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鄂州市中心医院治疗阳痿早泄武汉包皮过长多少钱武汉人民医院治疗前列腺效果怎样 3 Finding the secret garden3 找到秘密花园When Mary woke up two days later,the wind and rain had all disappeared,and the sky was a beautiful blue.两天后,当玛丽早上醒来时,风住了,雨也停了,天空是一片美丽的蓝色。‘Spring#39;ll be here soon,’said Martha happily.“春天就要来了!”玛莎快活地说道,‘You#39;ll love the moor then,when it#39;s full of flowers and birds.’“那时到处是花儿和小鸟,你会喜欢荒原的。”‘Could I get to the moor?’asked Mary.“我能去荒原吗?”玛丽问。‘You#39;ve never done much walking,have you?“你没有走过那么远的路吧,对不对?I don#39;t think you could walk the five miles to our cottage!’我看你走不了5里路到我们住的小屋去!”‘But I#39;d like to meet your family,’Mary said.“可是我想见一见你的家人。”玛丽说。Martha looked at the little girl for a moment.玛莎对着这个小女孩注视了片刻,She remembered how disagreeable Mary had been when she first arrived.她想起玛丽刚来这儿时是多么的不讨人喜欢,But now,Mary looked interested and friendly.可是现在,她看上去兴致勃勃的,也很友好。‘I#39;ll ask Mother,’said Martha.‘She can always think of a good plan.“我得问问妈妈,”玛莎说,“她总能想出好办法的。She#39;s sensible and hardworking and kind— I know you#39;ll like her.’她聪明、能干,还很善良,我想你会喜欢她的。”‘I like Dickon,although I#39;ve never seen him.’“我喜欢狄肯,虽然我没见过他。”‘I wonder what Dickon will think of you?’“我不知道狄肯会不会喜欢你。”‘He won#39;t like me,’said Mary.‘No one does.’“他不会喜欢我的,”玛丽说,“没人喜欢我。”‘But do you like yourself?That#39;s what Mother would ask.’“但是你喜欢自己吗?妈妈会这么问的。”‘No,not really.I#39;ve never thought of that.’“不,不知道,我从来没想过。”‘Well,I must go now.It#39;s my day off,so I#39;m going home to help Mother with the housework.Goodbye,miss.See you tomorrow.’“哦,我得走了,今天是我休息的日子,我得回家帮妈妈做家务,再见,,明天见。”Mary felt lonelier than ever when Martha had gone,so she went outside.玛莎走后,玛丽觉得更孤单了,于是她走到外面。The sunshine made the gardens look different.阳光使花园看上去与往日不同,And the change in the weather had even made Ben Weatherstaff easier to talk to.而且天气的变化似乎让本·威瑟斯塔夫也变得喜欢说话了。‘Can you smell spring in the air?’he asked her.“你能闻到春天的气息吗?”他问玛丽,‘Things are growing,deep down in the ground.“在深深的泥土下面,万物在生长。Soon you#39;ll see little green shoots coming up—young plants,they are.You watch them.’很快你就会看见绿色的嫩芽长出来——那些幼苗,你会看见它们的。”‘I will#39;replied Mary.‘Oh,there#39;s the robin!’“我会的,”玛丽答道。“噢!知更鸟!”The little bird hopped on to Ben#39;s spade.小鸟在本的铲子上蹦跳着。‘Are things growing in the garden where he lives?’“它住的园子里生物也在生长么?”‘What garden?’said Ben,in his badtempered voice.“什么园子?”本问道,语气中有些暴躁。‘You know,the secret garden.Are the flowers dead there?’“你知道的,那个秘密花园。那儿的花儿死了吗?”She really wanted to know the answer.她是真的想知道。‘Ask the robin,’said Ben crossly.“问知更鸟吧,”本不耐烦地说,‘He#39;s the only one who#39;s been in there for the last ten years.’“它是唯一在这10年里去过那儿的。”Ten years was a long time,Mary thought.10年是段很长的时间,玛丽想。She had been born ten years ago.她是10年前出生的。She walked away,thinking.她走开了,想着心事。She had begun to like the gardens,and the robin,and Martha and Dickon and their mother.她已经开始喜欢上园子、知更鸟、玛莎、狄肯、还有他们的母亲。Before she came to Yorkshire,she had not liked anybody.在她来约克郡之前,她从来也没喜欢过谁。She was walking beside the long wall of the secret garden, when a most wonderful thing happened.她正在秘密花园长长的围墙外走着,一件惊人的事情发生了。