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When Adam Liu decided to research his family roots, he had no problem tracing his grandmother’s family back to Ireland and England from his home computer in Sydney, Australia. But he soon hit a wall with the great-grandfather who left China to seek his fortune in Singapore in the 1890s.生活在澳大利亚悉尼的刘先生(Adam Liu,刘为音译)想要探寻家族根源,他毫不费劲地用家中的电脑搜索到,祖母的家族来自爱尔兰和英格兰。但在寻找有关曾祖父的信息时,他一无所获。他的曾祖父在19世纪90年代离开中国去了新加坡。He decided to hire a tiny start-up called My China Roots based near Beijing’s Confucius Temple. It offers bespoke ancestry searches for overseas Chinese seeking insight into where their forefathers came from, and what drove them to leave.刘先生决定请一家名为“中华家脉”(My China Roots)的小公司来帮他寻根。“中华家脉”是一家规模很小的初创公司,办公地址在北京孔庙附近,为海外华人提供定制寻根务,帮助他们探寻自己的祖先来自哪里、以及当初离开中国的原因。“You want to have a real, tangible connection to where you stand in the context of history,” says Mr Liu, who first became curious about his roots when he was assigned to draw a family tree in school.刘先生说:“人会希望切实地触摸自己与历史的联系。”他第一次对自己的家族根源产生兴趣,是在有一次学校布置作业、让他们画下自己的族谱时。The Chinese diaspora numbers 50m whose ancestors settled the trading posts of southeast Asia over the past 200 years but also voyaged to places further afield, such as Manchester, home to Britain’s largest Chinese community, and the crowded streets of New York’s Lower East Side.全世界有5000万华侨华人。在过去200年里,他们的祖先不仅在东南亚各贸易城市定居下来,还有些走得更远,来到了曼彻斯特(那里有英国最大的中国城)和纽约下东区的拥挤街区。“The overwhelming majority left for non-pleasant reasons. Whether poverty or political it was never pleasant,” says Huihan Lie, My China Roots founder and the descendent of Dutch-speaking Indonesian Chinese who moved to the Netherlands after Indonesia’s independence.“中华家脉”创始人李伟汉(Huihan Lie)的祖辈是印尼华人,说荷兰语,在印尼独立后移民到了荷兰。李伟汉说:“大多数华人都是迫不得已才离开的。要么是因为贫穷,要么是因为政治方面的原因,总之回想起来绝不让人愉快。”Ancestry.com reported revenues of 0m last year selling services to North Americans, Australians and others researching their roots. Businesses focusing on European ancestry are basically data providers, offering electronic searches of material from Ellis Island or centuries of marriage, death and census records.家谱网(Ancestry.com)去年报告营收5.4亿美元,其业务是向北美、澳大利亚和其他地区的华人提供寻根务。在欧洲提供寻根务的公司主要是数据提供商,提供从埃利斯岛(Ellis Island,指美国移民局——译者注)搜索的资料,以及多个世纪的婚姻、死亡和人口普查资料。Chinese ancestry research, by contrast, is “hard to scale up”, Mr Lie discovered.李伟汉发现,相形之下,中国的寻根务则“很难做大”。Chinese families record their births and deaths in the jia pu, or ancestral book, which can stretch across centuries. Most are maintained by the clan or temple in the ancestral village, not by any public authority, which makes it hard to compile digital databases. Many vanished during a century of war and attacks by early communists, including the fanatical Red Guards.中国人在家谱里记录族人的出生和死亡,记录的时间跨度可达数个世纪。家谱大多由古老村庄中的宗祠祖庙、而不是公共机关管理,因此很难编制数字化数据库。许多家谱在一个世纪的战争中遗失了,还有许多被狂热的红卫兵等初期共产主义者毁掉了。“There’s a lot of personal history that’s so easily destroyed,” says Mr Lie, who tries to make his clients’ ancestors “come alive” with descriptions of their surroundings and the political context of their lives.李伟汉说:“很多个人历史很容易就被毁灭了。”他试图通过描述当时的环境和他们生活的政治背景,还原客户祖先的生前情景。Some online ancestry websites offer advice for overseas Chinese – for instance, by explaining the limited online databases of jia pu and other records – but few sell search services. And those records are inaccessible for people such as Mr Liu who do not Chinese.有一些在线寻根网站为海外华人提供建议,比如对网上有限的家谱资料和其他记录进行解释,但很少有网站会代客户进行寻找。像刘先生这样的华人也不会中文,因此也看不懂那些记录。The task is complicated by the short list of Chinese family names (the top 100 account for about 85 per cent of all Chinese, compared with about 25,000 relatively common British surnames) and the unwillingness of many emigrants to confide in their assimilated children.中国人的姓相对较少(100个大姓就占了所有中国人的85%,而英国人有2.5万个常用姓),许多华人移民也不愿把家世告诉已经被异乡同化了的子女,这两点让寻根变得更加困难。Most jia pu fail to record the full names of wives or daughters, in effect limiting most searches to the father’s line.大多数家谱未记录妻子或女儿的全名,导致大多数搜索只能局限于父系。My China Roots’s small team of researchers act like detectives, identifying villages through local historical associations and interviewing elderly residents to determine how the family has fared since the client’s ancestor left home. When the team visited Mr Liu’s ancestral temple in inland Jiangxi province, they discovered a lineage that stretched back 3,000 years.“中华家脉”的研究员人数很少,他们的工作方式好像侦探——通过地方史志机构找到祖村,探访年长居民、打探客户祖先离乡后整个家族的变迁。研究员们造访刘先生老家位于江西省的宗祠后发现,刘氏家族的谱系可追溯至3000年前。To expand, Mr Lie is training a network of promising young provincial researchers.为扩大业务,李伟汉正在培养一批年轻有前途的乡土研究员。It is a race against time. Mr Lie traced his mother’s roots to a village near Zhangzhou, the silk-trading city in China’s southern Fujian province that they left seven generations ago. But like much of China’s heritage, the 500-year-old clan temple that protected the family records during centuries of war and revolution is about to fall victim to an even more implacable force – economic development and the wreckers’ ball.这是一场与时间的赛跑。李伟汉追溯到,他母亲的祖先来自福建丝绸贸易古城漳州附近的一个村庄,他们在七代以前离开家乡。但如中国大部分传统事物的命运一样,那座已有500年历史、在几个世纪的战火和革命中保护了家族记录的宗祠,即将被一股更加难以阻挡的力量摧毁,那就是经济发展和拆迁队的破碎机。 /201409/331368

