate “mother Russia The west’s options are limited, but the beginning of wisdom is to understand that this is not just about Ukraine.油价暴跌和制裁的影响让普京变得更加危险:没有了石油和天然气收入,现在普京在国内能否获得持,取决于他能否挑起民族主义者的怒火,对抗所谓的北约和欧盟要征“俄罗斯母亲”的企图。西方的选择是有限的,但要想明智行事,最起码要明白这不仅仅与乌克兰有关。来 /201502/359387Commentary on last months Russian-Chinese energy deal to ship 38 billion cubic meters of natural gas annually from East Siberia to China has focused on its benefits for China. Yet Beijing may come to regret the deal, especially when some superior options exist directly under its feet.上个月中俄达成能源协议后,外界的焦点一直是该协议给中国带来的好处。然而北京可能会对这项协议感到后悔,尤其是在又出现了一些更好的选择方案的情况下。根据中俄达成的协议,俄罗斯每年从东西伯利亚向中国出80亿立方米天然气。Granted, northeast China needs gas imports, and other sources such as liquid natural gas would be expensive compared with piped gas from Siberia. And Chinas demand for natural gas is going to grow rapidly in the next couple decades--far faster than can be met with non-Russian sources such as Australia.毫无疑问,中国东北部地区需要进口天然气,并且液化天然气等其他资源价格要高于来自西伯利亚的管道天然气。未0年中国的天然气需求将迅猛增长,如果不从俄罗斯进口,只是依赖澳大利亚等其他国家,可能远远无法得到满足。Even so, the 0 billion Siberian pipeline that China is now obligated to help finance wont be usable for four years. And by 2020 it will meet no more than 10% of the countrys needs.即便如此,中国目前负责融资的规模4,000亿美元的西伯利亚输气管道项目四年内也无法投入使用。到2020年该输气管道的供气量也只占中国需求的10%。The real beneficiaries of the Shanghai deal are Vladimir Putin and his state-owned Gazprom. Gas flowing through the Siberian pipeline will also be available for sale to other Asian countries at a considerable discount to what they pay for liquid natural gas. The deal offers insurance if Europe cuts back on Russian gas imports in the aftermath of the Ukraine crisis. Analysts at Wood MacKenzie liken the deal to finding a new Europe for Gazprom.其实,中俄两国上海能源协议的真正受益方是普京(Vladimir Putin)及其国有企业俄罗斯天然气工业股份公司(Gazprom)。来自西伯利亚输气管道的天然气也可以销售给其他亚洲国家,价格将远低于它们购买的液化天然气。即使欧洲在乌克兰危机后削减俄罗斯天然气进口量,上述协议也为俄罗斯提供了保障。Wood MacKenzie的分析师们把该交易比作是俄罗斯天然气工业股份公司找到了一个“新的欧洲市场”。That should give the Chinese additional pause. The rest of the world is learning that relying on Russia for natural gas can be a very bad idea--almost as bad as depending on oil shipped through the Iran-dominated Straits of Hormuz, as China does now. Yet Chinas energy demands are inexorable. Aly the worlds largest energy consumer, it will see demand surge again in the next two decades, including for natural gas.这将令中国更感踌躇。眼下世界其他国家都逐渐意识到,依靠俄罗斯的天然气可能导致非常不利的结果,差不多像依靠通过伊朗控制的霍尔木兹海Straits of Hormuz)运输石油一样糟糕――而中国目前正是如此。然而中国的能源需求势不可挡。中国已经成为全球最大的能源消费国,而且未来20年中国对天然气等能源的需求将再度猛增。A better idea is for China to crack open shale oil and gas reserves at home, which are enormous. The U.S. Energy Information Administration estimates that Chinese gas reserves could be almost one and a half times those of the ed States. Yet to date China has dug fewer than 200 shale-gas wells, compared to 40,000 dug in the U.S.对中国来说,更好的方案是开发本国巨大的页?油气储量。据美国能源情报 Energy Information Administration,简称:EIA)估计,中国天然气储量几乎是美国的1.5倍。但迄今为止,中国页岩气井数量不00口,而美国有4万口。Why hasnt China seen the kind of shale revolution that has turned the U.S. into the worlds biggest natural gas producer, and will make it the biggest oil producer by 2020?为何中国没有看到使美国成为全球最大天然气生产国的页?革命?而且020年,美国还将成为全球最大石油生产国。