She suddenly realized the robin was following her.她突然发现知更鸟在跟着她,She felt very pleased and excited by this,and cried out,‘You like me,don#39;t you?And I like you too!’她感到非常高兴,非常激动,她叫道。“你喜欢我,对么?我也喜欢你!”As he hopped along beside her,she hopped and sang too,to show him that she was his friend.知更鸟一蹦一跳地在她左右,她也一样跳着唱着,告诉知更鸟她是他的朋友。Just then he stopped at a place where a dog had dug a hole in the ground.这时知更鸟在一个地方停下来,那儿的地上有一个挖出来的洞。As Mary looked at the hole,she noticed something almost buried there.玛丽往洞里看时,发现有个东西埋在里面,She put her hand in and pulled it out.It was an old key.她伸手进去拣出来,是一把旧钥匙。‘Perhaps it#39;s been buried for ten years,’she whispered to herself.“说不定它已经被埋了10年了,”她低声对自己说。‘Perhaps it#39;s the key to the secret garden!’“说不定这就是秘密花园的钥匙!”She looked at it for a long time.她拿着钥匙看了很久。How lovely it would be to find the garden,and see what had happened to it in the last ten years!要是能找到秘密花园,就能看看10年间都发生了些什么变化!She could play in it all by herself,and nobody would know she was there.She put the key safely in her pocket.她就能一个人在里面玩儿,谁也不知道她在哪儿啦。她把钥匙小心地放进口袋里。The next morning Martha was back at Misselthwaite Manor,and told Mary all about her day with her family.第二天早晨,玛莎回到庄园,她给玛丽讲述了她一天的情况和她家人的事。‘I really enjoyed myself.“我真高兴,I helped Mother with the whole week#39;s washing and baking.我帮妈妈把一个星期要洗的东西都洗了,还烤了一个星期要吃的面包。And I told the children about you.我对孩子们讲起你,They wanted to know about your servants,and the ship that brought you to England,and everything!’他们都想知道你在印度的仆人们,带你来英国的大船,一切的事情!”‘I can tell you some more for next time,’offered Mary.“下次我会多讲些给你听,”玛丽说,‘They#39;d like to hear about riding on elephants and camels, wouldn#39;t they?’“他们会喜欢听骑大象和骑骆驼的事,对么?”‘Oh,that would be kind of you,miss!And look,Mother has sent you a present!’“噢,,你真是太好了!对了,看,妈妈送给你的礼物!”‘A present!’repeated Mary.“礼物!”玛丽重复道。How could a family of fourteen hungry people give anyone a present!一个有着14个挨饿的人的家庭怎么能给人送礼物!‘Mother bought it from a man who came to the door to sell things.“妈妈从上门卖货的人那儿买的。She told me,“Martha,you#39;ve brought me your pay,like a good girl,and we need it all,她告诉我说,‘玛莎,你是个好孩子,把工钱都给了我,我们需要用钱,but I#39;m going to buy something for that lonely child at the Manor,”and she bought one,and here it is!’不过我要给庄园里那个孤单的孩子买点东西。’于是她就买了一个,瞧,就在这儿!”It was a skippingrope.Mary stared at it.那是一根跳绳。玛丽瞪大眼睛望着它。‘What is it?’she asked.“这是什么?”她问。‘Don#39;t they have skippingropes in India?Well,this is how you use it.Just watch me.’“在印度没有人跳绳吗?好吧,你得这么用,看着我。”Martha took the rope and ran into the middle of the room. She counted up to a hundred as she skipped.玛莎拿着绳子跑到房间中央,跳了有100下。‘That looks lovely,’said Mary .‘Your mother is very kind.“真好看。”玛丽说道。“你妈妈真好,Do you think I could ever skip like that?’你觉得我能跳得那么好吗?”‘Just try,’said Martha.‘Mother says it#39;ll make you strong and healthy.Skip outside in the fresh air.’“试试看,”玛莎说。“妈妈说它会让你健康又强壮。要在外面新鲜空气中跳。”Mary put her coat on and took the skipping-rope.玛丽穿上大衣,拿起跳绳,As she was opening the door,she thought of something and turned round.要去开门的时候她好像想起了什么,又转回来。‘Martha,it was your money really.Thank you.’“玛莎,这其实是花你的钱,谢谢你。”