A number of human foods are dangerous to pets. Many of these foods may seem tasty to our pets but can prove deadly if eaten. It can be very tempting to offer pets food from the table, but pets should not be given human food unless recommended by your veterinarian.有些适合人类吃的食物对宠物是有害的。这些食物味道可口,但是宠物吃了以后可能会死亡。人类餐桌上有各种各样充满诱惑的食物,但是给宠物吃之前,最好询问一下兽医。If you suspect your pet may have eaten a dangerous food, contact your veterinarian immediately. In many cases, early recognition and treatment are critical.如果你发现你的宠物可能吃了一种危险的食物,赶紧联系兽医,很多情况下,早发现和早治疗是至关重要的。Chocolate, Coffee, and Caffeine巧克力和咖啡Chocolate contains theobromine, a chemical that is toxic to dogs in large enough quantities. Chocolate also contains caffeine, which is found in coffee, tea, and certain soft drinks. Different types of chocolate contain different amounts of theobromine and caffeine. For example, dark chocolate and baking chocolate contain more of these compounds than milk chocolate does, so a dog would need to eat more milk chocolate in order to become ill. However, even a few ounces of chocolate can be enough to cause illness in a small dog, so no amount or type of chocolate should be considered “safe” for a dog to eat. Chocolate toxicity can cause vomiting, diarrhea, rapid or irregular heart rate, restlessness, muscle tremors, and seizures. Death can occur within 24 hours of ingestion.巧克力包含了可可碱,这种化学物质达到一定数量后,会使得中毒。巧克力同时还包含了咖啡因,在咖啡、茶和某些不含酒精的饮料中都含有咖啡因。不同种类的巧克力包含了不同数量的可可碱和咖啡因。比如说:深色咖啡和烘焙巧克力包含了比牛奶巧克力更多的可可碱和咖啡因。一只成年大可能要吃下很多牛奶巧克力才会患病,然而对于一只小来说,一点点的可可碱或者咖啡因都是异常危险的。Grapes and Raisins葡萄和葡萄干Grapes and raisins can cause acute (sudden) kidney failure in cats and dogs. It is unknown what the toxic agent is in these fruits. However, clinical signs can occur within 24 hours of eating and include vomiting, diarrhea, and lethargy (tiredness). Other signs of illness relate to the eventual shutdown of kidney functioning.葡萄和葡萄干会引起猫和的肾功能衰竭。这些水果中的有毒成分目前还不得而知,但24小时临床表现包括呕吐,腹泻,无力和肾功能衰竭等。Garlic and Onions大蒜和洋葱Garlic and onions contain chemicals that damage red blood cells in cats and dogs. Affected red blood cells can rupture or lose their ability to carry oxygen effectively. Cooking these foods does not reduce their potential toxicity. Fresh, cooked, and/or powdered garlic and/or onions are commonly found in baby food, which is sometimes given to animals when they are sick, so be sure to food labels carefully.大蒜和洋葱包含了能够破坏猫身上红细胞的化学物质,受此影响的红细胞会减弱甚至失去输氧功能。煮过后也不能有效降低内部毒性。新鲜的,煮过的大蒜或者洋葱不能作为食物给动物吃。Many cases of human food toxicity in pets are accidental. A pet may find and chew on a package of gum or candy, or steal food from a countertop or table. The best way to prevent this is to keep all food items in closed cabinets or in areas that are inaccessible to pets. This may be particularly difficult during the holiday season, when more candy, chocolate, fruit baskets, and other food items are around. During these times, increased vigilance can help prevent pets from finding and eating dangerous foods.许多例宠物误食人类食物导致中毒事件都是意外发生的。一只宠物找到一块口香糖后,可能就会不假思索地咀嚼起来,有些小猫咪也会趁主人不在从厨房或者橱柜里偷吃一些食物。在长假中,家里随处可见的甜点、巧克力和水果等也应该特别留意。Children should also be taught to never give candy, gum, or other human food items to pets.家长应该教育自己的小孩子不要随意把蜜饯,口香糖等食物给宠物吃。 /201311/266663

