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And finally, the dumbest generation. And if you are watching this webcast, that apparently means you. At least that's a theory of a professor of English at Emory University who's written a book which basically argues that the Internet is making people stupid.I'm Mark Bauerlein, professor of English at Emory University. The book has a provocative title, it's the Dumbest Generation: How the Digital Age Stupefies Young Americans and Jeopardizes Our Future.Recent years though, I have begun to look at youth culture, youth knowledge, youth academic achievements, and what has come up, more and more, is that things don't look good. Young people today enjoy more and more digital connections, more screen time than ever before and one of the effects of that is that they are steadily disengaging from the traditional contents ,eh, the liberal arts.One of the things we measured was how much people literature, and how much they books in general. And the first time we did the study was in 1982, and at that time, young people formed the most active ing group. When we did it again in 2002, they were the least active. Only about half of them ever a book on their own. If it's not assigned for school, if it's not assigned in the workplace, they simply don't care. The Internet is extraordinary, it is a miraculous tool for knowledge and information, but the fact is that is not what the Internet means to the average sixteen-year-old. What the Internet does is provide a more intense form of contact with other sixteen-year-olds.You know, I do often tell my students more books. Please, more books in your leisure time, unplug for just an hour or two per day. I urge them, and they, they generally just laugh at me. Some of them may feel that I come down on them too hard, but they know deep down that this is right.200812/59344America Looks Ahead to Obama Administration奥巴马组建白宫班子迎接严峻挑战  U.S. President-elect Barack Obama has begun assembling a White House team in advance of the presidential transition January 20. After the excitement over the historic election dies down, the next president will face some serious domestic and international issues. 美国当选总统巴拉克.奥巴马将在1月20号就职。他已经开始组建自己的白宫班子。 在这次历史性选举的尘埃落定后,新一届总统将面临一些国内、国际方面的严肃问题。Barack Obama outlined some of the challenges facing the nation in his victory speech in Chicago Tuesday night. They include the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, environmental issues and an economic crisis. He predicted setbacks and false starts, but said he is confident the problems can be tackled.  奥巴马星期二晚间在芝加哥发表的胜选演说中描述了一些美国所面对的挑战,包括伊拉克和阿富汗战争,环境问题和经济危机。他预言会有一些挫折,还有开头不顺的问题,但是他说,他相信这些问题能够解决。"There's new energy to harness, new jobs to be created, new schools to build and threats to meet, alliances to repair. The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep. We may not get there in one year or even in one term. But America, I have never been more hopeful than I am tonight that we will get there," he said. “要开发利用新能源,创造就业机会,建造更多学校,应对新的威胁,修补盟友关系。 前路漫长,坡路陡峭。我们可能在一年时间甚至一个任期内都难完成这些任务,但是,我要告诉美国人民,我从来没有像今晚这样有信心达到我们的目标。”Exit polls taken during the election show that more than six in ten Americans view the flagging economy as the most important issue facing the nation. One in ten voters cited other key concerns, such as the war in Iraq, health care and terrorism. 选举的出口民调显示,每10个美国选民就有6人将萎靡的经济看作是美国面临的最重要的问题。十分之一的选民则表示他们关注其他一些关键问题,如伊拉克战争、医疗保险以及恐怖主义等。Who will be chosen as Treasury Secretary?Mr. Obama has just 2 1/2 months to prepare for his transition, and there is speculation over the makeup of his new administration. Some wonder if his campaign advisers may have a formal role, perhaps in the key job of treasury secretary. Speculation surrounding that important job has focused on Paul Volcker, who was federal reserve chairman under President Ronald Reagan, and Robert Rubin, a former treasury secretary under President Bill Clinton. Some wonder if there may even be a role for another Obama supporter, the billionaire investor Warren Buffett. 