She never thanked people usually and she did not know how to do it.So she held out her hand,because she knew that adults did that.她平常从来不去感谢别人,也不知道该怎么做。于是她伸出手,因为她知道大人们都那么做。Martha shook her hand and laughed.‘You#39;re a strange child,’she said.‘Like an old woman!Now run away and play!’玛莎握住她的手笑起来,说,“你可真是个怪孩子,像个老太婆!现在就到外面玩去吧!”The skippingrope was wonderful.跳绳真棒,Mary counted and skipped,skipped and counted,until her face was hot and red.玛丽跳着数着,数着跳着,跳得脸蛋儿又红又热,She was having more fun than she had ever had before.她从来没有这么快活过。She skipped through the gardens until she found Ben Weatherstaff, who was digging and talking to his robin.她跳过花园,找到本·威瑟斯塔夫,老人正在挖土,一边跟知更鸟说着话。She wanted them both to see her skip.她想让他们俩都看她跳绳。‘Well!’said Ben.‘You#39;re looking fine and healthy today! Go on skipping.It#39;s good for you.’“哈!你今天看上去不错,很健康,接着跳吧,这对你有好处。”他说。Mary skipped all the way to the secret garden wall.玛丽一路跳着来到秘密花园的墙外,And there was the robin!He had followed her!Mary was very pleased.知更鸟也在那儿!它是跟着她来的,玛丽高兴极了。‘You showed me where the key was yesterday,’she laughed.“你昨天告诉了我钥匙在哪儿,”她笑着说道,‘I#39;ve got it in my pocket.So you ought to show me the door today!’“我把它放在兜里了,今天你该告诉我门在哪儿啦!”The robin hopped on to an old climbing plant on the wall,and sang his most beautiful song.知更鸟跳到墙上的一根老藤上,唱起他最动听的歌。Suddenly the wind made the plant move,and Mary saw something under the dark green leaves.突然,风吹动了藤蔓,玛丽看见了那暗绿色叶子下面的东西。The thick,heavy plant was covering a door.那沉重粗壮的植物遮掩着一扇门。Mary#39;s heart was beating fast and her hands were shaking as she pushed the leaves away and found the keyhole.玛丽的心跳加快了,当她推开藤蔓,发现钥匙孔时,手都在颤抖。She took the key out of her pocket,and it fitted the hole.她从兜里掏出钥匙,孔中,Using both hands, she managed to unlock the door.双手一起使劲打开了那道锁,Then she turned round to see if anyone was watching.然后她转过身看看有没有人看见,But there was no one,so she pushed the door,which opened,slowly,for the first time in ten years.但是一个人也没有,于是她推动了那扇门。门缓缓地开了,这是10年来第一次。She walked quickly in and shut the door behind her.她很快走进花园,随手关上了门。At last she was inside the secret garden!她终于进了这座秘密花园!It was the loveliest,most exciting place she had ever seen.这是她所见过的最美丽、最令人心动的地方。There were old rose trees everywhere,and the walls were covered with climbing roses.眼前全是生长多年的玫瑰,墙也被蔓生的玫瑰盖住了。She looked carefully at the grey branches.她细细地端详那灰色的枝条,Were the roses still alive?Ben would know.那些玫瑰还活着吗?本一定知道。She hoped they weren#39;t all dead.But she was inside the wonderful garden,in a world of her own.她希望它们都没死。可她是在这座奇妙的花园的里面,在一个属于她的世界里。It seemed very strange and silent,but she did not feel lonely at all.这里陌生寂静,可她一点也不觉得孤单。Then she noticed some small green shoots coming up through the grass.这时,她一眼注意到一些从草地上冒出来的小小的绿芽,So something was growing in the garden after all!花园总算有东西在生长!When she found a lot more shoots in different places,she decided they needed more air and light,so she began to pull out the thick grass around them.当她在其他地方又看到更多的嫩芽时,她想它们一定需要更多的空气和阳光,于是开始拔掉它们周围浓密的杂草。She worked away,clearing the ground,for two or three hours,and had to take her coat off because she got so hot.她埋头干着,清理着地面,一直忙活了两三个小时,而且已经脱掉了大衣,因为她实在是太热了。The robin hopped around,pleased to see someone gardening.