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Given up aly on your New Year’s Goals? Or maybe you didn’t bother this year? What is it that makes goal-setting work for some and not others?已经放弃你的新年目标了吗?还是说今年你已经不再设定目标了?为什么设定目标对有些人有用而对有些人则没有呢?There are many reasons why people fail to achieve their goals, but look below and you might be amazed to find there is a solution to your personal goal-setting failure.人们没有达成目标有许多原因,不过往下读,你会惊奇地发现,个人目标设定失败是有解决办法的。Type A: Non-Committal AttitudeA类:态度不坚定In my experience, the number one reason for failure is that you haven’t really committed to the change in the first place. The age old New Year’s Resolution: “This year I’m going to get fit” will be heard far and wide, but if you really commit to the goal you need to ask yourself how you are going to do it.根据我的经验,目标失败的首要原因是,从一开始你就并没有真的下决心去改变。“今年我要减肥” 这条新年决心年年处处都能听到,但是如果你真的决定实现这个目标,你需要问问自己该如何去做。Solution: Clarity is needed to encourage commitment. If you really want to get fit, think it through—decide on the type of exercise you plan to do, and decide what days of the week and at what time you will do it. Having this all decided in advance makes it more difficult to make excuses. Tell people who support you what you intend to do, and even consider finding yourself an accountability buddy who will check up on you and encourage you to keep going.解决办法:清晰地制定目标,来激励自己完成任务。如果你真的想减肥,仔细想想:确定一种你打算去做的锻炼项目,然后确定一周中的哪几天、几点钟去锻炼。提前确定这些会让你更难为自己找借口。告诉那些持你的人你的计划,甚至可以考虑找一个值得信赖的朋友督促并鼓励你继续执行下去。Type B: Aversion to PlanningB类:不愿做计划Many people don’t like to be seen as planners. They see planners as being stifled and boring, and assume that routines and schedules are not for them. I know this because for many years I fought against routine: I was too young and too cool to plan anything; spontaneity was my best friend. What I found many years later was that by planning, I could achieve more—by planning, I could get things done and leave time to be more creative and spontaneous.许多人不喜欢做计划。在他们看来,有计划的人无趣,而且让人透不过气来。他们认为惯例和时间表和自己无关。我很清楚这一点,因为多年来我也在和惯例作斗争:我这么年轻这么酷,不用计划任何东西;自发性是我最好的朋友。然而许多年之后我才发现,通过制定计划,我可以实现更多——通过制定计划,我可以把事情做完,而且留出时间,让自己更有创意做更多想做的事。Solution: Set a goal and plan out how you are going to achieve it. Start small: if you want to write a book, plan and schedule the first chapter. When you achieve this first milestone, you will see how easy it was to do so and then plan the next chapter. Plan regular small steps in your calendar and you will be amazed at how much more you will achieve in life.解决办法:设定一个目标,并计划该如何实现它。从小事开始:如果你想写一本书,先为第一章做好计划和时间安排。当你完成第一阶段时,你会发现是如此简单,然后继续为下一章做计划。在你的日程表上为小的步骤做好规律的计划,你会惊讶地发现在你的生活中可以实现更多目标。Type C: Non-BelieverC类:不相信自己Most of you will be familiar with the Henry Ford e “If you think you can or think you can’t you are probably right.” This holds true with goals: if you set a goal and deep down don’t believe you can actually achieve it, don’t waste your time.大部分人应该都熟悉亨利-福特的这句名言:“如果你认为你行,你就真的行;如果你认为你不行,你就真的不行。” 在设定目标上也是如此:如果你设定了一个目标,而打心底里你不相信你可以实现它,那就别浪费时间了。Solution: Only set goals you believe you can achieve. What can you do if you don’t believe in your own power to achieve any of your goals? Positive affirmations can help you to achieve your goals, so try to make all your thoughts positive and supportive. Monitor your thoughts, when they are negative try and replace them with a positive one.解决办法:只制定你相信自己可以实现的目标。如果你不相信能凭自己的努力实现目标,那你还能做什么呢?积极的肯定可以帮助你实现目标,所以尽量让你的想法积极乐观。关注你的想法,当出现负面想法时,试着用积极的想法来取代它们。Type D: Easily LedD类:容易受他人影响Then there are those who look to others for affirmation, but instead they get discouragement. “Don’t go for a run—come for a beer instead, it’s way more fun.” Well, it’s more fun for your friend, who won’t feel guilty that they are not exercising when you are. So many people unwittingly try to sabotage your success, and they often do so because if you improve, they’ll be forced to focus on their own stagnation. They will try to drag you back to their level at every opportunity.还有一些人喜欢从别人那里寻求肯定,但却总是被打击。“别去跑步了,来喝杯啤酒吧,这更有趣。” 好吧,对于你的朋友来说这更有趣,他们并不会因为你在锻炼时他们没有而感到内疚。