Young girls are fast becoming internet sensations not because of their vocal skills or dance moves, but because they resemble living dolls. Staring doe-eyed at the camera, with cupids bow lips and a porcelain complexion Dakota Rose has been hailed a real-life Barbie.许多年轻的女孩子们变成网络红人不是因为她们唱功或者是舞蹈出众,而是因为她们长得就像真人版洋娃娃。美国少女达科塔·罗斯被追捧为真人芭比:她那小鹿般天真无邪的眼睛盯着镜头,拥有像爱神之弓的标准美唇和陶瓷般的肌肤。Known to her fans as Kota Koti, she has amassed a global audience with her YouTube fashion and beauty tutorials.达科塔·罗斯网名为Kota Koti,她在YouTube视频网站上发的时尚和美妆教程吸引了全球大批粉丝。In most of the s she remains silent while subtitles provide the viewer with a step-by-step guide on how to apply cosmetics, style hair or dress fashionably.在大多数的视频中,她一般都不说话,视频里有字幕来为观众们说明如何上妆、做发型或者装搭配的具体步骤。#39;I usually prefer something lighter. I would only wear this to a club, night time event,#39; she writes below a 6 minute demonstrating how to apply #39;nighttime eye make up#39;.在一个时长六分钟演示如何化“夜间眼妆”的视频教程中,达科塔在字幕上这样写道:“我一般希望比较淡的妆,一般去夜店或参加晚间活动,我只化这么淡的妆。”It is said that Dakota is especially popular across Asia as her sense of style appears to be inspired by the Japanese anime culture, in which big eyes and long straight hair are key features.据说达科塔在亚洲非常受欢迎,因为她的时尚感似乎是受到了日本动漫文化的启发。在日本动漫中,女孩子大多是这样大大的眼睛又长又直的头发。Little is known about the teenager but some websites suggest she is aged between 16 and 18 and from the west coast of America.关于达科塔的个人信息并不多,但是有些网站认为她住在美国西部沿岸地区,年龄在16岁到18岁左右。But Dakota is not the only one to have fashioned herself as a living Barbie.不过达科塔不是唯一一个将自己打扮成真人芭比的女孩。Venus Palermo, known online as Venus Angelic, is a 15-year-old girl who has also taken to the internet detailing how to look like a living doll.一名15岁的女生维纳斯·巴勒莫,网名为维纳斯·安杰丽卡,她在网上上传了如何装扮得像一个真人娃娃的详细教程。She now has 78 s on her official YouTube page - ranging from makeup tutorials and nail art to dancing and her Facebook page boasts over 13,000 fans.她在自己的YouTube个人主页上传了78段视频——从化妆、美甲教程到舞蹈应有尽有,超过1.3万的粉丝关注了她的Facebook主页。A recent poll in Taiwan of 13,000 students revealed nearly half started surfing the internet before the age of seven, and some start as young as three.最近在台湾有一个在13,000名学生中发起的投票调查,结果显示近半数的学生在7岁之前就开始上网,有一部分人甚至3岁起就开始上网了。It found a correlation between the frequency of online social networking and the level of concern with appearance and self-image.调查发现这一现象与社交网络的流行、对外貌和个人形象的日益重视有关。 /201403/280008


  This Sunday, a handful of stars will go home empty handed from the 2014 Academy Awards show. Not only will they be left with the bitter sting of defeat, but such loss may also lead to shorter lifespans than the winners.Seriously. Social status has long been recognized as a predictor for poor health. Typically, research has focused on disparities between the rich and the poor. But science tells us that the effect may extend to quite literally the top of social ladder. In fact, Oscar winners may also have the perk of longevity.The finding was first noticed in 2001. Researchers from the University of Toronto studied 1,649 Oscar-nominated actors and actresses. When they accounted for factors that could influence death rates, they found that among the participants, Oscar winners had a survival advantage of about four extra years of life, and actors who won multiple Oscars had an advantage of six years. Nominees who didn’t win had the same survival rates as their non-nominated peers.这几天不少明星将会从奥斯卡上空手而归,留给他们的不仅仅是苦涩的失败,还可能会减寿。这个现象是在2001年首次被发现的。多伦多大学的研究人员对1649位获得奥斯卡提名男女演员进行研究,发现奥斯卡获奖者大概可以多四年寿命,而多次获奖的演员会多六年的寿命,只是被提名和连提名都没有的寿命是差不多的。Success could possibly account for the survival advantage, the researchers say. They speculate that since stars are subjected to intense personal scrutiny, they pay special attention to their looks and behaviors. Consequently, they may avoid risky behavior and focus more intensively on eating and exercise. Not to mention, many have the means to hire nannies, trainers, and managers, which could mean they are under less stress than the general population.Of course, there are the exceptions, like Oscar winner Philip Seymour Hoffman who died recently after an overdose. Another study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine questioned the methods of the 2001 study. The original study was criticized for counting the years an actor was alive, instead of comparing years after a win. They also declared winners and losers at the onset, and didn’t factor in whether actors in the study won an award later on. When the new researchers re-calculated, they didn’t find the numbers significant.If the findings do hold true, it could mean that there are other factors that impact survival, like a jump in social status. Looks like we will have to wait and see.研究人员说,这是因为获奖明星会有强烈的自我监督,会特别注意自己的外表和行为。因此,他们会避免那些危险的行为,并且更加注意饮食和锻炼。更不用说他们有经济实力聘请那些保姆,教练和经纪人了,因为这就意味着他们受到的压力比一般人更少。当然也有例外,如奥斯卡影帝霍夫曼最近就因为用药物过量而去世。 /201403/278818。

