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福建妇幼保健院检查精子活性龙岩去哪间医院看弱精Energy in Europe欧洲能源The gasman cutteth煤气工人面临裁员Europe could survive a cut-off of Russian gas, but only a short one短期内欧洲有能力应对俄罗斯天然气供应的中断,但也仅限于短期内NAPOLEON and Hitler both succumbed to the bitter Russian winter in their efforts at territorial expansion in Europe. Now, Vladimir Putin seems to be exporting a bit of Russian chill as part of his strategy to shift Europes borders in his favour. In recent days there have been ill-explained reductions in the flow of gas that Gazprom, a Russian state firm, supplies to Poland, Austria and Slovakia—possibly to warn them off re-exporting any of it to Ukraine.拿破仑和希特勒在拓宽欧洲疆土的战争中都败给了俄罗斯冷瑟的冬天。现在,弗拉基米尔·普京似乎又在利用俄罗斯寒冷的天气来控制欧洲疆土的。近日,俄罗斯过硬能源业巨头俄罗斯天然气公司莫名地削减了其对波兰、奥地利和斯洛伐克的天然气供应量,也许是在警告欧洲国家禁止向乌克兰再出口天然气。Russia provides one-third of the gas that other European countries rely on to heat their homes, generate electricity and feed industry. So far the assumption among western European governments and industrial gas users is that even if relations with Russia worsen further, there is little danger of a complete and long-term cut in supplies, since Russias government is so dependent on the revenues from gas exports.欧洲国家依赖天然气供暖、发电、为工厂提供能源,这些天然气有1/3是由俄罗斯提供的。目前,西欧各国的政府和工业燃气商推测认为,即使欧洲和俄罗斯的关系进一步恶化,长期的彻底停气的可能性也是很小的,因为俄罗斯很需要燃气出口带来的收入。However, a short-term interruption in the coming months, as winter descends, is not so unthinkable. Fortunately, most European countries would be able to struggle through. Their gas-storage facilities are about 90% full, since last winter was mild and they did a bit of further topping-up over the summer. Last year Europe imported 155 billion cubic metres (bcm) of Russian gas; stocks currently stand at 75bcm. So European energy distributors would have a few months grace to find alternative supplies.然而,在未来几个月的冬天里出现一个短期的供气中断是完全有可能的。好在欧洲有能力平稳度过一个短暂的停气期。由于去年冬天比较温和,同时欧洲在今年夏天又进一步增加了储气量,现在储气设备的储气量大概已达到90%。去年,欧洲向俄罗斯进口了1550亿立方米天然气,到现在为止的剩余存量还有750亿立方米。所以欧洲的能源经销商在未来几个月内有充足的时间去寻找替代供应源。Norway, a big producer, could pump a bit more. Chinas slowing economy and Japans reopening of some nuclear plants will mean more liquefied natural gas (LNG) is available on spot markets, though it is costly. Europe has the capacity to import more than 200bcm of LNG a year, of which just 20% is in use. Contingency plans being drawn up by the EU are also said to include cutting gas to industry to preserve supplies for heating homes and generating power.挪威盛产天然气,它可以适量增加对欧盟的供应量。中国的经济增长放缓,日本核工厂开始重建,这些因素都会使得现货市场上天然气的供应量增加,虽然不是免费的。欧洲每年最多可以进口超过2000亿立方米液化天然气,但是其中只有20%投入使用。据说,欧盟制定的应急计划还包这样一项:为了保障家用暖气和电力的正常供应,会削减工业燃气的供应量。Half of Europes imports of gas come down pipes that traverse Ukraine, and Russia has cut their flow several times since 2006 over price disputes with the Ukrainians. If it did so again, it might pump more gas down pipelines that bypass Ukraine. Trouble is, these do not reach those countries most dependent on Russian gas, such as Hungary, Bulgaria, the Baltic states and Finland. The Finnish coalition government is at risk of falling because the Green party is threatening to quit over plans to buy a Russian nuclear reactor, which it says would increase, not reduce, dependence on Russia.欧洲的进口的天然气有一半是从横穿乌克兰的管道输入的,自2006年乌俄就天然气价格发生争执以来,俄罗斯曾多次中断过这条管道的天然气流。如果这次俄罗斯手段照旧,那么它应该会增加其他绕行乌克兰的管道的天然气流量。但是问题是,这些扰心管道并不能到达那些最依赖俄罗斯供气的国家,如匈牙利、保加利亚、波罗的海诸国和芬兰。芬兰联合政府正面临着垮台的危险,因为绿党威胁要撤销购买俄罗斯核反应站的计划,他们认为这个计划会加重而不是减轻芬兰对俄罗斯的依赖。EU countries are making some preparations for short-term cut-offs but almost nothing has been done to reduce long-term reliance on Russia. There is much that could be done: governments could encourage the building of more cross-border pipelines to connect customers to sources of supply, including the underused LNG import terminals; more storage capacity could be provided; and those countries with shale reserves could get fracking. So far all that has been produced is hot air, and not the useful kind.