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Survive the dangers of meeting your girlfriend#39;s friends with VideoJug#39;s relationship guide. We will show you all you need to know to help you get along with your girlfriend#39;s friends.根据VideoJug提供的建议,你可以安全度过与女友的朋友会面时可能遇到的险境。我们将会告诉你所有的一切,帮助你与女友的朋友相处。Step 1: The one you fancy1.你感兴趣的人If you are immediately attracted to one of your girlfriend#39;s friends, there are a few important points to remember. Don#39;t stare, or if you have to, don#39;t be caught staring with doe-eyed affection or ravenous lust. Don#39;t spend too much time focussing on her, as there#39;s a risk she willa) enjoy this and flirt back, leaving you both in a difficult situation.b) loudly reject you, leaving only you in a difficult situation.如果你立即被你女友的其中一个朋友吸引,你要记住几点。不要凝视,或者如果必须这样的话,不要用迷离的眼神凝视,也不要表现出贪婪的欲望。不要花费太多时间来关注她,因为她有可能a)很享受被欣赏,向你回抛媚眼,这样会让你们两人都陷入非常尴尬的境地。b)大声拒绝你,让你一个人处于尴尬的境地。Step 2: The one who bores the pants off you2.对于你讨厌的人This specimen will probably be welcoming and kind, but it will quickly dawn on you that she#39;s about as interesting as a double glazing salesman. Resist the urge to show your boredom, and banish all thoughts of what you#39;d really like to do or say to her.你的裤子样本或许非常好,非常受欢迎,但是你可能渐渐就会明白,她就像一个售货员那么感兴趣。一定要抵制表现出自己的厌烦的冲动,一定要消除讨论你喜欢的话题,并且直接告诉她的一切想法。Even if she#39;s telling you about her string of doomed relationships, pretend to show an interest, and interject with an occasional question or comment. If you don#39;t do this, this otherwise harmless creature could turn into #39;the one who hates you#39;, and start criticising your every flaw to your girlfriend.即使她向你讲述自己不幸的情史,假装自己感兴趣,并且偶尔插入一个问题或一句。否则,这个原本对你无害的生物会成为“恨你的人”,在你的女友面前抨击你所有的缺点。Step 3: The one who isn#39;t female3.非女性朋友Ah, the male friend. A dangerous creature who may be part of the group because a) he fancies your girlfriend, b) is going out with one of the other girls, or c) he#39;s gay.也就是男性朋友。在你女友的朋友中可能还有这样一种危险的生物,原因有以下几种:a)他喜欢你的女朋友,b)他是另外一个女孩的男朋友,c)他是同性恋。He may want to test you or compete against you for the girls attention. Laugh at his jokes, buy him drinks, let him be the Alpha male. If he offers you any kind of challenge, graciously accept, without being aggressively competitive. Massage his ego by making sure you lose and he wins. In this alien female universe, he may be a much-needed ally.为了吸引女孩们的注意力,他可能会考验你或者与你竞争。对他讲的笑话大声笑出来,为他购买饮料,让他成为男性领导者。如果他提出任何挑战的话,优雅地接受,而不是充满挑衅。确保你输他赢,这样可以满足他的虚荣心。在这个女性世界里,他是你非常需要的盟友。Step 4: The one with all of them4.女友的所有朋友A girlfriend#39;s friends are an important part of every girl#39;s life. But be grateful, as without them you#39;d have to spend much more time with her talking about hair removal techniques, Victorian literature and celebrity marriages. Always be positive about the relationship and never ever ever ever criticise your girlfriend to her friends.And remember this, if you don#39;t feel confident - you don#39;t need to say anything. They#39;ll see you as a strong silent type which won#39;t matter as they will no doubt all have lots to say.对每一个女孩来说,朋友都是自己生活中重要的部分。但是一定要心怀感激,因为没有他们的话,你要花费更多时间来讨论她的发型,维多利亚时代的文学作品和明星的婚姻。一定要对你的爱情采取乐观的态度,永远不要在你女友的朋友面前批评她。记住这一点,如果你感到不自信的话,你不必说任何话。他们会把你看作性格沉默的人,这没有关系,因为毫无疑问,他们相互之间都有很多话说。Thanks for watching How To Get Along With Your Girlfriend#39;s Friends感谢收看本期“怎样与女友的朋友相处”节目。 Article/201209/197978。