  The Ache: Some 26 million Americans suffer from asthma -- a chronic inflammation of airways in the lungs that causes coughing, chest tightness, wheezing and shortness of breath, according to the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology.病痛:美国过敏、哮喘与免疫学院(American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology)发布的数据显示,大约有2,600万美国人患有哮喘。这是肺部呼吸道的一种慢性炎症,能引发咳嗽、胸部压迫感、气喘、以及呼吸急促等病症。Since you can still have an asthma attack despite regular medications, many patients try alternative treatments -- but there is little evidence they work, clinicians say.即便接受常规治疗,哮喘仍然会发作,因此许多患者都在尝试另类疗法。但临床医生指出,目前还几乎没有据表明这些疗法有效。The Claim: Ginger, a root known for its strong, earthy flavor, can help ease symptoms of asthma by opening constricted airways.主张:生姜这种有强烈、质 气味的植物根茎能够使原本收缩的呼吸道通畅,从而有助缓解哮喘症状。The Verdict: Ginger, well known as a therapy for an upset stomach, is recently getting attention among scientists for what appears to be its capacity to open constricted airways -- demonstrated in several recent studies, in animals and in human cells tested in a lab.定论:生姜用于治疗胃部不适的功效广为人知,最近它又引起了科学家的关注,因为近期针对动物和人体细胞的几项实验室研究显示,生姜似乎能够使收缩的呼吸道更加通畅。Human tests, however, are needed to show efficacy, says American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology President Michael Foggs. If ginger does prove useful, he adds, it most likely would be taken with existing medicines that control the underlying airway inflammation.但美国过敏、哮喘与免疫学院院长Michael Foggs表示,上述功效仍需要通过人体实验的验。他补充说,如果生姜被实的确有效,就很可能被用来与控制潜在呼吸道炎症的现有药物同时使用。Ginger can be ingested as a fresh root or in capsules as a dietary supplement. In traditional Chinese medicine, it would typically be consumed as a tea -- generally with up to a dozen other herbs -- as a treatment for certain types of asthma-like symptoms, says Allen Sayigh, manager of the Chinese herb dispensary at Bastyr University in Seattle.生姜既可以新鲜根茎的形式摄入,也能以作为食物补充剂的胶囊形式摄入。西雅图美国巴斯帝尔大学(Bastyr University)中药部经理Allen Sayigh说,在传统的中药中,生姜通常是作为一种茶饮――往往与十余种其他草药同时使用――用于治疗某些类似哮喘的症状。Recent research has found ginger works by simultaneously inhibiting an enzyme that helps cause airway muscles to constrict and activating another enzyme that tends to relax the airways, says biomedical engineer Elizabeth Townsend, co-author of a study published online in the January issue of the American Journal of Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology.生物医学工程师汤森(Elizabeth Townsend)说,最近的研究发现,生姜可以抑制一种导致呼吸道肌肉收缩的?,同时激活另一种会使呼吸道放松的?,从而发挥疗效。汤森合着的一项研究被刊登在《美国呼吸道细胞和分子生物学期刊》(American Journal of Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology) 1月份网络刊上。The study, which tested the effects of ginger components on isolated human airway cells, found ginger worked particularly well in combination with a medication currently used in bronchodilators asthmatics carry in case they have trouble breathing.这项研究测试了生姜成分对单独的人体呼吸道细胞的影响,发现当生姜与另外一种现有药物同时使用时效果尤其显著。上述现有药物被用于哮喘患者呼吸困难时使用的气管扩张剂中。In rodents, several studies found injections of ginger extracts helped ease simulated asthma conditions. A French study, published in 2008 in the journal International Immunopharmacology, found a ginger extract softened an inflammatory reaction in mouse lungs after the mice were exposed to allergens that irritated their lungs.针对啮齿类动物的几项研究发现,注射生姜提取物有助于缓解类哮喘症状。《国际免疫药理学》(International Immunopharmacology)期刊2008年发表的一项法国研究发现,对于暴露在过敏原中、肺部受到刺激的老鼠,生姜提取物可以缓解老鼠肺部的炎症反应。Richard J. Martin, professor and chairman of the department of medicine at National Jewish Health, a hospital in Denver, called the human-cell and rodent lab results #39;promising#39; but added that ginger #39;may have absolutely no effect#39; on humans.位于丹佛的美国犹太健康医院(National Jewish Health)药物部门教授和负责人马丁(Richard J. Martin)称,人体细胞和啮齿类动物实验结果让人看到了希望,但他补充说,生姜可能对人类没有任何效果。It won#39;t hurt to try ginger, says Maureen George, assistant professor at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing in Philadelphia and author of a review article on complementary therapies for asthma. #39;Even if we don#39;t have definite evidence that it is going to promote bronchial smooth muscle relaxation,#39; it is generally safe, she says.位于费城的宾夕法尼亚大学(University of Pennsylvania)护理学院(School of Nursing)助理教授乔治(Maureen George)说,尝试一下生姜没有坏处。她说,即使没有确切据表明生姜有助于促进气管平滑肌放松,但它基本是安全的。乔治是一篇有关于哮喘辅助疗法文章的作者。She cautions that, since ginger grows in the ground and can be contaminated by pesticides, it is a good idea to look for organic fresh root.她警告说,由于生姜生长在地下,可能会被农药污染,因此寻找有机新鲜生姜可能是个好主意。 /201401/272933