奥巴马只有两个半月的时间来准备过渡,各界在猜测他领导的新的行政当局将任用什么人。有人想知道,他的竞选顾问是否可以得到正式的职位,也许是关键的财政部长的职位。围绕这个重要职位的猜测已经集中到保尔.沃尔克,他是里根总统任内的联邦储备委员会主席,还有罗伯特.鲁宾,他是克林顿总统手下的财政部长。甚至有人猜测奥巴马的另一位持者亿万富翁投资家巴菲特是否会出山。Chief of Staff Position could go to former Clinton adviserSenator Obama is starting to assemble his White House staff. News reports say he has offered the job of chief of staff to Rahm Emanuel, a Democratic member of congress who was once a senior adviser to former president Clinton.  奥巴马参议员已经开始着手组建他在白宫班子。新闻报道说,他已经提出让拉姆.伊曼纽尔这位民主党国会议员担任白宫办公厅主任,他曾经是前总统克林顿的高级顾问。The next president should have a sympathetic Congress when he takes the oath of office in January. It will be the first time since the early years of the Clinton presidency when Democrats have held the White House and a majority of seats in the House of Representatives and the Senate. They will still need cooperation from Republicans, especially in the Senate, where Democrats failed to get the 60 seats that would have protected them from procedural blocks known as filibusters. Some newly elected Democrats from conservative states, such as Virginia and North Carolina, may also want to embrace a moderate agenda. 新的美国总统明年1月宣誓就职的时候,国会将是一个总统所属的政党控制的。这是过去克林顿总统就任前期以来民主党人头一次同时执掌白宫和国会参议院众议院。不过他们仍然需要共和党的合作,特别是在参议院,民主党人没有得到60个席位,无法避免共和党人用不停的发言的拖延战术阻碍立法。来自一些保守州的新当选的民主党国会议员,例如来自维吉尼亚和北卡罗来纳的议员,可能会希望国会走温和的路线。President-elect urged to govern from centerIn Washington Wednesday, the Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, urged the next president to govern from the center. 星期三在华盛顿,国会众议院议长民主党人南希.佩洛西敦促新一届政府从中间做好管理。 "At a time of this economic crisis, our priority should be very clear about what we need to do. Each side of the spectrum can hope to influence the decision. But the fact is that a new president coming in, in my view, must take the country down the middle to solve the problems, to gain the confidence, to take us more strongly in a new direction," he said. 在发生这种经济危机的时候,我们的首要任务应当是非常清楚地表明我们要做什么。政界各方都可以希望能影响决策。但是,我认为,一个新总统上任,必须率领国家走中间路线以便解决问题,获得公众的信任,让我们走上一个新方向,变得更加强大。”Analysts credit the Obama win to a highly effective campaign, an exceptional ability at fundraising, and a message that resonated with voters across demographic lines. In his victory speech, Senator Obama said he will be president for all Americans, even those who voted against him.  分析人士把奥巴马的胜选规结于有效的竞选、筹集资金的超常能力,以及对各种选民产生共鸣的信息。在他的胜选演讲中,奥巴马参议员说,他将是所有美国人的总统,包括那些投票反对他的人们。DNC chairman says Obama's message resonates with votersDemocratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean says the message of the election is clear.  民主党全国委员会主席霍华德. 迪安说,选举的信息十分明确。"Americans have given all of us - Democrats, Republicans and Independents - a simple mandate to work together to find big solutions to the big challenges that face our country," he said. “我认为这次选举结果所表达的信息很明显。美国人就是要我们,要民主党人,共和党人,无党派人士携手合作,为我们国家所面临的各种大挑战提出大手笔的解决方案。”As the president-elect turns his attention to the business of governing, the euphoria over his historic election has not subsided. Senator Obama is the first African American to be elected U.S. president. Another African American leader, Georgia Representative John Lewis, says the Obama victory will inspire future generations. Lewis spoke on N Television's Today show about the message of the Obama win. 就在当选总统转而关注执政问题的时候,他的历史性选举带来的欢欣仍没有消退。奥巴马参议员是第一位非洲裔美国人被选为美国总统。另一位非洲裔美国人领袖,乔治亚州推选的国会议员约翰.刘易斯说,奥巴马的胜利将激励未来的几代人。他在全国广播公司的“今日”电视节目谈到了奥巴马胜选所传达的信息。"