别觉得科学就一定是显微镜下那神秘莫测的东西。来看一下13世纪获取时间的星盘,像鲨鱼学习的智者,保护大脑预防脑震荡的方法以及预防艾滋与流感的新疫苗......这里聚集了一大班科学巅峰的佼佼者,用不一样的思维带你探险奇妙的科学之旅。 Article/201206/188427。

Julia Sweeney演出了2006年的独唱曲目《Letting Go of God》的前十五分钟。有一天,两位年轻的门教传教士来到她的门前,这触发了她对于彻底重新思考自己的信仰的探求。 Article/201302/225139。

Step 1 Avoid heavy foundationDon#39;t wear heavy foundation that looks like it was applied with a spatula. Do choose a color that matches your skin tone. A different colored cheek and neck appalls men and women alike. 不要厚重粉底夏日不要涂厚重的粉底,这样看上去就好像拿铲子给脸上糊过泥一样。选择和你肤色相近的粉底。脸和脖子不是一个颜色会把你身边的男人女人们通通吓走。Step 2 Keep it real with lipsAvoid lipstick colors that are nowhere near the shade of actual lips. If you use a lip pencil, make sure it matches your lipstick perfectly; men don#39;t like lips whose outline they can see from a mile away. 涂抹唇膏有秘诀涂抹唇膏一定要贴合你的唇形。如果你要用唇线笔,那一定要让唇线和唇颜色融合,男人们可不喜欢在几英里玩就能看到你突兀的唇线。Step 3 Don#39;t overpluckDon#39;t overpluck your eyebrows and then pencil in thin ones; most men find that look about as appealing as a unibrow.Tip: The products that help eyelashes grow can also be used on eyebrows. 修眉要适度不要拔眉毛都拔没再用眉笔画上细细的眉毛,大多数男人认为这样和一字眉一样惊悚。小贴士:睫毛生长液同样适用于眉毛。Step 4 Watch the blushApply blush with a light touch. When men see crazy red cheeks, they think of their great aunt Ethel. 小心使用腮红轻轻地打上腮红。当男人看到通红的颧骨,他们只能想起自己的姨婆。Step 5 Ditch the panda eyesSmoky eye makeup can be sexy, but don#39;t go overboard. Many men think it#39;s only a good look for a panda. 拒绝熊猫眼烟熏妆让你看上去性感迷人,但别画得太过了。男人认为那么浓的眼妆只有熊猫最适合。Step 6 Eschew blueDon#39;t even think about blue eye shadow, unless it#39;s veeeery subtle. Most men find bright blue eye makeup clownish — especially when it#39;s paired with the previous no-no#39;s. So, can we get you a washcloth?Tip: 20 percent of men wish their partner would wear less makeup, according to one survey.避开蓝色眼影想都别想蓝色眼影,除非是画得很少很少。大多数男人认为大块儿的亮蓝色看上去滑稽可笑,就像小丑一样。因此,让我们把蓝色眼影通通洗掉吧。小贴士:调查研究,20%男人希望伴侣化淡妆。 Article/201207/192650。

John Gerzema认为最近发生的金融危机也有其有利的一面,即金融危机也为我们带来了向好的方面转变的机遇。John Gerzema阐述了四个文化方面的转变,这些转变促使消费者的行为也发生了变化;他还向我们展示了商业是如何与理性的消费联系在一起的。 Article/201204/177541。