Part of the problem is geology. Chinas shale is heavily mixed with clay, unlike the brittle bedrock that surrounds American shale. Chinas is also buried deeper, and some deposits may contain lethal contaminates like hydrogen sulfide.其中一个原因是地质问题。中国页岩掺杂大量粘土,而美国页岩则由比较脆的基岩包裹。中国页岩埋藏较深,有些矿藏还可能含有致命污染物,如硫化氢。Theres also geography. Chinas biggest shale gas fields are in Sichuan province, which is densely populated, unlike North Dakota or West Texas. And Sichuan cant spare the tremendous amount of water that American-style fracking demands.还有地理方面的问题。中国最大页岩气田位于人口稠密的四川省,而不是像美国,位于人口较少的北达科他或西德克萨斯。四川也没有那么多水供美式压裂法之用。But the biggest problem is the Chinese government. The countrys major energy companies are state-owned and naturally get most contracts whether they have the expertise or not. There is little opportunity for homegrown startups to introduce innovation that would address the technical obstacles. And given Chinas legal system, there are no guarantees that an individual investor in such projects would get his money back.但最大的问题还在于中国政府。中国大型能源企业都是国有企业,无论是否具备相应能力都自然能获得最多的项目合同。民间初创企业没有什么机会为解决技术难题进行创新。另外,从中国的法律制度来看,个人投资者对这种项目的投资不能保能收回成本。So even though China has set a 2015 target for shale gas extraction of 6.5 billion cubic meters--a tiny fraction of what the U.S. extracts every year--it seems unlikely they will come close to meeting it. At one gas site auction in late 2012, not one of the 16 companies bidding had ever drilled a gas well.因此,虽然中国制定了015年页岩气产量达到每年65亿立方米的目标(仅相当于美国每年页?气产量的很小一部分),但这一目标不太可能得以实现。在2012年底招标的一个页岩气区块,参与竞标的16家企业中没有一家具备钻探页岩气井的经验。There is one place where China could find the expertise to open its gas potential: the ed States. China has aly turned to giants such as Shell for help--and joint ventured with companies such as FTS International with experience in fracking--but only U.S. companies are truly poised to solve Chinas issues.如果说中国可以从一个国家找到开采页岩气储备所需的技术,这个国家就是美国。中国已求助于壳Shell)等巨头,并与具有压裂经验的FTS International等企业组建了合资公司,但只有美国企业真正做好了帮助中国解决问题的准备。Houston-based eCorp, for example, has developed a technology for fracking shale wells with liquid propane instead of water mixed with chemicals. Unlike conventional fracking, the process produces no waste because the propane goes into the pipeline along with the gas.例如,总部位于休斯顿的eCorp已开发了一项用液态丙烷取代混有化学剂的水来压裂页岩井的技术。和常规的压裂不同,这一工序不会产生废弃物,因为丙烷会随着页?气一起进入管道。But for China to tap sufficient foreign expertise would require some rethinking--namely to begin viewing foreign entrepreneurs not as profiteers but as partners. Such a change might also encourage Beijing to see the U.S. less as a geopolitical and economic rival, and more as a potential partner in solving its biggest energy needs.但中国对大量采用国外技术还存有一些顾虑,因为这意味着不能再将国外企业视为牟取暴利者,而是当做合作伙伴。这种转变或许还会促使北京更多地将美国视为解决本国巨大能源需求的潜在合作伙伴,而非地缘政治和经济竞争对手。Chinas long-term economic and energy security are at stake. Betting on help from the U.S. seems far wiser than relying on a Siberian pipeline with Vladimir Putins hand on the spigot.中国的长期经济和能源安全危如累卵,求助美国似乎比依赖由普京掌控龙头的西伯利亚输气管道似乎要靠谱得多。来 /201406/307950The ed States, Britain and France announced the closure of their embassies in Yemen because of deteriorating security conditions in the country.也门安全局势日趋恶化,美国、英国和法国宣布关闭驻也门大使馆。The U.S. State Department said late Tuesday that its embassy staff had been moved out of the Yemeni capital, Sanaa, while Britain announced early Wednesday that its staff had been withdrawn. France will close its embassy on Friday.