知更鸟在四周跳着,看到有人整理这个花园它很高兴。She almost forgot about lunch,and when she arrived back in her room,she was very hungry and ate twice as much as usual.她几乎忘了去吃午饭,当她回到房间时觉得饿极了,吃掉了平常两顿饭的东西。‘Martha,’she said as she was eating,‘I#39;ve been thinking.“玛莎,”她一边吃一边说道,“我一直在想,This is a big,lonely house,and there isn#39;t much for me to do.这么一座孤零零的大房子里,我实在没什么可干。Do you think,if I buy a little spade,I can make my own garden?’你觉得,如果我买把小铲子,造一座自己的花园怎么样?”‘That#39;s just what Mother said,’replied Martha.“妈妈就是这么说的,”玛莎回答。‘You#39;d enjoy digging and watching plants growing.“你会喜欢挖土,然后看着植物长起来的。Dickon can get you a spade,and some seeds to plant,if you like.’要是你愿意,狄肯能给你弄一把铲子,还能给你些花籽。”‘Oh,thank you,Martha! I#39;ve got some money that Mrs Medlock gave me.Will you write and ask Dickon to buy them for me?’“哦,太感谢你啦,玛莎!梅洛太太给了我些钱,你能给狄肯写封信,让他给我买吗?”‘I will.And he#39;ll bring them to you himself.’“我会写的,他会自己给你送来。”‘Oh!Then I#39;ll see him.’Mary looked very excited.Then she remembered something.“哦!那我就能见到他了,”玛丽显得很兴奋。接着她又想起了什么,‘I heard that cry in the house again,Martha.“我又听见房子里的哭声了,玛莎,It wasn#39;t the wind this time.I#39;ve heard it three times now.Who is it?’这次不是风,我都听到过3次了,那是谁呀?”Martha looked uncomfortable.‘You mustn#39;t go wandering around the house,you know.玛莎看上去有些为难,“你看,你不能在房子里乱走,Mr Craven wouldn#39;t like it.Now I must go and help the others downstairs.I#39;ll see you at teatime.’克莱文先生不喜欢这样。我这会儿得下楼去给别人帮忙了,喝茶的时候见。”As the door closed behind Martha,Mary thought to herself, ‘This really is the strangest house that anyone ever lived in.’玛莎关上门出去了,玛丽独自想着,“这可是人们住过的最奇怪的房子。” /201205/180642Once a week, Neil went grocery shopping. He always made a list, but he always forgot to put one or more items on the list. This used to anger him, but now he just accepted it. You're not as sharp as you used to be, he told himself.It was Friday—shopping day. He went to the 99¢ store. Sometimes they had a lot of fresh produce, sometimes they didn't. He got lucky. There were fresh, packaged broccoli, celery, eggplant, and squash. Also, packages of peaches, plums, and apples. He easily had enough produce to last all week, if it didn't rot first. The produce alone filled up four plastic bags. Four other bags contained other items that were on Neil's list.He drove to Albertson's, which sold milk by the gallon and at cheaper prices than the 99¢ store. Interestingly, the price of milk had soared in the last month. He used to buy 2 gallons of nonfat milk for .59. Now he was paying .69. Yet, the news media was silent—the same news media that reports a 2-cent increase in gasoline prices or even a 1-cent decrease. That's all over the news. Milk, he thought, just isn't sexy enough.He parked his car in the carport and opened the trunk. Somehow he managed, as usual, to put all 10 plastic bags into his hands and lug them upstairs. What a drag shopping is, he thought. And then he mentally slapped himself: if you think it's a drag now, wait till you can't drive. Wait till you can't even walk up the stairs unless you use a cane. How are you going to get your groceries then? The older you get, he told himself, the more you'd better appreciate the fact that you can still do all these boring chores and errands. Article/201104/132396武汉皮肤医院哪家好