It doesn't matter whether you are black or white or Latino or Asian American or Native American, you can grow up in America and be anything that you want to be. People will be saying for years to come, 'If Barack Obama can do it, you can do it too,'" he said. “不论你是黑人白人,是拉丁裔还是亚太裔,或是美国原住民,你都可以在美国成长,并成就你的任何目标。人们今后多年都会说,如果奥巴马能行,你也行。”The man Senator Obama will replace in the White House, President George W. Bush, said this election is uplifting for a generation of Americans who watched the struggle for civil rights unfold, and are seeing the dream fulfilled four decades later. 奥巴马参议员将取代的白宫的主人布什总统星期三说,这次选举让观察民权斗争的整整一代美国人感到振奋,让他们看到40年奋斗争取的梦想终于实现。200811/55346Thai PM to Resign, Protesters to Leave Airports泰法庭裁决禁总理及政治伙伴参政 A court has ruled that the Thai prime minister, his party and his coalition partners are banned from politics. The decision led the anti-government People's Alliance for Democracy to pledge to allow flights to resume at Bangkok's international airport. 泰国一个法庭裁决,禁止泰国总理颂猜、他的政党和他的联合政府伙伴参政。这个裁决使反政府的人民民主联盟保将允许曼谷国际机场重新开放。The People's Alliance for Democracy says it will continue some protests at the international airport, but on Tuesday agreed to allow flights to resume. However, airport officials say it could be several days before full operations resume. 人民民主联盟表示,将继续在国际机场举行一些抗议活动,但是星期二同意允许一些航班起降。不过,机场官员说,全面恢复运营还需要好几天时间。Court ruling disbands 3 coalition partiesThe PAD decision came hours after a Thai constitutional court disbanded the three leading parties in the government coalition.  民盟做出这个决定几个小时前,泰国一个宪法法庭裁定解散联合政府中3个主要的政党。A judge the order banning the Chart Thai Party, one of the coalition partners.  一名法官宣读了法庭解散执政党之一泰国党的命令。The verdicts were announced, under strict security, after the judges were forced to move to another building after the constitutional court was surrounded by pro-government demonstrators. 此前,在亲政府示威者包围宪法法庭之后,法官被迫转移到另外一所建筑,法庭裁决是在戒备森严的状态下宣读的。The ruling follows court findings that the main coalition party, the People Power Party, Chart Thai and another partner, violated election laws during the December 2007 general elections. Several executives from each party also were banned from politics for five years. 在做出这项裁决之前,法庭认为,联合政府主要政党人民力量党、泰国党和另外一个执政伙伴在2007年12月大选中违反了选举法。各党都有几名主管人员同时被禁止参政5年。Ruling removes PM Somchai from officeThe verdict removes Prime Minister Somchai Wongsawat from office. A PPP spokesman says party members in parliament not directly affected by the ruling will join a new party that aly has been created.  法庭裁决解除了颂猜的总理职务。人民力量党一名发言人说,议会中不直接受这项裁决影响的该党党员将加入一个已经成立的新党。Deputy Prime Minister Chavarat Charnveerakul has been named interim prime minister until a new coalition government is formed and a new prime minister can be selected. 副总理查瓦拉被任命为临时总理,直至新的联合政府成立,并选出一位新总理。Government supporters say judiciary staged 'silent coup'Pro-government supporters have accused the judiciary of bias and staging a "silent coup" against Mr. Somchai and his brother-in-law, former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra.  亲政府人士指责司法偏袒,发动了一场针对颂猜和他的连襟前总理他信的“静悄悄的政变”。The PAD calls the verdict a victory, following months of long protests, including a three-month siege of the main government office building. 民盟则称这项裁决是他们在几个月之久的抗议、包括对主要政府大楼为期3个月的包围后取得的胜利。"Today, the constitution court finally dissolved the party that acted as a nominee for Thaksin Shinawatra," said Parnthep Pourpongpan, a PAD spokesman. "We have to consider about the victory. We totally agree that at least we have to review the level of demonstration now at least about how we reduce and how much we reduce."  民盟发言人班贴说:“今天,宪法法庭终于解散了为他信代言的政党。我们必须考虑这个胜利。我们完全同意,现在至少必须考虑示威的程度,我们如何缩小范围,缩小多少。”Protests strand touristsThailand's tourism industry and air cargo have been severely disrupted by the airport occupation, leading to hundreds of millions of dollars in lost income. It is estimated that up to a quarter of a million tourists remain stranded because of the occupation. 