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福州晋安区输卵管造影到哪家医院福州哪里做人授手术比较好In the wake of an Ebola outbreak in West Africa that has resulted in nearly 900 deaths, a tiny pharmaceutical maker has allowed an experimental treatment to be used for two Americans infected with the deadly virus.西非地区爆发的埃拉病毒已经导致近900人死亡,现在,一家小型制药公司研制出了一款试验性药物,该药物已经用于治疗两名被感染的美国人。California-based Mapp Biopharmaceutical has released its experimental ZMapp drug, which had only been tested on infected animals, to treat Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol, according to Bloomberg News. The two health workers were infected while working in Liberia. The treatments for now appear to be working, Bloomberg said, citing relatives and supporters.据彭社报道,总部位于加利福尼亚州的Mapp生物制药公司最近推出了一款名叫ZMapp的试验性药物,该药之前只在感染了埃拉病毒的动物身上测试过,现在正用于治疗肯特o布兰特利和南茜o莱特尔,这两位医务人员在利比里亚工作期间感染了埃拉病毒。据彭社(Bloomberg News)从病人家属和看护人员那里了解到的情况看,目前这种药物已经起效了。Here are five things to know about Mapp and its efforts to develop a potential treatment for the Ebola virus.关于Mapp生物制药公司,以及它推出的这款抗埃拉病毒药物,有五点值得我们了解。1) The Ebola virus has no cure. The disease is a severe illness in humans, with a fatality rate of up to 90%. Outbreaks often occur in remote villages in Central and West Africa, near tropical rain forests, according to the World Health Organization. It is introduced into the human population through close contact with blood or other bodily fluids of infected animals, WHO says.(1)埃拉病毒目前无法治愈。该病毒会导致人体的严重疾病,致死率高达90%。据世界健康组织介绍,该病毒通常在中非和西非的边远农村地爆发。它一般是通过与被感染动物的血液或其它体液的密切接触而传播到人体的。2) Mapp, which was founded in 2003, has no commercially available treatments on the market. The company focuses on “unmet needs in global health and biodefense,” and currently has 10 antibody product development programs, with one of those focusing on the Ebola virus.(2)Mapp生物制药公司创立于2003年,目前市场上尚无该公司生产的药品出售。该公司主要关注“全球健康和生化防御领域尚未满足的需求”,现有10个抗体产品开发项目,其中之一就是针对埃拉病毒。3) Mapp and a few other biopharmaceutical companies earlier this year were awarded a five-year grant of up to million for a project to fight the Ebola virus. The grant, awarded by the National Institutes of Health, is meant to be a global collaboration to develop cocktails to fight Ebola and other hemorrhagic fever viruses such as Marburg, Sudan and Lassa viruses. The program is meant to encourage all participates to contribute antibodies to develop the best possible treatment.(3)今年年初,Mapp等几家生物制药公司获得了一笔五年期最高2800万美元的奖金,用于一个抗击埃拉病毒的项目。这笔奖金是由美国国立卫生研究院(National Institutes of Health)提供的,旨在通过全球合作开发出抗击埃拉病毒和青猴病、苏丹亚型埃拉病毒、拉沙病毒等出血热病毒的鸡尾酒疗法。这笔奖金意在激励所有参与方贡献抗体,以开发最佳治疗方案。4) That grant was awarded after research from the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases showed that a mix of antibodies can stop the Ebola virus. Scientists were able to successfully treat infected primates following the onset of disease symptoms. Around that time, Mapp had consolidated its antibody programs with Canada-based Defyrus, aiming to streamline the development of more potent treatments.(4)就在这笔奖金发放之前,美国陆军传染病医学研究院(U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases)的研究显示,一系列抗体的组合可以阻止埃拉病毒的恶化。