欧盟国家正在为短期供气中断做准备,但是目前并没有采取任何措施来减轻欧盟对俄罗斯的长期依赖。其实有很多可以做的:政府可以鼓励开通更多的跨境管道,开发利用率不高的液化天然气进口港,从而连接资源的供应方和需求方;增大天然气贮备能力;页岩储量丰富的国家可以加工油页岩以开发能源。目前为止,欧洲所做的仅仅是夸夸其谈,而并无实事。 /201409/331500三明市人工授孕费用多少 How come socks dont lose their power like insoles do? 为什么这种袜子没像鞋垫那样失去效果呢?There are several kinds of odor preventing and odor destroying treatments for textiles. 这是因为袜子织物纤维中有一些防臭和祛臭物质。For the most part, they work by killing or inhibiting the bacteria and fungi that cause odors. 在大多数情况下,它们能够杀死或抑制引起臭味的细菌和真菌。For example, these socks contain Quaternary Ammonium Compounds,or QACs. 比如这些除臭袜子中含有简称QACs的季铵盐化合物。QACs are complex molecules with one end that binds tightly to the surface of the treated fibers. 这种复杂的分子一端能够紧密的吸附纤维表面。The rest of the molecule is made up of a positively charged nitrogen atom and a long chain of carbons. 其余的分子是由带正电荷的氮原子及碳的长链组成。Think of the QAC molecule as an electrically charged sword. 你就把QAC分子想象成一把带电的剑。The long chain of carbons punctures the cell membrane of a microbe, allowing the charged nitrogen to electrically disrupt the cells contents. 其中的碳长链能够刺穿微生物的细胞膜,使带电的氮电子干扰作用细胞本身。Since nothing is bound permanently to the now dead cell, the QAC doesnt lose strength and is y to destroy the next offending microbe that crosses its path.而由于没有永久附着现在已死细胞,QAC并不会失去力量,并且随时做好准备面对下一个冒犯的微生物。201502/359267南平性激素检查正规医院

福州检查精子The plan will require two transformations, one micro and one macro. The first is an unruly, subsidy-fed explosion of wind, solar and biomass power, a “strange mixture of idealism and greed,” as one energy boss calls it. The second is the effort to pull this into a system providing reliable and affordable electricity. Protagonists of the micro version see themselves as democratising economic and political power. The renewable-energy law entitles anybody who puts in a solar panel or a windmill to sell surplus power to the grid, receiving a generous “feed-in tariff” guaranteed over 20 years. This gives renewable electricity priority over conventional power. Not surprisingly, renewables grew ten times faster than the OECD average from 1990 to 2010 and now account for 20% of electricity output (see chart). The government’s target is 35% by 2020. Germany gets more electricity from renewable sources than any other big country.能源转型计划将需要从微观和宏观两个层面进行转化。第一个是依靠政府的补贴,大力开发风能、太阳能以及生物能源,某能源老总称之为一个“理想主义和贪婪主义奇怪的混杂物”。第二个指为把开发出的能源转入一个能够提供可靠且可负担的电流体制所做的努力。微观版的持者视自己为民主化经济和政治力量。每位通过太阳能板或风车向电网出售剩余电力的公民,都可凭借《可再生能源法》赋予的权利,在未来20多年内享受“上网电价补贴政策”。这使人们在可再生能源与传统能源二者中,优先考虑前者。1990年至2000年间,德国的可再生能源增幅比世界经合组织(OECD)的平均值快十倍自然也不足为奇,如今可再生能源占德国发电量的20%。德国政府的目标是,在2020年将该比率扩大至35%。德国利用可再生能源产电量为所有大型国家之首。The return on capital can top 20% a year in the best spots. But do not confuse harvesters of sun and wind with electricity plutocrats. “One important goal is to break the monopoly” of the four big power companies that dominate the market, says Hermann Albers, president of the Federal Wind Energy Association. Municipal utility companies plan to boost their share of electricity production from a tenth to at least a fifth by 2020. More than 100 municipalities want to be “100% renewable”.最佳地点的年资本回报率最多为20%。可您甭想用电力财阀们来唬弄太阳能和风能的收获者们。联邦风能协会会长Hermann Albers说,“重要目标之一是打破四大电力公司主导市场的垄断”。市政公用事业公司计划在2020年前,将自己在电力生产中占得比率从10%,至少提高至20%。逾100个直辖市希望实现“100%利用可再生能源”。The number of “energy co-operatives” has risen sixfold since 2007, to 586 last year. Solar parks have migrated from farms and family houses to apartment blocks. “Roof exchanges” match owners with investors. Niebull allows only wind farms in which residents can buy stakes, lest landowners become local fat cats and others rebel against the project. In 2010 over 50% of renewable-energy capacity was in the hands of individuals or farmers, according to trend:research, a consultancy. The big four had just 6.5%.