泰国旅游业和空运业由于机场被占领而受到严重影响,造成了数亿美元的损失。据估计,有25万游客被困。Soon after the ruling, the government postponed a summit of Southeast Asian leaders, which was to start December 13. 法庭裁决之后,泰国政府立即推迟了原定于12月13号开幕的东盟领导人峰会。200812/57810Vann Nath凡纳Vann Nath, a Cambodian who painted to stay alive, died on September 5th, aged 65凡纳,用绘画保命的柬埔寨人,9月5日去世,享年65岁Sep 17th 2011 | from the print edition WHEN he was 52, with a hand that still trembled, Vann Nath produced a painting of a young man lying under a blossoming tree. He was playing a pipe while, in the background, cattle grazed by green palms in some bucolic corner of Cambodia. It was meant to be a self-portrait, he said, a beautiful memory from his childhood. He wanted only to paint idyllic landscapes now, in the style of temple murals or the French Impressionists who had first inspired him to take up art. 52岁的时候,用还在颤抖的手,凡纳(Vann Nath)画了一幅画:一位少年躺在开满花的树下吹着牧笛,牛儿在吃草,背后是柬埔寨某些村落里可见的绿棕榈。他说这原本是幅自画像,是童年的美好回忆。现在的他只想画田园风光,像寺院壁画或法国印象派那样,是他们把自己领上了艺术之路。That was because, in 1978-79, he had been made to paint quite different pictures. In those months he was interned in S-21 prison, a former French lycée in Phnom Penh which had been converted into a torture-compound for alleged enemies of the Khmer Rouge regime. Perhaps 14,000 people were sent to S-21 for a daily routine of electrocution, water-boarding and flagellation before being carted off for execution—a shovel or spade to the head—at the nearby “killing fields”. Mr Vann Nath was one of only six or seven prisoners to make it out alive.这是因为,1978-79年间他被迫作的画与此大相径庭,他被囚禁在S-21监狱数月,S-21前身是金边市内一所法国高中,后被红色高棉政权改造成为关押其宣称敌人的刑讯地。据计大概有14,000人被送进S-21监狱,接受日常惯例的电击,水刑和鞭刑,直到在附近的“杀人场”被断头处决——用铁锹或铁锨击打头部。凡纳是仅存的六七名生还者之一。He never expected to. Like almost all the others, he had no idea why he had been sent there. He was not an intellectual; his family was poor and provincial, and he just a painter in a small business making signs and billboards. In 1975, obedient to the Khmers Rouges, he had joined a peasant commune and worked hard there. When he first saw the wasted prisoners in S-21, he thought it was all over for him. But after withering away for a month, fed so sparely on rice gruel that he felt an urge to consume the flesh of the dead, he was asked to paint portraits of the regime’s leader, Pol Pot.他从未想到这些。和众多人一样,他不知道自己为什么被送到这里。他不是知识分子,远在乡下,家境贫寒,他只是一家小牌匾公司的画师。1975年,他从红色高棉下达的命令,加入一个农民公社,在那里卖力劳动。第一次看到S-21里羸弱不堪囚犯的时候,他想一切都结束了。一个月过去他逐渐消瘦萎靡,吃的不过是稀粥,他只想速死。但这时有人要他去画领袖像:红色高棉的领袖波尔布特(Pol Pot)。 At first he thought he could not do it. The shocks and beatings meant that he could barely stand. Besides, he had no idea what Pol Pot looked like, and only a black-and-white photograph to copy. All the time he painted, day and night, the screams of the tortured echoed from other rooms. He hoped, with every brush-stroke, that his jailers would like his work and let him live. He focused by thinking how much he would like to kill the man he drew.起初他觉得自己做不来。但他受不了电击和殴打。此外,除了一张黑白照片可供描摹,他不知道波尔布特是什么模样。他一直在画,夜以继日,其他的房间里回荡着受刑者的惨叫。每画一笔,他都希望看管他的狱卒会喜欢这幅画,让他活命。他多想杀掉画中人,他靠着这种想法来集中精力。201109/155232Recession Fears Keep Downward Pressure on European Markets欧洲主要股指跌 经济衰退忧心重  European stock indexes have been lower, following earlier falls in Asia. 在亚洲股市普遍下挫之后,欧洲主要股指也随之下跌。Fears of a sharp global economic slowdown gripped European markets, with all the major trading centers showing volatility. The primary concern was that a worldwide recession might just be inevitable, despite a coordinated bank rescue plan being discussed in places like Brussels, where European leaders are meeting. 由于欧洲市场充满了对全球经济急剧放缓的担忧,欧洲所有主要股票交易市场都出现波动。人们最主要的担心是一场世界性的经济衰退可能是不可避免的,尽管欧盟领导人正在布鲁塞尔等地开会,协调的救援计划。