在试验中,科学家们已经成功地治疗了开始出现病毒症状的灵长类动物。与此同时,Mapp公司也已经和加拿大的Defyrus公司展开合作,以优化更多专利疗法的研发过程。5) The potential success of Mapp’s drug in treating Americans infected with the disease does raise questions about the limited use of experimental treatments after hundreds of Africans have died. Bloomberg reported the Food and Drug Administration can approve an emergency application to provide access to unapproved drugs, a request that can be granted within 24 hours.(5)在治疗两名美国医务人员时,Mapp公司的新药表现出良好的疗效。因此,很多人质疑说,在几百名非洲人已经死亡的情况下,为什么美国政府还要限制这款试验性药物?据彭社报道,美国食品与药品监督局(FDA)可以在24小时之内,通过一项使用未获批准药物的紧急决议。 /201408/319403福州省人民医院试管婴儿好不好 In 1997, Rachel Kolberg was newly married, pregnant and living in Tel Aviv when she went to her first yoga class. It was a revelation. Her husband, Avraham, soon began practicing with her. ;I was looking for some spiritual support,; he says. ;Yoga gave that to me.; Seven years later, the couple opened their own studio, determined to introduce yoga to fellow Orthodox Jews in Beit Shemesh. They teach Iyengar yoga, a discipline that encourages the use of props to assist with poses. While yoga is increasingly popular in Israel, Avraham says, it is ;revolutionary; in their neighborhood. Their students, taught in single-sex classes, are encouraged to come as they are, even in day clothes or long skirts, if necessary. The Kolbergs say yoga helps people who spend long days in prayer and study and aren’t physically active. But, Rachel says, ;in our studio, we will never have practices that contradict our religion, such as mantras and chanting.; Julie Bosman1997年,蕾切尔·科尔伯格(Rachel Kolberg)刚结婚,她怀了,住在特拉维夫,她去上了第一节瑜伽课。她获得了启示。丈夫亚伯拉罕(Avraham)很快开始和她一起练习。“当时我在寻找某种精神持,”他说,“瑜伽让我获得了这种持。”七年后,这对夫妻开了自己的瑜伽馆,决心把瑜伽介绍给贝特谢梅什的正统犹太人。他们教的是辅助瑜伽,这个瑜伽分鼓励练习者使用小道具来帮助做到某些姿势。亚伯拉罕说,虽然瑜伽在以色列越来越流行,但是在他们的社区,它是“革命性的”。他们是男女分开授课,鼓励学生们随意穿着,需要的话,甚至可以穿日常饰或者长裙。科尔伯格夫妇说,瑜伽可以帮助那些长时间祈祷和学习、基本不运动的人。但是,蕾切尔说,“在我们的瑜伽馆,我们永远也不会做那些与我们的宗教相抵触的事情,比如念佛教中的祷语或经文。”Year the Kolbergs opened their Beit Shemesh yoga studio: 2004科尔伯格夫妇在贝特谢梅什开设瑜伽馆的2004年Students who practice at the studio each week: Roughly 100每周在瑜伽馆练习的学生人数:大约100人Ratio of female to male students: Three to two男女生人数的比例:2:3 /201409/329483福州去哪间医院做包皮手术比较好

福州人民医院做试管婴儿多少钱7 Simple Exercises Busy People Can Do Anywhere, Anytime大忙人也可以随时随地开始的7种简单运动Looking for quick, easy ways to get in shape? Thereare simple exercises to help tone your body withouthaving to go to the gym. Want to know the bestpart? They can be done anywhere, anytime! These exercises only take a few minutes to complete, requireno outside equipment, and are easy to master. No matter if you’re at work, at home, or on the go, theseeasy-to-follow calisthenic exercises are sure to make you break a sweat.你是否一直在寻找一种既简单又快速的保持苗条身型的方法?现在为你提供几种无需到健身馆,就可以进行健身的简单运动。想知道它们最大的好处是什么吗?那就是你可以随时随地开始健身。这些运动只需几分钟就可以完成,不需要室外设备,容易上手。不管你是在办公室、在家、或者是在路上,这些简单易学的健身操动作都可以让你大汗淋漓。Calf raises提踵Doing calf raises will help strengthen your gastrocnemius and soleus muscles. In other words, calf raisesstrengthen your lower legs. There are a lot of different ways to do calf raises, but one of the easiest—andmost effective—is doing the standing raise. This further details how to do a stationary calf raise:提踵训练可以帮助加强腓肠肌和比目鱼肌。