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福州晋安区检查精子医院福州去那家医院优生优育检查福州博爱中医院检查不孕不育会很贵吗 Are you surprised by all the attention现在你有着空前的关注度that is going on right now, surrounding you?有没有让你始料未及Its pretty intense.确实蛮热情的So I... this was what I told you earlier.就像我之前和你说的一样I mean, its kind of the craziest time in my whole life.这仿佛是我此生最疯狂的阶段I think of everything that I did, getting up to this moment,我回想过去发生的一切I feel like it was all just me training for this marathon我就像置身一场马拉松比赛that Im in the middle of right now.我已经跑过一半路程Its the most insanse week of my life,这是我至今最疯狂的一个礼拜and I dont know how Im still standing and kind of awake.我都佩我自己一直坚持 还保持着清醒Its kinda have been amazing, Ive just been everywhere.感觉很神奇 像是历经世间沧桑But making, you know, my album No.1 has been made it all okay可是当我的专辑登顶在榜单我觉得一切痛苦都没什么Yeah, congratulations to that. Thank you.是啊 恭喜你 谢谢I mean No.1 is so good.真的 第一名很棒Umm, well talk about ;Bangerz; in a second.我们一会儿再说你的专辑《Bangerz》But... the one thing that I think Im surprised by,我觉得最让我惊讶的一件事是Umm...you know, Robin Thicke was on stage as well.robin 当时也在台上啊Right, no one talks about that. And its...对的 完全没有人议论他 真是No one cares about the man behind the booty. Right.完全没人在乎PP后面的那个人 是的They only care about the one that was shaking it.他们只关心抖的那个人Well, yeah. the problem is that... double standard.对的 问题就在 双重标准哼I think what people thought was he was surprised by it.我觉得大伙认为他被吓到了And hes sort of... he was in the rehearsal as much as I was.他有点 他每次都是和我一起排练的好么And loving it, people. Yeah.而且可乐在其中 筒子们 是的And loving it.喜闻乐见呢So everyone there knew. there was rehearsal,所以有排的话 大家都知道and everyone there knew what was gonna happen.大家都知道接下来会发生什么Everyone there knew except maybe some other people in the audience,大家都知道可能除了有些观众吧I saw a lot of faces that were kinda like...因为我看到了好多像这样的表情注:EllenShow中英字幕来源于:艾伦秀字幕组 /201312/268109Most flies dont havethe ability to hear.大多数蝇类其实并没有听觉能力。Certain parasitic flies have a hearing system that is so exact inpinpointing a sounds origin that it rivals the exceptional ears of owls and cats.然而寄生蝇却拥有能够与猫头鹰和猫媲美的听觉系统,可以精确定位声音来源。This flys superb hearing surprised scientists because its tiny body is too small to use the same kindof hearing system that larger animals use.寄生蝇的这种超强听力让科学家十分吃惊,因为它的身躯太小,按常理来说应该无法像较大型动物那样使用同样的听觉系统。And yet they discovered that the fly was using its hearing to locate the chirps of crickets in order to then deposit parasitic larvae onto the cricketsbodies.但是科学家们发现,寄生蝇可以通过自己的听觉定位蟋蟀的叫声,然后将寄生卵注入其体内。What they found was unlike any other known ear structure, this flys eardrums are connected bya bridge of stiff material.科学家们发现寄生蝇的耳朵结构与其他生物不同,它们的耳膜由一种硬质材料链接。Vibrations that travel between the two eardrums enable the fly to pinpointthe origin of a sound as accurately as any other sound system we know of.耳膜间的震动使寄生蝇能够定位声音来源,其效果堪比我们知道的任何其他声音系统那样精确。And whats more, this flys exceptional hearing system is influencing microphone and hearing aidtechnology.不仅如此,寄生蝇超凡的听觉系统对扩音器和助听技术也能产生影响。For instance, it could lead to hearing aids that hide within a persons ear canal and yetare able to gather sound primarily from the direction the listener is facing.比如,科学家可以借此研制出放在人类耳朵的助听设备,使其能够接收听者所面对方向的声音。 /201406/302919连江县打胎多少钱啊

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福州女性不孕哪家最好Italys parliament意大利议会High-class errand boys高级务生Parliamentary workers are facing a cut in their generous pay议会的工作人员们面临着丰厚薪水削减的窘境。Gold braid and a golden job 金色穗带与金饭碗TO EARN 136,000 (1,590), a browse of the internet suggests, you need to be an IT operations director at a British firm, governor of New York state—or an usciere (usher) in the Italian parliament. An uscieres duties include carrying messages, accompanying visitors and looking dignified in uniforms laden with gold braid. The sole occupational hazard is of a punch in the eye while intervening in the occasional brawl between lawmakers.在网友们的心目中,如果想要赚取136,000,你需要成为英国公司里的TI运营主管,或者纽约州的州长,抑或意大利国会里的招待员。国会招待员的指责包括收发信息,游客陪同以及身着缀着金色穗带的制以保持高贵庄严的形象。而这个职业唯一的职业病就是在国会议员们偶尔争吵上去劝架的时候会被误伤打成乌眼青。Now, however, the uscieri face a second danger: a cut in their salaries. In May, Matteo Renzis government put a 240,000 cap on annual public-sector earnings. That will directly affect “only” about 130 of Italys 2,300 parliamentary employees. But other salaries are to be reduced to keep pay differentials the same. Earnings of an usher nearing retirement are expected to drop over a three-year period from 136,000 to a miserly 100,000-105,000.