所以许多人不经意中试图阻挠你的成功,他们这样做是因为如果你进步了,他们就不得不面对自己的止步不前。所以他们要利用每一次机会试图将你拉到和他们一样的水平。Solution: Hang out with people who support you. If that’s not possible, if you have a sibling or spouse who discourages your goals and dreams, start to recognize when it happens and remain committed to your goal. When you start to recognize that other people are preventing you from living your life, you will stop allowing it to happen.解决办法:和持你的人在一起。如果做不到这一点,如果你有一个朋友或伴侣总是打击你的目标和梦想,你要意识到这一点,并继续保持对目标的决心。当你开始意识到其他人在阻止你活出自己的人生时,你将不会允许它发生。Type E: All or NothingE类:急于求成或一事无成I’ve met many of the “all or nothing” type in my time—they want it all, and they want it now. If it won’t happen tomorrow there is no point in doing it !我遇到过很多这种类型的人——他们想要实现一切,而且想要立即实现。如果明天没有梦想成真,就没有意义去做了!Solution: Reality check—nothing happens immediately. Learn to set smaller goals that give you more instant gratification along with your larger goals, so you can have the best of both worlds.解决办法:现实一些——没有什么会马上发生。在制定较大目标的同时,学会制定一些能让你很快获得满足感的较小目标,这样就可以两全其美了。Awareness is the key factor when it comes to making changes. By understanding yourself and your excuses you will be better able to make decisions which will serve you and get you a step closer to achieving your goals this year.你想寻求改变时,意识是关键因素。通过了解你和你的借口,你会更好地做出适合自己,并让你离今年的目标更进一步的决定。 /201301/220985。

The trial of Gu Kailai for the murder of a British businessman is being hailed in China as a model of openness. The state-owned newspaper, Global Times, says the court appearance this week of the wife of Bo Xilai, the disgraced Communist party ;princeling;, will strengthen public confidence in the country#39;s legal system. This might have been the case if the process had indeed been open and transparent. It was not. 谷开来因涉嫌谋杀一名英国商人出庭受审一事,在中国被标榜为开放的典范。官方报纸《环球时报》称,已倒台的中共;太子党;官员薄熙来之妻上周出庭,将增强公众对中国司法制度的信心。如果庭审过程真的是开放和透明的,公众的信心也许确实会增强。但事实并非如此。 Too many questions remain unanswered in the stage-managed trial. There were no witnesses called to the stand, apart from a forensics expert. Ms Gu, who reportedly confessed to the crime, was denied the use of her family#39;s chosen lawyer and made to accept an advocate designated by the party. Two British diplomats and a representative of the murdered man#39;s family were present, but the general public and international press were not allowed to watch the proceedings. The details of what was said for and against the defendant are scant, dictated to most media by the official press release and often repeated verbatim. Even if the guilty verdict that most expect is the right one, Ms Gu#39;s fate appears to have been sealed even before the court opened its doors. Far from reinforcing confidence in the courts, the trial highlights the continued failings of China#39;s judicial system. 在这场政府安排的庭审中,有太多的疑问没有得到解答。除了一名法医专家外,庭上没有传唤任何人作。据报道承认罪行的谷开来,被拒绝使用家人挑选的律师,只得被迫接受党指定的辩护人。两名英国外交官和被害人家属的一名代表获准旁听,但公众和外国媒体被拒之门外。外人对控辩双方的辩论细节了解甚少,多数媒体只能得到官方的新闻稿,其内容重复,往往一字不差。即便多数人预期的有罪判决是正确的,谷开来的命运也似乎早在开庭之前就被决定了。这场庭审与其说强化了人们对法庭的信心,不如说暴露了中国司法体系依然存在的缺陷。 The show trial of Ms Gu may in fact turn out to be less about her alleged crimes than about stage-managing a smooth leadership transition for the Communist party in the autumn. 事实上,谷开来的;庭审秀;到头来也许并不是关于她涉嫌犯下的罪行,而是关于确保中共领导层在今年秋天顺利换届。 Ms Gu#39;s husband, in detention since April, was the high-flying party chief of Chonqing. He had lobbied hard for one of the nine seats in the politburo standing committee, bypassing party organs and appealing directly to the public. But pursuing these unorthodox tactics – while amassing a sizeable fortune – appears to have riled some party leaders. He has been charged with serious, but unspecified breaches of party discipline, however his fate, like his wife#39;s, will be decided in line with the needs of the party rather than the law. 自4月以来一直遭到拘禁的薄熙来,此前是心怀大志的重庆市委书记。他曾经积极争取;入常;,即成为中共中央政治局的9名常委之一,在此过程中绕过党的机关,直接向公众寻求持。但是,采用此类非正统的战术——与此同时聚敛大笔财富——似乎激怒了一些党内领导人。他被指严重违反党的纪律,但党并未说明具体是哪些纪律。就像谷开来一样,他的命运将根据党的需要(而非法律)来决定。 