也即是说,提踵动作可以增强小腿力量。提踵动作有很多种方法,但是最简单的方法之一——也是最有效的方法——就是站立提踵。这段视频将会更加详细讲述怎样站立不动的提踵。Chair dips手撑椅子上下降法Where there’s a chair, there’s a way! Chair dips are great for strengthening your triceps and can be donejust about anywhere. Like other exercises, there are varying techniques that can either increase ordecrease resistance. This shows the different variations on this tried-and-true classic:有凳子就有方法!手撑椅子上下降法有益于加强肱三头肌,且随处可以锻炼。像其他动作一样,在增加或减少阻力时需要不同的技巧。视频可以将这个经得起检验的经典动作的各个阶段的变化详细展示出来。Lunges弓箭步Because you’re using your own body weight, lunges both strengthen your lower body and increase overallflexibility. Lunges can be done anywhere: You can lunge when you walk to the kitchen; you can lunge to thedriveway as you get the paper in the morning, and you can even lunge when you walk from your desk to thewater cooler at work. Here’s another that shows the ins and outs of lunging:因为你一直运用整个身体的力量弓箭步既可以加强下身的力量也可以增加整个身体的灵活性。弓箭步随地可做:你可以用弓箭步走到厨房去,你还可以拿着早上的报纸,以弓箭步走到车道去等车。甚至工作的时候,你还可以以弓箭步从你的办公桌走到沸水冷却器处接水喝。这个视频将会详细地告诉你弓箭步动作的知识。Squats深蹲The most important thing to keep in mind when doing squats is having proper form. Squats are one of themost effective full body exercises around because they simultaneously work to build muscle and burn fat. Try using a chair as a reference point as to how far down you should go:深蹲时要记得最重要的是动作要正确。深蹲是最有效锻炼全身的动作之一。因为它能同时锻炼肌肉,燃烧脂肪。可以拿张凳子作为参考来衡量你应该蹲下到什么程度。Planks平板撑法Looking for effective exercises to tighten your core? Planks are great at strengthening both your abs andyour back–all you need is a flat surface. Remember to time how long you can hold it, and then try to add afew more seconds every time thereafter. Here’s a guide on how to perform a basic plank:还在寻找一种可以全身绷紧的有效训练吗?平板撑法有益于加强背部和腹肌,这个方法只需要一块平整的地面。记得记录你能坚持的时间,并尝试每次超越几秒。这里可以告诉你怎么做一个基本平板撑法。After you’ve mastered the basics, try adding side planks to your routine.在你掌握了这些基础之后,可以尝试在将侧向平板撑法加到你锻炼中。Arm circles手臂旋转法Worried about flabby arms? Arm circles are great at toning while simultaneously strengthening your arms. They can be done with varying intensity, all of which will help you feel “the burn.” Here’s a beginner’s guideto help get you started:担心手臂肌肉松弛吗?手臂旋转法可以有效地使手臂肌肉绷紧同时增加手臂力量。你可以可以用不同的力气转动,只要这些动作能让你感到“燃烧”的感觉。这里有初学者指导来帮助你开始。If you’re at work, try to grab a book or a binder for some extra weight.工作的时候,可以试着拿本书或者订书机来增加重量。Bur pees立卧撑The most high-intensity exercise on this list, burpees are often referred to as the cornerstone to anyworkout because they are guaranteed to produce results. This aerobic exercise helps strengthen yourentire body by utilizing almost every muscle group. There are many different ways to perform a burpee, butthe easiest one is quite possibly the best. As with every other exercise, proper form is a must.这是本次介绍的7中运动中强度最大的一种运动。立卧撑通常会被作为其他训练的基础,因为这个动作确实有效。这种有氧运动通过运动身体上的每一块肌肉来帮助增强整个身体。可以使用多种不同的方法来练习立卧撑,但是最简单的方法也许就是最好的方法。跟其他的运动一样,动作正确是最重要的。