美国国务院星期二晚间宣布,驻也门使馆人员已转移出萨那。英国星期三清晨表示,英国驻也门使馆人员已经撤离。法国定于星期五关闭大使馆;Recent unilateral actions disrupted the political transition process in Yemen, creating the risk that renewed violence would threaten Yemenis and the diplomatic community in Sana’a,; State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said in a statement. ;The ed States remains firmly committed to supporting all Yemenis who continue to work toward a peaceful, prosperous, and unified Yemen. We will explore options for a return to Sana’a when the situation on the ground improves.;美国国务院发言人莎琪发表声明说:“最近的单方面行动干扰了也门的政治转型过程,由此可能再度发生暴力,对萨那的也门人和外交人员构成威胁。美国仍然坚决持所有也门人继续致力于在也门实现和平、繁荣和统一。我们将研究所有选择方案,在当地局势改善后重返萨那。”The U.S., Britain and France all advised citizens not to travel to Yemen, and for those aly in the country to leave.美国、英国和法国都建议本国公民不要前往也门,并敦促目前在也门的本国公民撤离。Yemen has been mired in political turmoil for months. Last month, Houthi Shiite rebels took over the residence of President Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi, prompting him and his Cabinet to resign. The rebels finalized their takeover of the country last Friday, announcing they have dissolved parliament and are establishing a new presidential council to run Yemeni affairs.数月来,也门政局动荡。什叶派胡塞叛乱分子上个月占领了哈迪总统的官邸,迫使哈迪及其内阁辞职。上星期五,叛乱分子正式接管权力,宣布解散议会,并将组建一个新的总统委员会来处理政务。来 /201502/359587

Samra Kesinovic, 17, and her friend Sabina Selimovic became poster girls for ISIS after they arrived in Syria in April 2014.17岁的Samra Kesinovic和她的朋友Sabina Selimovic014月到达叙利亚后,便成为IS的“模特”。A number of Austrian newspapers have reported that Samra has been beaten to death for attempting to leave Raqqa, although official government sources are refusing to comment on individual cases.很多奥地利报纸已经报道Samra试图离开拉卡而被殴打致死,尽管官方政府拒绝对个人案件作出。According to The Local, one newspaper es a Tunisian woman who lived with Samra and Sabina in Raqqa. The Tunisian woman, who was not named in the report, said she was able to escape from ISIS.根据地方新闻,报道援引一名曾与Samra和Sabina在拉卡同住的突尼斯妇女。这位没有被报道名字的突尼斯妇女说她庆幸能够逃离出IS。Earlier this year, a ed Nations official says one of the two Austrian girls who fled their middle class homes in Vienna earlier this year to fight in Syria has definitely died in the conflict.今年年初,一名联合国官员曾说,这两名叙利亚航班上来自维也纳中产阶级家庭的女孩中已确定有一人在叙利亚境内的冲突中死亡。They first went to the Turkish capital Ankara by plane, and then on into the southern Turkish region of Adana. After that, their tracks were lost.据悉,两名女孩首先乘飞机从维也纳飞往土耳其首都安卡拉,然后去往了土耳其南部的阿达纳。在这之后,她们两人双双失踪。But they appeared on social networking sites branding Kalashnikov rifles and surrounded by armed men - photos which Austrian police said acted as recruitment posters for young girls.当她们的形象再次出现在社交网站上时,她们都手握卡拉什尼科夫自动步,周围簇拥着全副武装的男子。奥地利警方认为,这张照片是IS为吸引更多年轻女孩而拍摄的。David Scharia, a senior Israeli expert of the ed Nations Security Councils Counter-Terrorism Committee (CTED) said: We received information just recently about two 15-year-old girls, of Bosnian origin, who left Austria, where they had been living in recent years; and everyone, the families and the intelligence services of the two countries, is looking for them.联合国安全理事会反恐怖主义委员会(反恐执行局)的以色列高级专家David Scharia表示:“我们曾经收到过有关这两名有着波斯尼亚血统的15岁女孩的消息,她们离开了近几年生活的奥地利,她们的家庭以及国家的情报部门都在寻找她们。”He added: Both were recruited by Islamic State. One was killed in the fighting in Syria, the other has disappeared.