In the public purge, Mr Bo#39;s family has become a symbol of the sense of entitlement and impunity that many believe are the hallmark of the political elite in China. The party#39;s intention now is presumably to show that no one is above the law, least of all its elite. But the opaque manner in which Ms Gu#39;s trial was conducted proves that the party is not yet y to make itself publicly accountable. In the long term, this can only be a losing battle. The millions of citizens who have blogged about the Bo affair with increasing accuracy over recent months prove the difficulty of keeping party politics behind closed doors. The public#39;s demand for accountability cannot be ignored forever. 在高度公开化的整肃中,薄家已成为特权和不受惩罚的象征——很多人相信,这正是当今中国政坛精英阶层的标志。想必中共现在的意图是显示没有人凌驾于法律之上,尤其是党内精英。但是谷开来庭审的不透明方式明,中共还没有准备好接受公众问责。长远来看,这是一场打不赢的战役。近几个月来,数以百万计的中国网民就薄熙来事件在客上发表文章,其内容的准确性越来越高,这明把党内政治隐藏在关紧的大门之后是很难的。不能永远忽视公众对问责的诉求。 /201208/194919。

昨天是;三八;国际妇女节,女同胞们是不是都放假出去庆祝啦?如果你还坚守在工作岗位,也请你不要沮丧,因为这说明女性的力量越来越强大,没有了女性,男同胞们是玩不转这个世界的。女同胞们散发出的;她力量;(she-power),你感觉到了吗?图为;she-power;的典型代表;The Iron Lady;铁娘子。She-power is the power of females that should not be neglected in any field of society, which may include the basic power of females, the integrated power of females and males, and the incidental power that males get from females. She-power is having a greater influence on the economy, culture and society as the social status, education background and consuming capacity of females have grown in recent years.;她力量(she-power);是指女性群体在社会各个领域产生的不可忽视的力量,包括女性本身的力量、女性和男性融合的力量、女性对男性激励的力量。随着女性的社会地位、文化素质和消费能力的不断提高,;她力量;正影响着经济、文化、生活等各个领域。According to statistics from a survey in 2006, one in three mid- to high-level enterprise managers is female, and one in four women holds a college diploma. Women are also playing an increasingly important role in the decision-making process concerning house purchasing. In addition, more women are joining hi-tech and auto industries, where men are considered the dominant power, and displaying outstanding competence.据2006年的一份调查数据显示,大约每3位企业中高层管理者中就有一位是女性,每4位女性当中就有一位具有大专以上学历。女性也在家庭置业决策中扮演着越来越重要的角色。在科技和汽车等传统的男性工作领域,也有越来越多的女性加入并大放异。 /201203/173863。

Ignoring his daughter for years 很多年不承认自己的女儿 Steve Jobs fathered a child when he was just 23. But he spent years denying that he was the father, going so far as to swear in a court document he was, "sterile and infertile, and as a result , did not have the physical capacity to procreate a child." 乔布斯23岁的时候就当上了父亲。他很多年都否认自己是父亲,甚至在法庭文件中发誓:“自己没有生育能力,所以,从生理上讲不可能有一个孩子。”Hiring John Sculley to run Apple 让John Sculley经营苹果 Steve Jobs was young at the time and under the impression that he needed adult supervision to run Apple. With John Sculley he got someone that didn't understand Apple. Eventually Sculley pushed for Jobs' ouster. 当时的乔布斯还很年轻,他需要有经验的管理人员。于是他让一个不懂苹果文化的人去经营苹果,结果还被他赶出了苹果,那人就是John Sculley。Dumping all of his Apple stock when booted from the company 被踢出苹果的时候,抛售了自己所有的股票 Steve Jobs' decision to dump all of his Apple stock probably doesn't seem like a good idea when the company dumped him in the mid-eighties. 乔布斯在80年代中期被踢出苹果时,决定抛售自己的所有股票,这在今天看来不是个好主意。Trusting Eric Schmidt for as long as he did 过分信任Eric Schmidt Google(微) now competes with Apple in just about every major business line for Apple. Both make software for tablets, smartphones, and desktop computers. Apple foolishly gave Google a front row seat on how it operates those businesses by allowing Eric Schmidt to sit on the board for three years. 谷歌现在所有产品线都在与苹果竞争,包括平板电脑、智能手机和台式电脑等。苹果让Eric Schmidt进入董事会,这使谷歌知道了如何经营那些生意。Emailing an iPhone4 customer to say, "Just avoid holding it in that way." 给一个iPhone4 使用者发邮件说:“不要那样握着。” "Just avoid holding it in that way," when a customer emailed to say the signal dropped when the phone was held tightly with the bottom left covered. “不要那样握着。”——当一个iPhone4使用者发邮件说,如果遮住机器左下方并且紧握,就会掉线,乔布斯就这样回复了他。Having done no philanthropy, neither does Apple 他和苹果都没有做任何慈善 Steve Jobs is worth billions. And yet, he seems to keep it all for himself. He is not attached to any big donations。 乔布斯的身价高达几十亿美元,但是他似乎没有向社会做大的捐献。 /201110/156393。