One of the leading voices there is British Prime Minister Gordon Brown whose so-called British model of bank recapitalization is being mirrored elsewhere around the world. 英国首相戈登.布朗的声音尤其引人注目。他的所谓重注资本的英国模式正在世界其他地区被仿效。Mr. Brown acknowledges that turbulent times still lie ahead as the international financial problems filter down into the real economy.  布朗承认,随着国际金融问题逐渐渗入到真正的经济领域,前景仍然充满了动荡。"People have suffered that hit on their standards of living as a result of the rise in global oil prices and food prices and at the same time, we have had this credit crunch," he said. "These are both what you might call the problems of an economy that is now global. So, We have seen the first resources crisis of the global economy when oil demand has been higher than supply and we have seen the first financial crisis of this new age of globalization and that is what we are trying to deal with at the moment."  布朗说:“随着全球石油价格和粮食价格同时提高,人民的生活水平受到了打击,再加上我们遇到信贷紧缩的局面,这些都可以称之为全球性的经济问题。所以,当石油供不应求的时候,我们看到了全球经济的第一个资源危机。现在我们看了全球化新时代的第一场金融危机。这就是我们此刻急待解决的问题。”The Swiss government is the latest to announce plans to support its banking system with billions of dollars. UBS is being offered up to billion so it can rid itself of some bad securities. 瑞士政府最近宣布计划,提供数十亿美元持其体系。瑞银得到540亿美元的承诺,使其能够摆脱一些有问题的金融资产。For leaders like Prime Minister Brown, actions like this represent yet another battle in what may well be a lengthy campaign.  对于象布朗这样的领导人来说,这样的行动意味着另一场旷日持久的斗争。"I think people know that these problems did not start in Britain," he said. "That they started in America as far as the banking system is concerned. I think they know that every government around the world is trying to deal with them. It is my aim to take the British people through these difficulties and do so in the fairest possible way."  布朗说:“我想人们知道,这些问题并没有在英国启动。就系统而言,这些问题是从美国开始的。我想他们知道,世界各地的每一个政府都正在试图解决这些问题。我的目标是以尽可能公正的方式带领英国人民走出这段困难的历程。”Despite coordinated interest rate drops and massive injections of cash into the system from central banks, turning around global markets is an inexact science. 尽管采取了协调一致的行动调低利率,并把大量现金从中央注入到系统,但是扭转全球市场仍然是一门不能确定的科学。Leaders like Gordon Brown remind consumers that remedies will take time. And until the tight global credit logjam really can be broken up, the currently tense economic climate will remain. 英国领导人布朗提醒消费者,挽救措施将需要时间。直到全球信贷紧缩的僵局被真正打破,目前紧张的经济气候将会持续。200810/53100

网购,这种新生活方式正一点一点改变着人们。今天,网上书店对传统书店正形成冲击。相对于国有大型书城,街市中各类民营书店、书屋,因其抗风险能力弱而首当其冲,更早感受到了丝丝凉意。如果登录卓越网、当当网的网上书店,你会看到“全场免运费”、“半价抢购”等醒目广告。现在网上购书普遍六七折,有的甚至两三折。低价销售已成为网络书店与传统书店竞争的杀手锏。A medium-sized bookstore in downtown Beijing is going out of business. All of their books are on sale. Bookstore owner Wang Jian says hot sales of books on internet and e-books online pushed him to change the way he does business."Now e-books are overtaking traditional books, and internet books stores are becoming more popular. This is one of the reasons why our in-store bookselling is harder than before. We are preparing to withdraw from this part of the business."A report issued by leading world marketing information company AC Nielsen revealed that China has the highest online book purchasing rate in the world. About 63 percent of Chinese Internet users have made online purchases and 56 percent of the purchasers had bought ing materials, the highest ratio in the world. More than ten years ago, dangdang.com became the first online book retailer, and is now one of the main forces in the Chinese online book market. Facing this challenge, the Xinhua Bookstore, the leading decades-old Chinese chain bookstore, also established its online store several years ago, but with a much smaller business scale. Zhang Jian, CEO of the Xinhuabookstore.com, says now they are enlarging their online services."The Internet as a whole is making a huge impact on every aspect of the economy. The population using the