Today in History: Sunday, October 28, 2012历史上的今天:2012年10月28日On Oct. 28, 1886, the Statue of Liberty, a gift from the people of France, was dedicated in New York Harbor by President Grover Cleveland.1886年10月28日,法国赠送的自由女神像在纽约港由罗弗·克利夫兰举办落成典礼。1636 Harvard College was founded.1636年,哈佛大学成立。1793 Eli Whitney applied for a patent for the cotton gin.1793年,伊莱·惠特尼申请轧棉机专利。1919 Congress enacted the Volstead Act, which provided for enforcement of Prohibition, over President Woodrow Wilson#39;s veto.1919年,国会颁布了禁酒法案旨在对伍德罗·威尔逊总统的否决提供强制禁令。1922 Fascism came to Italy as Benito Mussolini took control of the government.1922年,法西斯主义来到意大利,墨索里尼执掌政府大权。1958 The Roman Catholic patriarch of Venice, Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli, was elected pope, taking the name John XXIII.1958年,罗马天主教主教Venice, Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli被选为教皇,取名约翰二十二世。1962 Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev informed the ed States that he had ordered the dismantling of Soviet missile bases in Cuba.1962年,苏联领导人尼基塔·赫鲁晓夫通知美国他已下令关闭苏联在古巴的导弹基地。1965 Pope Paul VI issued a decree absolving Jews of collective guilt for the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.1965年,教皇保罗六世下令赦免犹太人对耶稣基督受难的集体犯罪。1980 Republican nominee Ronald Reagan asked voters during a debate with President Jimmy Carter in Cleveland ;are you better off than you were four years ago?;1980年,共和党总统候选人罗纳德·里根在在克利夫兰与美国总统吉米·卡特的一次辩论中,问选民“你比四年前有好转吗?”2005 Vice President Dick Cheney#39;s top adviser, I. Lewis ;Scooter; Libby, resigned after he was indicted on charges of obstruction of justice, perjury and making false statements in the CIA leak investigation.2005年,副总统迪克·切尼的高级顾问,i . Lewis“Scooter”Libby在被指控犯有妨碍司法公正,伪并在中情局泄密调查中作虚假声明后宣布辞职。2006 Hall of Fame basketball coach Red Auerbach died at age 89.2006年,名人堂篮球教练红衣主教奥尔巴赫逝世,享年89岁。2007 Cristina Fernandez was elected Argentina#39;s first woman president.2007年,克里斯蒂娜·费尔南德兹当选为阿根廷第一位女总统。2009 Angela Merkel was sworn in for a second term as German chancellor.2009年,安格拉·默克尔宣誓连任德国总理。 /201210/206244。

Marie Antoinette had given玛丽·安托瓦内特the French people an heir to the throne,曾诞下一位王子but as an Austrian outsider,但由于她是奥地利人she had never been verypopular.法国民众从未喜欢过她Now, as the financial crisis deepened,法国财政危机愈发严峻时ordinary people came to see her not as their queen,老百姓已不再将她视为王后but as a symbol of the selfishness of the aristocratic elite.而是自私的贵族上流阶层的代表It#39;s a truism of history,这是历史永恒不变的规律when there#39;s economic stress,当经济危机袭来people look round for who to blame.人们总是会四下寻找替罪羊And it was all too easy而这一次 大家不约而同地to blame the Austrian, L#39;autrichienne.将罪责都推到了奥地利婆娘的身上And that she had an extravagant court,而她确实不够检点 她的宫殿极尽豪奢and that country people were starving乡下的农民还吃不饱饭and she was having parties and giving balls.她却在大办宴会 纵情歌舞So that#39;s really what caused主要就是因此the major downturn in her reputation.她从此声名狼藉了There is a stream of salacious pamphlets17世纪70年代到80年代间which come out about Marie Antoinette社会上流传着画满玛丽·安托瓦内特的in the 1770s and 1780s.黄色小报The sorts of things that they say,那些小报上写着that she has a very wild sex life.她的性生活极度放荡Frustrated in her relations with the king,由于她难以从国王那里得到满足she has sexual relations with his brothers.她便开始与国王的兄弟发生性关系She#39;s the new Messalina,她被看做是第二个美撒利娜she#39;s the new sort of sexuallywildperson at the court.是王宫中第二个性生活如此放浪的女人And this is dragging the monarchy down.而这也令君主制一步步走向深渊 Article/201206/188664。