  Whether you spend just 30 seconds every morning or have a dedicated pre-bedtime ritual, practically everyone has a skincare routine. And while we all have the best intentions when it comes to taking care of our complexion, we sometimes sabotage our skin without realizing it. Your daily habits make a major difference when it comes to preventing damage and premature aging. Renee Rouleau, a celebrity esthetician with skincare shares the eight most common skincare mistakes—and how to fix them.无论是清晨的30秒还是临睡的精心惯例,每个人都有自己的一套护肤方法。尽管我们都很在意自己的皮肤状况,有时我们还是会无意间对它造成伤害。我们的习惯决定了护肤流程究竟是防止损伤还是加速衰老。而今天著名美容师Renee Rouleau将与我们分享八个最常见的护肤误区,以及它们的纠正方法。 /201409/327073

  It’s a dark thought, and the sort of thing only a futurist would think of. Which is why I’m not surprised that Bre Pettis, founder and CEO of the 3D printing company Makerbot, brought it up. When I asked him about 3D-printed organs earlier this summer at the Northside Festival, a conference in Brooklyn, he told me that 3D-printed body parts won’t become a reality until autonomous vehicles arrive to market. It makes for a surprising connection between two futuristic technologies.这是一个阴暗的想法,只有未来主义者才会产生这样的联想。因此当3D打印公司Makerbot创始人兼首席执行官布利o佩蒂斯抛出这个问题时,我并不感到意外。今年夏初,在布鲁克林的北边艺术节(Northside Festival)上,我询问他关于3D打印器官的问题,他回答说,直到自动驾驶汽车上市,3D打印人体器官才会成为现实。两项富于未来气息的技术就这样意外地联系在了一起。“The self-driving car is coming, and right now, our best supply of organs comes from car accidents,” he said. “So, if you need an organ you just wait for somebody to have an accident, and then you get their organ and you’re better.” I suggested that was a dark way of looking at it.佩蒂斯说:“自动驾驶汽车就要来了,而目前,人体器官的最佳来源是车祸。也就是说,如果你需要进行器官移植,你必须得等待有人出车祸。获得遇难者的器官后你就会好起来。”我说,这种看法可够阴暗的。His response: “We have this huge problem that we sort of don’t talk about, that people die all the time from car accidents. It’s kind of insane. But the most interesting thing is, if we can reduce accidents and deaths, then we actually have a whole other problem on our hands of, ‘Where do we get organs?’ I don’t think we’ll actually be printing organs until we solve the self-driving car issue. The next problem will be organ replacement.”佩蒂斯回答道:“随时都有人在车祸中丧生,但我们似乎很少谈论这个大问题。多少有些荒唐。不过,最有意思的事情是,如果我们能够减少车祸数量和丧生人数,那么我们真的会遇到另一个棘手的大问题,那就是‘人体器官从哪儿来?’我觉得在解决自动驾驶汽车的问题之前,3D打印人体器官并不会真的实现。接下来的问题将是器官替换。”It’s not impossible to 3D-print an organ, he said, but there are challenges around raw materials. “Right now you take liver goo, and you squeeze liver goo into the shape of a liver and it grows together and hopefully becomes a liver. That’s the idea of 3D printing organs,” he said. The challenge, he said, will be getting the science of the “liver goo” right, before the actual printing part even comes into play.他指出,3D打印人体器官并非不可能,但原材料方面有一些难点。“现在的方法是取来肝细胞,把它们弄成肝脏的形状,再盼着它们生长发育成肝脏。这就是3D打印人体器官的思路。”佩蒂斯说,难点在于正确地“取来肝细胞”,随后才是真的进行3D打印。The self-driving car isn’t as far off as you might think. What once existed only the realm of science fiction is now roving around—albeit in an extremely limited fashion—in Nevada, Florida, California, and Michigan. What was once an easy punch line in parodies of Silicon Valley is now a fixture on Google’s corporate campus.自动驾驶汽车并不像大家想的那么遥远。这种以前只出现在科幻小说里的东西现在已经开始四处游走,只不过活动范围很小,仅限于内华达州、佛罗里达州、加利福尼亚州和密歇根州。以前人们奚落硅谷时,总会开自动驾驶汽车的玩笑,而现在,它已经是谷歌(Google)公司园区里的一款代步工具。Adoption continues. Last month the U.K.’s Department of Transport announced that it would allow self-driving cars onto British streets by next year. A county in Iowa recently announced—at a symposium designed to attract Google and other tech companies to its region, naturally—that it would allow driverless cars on its streets. California’s Department of Motor Vehicles has been pushing to get broader regulations in place to allow self-driving cars on public roads.自动驾驶汽车的应用范围正在扩大。英国交通部上个月宣布称,将在明年之前允许自动驾驶汽车在英国上路。爱荷华州的某个区也在最近的一次研讨会上表示,将允许自动驾驶汽车在本地行驶——举办这次会议自然也是为了吸引谷歌和其他科技公司入驻这一地区。加州机动车辆则一直在设法扩大监管范围,以便自动驾驶汽车成为普通交通工具。The potential benefits are hard to ignore. Each year 30,000 people die in traffic collisions in the U.S. Considering that 90% of U.S. auto collisions are blamed on human error—some 40% are the result of factors such as alcohol or fatigue—we have a lot to gain by outsourcing the task of driving to computers.这样做的潜在好处很难让人熟视无睹。在美国,每年有3万人死于交通事故。考虑到其中90%的车祸是由人为失误造成,而且大约40%的事故缘于酒后驾车或疲劳驾驶,把操控汽车的任务交给计算机会让我们受益匪浅。If 10% of vehicles were self-driving, it could reduce the number of accidents by 211,000 and in turn save 1,100 lives,according to a 2013 study by the Eno Center for Transportation in Washington, D.C. If 90% of vehicles were autonomous, an estimated 4.2 million accidents would be prevented and 21,700 lives would be saved.华盛顿非营利智囊机构伊诺交通中心(Eno Center for Transportation)在2013年进行的研究表明,如果美国10%的车辆可以自动驾驶,交通事故就会减少21.1万起,1100条生命就能得到挽救。