去年 “能源合作项目”数目为586个,是2007年的六倍。太阳能电场也从田间地头、独立住宅迁到了公寓大楼。电场主通过“屋顶交换”项目找到匹配的投资者。尼必尔市仅容许风力农场居民购买股份,以免地主摇身变成地方“肥猫”,使其他人反对该项目。据资讯公司trend-research称,2010年可再生能源产能的一半以上都落入个体或农民手中。四大电力公司仅占6.5%。This is perking up sleepy regions. Farmers are likelier to remain on the land. Services, from consultants who guide investors through the subsidy jungle to specialist windmill repairmen, have taken root in towns. The taxes paid by Niebull’s wind park are one of the town’s main sources of revenue; in smaller settlements they may be almost the only local source.这也使那些尚未采取行动的地区开始跃跃欲试。农民们更愿意留在农村。各项务已在城镇扎根:从在堆积如山的补助里为投资者引路的顾问,到专业风车维修工。尼必尔风力电厂纳的税费成了城市主要税收之一,而在一些小地方,风场也许几乎是地方税收的唯一来源。The micro-level works almost too well. Schleswig-Holstein plans to generate three times as much renewable energy as it consumes and to export the surplus south and west. Southern states are keen to produce their own renewable power, too. Bavaria talks of self-sufficiency. The states’ windpower targets add up to double the federal government’s goal of 36 gigawatts by 2020.微观层面的似乎运作的太一帆风顺了。席勒斯威格-霍尔斯坦计划生产的可再生能源是原来需求量的三倍,并计划将剩余电量出口至德国南部、西部的城市。南方各州也热切期望能自己生产可再生电力。巴伐利亚州提出要自给自足。截至2020年,各州的风能目标合计为联邦政府36千瓦兆目标的两倍。Solar power, which consumes half the total subsidy but provides just a fifth of renewable electricity, is racing ahead of target. The Energiewende raises costs, unsettles supply and provokes resistance at grass-roots level. The system coped with the first influx of renewable energy, says Rainer Baake, who heads a lobby group called Agora Energiewende. But the next 20% will require a transformation.太阳能的发展超出目标, 它只耗费总补助额的二分之一,却提供了可再生电力的五分之一。能源转型抬高了成本,搅乱了供给,还激起草根阶层的反抗情绪。游说组织“能源转型集会”的领导人Rainer Baake说,现有体制应对了首批可再生能源的涌入,然而接下来的20%就需要转变。One fight is over who will pay. The most energy-intensive consumers are shielded from the feed-in tariff, leaving ordinary folk, including pensioners and the unemployed, to foot the bill. The nuclear shutdown pushed up industry’s electricity bills relative to its competitors, argues Annette Loske of VIK, which represents big consumers. The political assault on their exemption undermines the confidence they need to invest. An even bigger worry is supply interruptions, which can disrupt factories even if they last for fractions of a second. VIK says they have risen 30% in the past three years. The odds of outright power cuts have jumped.第一阶段的战役已结束,谁来为之埋单?能源消耗量最大的用户受上网电价的保护,留下平民百姓,领养老金的老人已经失业人员负担费用。来自大客户代理商VIK的Annette Loske辩解道,与竞争对手相比,核电站的关闭抬高了工业的电费。大客户本需要树立信心,而针对大客户免税的政治攻击却渐渐削弱了这份信心。断电则是另一份更大的烦恼,供电哪怕只中断几分之一秒都会扰乱工厂作业。VIK称,在过去三年里断电频率已上升至30%。突然停电的几率猛增。 翻译:王葭苇译文属译生译世 /201607/453697福州做试管生男孩医院 There are 12 toxic hot spots in Michigan called Areas of Concern.These are places in the Great Lakes basin where pollution and development have damaged the ecosystems.The Detroit River is on this list. Before the Clean Water Act, industries on the river treated it as a dumping ground – think waste in the billions of gallons.Rose Ellison is with the Environmental Protection Agencys Great Lakes National Program Office.;In years gone by, billions and billions [of gallons] of untreated industrial and municipal waste went into the Detroit River,; she says.Over the years, a lot of people have been working to clean up the river.;Its in really good shape, but there are pockets,; Ellison says. ;No place is perfect, and its an industrial river, so there are pockets that still need attention.;She says the contaminated sediments at the bottom of the river are one of the major things they still have to tackle. At the same time, people are working to improve habitat for the creatures that live here.A big pot of federal money has given this cleanup a kick in the pants. Its called the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.A two million dollar chunk of that money is going to a special construction project in the river near Ecorse.You have to get on a boat to