孝感男科医院武汉治早泄的价格是多少 Bothwell rode up and down, and talked to his men. But they didn#39;t want to fight. They talked, and looked at the flag, and waited. Then some of them walked home.思韦尔骑着马跑来跑去,并和他的人说着什么。可他们不想打仗。他们一边望着那面军旗,一边谈论着等待着。然后,有一些人回去了。At five o#39;clock that evening Lord Kirkcaldy rode from his army to talk to us. He said to me,;My lady, leave your hus-band, and come with us.We don#39;t want men to die.#39;晚上5点钟,柯克考德勋爵骑马从他的军队里过来和我们谈话。他对我说,“我的夫人,离开你的丈夫,跟我们一起走。我们不想有人死亡。”And so, because our men didn#39;t want to fight, I went with him. It was a very bad day for me. They took me back to Ed-inburgh, and people in the streets screamed at me:;Kill the woman! She sleeps with her husband#39;s killer!We want James to be King! Kill her now!;正因为我们的人不想打仗,我跟他走了。这一天对我来说实在太糟了。他们把我带回了爱丁堡,街上的人们冲着我尖叫:“杀了这个女人!她和杀她丈夫的凶手一起睡觉!我们要让詹姆斯做国王!现在就杀了她!”I was unhappy, and afraid, and I was pregnant again.They took me to Lochleven Castle, and put me in a room like a prison.There, I did not eat for two weeks, and Bothwell#39;s children—there were two babies—were born dead.I nearly died too—I was so angry and tired and ill. Then, one day after the babies died, Lord Lindsay gave me a letter. It said:我既伤心又害怕,那时候我又怀了。他们把我带到拉克利文城堡,并把我关进一间像监狱一样的房间里。在那里,我两个星期没有吃饭,并且怀着思韦尔的孩子——两个婴儿——一出生就死了。我几乎也要死掉——我感到非常愤怒、非常疲惫,而且病得很重。在两个婴儿死去的那一天,林德辛勋爵给了我一封信。信上写道:I,Mary, Queen of Scots, give the kingdom of Scotland to my son, James.From today, James is the new King of Scots.But because he is a child, the Earl of Moray, my half—brother, can rule the country for him.我,玛丽,苏格兰女王,把苏格兰王国交给我的儿子,詹姆斯。从今天起,詹姆斯就是苏格兰的国王了。但因为他还是个小孩,可以由马里伯爵,我的同父异母兄弟为他治理这个国家。Because I was afraid, and tired, and ill, I wrote my name on the letter:Mary. But it is not important,James,it doesn#39;t change anything.I am Queen of Scots, not you. That letter changes nothing.由于我害怕、疲惫,又在生病,于是我便在信上签了名:玛丽。但这并不重要,詹姆斯,这并不能改变什么。我是苏格兰的女王,不是你。那封信改变不了什么。Bothwell went over the sea, and died in a prison in Denmark. I was a prisoner in Lochleven for a year. A lot of people in Europe were angry about that. Queen Elizabeth wrote to the Earl of Moray.;You cannot keep a Queen in prison,;she said.;It is very wrong!;I was pleased about that.But Moray didn#39;t listen.思韦尔飘洋过海,并死在了丹麦的监狱中。我在拉克利文做了一年的囚徒。许多欧洲人民对此感到非常愤怒。伊丽莎白女王写信给马里伯爵。“你不能囚禁一个女王,”她说。“这是极其错误的!”我很高兴她这样说。但马里根本不听。Lord Douglas lived in the castle, and his young son,William,liked me. One day, there was a wedding in the castle. People sang and danced and drank. William Douglas gave me some old women#39;s clothes. I put the clothes on, and walked quietly out of the castle with him. He shut the castle door behind us, to keep his father#39;s friends in. Then we got on some horses, and rode away through the night.道格拉斯勋爵住在这城堡里,他年轻的儿子,威廉很喜欢我。一天,在城堡里有一场婚礼。人们唱歌跳舞,举杯畅饮。威廉·道格拉斯给了我一些老妇人的衣。我穿上这些衣,并随他偷偷地离开了城堡。他关上了身后城堡的门,留下他父亲的朋友们在里面。于是我们骑上马,连夜骑马离开。