如果自动驾驶汽车的比例达到90%,就可以避免420万起车祸,2.17万人将因此获救。Technological advances often come with unintended consequences, though, which is why these predictions support Pettis’ case that organ donations would be adversely impacted by safer driving. Motor vehicle accidents are the largest contributor to organ donations after natural-cause deaths. Since 1994, 16% of all organ donations came from motor vehicle accidents, according to the U.S. Department of Health amp; Human Services.不过,技术进步经常带来意想不到的影响。正是出于这个原因,这些预测数据印了佩蒂斯的观点,即驾车变得更安全,将对器官捐献产生不利影响。除了自然死亡,交通事故是器官捐献的最大来源。美国卫生及公共务部(Department of Health amp; Human Services)的数据显示,1994年以来,机动车事故在器官捐献中所占的比重为16%。The inventory pressure from increasing adoption of self-driving cars will add to an aly shrinking pool of organ donors. Traffic deaths have been in decline since 1969, when they peaked at 55,043. The drop occurred for a number of reasons: drunk driving deaths have fallen, seat belt use has increased, air bags are more effective, and we drive less.器官捐献者的数量已经呈下降趋势。自动驾驶汽车得到更广泛的应用后,器官供应的压力会变得更大。美国交通事故死亡人数在1969年达到55043人的最高点,随后不断下降。原因有很多,比如酒驾致死人数减少,更多的人佩戴安全带,安全气囊变得更有效以及驾车人次减少。All of this has led to a widening gap between the number of patients on the organ wait list and the number of people who actually receive transplants. More than 123,000 people in the U.S. are currently in need of an organ, and 18 people die each day waiting, according to the Department of Health amp; Human Services. Though the wait list has grown each year for the past two decades, the number of transplants per year has held steady in the last decade, at around 28,000. While that number is still dwarfed by other fatal but preventable situations—the Centers for Disease Control estimate that443,000 people die each year from smoking, for example—it’s enough to make anyone wary of the direction in which the trend is going, and hopeful that 3D printing technology can help turn it around.等待器官移植的病人一直比真正接受移植的病人多,以上种种因素让这个差距不断拉大。美国卫生及公共务部的数据表明,目前美国需要进行器官移植的人数超过12.3万,而且每天都会有18个人在等待中逝去。20年来,等待器官移植的人数逐年增多;而在过去10年中,每年进行的器官移植手术一直稳定在2.8万例。虽然和其他致命但可预防的疾病相比,这个数字相形见绌——举例来说,美国疾病控制与预防中心(Centers for Disease Control)估计,每年有44.3万人死于抽烟——但它足以让所有人对今后的趋势感到警惕。但愿3D打印技术能帮助我们扭转这种趋势。 /201408/323623

  You might think you have the figure of Marilyn Monroe but according to research the truth is likely to be far more prosaic.你可能以为你是玛丽莲·梦露的身材,不过据一项调查显示,现实可能没你想象的那么好。A study found nine in ten women didn’t know their body shape – with many mistakenly believing they have a wasp waist and hourglass curves.调查显示,十分之九的女性不知道自己的体型,很多人误以为自己有蜂腰和沙漏曲线。In fact, the majority have a straight up and down figure, known rather unflatteringly, as ‘the rectangle’. Rectangles – who include Kim Cattrall and Nicole Kidman – have bust, hips and shoulders of the same width. They also have no waist to speak of.实际上,大多数女性是笔直体型,说句大实话,就是矩形身材。矩形身材的代表女性包括金·凯特罗尔和妮可·基德曼,这种身材的特点是胸、臀部和肩部一样宽,没有腰可言。Some 240 women had body scans to obtain their measurements and proportions. These were then used to identify their body type. Options included hourglass, rectangle, pear and triangle – a woman with a big belly and hips.有240名女性接受身体扫描以获得体型测量和比例,这些数据就用来判别他们的体型。基本体型分为沙漏型、矩形、梨型和三角形(即即肚子和臀部较大)。The scans revealed 63 per cent of the women to be rectangular, with waists getting bigger and their curves becoming less defined with age.扫描结果显示63%的女性是矩形身材,他们的腰部越来越粗,腰部曲线随着年龄增长日趋减少。Just 38 per cent of 18- to 35-year-olds had the rectangular proportions but 80 per cent of those aged 56-plus met the criteria. Similarly, 30 per cent of young women had an hourglass shape, but the figure fell to 4 per cent in older women.在18-35岁人群中,只有38%的女性是矩形身材,而在56岁以上人群中,有80%的人符合此标准。同样地,30%的年轻女性符合沙漏型身材标准,而在年老女性中,只有4%的人符合此标准。The results, said shopping website isme.com, were even more telling when women were asked to pick their own shape. Whether they#39;re an hourglass, rectangle, triangle (a leaner version of a pear), bottom hourglass, inverted triangle or top hourglass - only one in ten women can identify their own body shape.据购物网站isme.com的调查,当女性被要求选出自己的体型时,对比结果更生动。无论他们是沙漏型、矩形、三角形(梨形身材的瘦弱版)、下半身沙漏型(肩部较窄,下身较宽)、倒三角型和上半身沙漏型(上身较大,臀部较小),只有十分之一的女性能准确选出来。On top of this, a quarter don’t believe their figure fits in with any of these traditional body shapes.此外,四分之一的女性认为自己不属于上述传统身材中的任意一种。A common frustration for women when buying clothes to fit their shape was spending money on adjusting a garment to get a more appropriate fit, according to nearly half (42 per cent) of those questioned.