现如今,这些国会招待员们面临着第二个危机,他们工资的削减问题。今年五月,伦齐政府在年度公共部门收入上仅仅投入了240,000。这意味着2300名国会雇佣员工中“只有”130名会受到影响。然而其他人的薪水也会被削减,以保薪酬差异一致。一名临近退休的招待员在三年之内很可能从 136,000 降到吝啬的100,000-105,000。Last month several hundred parliamentary workers besieged a meeting of deputies who had gathered to agree on a draft plan. As the deputies left, they encountered a barrage of ironic applause and shouts of “Didnt touch your own salaries, did you?” This unprecedented scene was a foretaste of the difficulties Mr Renzi faces as he attempts to take on entrenched interests in Italian society.上个月,数百名国会工作人员包围住一群正在开会拟定计划草案的国会议员。当议员们离开的时候,讽刺的掌声与嘘声此起彼伏:“没能波及自己的薪水是不是很开心?”这种前所未有的场面预示着伦齐先生改革意大利社会的既得利益时将压力山大。The speaker of the lower house reminded the protesters that beyond Montecitorio, the palace housing the chamber, there was a real country—one where more than a decade of economic stagnation has reduced real GDP per person to the level of 1998. Inside parliament, years of long service have kept salaries rising inexorably. Figures leaked to a television reporter last year showed that most parliamentary workers could expect their salaries to quadruple in real terms over a 40-year career.下议院发言人提醒抗议者,在蒙地奇拖利欧的宫殿外才是真正的意大利,超过十年经济停滞,实际人均GDP已经降至1998年的水平。在国会内,常年的务使得国会内工作人员的薪水疯狂上涨。一些人告诉电视台的记者,在去年,多数的国会工作人员有望当工龄超过四十年的时候,自己的薪水可以涨到目前水平的三倍。“The justification for all this is a word, ‘autodichia, the doctrine that says parliament should have total freedom to manage itself so it does not come under pressure from the government,” says Sergio Rizzo, co-author of “La Casta”, a best-selling book on the privileges of Italys political class. Talks between the government and the trade unions representing the uscieri will take place in the next few weeks. Theyll need a big table: there are 11 unions who have members working in the lower house and 14 in the Senate.而这一切的理由全都是一个字眼,“autodichia”,即国会应该有完整的自由来自我管理,只有这样它才不会受到来自政府的压力。意大利政治阶级权贵们的畅销书La Casta的合编者Sergio Rizzo如是说。政府与代表招待员们的谈判联盟应该在未来几周进行对话。他们需要一个大的平台,因为有11个工会联盟都有来自下议院的工作者并且有14名成员是来自参议院。 /201408/321410 Many people know that marine mammals, like whales, porpoises and dolphins, breathe air, like wedo.大多数人都知道些海洋哺乳动物,比如鲸鱼,鼠海豚和海豚。它们和我们一样都要呼吸空气。But, many people dont know that marine mammals have developed some interesting sleepinghabits in order to accommodate their regular trips up to the surface for air.但是大多数人都不知道这些哺乳动物已经养成了一些有趣的睡眠习惯,以配合来回水面呼吸空气。Today, A Moment ofScience looks at what its like to sleep with the fishes.今天,科学一刻将探究一下,这些哺乳动物是如何像鱼类一样睡觉的。Unlike our own breathing, which does not require conscious effort, marine mammals mustconsciously go to the surface of the water to breathe through a blowhole on top of their heads.与人类“无意识”呼吸不同,这些动物必须到水面,通过头顶的气孔,进行“有意识”的呼吸。Because of this, marine mammals dont sleep for a solid 8 hours a night, the way we do.因此,它们不像我们,每晚能够稳定的睡上八小时。Some marine mammals sleep while swimming.有些海洋哺乳动物边睡觉边游动。Whales nap for brief periods while swimmingalongside an alert friend who guides them.对于鲸鱼,只要有同伴放风,并引导着,他们就会边游边打会个盹。In fact, young whales must sleep alongside their motherbecause the mothers slipstream actually pulls the calf along: it will sink if the mother stops.实际上,幼鲸必须在母鲸身边睡觉,因为母鲸游动时产生的水流可以推动幼崽向前:如果母鲸停止游动,幼崽就会沉下去。Other marine mammals, like dolphins, sleep while floating on the surface of the water or take shortcatnaps while floating below the surface.而其它海洋哺乳动物,像海豚,睡觉的时候是浮在水面上,打盹的时候就浮在水面下。Researchers claim that while marine mammals sleep theirbrain is always partially alert.研究表明,海洋哺乳动物睡觉时,他们部分大脑依然保持警觉。Aside from these brief naps, dolphins are active most of the night.海豚在晚上,除了打盹,其余时间都处于活跃状态。Of course, marine mammals are equipped to handle underwater sleeping.当然,也有些海洋哺乳动物具备水下睡觉的能力。They haveproportionately larger lungs, exchange air more fully at each breath, and carry more oxygen intheir blood than we do, so they can hold their breath long enough to sleep with the fishes.相应地,他们的肺都很大,每次呼吸都能换进更多的空气。他们的血液中的含氧量就比我们的高,这样他们就能长时间屏息,像鱼类一样睡觉。201401/273516南平做试管那里好福州晋安区孕前检查专科医院



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