The above exercises are proven classics that require very little room and no equipment. While it may nottake you long to master each exercise, the incredible array of different methods to employ is endless. Onceyou feel comfortable with the basics, begin applying the advanced techniques and embrace the burn. Keeptrack of the amount of time or reps you do for each one and continually strive to increase it.上面介绍的运动都是一些不需要大空间和设备就可以锻炼的运动。每一项也不需要话费很长时间来学会,几种方法按不同顺序排列组合来锻炼收获是无穷。一旦在这些基本锻炼中感到舒适,你就可以使用先进的健身仪器来酣畅淋漓的健身了。记住你每一个动作都做了多长时间和几次,然后慢慢地增加次数或时间。In addition to the exercises above, why not make exercising a part of your everyday routine? For example,take the stairs at work instead of the elevator, and instead of wasting the gas going to the grocery store whynot walk or ride your bike instead. Getting in shape doesn’t require the use of a Gold’s Gym membership,all it takes is a little gumption, a bit of creativity, and a lot of willpower.除了以上所提到的运动之外,为何不降将一些其他的运动作为你日常生活的一部分呢?例如:上班的时候可以爬楼梯而不是搭电梯,与其浪费汽油开车去商店,为何不步行或者骑自行车去呢。保持苗条并不要求你一定要一张金色的健身卡,你要做的就是坚持,一点点的创新还有强大的意志力。 /201407/310077南平人工受孕费用多少 ;Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.; -- Thich Nhat Hahn有时候你笑起来是因为你高兴,有时候你笑着笑着就高兴起来了。——一行禅师We often tend to associate smiling as the result of a positive event or mood. But research demonstrates that the act of smiling, in and of itself, can be the catalyst for joy. Wonderful things, ranging from an improved mood to a better relationship, can be the result of the simple act of smiling. Even better, it is a tool that is free, easy and always available. So turn the corners of your mouth upwards and on about five scientifically backed reasons why you should smile (a lot) more. Hopefully, by the time you#39;re done you#39;ll have learned something new and will be in a better mood!我们通常认为微笑是喜事或喜悦的产物,可研究表明微笑本身也能够催化喜悦的心情。从提升情绪到增进感情,只要微笑就可能发生一切美妙的事情。更棒的是,微笑不要钱也不用教,随时随地就可以笑。现在就扬起嘴角看看微笑的五大好处吧,这可都是有科学依据的,也许看完这篇文章你就会有新的领悟和更好的心情。1) You#39;ll Feel Better, Emotionally and Physically1. 微笑对情绪和身体都有好处Smiling, even when you aren#39;t feeling happy, can help shift your mood. Darwin posited, back in 1872, that making changes in our facial expressions can shift our emotional experience, something he called facial feedback response theory. Psychological research has validated Darwin#39;s assertion that expressions do not just result from moods, but actually influence them. Additionally, research by Tara Kraft and Sarah Pressman at the University of Kansas demonstrated that smiling can alter our stress response by slowing down the heart rate and decreasing perceived levels of stress regardless of whether the person actually feels happy or not. So instead of waiting for something to happen around you to make you happy, take the power into your own hands and smile your way to a better mood.哪怕在你并不开心的时候,微笑也有助于提升情绪。早在1872年,达尔文就提出面部反馈响应理论,假设面部表情的改变也会使情绪体验发生转变。心理学研究实了达尔文的说法,表情不只是被心情决定,反过来也影响心情。另外,堪萨斯大学的克拉夫特和普莱斯曼研究发现,微笑可以减缓心跳速率,降低感压程度,从而改变一个人的应激反应,这与这个人到底开不开心没有什么关系。与其等着周围发生点让你开心的事情,不如靠你自己笑出好心情。2) It May Help You Live Longer2. 