根据调查,有近一半(42%)的人需要花钱在改衣上,以便使它更合身。On the back of this, 63 per cent of those surveyed also stated they would like more help and advice from retailers when shopping to fit their size and shape.另外,63%的受访女性表示在店里买衣时会向店员寻求帮助和建议,以便买到合适的尺寸和版型。The report goes on to reveal that women are out of touch with their true shape because of the body’s tendency to change and shift with age.这份报告也显示女性对自己的真实身材不甚了解,因为体型会随着年龄不断变化。A spokesperson for Manchester Metropolitan University, who carried out the survey with isme.com, said: #39;The research so far has shown that a woman’s body size, shape and posture can change - sometimes substantially - as a result of the ageing process.一位与isme.com网站合作此调查的曼彻斯特城市大学发言人说道:“这项调查已经明女性的身材有时会随着年龄有很大程度的变化。”#39;The study confirmed this, and also highlighted that shape change occurs not only into terms of posture and body shape but also in terms of circumferential measurement differences between the front and back of the body in the waist region.#39;“这项调查实并强调了形体变化不仅表现在姿态和身体形状上,也表现在腰部前后测量的不同上。”Carol Vorderman, ambassador for isme.com, added: #39;It#39;s no surprise that women#39;s body shapes change so dramatically as they get older, with motherhood and a slowing metabolism taking its toll.isme.com的代表Carol Vorderman补充道:“随着成为母亲和新陈代谢缓慢的损害,女性年老以后体型变化巨大并不意外。”#39;My body shape has changed a lot over the years but the key is understanding what styles your body suits and then finding clothes that fit properly.#39;“我的体型这么些年来变化巨大,但关键是找到适合你体型的穿衣风格,然后挑选合适的衣。”#39;Size is just a number and varies from retailer to retailer, it#39;s important that shape is the main consideration when choosing items for your wardrobe.#39;“衣尺寸只是一个号码,而且不同的店里并不一样,所以购买衣时体型时是最主要的考虑因素。”ed that Gates had been her mystery gift giver, writing “I want to start by giving a HUGE THANK YOU to Mr. Bill Gates for an amazing gift and secret santa experience. Bill—you ROCK (can I call you Bill?! I feel like we’re friends now!).”在一篇题为“注意:比尔·盖茨没有找你,是因为他找到我了”的帖子中,一位名叫蕾切尔的Reddit用户透露,盖茨是她神秘的礼物派送者,并写道,“首先,我非常感谢比尔·盖茨先生给我带来这么棒的礼物和神秘圣诞老人的经历。比尔——你好厉害(我能喊你比尔吗?!我想我们现在是朋友吧!)。”She goes on to describe Gates’ gift—which could have come from a particularly thoughtful uncle—of a stuffed cow, along with a donation in her name to the non-profit Heifer International她继续形容盖茨的这份礼物——本该是来自一位特别体贴的叔叔——填充奶牛玩偶,和以她的名义向非盈利组织国际小母牛组织(Heifer International)捐赠一头小牛(该组织贫困地区的家庭免费提供家畜)。该礼物中还包括一本《国家地理:一生必游的500经典路线》(National Geographic Journeys of a Lifetime)。Gates exposed his identity in a note explaining the donation, and included a picture of himself (above) holding the stuffed bovine and the note as confirmation. For anyone thinking this was a cheap gift from the country’s wealthiest man, the donation of one heifer to a family in need rings in at 0—well above the gift ceiling of your standard Secret Santa.盖茨在一张解释这份圣诞礼物的便签中表明了自己的身份,并包括一张他拿着礼物和卡片的照片作为明。有些人会认为,美国首富的这份礼物太廉价了,但是要知道,向一个贫困家庭捐赠一头小母牛相当于500美元——这可比你最昂贵的圣诞礼物都值钱多了。Reddit Gifts is an annual gift exchange started in 2009 to connect “Redditors” around the world. Users enter their home address and information such as likes and dislikes, and Reddit matches gifters and recipients at random. After participants receive a gift, they’re encouraged to return to Reddit and post a public thank you.Reddit Gifts是一年一度的礼物交换活动,始于2009年,旨在将全球的“Redditors”联系起来。用户们输入他们的家庭住址和个人喜好,Reddit会随机对礼物赠送者和接收人进行配对,并鼓励他们在收到礼物之后回到网站发一封公开的感谢信。Rachel says in her post that it wasn’t until she saw the photo of Gates that she knew who had sent her loot, but she had an inkling it was somebody special when she received a notification email that said her gift was being overnighted and weighed in at 7 pounds.蕾切尔在她的帖子中写道,直到她看到盖茨的照片,她才知道送她礼物的神秘人是谁。但她事前她收到过一封通知邮件,告诉她有一份7磅重的礼物正连夜送达,因此她隐隐感觉到今年的圣诞老人会是个特别的人物。Gates has become an enthusiastic Reddit user over the past year, participating in an Ask Me Anything th in the spring and posting thoughts and questions periodically, such as “How much of the Earth are humans consuming?”, using the handle “thisisbillgates.”在过去一年,盖茨已经成为Reddit热情的用户,他不仅在今年春天参与该网站组织的“Ask Me Anything”问答活动,还定期以我是“我是比尔·盖茨”的句柄发表想法和问题,诸如,“地球有多少正在被人类消耗着?”A Gates spokesman told GeekWire he joined the gift exchange in part to raise awareness for Heifer International.盖茨的一位发言人告诉GeekWire说,他参与礼物交换活动,在某种程度上是为了提高对国际小母牛组织的意识。Gates hasn’t posted a response to Rachel’s public thank you just yet, but whoever drew the name “Bill Gates” from Reddit’s virtual hat better come up with something extra thoughtful for the man who truly has everything.盖茨尚未对蕾切尔的公开感谢做出回复,不过,无论是谁在Reddit的抽签游戏中抽中“比尔·盖茨”的名字,都想不到一个真正拥有一切的人会想得这么周到。 /201401/271644