他还补充道:“她们都是被IS招募的,但是现在她们其中一个已经在叙利亚的冲突中身亡,另一人也不知所踪。His confirmation comes three months after the Austrian government said it had informed both sets of parents of the girls that one of them might have been killed.而在他发言3个月前,奥地利政府表示,两名女孩其中一人的父母之一也可能已经被杀害。An Islamic preacher from Bosnia living in Vienna, Mirsad O., known by the Islamic name of Ebu Tejma, was allegedly responsible for the radicalization of the two young girls. Authorities say he brainwashed them into joining the jihad. He denies this.一名住在维也纳的来自波斯尼亚的伊斯兰“传教者”Mirsad O.(其伊斯兰名字为“Ebu Tejma”)被认为是诱导这两名女孩加入IS的罪魁祸首。官方认为,他曾为两个女孩洗脑以使其加入异教,而他否认这一说法。Mirsad O. was arrested for his role in an alleged terrorist funding network based in Austria in November.十一月他因涉嫌资助宣传以奥地利为基地的恐怖主义网站而被逮捕。来 /201511/412383

Meet Sudan, The Worlds Last Known Northern White Male Rhino全球最后一头雄性白犀牛Over the years, numerous animal and bird species have become extinct. However, it is rare for the entire world to witness one as it is happening. This could very well be the case with the northern white rhinos given that there are currently only five known specimens left. Whats worse is that only one, a 42-year-old named Sudan is male! If he passes away without producing an offspring, the rhino sub-species will soon disappear.多年来,无数动物和鸟类灭绝。不过全世界都在亲历一个物种的消失,这种事情还是比较少见的。这个物种就是北部白犀牛,目前仅存五头。最糟糕的是,现在仅存一头叫苏丹的雄性白犀牛。如果它在繁衍子嗣之前死去,白犀牛就会彻底灭绝。The massive 1.2-ton animal shares his 300-hectare enclosure with two female northern white rhinos, Najin and Fatu. The naturalists are hoping that he will take a fancy to one of them and produce an heir. Given Sudans advanced age, Zoo veterinarians are also scrambling to find a way to keep the sub-species alive using alternative reproductive techniques.这个1.2吨重的家伙生活在300公顷的围栏里,与另外两头雌性白犀牛Najin和Fatu为伴。自然学家希望它能与其中一头繁衍子嗣。考虑到苏丹的高龄,动物园的兽医正在竭尽所能找出人工繁殖的方法。Once found in abundance in several countries in East and Central Africa south of the Sahara, the population of this rhino sub-species has declined drastically in the last twenty years. In the 1960s there were an estimated 2000 of the magnificent animals roaming around in the wild. By 1984, ruthless poachers had reduced their numbers to fifteen and now, just five remain! In fact, the only reason Sudan is perhaps still alive is that most of his life was spent tucked away in a Czechoslovakian zoo.过去20年,在东非和中非撒哈拉沙漠南边的国家发现大量白犀牛之后,它们的数量就开始锐减0世纪60年代,据估计还存000多头野生白犀牛,到了1984年,残忍的偷猎者就把它们杀害到只剩5头,而到现在只有5头还活着了!事实上,苏丹之所以能活这么大年纪,也是因为大半辈子都躲在了捷克斯洛伐克公园里的缘故。Of course, the northern white rhino is not the only one facing extinction. All rhino species are being ruthlessly hunted down for their horns! Though made from Keratin, the same material as human nails, they are believed to be a cure for many ailments by the residents of Vietnam and China. 当然,北部白犀牛并不是濒临灭绝的物种之一。所有种类的犀牛都因为它们的角被残忍捕猎。虽然这些角只是由角蛋白组成,成分和人类指甲一样,还是被越南和中国民间认为是治疗许多疾病的良药。Whether Sudan can save his clan remains to be seen. But hopefully, the growing awareness of the plight of these majestic animals will result in more protection so that future generations can enjoy the ones left as much as we do!苏丹是否能拯救它的后代,这还有待观察。希望人们对这些巨型生物的悲惨境遇越来越多的关注能带给它们更多保护,这样我们后代还能看到它们的身影。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。来 /201507/384252

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