All my friends came back to me. Soon I had a big army.;Mary is our Queen again!#39;people said.‘Give her back her son!;You were in Earl Moray#39;s castle, James, so I came to fight him. I rode with my army to Langside, near Glasgow.And there…我所有的朋友都回到了我身边。不久,我就有了一庞大的军队。“玛丽又是我们的女王了!”人们说道。“把她的儿子还给她!”你在马里伯爵的城堡里,詹姆斯,因此我去和他作战。我骑马率领我的军队来到格拉斯哥附近的朗塞得。并且在那里……There, James…在那里,詹姆斯……There, my son, I lost the fight. I am so sorry. I had many good, strong men in my army, but Earl Moray#39;s men were stronger. Many of my men died, and some ran away. After the fight, I ran away too.在那里,我的儿子,我战败了。我是那么伤心。在我的军队里,我有许多精良的战士。可马里伯爵的士兵比我们还要强壮。我的很多人都战死了,有些跑了。战争结束后,我也落荒而逃。I did not want to go to prison again. So I rode south, to England.;Queen Elizabeth wants to help me,;I thought.;She understands.She wrote to Moray and she is a Queen,like me.I can come back to Scotland with her army, kill Moray, and find my baby son James.I am in England but I am free.I can try again.;我再也不想进监狱了。因此我往南骑,去英格兰。“伊丽莎白女王会帮助我。”我想。“她能理解的。她写过信给马里,并且她像我一样是个女王。我可以带着她的军队回到苏格兰,杀了马里,找回我的孩子詹姆斯。我虽在英格兰但我是自由人。我可以东山再起。”I was wrong about that, too. Very wrong.关于这点我又错了,而且大错特错。 Article/201204/177995武汉市江汉区阳痿早泄价格

武汉早谢是什么原因引起的I think Christmas is one of the happiest times of the year. Everyone has a smile on their face, especially children. It’s such an exciting time for kids. They can’t wait to open their presents and play with all of their new games and toys. It’s a nice time for adults too. They can catch up with their families and relax. Traditionally, the mother of the family is busiest at Christmas. She does most of the Christmas shopping and wraps the presents. Of course, she also spends hours cooking Christmas dinner. Let’s not forget the true meaning of Christmas, though. It is not about shopping and Christmas trees and ‘Frosty the Snowman’. It’s all about love for each other and peace around the world. Let’s hope this message stays alive. Article/201104/130971 The yardman comes every two weeks. He drives a gray pickup truck. The truck is a Ford. It is about 15 years old, but it runs well. It doesn’t burn oil, and it gets decent gas mileage. The yardman’s name is Byron.In the back of his truck are a lawn mower, a leaf blower, a rake, and a shovel. Byron uses the leaf blower to blow leaves and dirt from the back of the building out to the front of the building. Then he rakes up the leaves into a bag. He blows the dirt out into the street. He cuts the lawn with his lawn mower. He trims the hedge. He uses the leaf blower to blow the dirt off each Welcome mat that lies in front of each apartment door.Then he puts all the leaves, the grass trimmings, and the hedge clippings into a wheelbarrow. He pushes the wheelbarrow to the back of the building, where he uses his big shovel to empty the wheelbarrow contents into the big dumpster. It takes Byron about two hours to do this work.When he is done, he goes half a block up the street to the house on the corner. There he does the same work again. Article/201103/129606武汉华夏医院可以刷医保卡吗武汉华夏医院肾内科



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