笑能延年益寿Smiling more may actually extend your lifespan. Research out of Wayne State University which examined the smiles of baseball players in headshots from the 1952 season found that players with largest smiles lived an average of 79.9 years, two years longer than the average lifespan in the ed States. The players who didn#39;t smile at all in their photos lived an average of 72.9 years, seven years less than those with the biggest grins. Additionally, the research by Kraft and Pressman cited above, indicates that smiling may improve heart health by decreasing heart rate after stressful events. So, adding smiling to your health regime of eating well, getting enough sleep and exercising may just add a few years to your life.微笑能延长你的寿命。韦恩州立大学的一项研究从1952年赛季开始测算棒球运动员头部特写中的笑容,发现笑得最灿烂的那些平均活到了79.9岁,比美国人的平均寿命长了2年。那些拍照时根本不笑的平均活了72.9岁,比笑容灿烂的那些少活了7年。另外,前文引用的克拉夫特和普莱斯曼的研究表明微笑能改善心脏的健康状况,因为微笑能在重压下减缓心率。在吃好睡好做运动的健康体制上再加上微笑,没准还能多活好些年呢。3) You Will Make Someone Else#39;s Day3. 能给别人一天好心情When Mother Teresa said ;Everytime you smile at someone, it is... a gift to that person, a beautiful thing; she was right. One study conducted by Hewlett Packard found that seeing another#39;s smile stimulated the heart and brain more so than eating chocolate, having sex, or receiving money. This was particularly true when viewing the smile of a child. Additionally, research has demonstrated smiling may actually be contagious. Research published in the Scandinavian Journal of Psychology examined mimicry, the tendency to mimic the emotional expressions of those around us, and found that it is actually hard to frown when someone else is smiling.特蕾莎修女曾经说过:“你每次对别人笑都是礼物,是美好的东西。”她是对的。惠普公司进行了一项研究,发现看见别人的微笑对心脏和大脑的刺激胜过吃巧克力、做爱或是收到钱。看到小孩的笑容的时候尤其是这样。另外,研究还发现微笑是会有传染性的。《斯堪的纳维亚心理期刊》上发表了一项研究,检测了人倾向于模仿周围人情感表达的这一特性,发现别人在笑的时候是很难皱起眉头的。4) Your Relationships Will Be Stronger4. 微笑能增进感情People who smile more may have longer and more successful marriages. A 2001 study by Keltner and Harker evaluated women#39;s smiles in yearbook photos and found that those who had more prominent smiles were more satisfied with their marriages at age 52. A similar study published in 2009 found a correlation between smiles in photographs and divorce rates. The larger the smile, the less likely divorce was later in life. Conversely, those with the smallest smiles or no smiles, were five times more likely to be divorced. So what does the smile have to do with marriage? People who smile more tend to be more optimistic, joyful and emotionally stable which lends itself to healthier relationships.爱笑的人的婚姻通常更长久,更成功。2001年,凯尔特纳和哈克在一项研究中评估了年鉴照片中女性的笑容,他们发现笑容比较灿烂的妇女在52岁时对婚姻更满意。2009年有一项类似研究发现照片中的笑容和离婚率有相关性。笑得越是灿烂,日后离婚的可能性就越小,相反,那些笑意浅淡或是根本不笑的,离婚的可能性有五倍那么高。所以微笑和婚姻有什么关系呢?爱笑的人更乐观,快乐,有着稳定的有利于健康的积极情绪。5) Give a Boost to How Others Perceive You5. 让别人对你印象更好People who smile more are generally perceived to be more trustworthy, sincere, sociable and competent than their frowning peers. Additionally, a study by Orbit Complete found that 70 percent of people find women more attractive when they are smiling than when they are wearing makeup.人们通常觉得爱笑的人比爱皱眉头的同事更可靠,真诚,善交际且有竞争力。另外,“Orbit Complete”做过一项研究,发现70%的人觉得女性笑起来的时候比化了妆更有魅力。 /201405/302131福州晋安区做人流到哪家医院

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