Internet and changing their ing habits are independent of our will. As part of the traditional book industry, we have to notch up this part of the growing business."A fierce "price war" is taking place between traditional bookstores and their online counterparts. Faced with the low-cost advantage of online bookstores, traditional ones can do nothing but lower their prices. At the same time, online booksellers are also engaged in price wars between each other. For example, amazon.com and dangdang.com are two main forces in the online book selling market. Customers can frequently find certain books have a 50 percent discount on one Web site and 51 percent off on another. President and CEO of dangdang.com Yuyu explains their sales principle."Our core competitiveness is lower prices, more choices and more convenience. We detect the changing prices of books in the market, and always can provide the best deal for our customers."With online booksellers matching each other's discounts and convenient shipping services, some traditional bookstores are trying their best to keep customers in their own way. Meng Fanjun is a bookstore manager. "First we can better demonstrate our books to our customers. We can also create a very relaxed ing environment in our bookstore. For example, they can sit and with the books in their hands. These are all the things that an online book store can't provide."Traditional bookstores can hardly compete with some of the advantages of online bookstores, for example 24-hour service. Traditional bookstores, especially medium- and small-sized ones, are facing more challenges than ever in the era of the Internet. For Biz China, I'm Liu Min.201001/93900

Paul the octopus backs England 2018 bid Paul the octopus, theoracleof the World Cup in South Africa, has become an official ambassador for Englands bid to host the tournament in 2018, organizers said Friday.Paul, who was hatched in England but has spent the last two years in an aquarium in western Germany, joins footballers David Beckham and Rio Ferdinand, Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton and singers Noel Gallagher and Sting in backing the bid.;Paul has spent the last two years of his life in Germany, but he is definitely a proud Englishman and is therefore delighted to put his support behind England 2018,; said Nicola Hamilton, manager at the Weymouth Sea Life Centre in southern England, where Paul was born.;We have had a number of football approaches from around the world but Paul was only ever going to choose his homeland.;She said Paul had officially retired from predicting matches, a skill that won him worldwide fame during this years World Cup when he correctly predicted the outcome of seven Germany games and that Spain would win the final.;With his predicting days behind him Paul is now concentrating on a number of new projects and the England 2018 campaign is something we are sure he feels passionately about,; Hamilton said.Following his prediction success, Paul has signed a book deal, is due to appear in a film and is the face of a range of merchandise, with theproceedsto be donated to charity, according to the England 2018 bid team.A delegation from world football body FIFA arrives on Monday for a four-day visit to assess Englands bid.England is competing with Russia, the ed States, Australia, and joint bids from Spain and Portugal, and Holland and Belgium to host the 2018 tournament.The winning bids for 2018 and the 2022 World Cup will be revealed on December 2.Vocabulary:oracle: any person or thing believed to indicate future action with infallible authority(神谕,权威)proceeds: the profits or returns from a sale, investment, etc.(收益,进款)背单词 — 装英语词汇201008/112023

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