see it.The boat takes us upstream of Grassy Island. Here, two barges are parked side by side and a crane operator is using a GPS-guided system to carefully drop buckets of broken limestone into the water.Theyre building a reef.Jennifer Read is with the University of Michigan Water Center.;On the bottom of the river were going to have a four acre reef,; she says. ;Its actually lots of space there for fish to lay eggs and for the eggs to be incubated and hatch out and protect the fry.;She says theyre making a better home for native fish. Especially the lake sturgeon. Its listed as a threatened species in Michigan.;Kids love them,; she says. ;Theyve been around since the dinosaurs unchanged, and I think thats what makes them really exciting. Theyre big fish — they can be up to 6 feet. Theyre huge.;She says the reefs also meant to help out whitefish and walleye.And that makes Terry Pickard pretty happy. Hes with the Downriver Walleye Federation.;I get to see where this reef really is, so if I come in the springtime I know where its at,; he says, laughing. ;All the other guys have to find it now!;He says he gets out here as soon as he can, every year.;Since the early 90s, I started fishing out here,; Pickard says. ;Jigging in the springtime, well be out here fishing when the ice flows are coming through, and youre dodging icebergs. You know, it feels like a mini Titanic out here. Its cold, you have ice on the eyes of your fishing rod, on your line, and youre like, Why am I out here? and then you get a walleye on — and its like, This is why Im here.;He says hed like to see more of these projects go in around the Great Lakes.And in fact, there are aly three reefs in the St. Clair River, and two reefs in the Detroit River, with another two planned for the future. The people who are doing this work say it looks simple, dropping some rocks in the river. But its a massive effort — 15 years in the making — with federal and state agencies and universities involved.Jim Boase is with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Boase is a biologist, but he says he feels more like a salesperson telling people why they should care about cleaning up the Detroit River.;I get this question from the public a lot: the So what? Why are you doing this?; he says.He says he has two main points to his sales pitch for the river.;Some of the best fishing in the world is right here,; Boase says. ;Theres also the migratory fly-way for ducks for people that hunt.;And he says when you create these opportunities it can have a ripple effect on the economy.;Folks that come here to fish, they stop at the bar possibly to celebrate the great things that theyre catching out here in the waterways,; Boase says. ;So the guy that owns the restaurant along Jefferson Avenue, its important to him, I betcha.;The reef projects are part of a bigger effort to improve fish and wildlife habitat. So that one day, the Detroit River can get off the toxic hot spot list.201510/404818莆田检查早泄去哪好

福州市一人民医院做试管费用Additionally,Muslims must believe in the prophets,many of whom are responsible for bringing Allahs revelations to man.此外穆斯林必须笃信先知,他们中的许多人负责将真主的启示带给众生。Among the prophets are the Prophet Muhammad,Jesus and Moses.而先知中则是先知穆罕默德,耶稣和西。 Resurrection and a day of judgment, which are crucial to the Christian faiths, are also crucial to Islam.对于基督教信仰至关重要的复活节和审判日对伊斯兰教也是同等重要。A Muslim must believe he or she will one day be resurrected and be judged for his or her deeds on earth.一位穆斯林必须相信他或她总有一天会获得重生,并且自己的行为会接受审判。The final article of faith is the belief in predestination.信仰的最后则是相信天缘。A Muslim must believe Allah knows everything-past, present and future.穆斯林必须相信真主通晓一切—过去、现在和未来。Also, that God controls everything that exists and has ever existed.同时,上帝控制着存在和从未存在过的一切。201501/354014 福州去哪间医院染色体检查最好永泰县孕前检查医院排名



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