  He might like you to believe he#39;s as hard as nails, but don’t be fooled by your man’s tough exterior.男性往往希望别人相信自己是像钢铁一般坚强的,但是你要当心,别被他们强悍的外表所蒙蔽了。Enlightening new research has found that men are in fact more emotional than women.一则令人震惊的新研究成果表明,男性其实比女性更感情丰富。The experiment found that when men and women watched the same heart-warming s, it was the men who experienced stronger physiological reactions.这项实验结果实,当男性和女性同时观赏一部感动人心的视频时,男性会体验到更为强烈的心理反应。But true to type, when asked about their emotions, the women admitted feeling more emotional than the men did.但是,如人们惯常所知的是,当被问及他们的感受时,女性更愿意表示自己受到了情感上的触动。In the experiment, a group of 30 participants (15 fathers and 15 mothers) were presented with a series of images and s, while their physiological responses were measured via skin conductance electrodes attached to their fingers.这项实验中共有30名参与者(15位父亲和15位母亲),他们一同观看了一系列的图片和视频,研究者们通过连接在参与者手指上的皮肤电导电极,可以观测他们的心理反应。The content they were presented with was categorised into four topics: blissful, funny, exciting and heart-warming.他们所观赏的图片和视频可以分为四个主题:祥和类的,幽默类的,刺激类的和感人类的。Men demonstrated a marginally higher emotional reaction to the blissful, funny and exciting content, compared to the women.与女性相比,男性对祥和类的,幽默类的,刺激类这三类材料表现出略高的情感反应。However, the experiment found that men responded twice as strongly as women with higher levels of physiological emotion when presented with heart-warming content.但同时,研究发现,当参与者观看感人类的研究材料时,男性的心理反应程度是女性的两倍之多。The men’s emotional reactions significantly spiked when they watched a of a solider coming home from war and reuniting with his daughter.尤其在观看一部表现士兵在战后回到家里,与女儿重聚的视频时,男性的情感反应程度表现出激增的趋势。As part of the experiment, participants also had to rate the content on a questionnaire to say how it made them feel.作为该实验的一部分,参与者们还必须填写一张调查问卷,为自己观看了研究材料之后感受到的心理反应程度评出几个等级。As expected, women said they felt more emotional in response to the content compared to the men.如研究者意料到的一样,和男性相比,女性更愿意坦诚的承认,她们观看了研究材料后体验到强烈的情感反应。However, even though men reported feeling less emotion than women, their physiological changes showed that in fact they felt emotion more strongly.然而,虽然男性表示自己并没有像女性那样产生强烈的情绪反应,事实上,他们的心理活动变化已经反应了这一事实,即他们比女性体验到的感情更加强烈。 /201407/310206。


  The dispossessed working class are cruelly frowned upon the world over. In the UK they are maligned as ;chavs;, in China they form the ;diaosi”. Diaosi (屌丝) is a term that has long been popular amongst Chinese netizens. The loose translation of the word is ;loser; or something similar.Though, it is not necessarily quite as negative as it sounds in English–forsome it is even a lifestyle choice (though one which most are not really happywith).那些无依无靠的工人阶级对世界感到非常不悦。在英国,他们不快地被人称为“衣着通俗没文化的年轻人”,在中国,他们则是“屌丝”。屌丝一词在中国网民当中流行已久,这个词表达的就是“失败者”之类的意思。虽然这个词不见得传达着与英文表达一样的消极信息——对有些人来说,这甚至还是一种选择的生活方式(虽然大多数人并不真的对这种生活方式感到快乐)。Diaosi defines those who haven#39;t succeeded in life, and they are often signified as those who rejectthe material world, probably because they don#39;t have much access to it.屌丝一词是对那些还未收获人生的成功的人的定义,他们常被指为拒绝物质世界的人群,或许是因为他们没有接近的条件。Using a questionnaire and a huge sample of 210,000 people, the Beijing University Marketing Department created aprofile for you to understand the lives of the so-called diaosi.通过对210000人进行了问卷调查,北京大学市场部创建了一份人物描述供你了解所谓屌丝们的生活。One of the things that define diaosi istheir salary. On average, a diaosi makes a salary of 2,917 RMB per month, far below the Beijing resident average of 5,793 RMB. They have under 100,000 RMB insavings, and with such small earnings it is clear they do not own a home oftheir own, and sixty percent say they aren#39;t able to get overtime pay.定义屌丝的众多标准之一是他们的工资。平均来说,屌丝的月工资为2917元人民币,这远低于北京市居民5793元人民币的平均水准。他们的存款不超过10万元人民币,收入这么少显然也买不起房,六成屌丝表示他们无法获得加班费。Half of all diaosi spend lessthan 500 RMB per month on rent. They usually pay 39 RMB per day forthree meals, while 7.8 percent pay 10 RMB for all three meals. Half of them spend less than 500 RMB a month on vacations, and most spend all their time at home.一半的屌丝每月房租的花费低于500元人民币。他们每日三餐的花费通常是39元,而7.8%的人三餐的花费总共只有10元人民币。半数屌丝每月度假的花费低于500元人民币,大多数人在家中打发时光。While 70 percent of diaosi live far away from their hometowns, they give their family an allowance of1,076 RMB a month on average. With half of them single,the diaosi are usually between 21 and 30 and don#39;t have higher education.而70%的屌丝远离家乡,他们平均每月补贴家里1,076元人民币。半数的屌丝是单身,他们的年龄通常在21岁至30岁之间,且没有接受过高等教育。 /201411/341037


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