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I see people with ~00 phones but no dryers.我看到人们用1000刀的手机,但是没有烘干机Due to the lack of dryers the few hotels that offer laundry service charge rates that approach new clothes prices to wash and dry.由于缺少烘干机,少数提供洗衣务的酒店所收的费用接近新衣的价格Secondly people believe air-dried laundry is the best way of the practice as it reduces energy consumption. Also UV ray of the sunlight helps to kill the bacteria. The clean clothes collected from the cloth line after whole day of sun-bathing have a natural smell of #39;sunshine#39; which the machine-dried clothes will never have. Machine- dry is not good for certain fabrics such as cotton. That#39;s probably one of the reasons that the clothes consumption of US(per person) is much higher than China.其次,在实践中人们相信,自然风干衣是最佳方法,这能减少能量消耗,阳光中的紫外线还可以帮助杀死细菌。一天结束后把整条衣架上的衣收起来可以闻到“阳光的味道”,这是机器烘干的衣永远不会有的。机器烘干不适合某些衣料,例如棉。这可能是美国(人均)消耗衣远高于中国的原因。Thirdly the apartment price in China is skyrocketing in the last decade. People will make full use of every square meter of indoor space. A big ,noisyexpensive machine you seldom use will not be put on the top of the shopping list.第三, 最近十年中国住房价格暴涨。人们要充分利用屋内每一平米的空间。一台大型,有噪声,昂贵的,还不怎么用得到的机器,不会在购物清单最上面的。Chinese are known to be thrifty and pragmatic so if you try to persuade them to accept dryer the machine has to be energy- efficient small quiet and multi-functional.众所周知,中国人勤俭务实。所以如果你试图说他们接受烘干机,这台机器必须节能高效,小巧,安静且多功能 /201703/495714

What#39;s your first reaction to Made in China? If you still tend to relate Made in China to poor quality, you need update your ideas.你对“中国制造”的第一反应是什么?如果你仍然倾向于把“中国制造”和“劣质”划等号,那么你就需要涨涨姿势了。China#39;s capability to produce high-quality products has been recognized by a growing number of foreigners. It#39;s a misunderstanding to associate low quality with Made in China.中国生产高质量产品的能力已经被越来越多的外国人认可了。把“劣质”和“中国制造”等同起来是一个误解。I recently found that the question, ;Why doesn#39;t China have the ability to manufacture high-quality products?; on Quora has sparked discussions. Almost all of the answers, submitted by both Chinese and foreigners, disagree with the assumption.我最近发现“为什么中国没有能力生产高质量产品?”这个问题在Quora引起了热议。几乎所有的,外国人和中国人都有,都不同意这个问题中的假设。For example, Web user Cameron Purdy answers the question saying that just because China manufactures poor-quality products does not mean it cannot manufacture high-quality products.举例来说,网页用户卡梅伦·珀迪回答说,不能因为中国制造了低质量的产品就说中国没有能力制造高质量的产品。Purdy explains that the poor-quality products one purchases in the US for example, are made in the quality that the American companies ask for.珀迪以人们在美国买到的低质量产品为例做了解释,指出那些产品的质量是应美国企业的要求而生产的。;In other words, the buyers are explicitly asking their contract manufactures in China to cut corners that they know will make the products lower quality so that the profit margins are higher.;“换句话说,合同中的买方明确地要求他们在中国的生产商们偷工减料,他们知道这会使得产品质量不好,但是利润率会很高。”;The price that you pay for the product has no relationship to the cost of its manufacturing,; suggested Purdy.珀迪说道:“你用来付购买这件产品的钱和制造它的成本没有关系。”For example, for an item priced at in the US, the cost of manufacturing it paid by the American company is usually less than . To guarantee the room for profit, the Chinese contract manufacturer spends less than to produce the item.举例来说,一件在美国标价20美元的商品,美国企业用来付生产它的成本通常不到1美元。为了保利润空间,合同中的中国制造商用来制造这些产品的成本就不能超过1美元。What#39;s more, American consumers#39; behavior to choose cheaper products further drives the product to be made in lower quality.此外,美国消费者们挑选便宜产品的行为进一步推动了低质量产品的生产。For example, last year you bought a product instead of the one, the American company sensed that the product was more popular and decided to make more items this year. Then the American company pays less money to the Chinese manufactures to make this year#39;s items.举例来说,去年你买了一件价值19美元而不是20美元的商品,美国企业意识到19美元的商品更受欢迎,于是决定今年生产更多的19美元商品。于是今年美国企业付给中国制造商的钱就更少了。Web user Amanda Wu, who lives in Shanghai, noted that many top brands have manufacturing factories located in China, and the most convincing example of China#39;s manufacturing quality is Apple products.来自上海的网页用户阿曼达·吴指出,许多顶级品牌都在中国设有制造厂,中国制造业质量好坏最有说力的例子就是苹果公司的产品。On the back of the iPhone, one can find the product is Made in China - ;Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China.;人们可以在iPhone的背后发现这台手机是产自中国--“加州苹果公司设计,中国组装。”Chinese and foreign Web users commented that some Chinese products with good reputations around the world are Haier, Lenovo, GREE, Huawei and China Railway High-speed.中国和外国的网页用户们都称,一些中国产品在全世界都有极好的名声,例如海尔、联想、格力、华为和中国高铁等。It#39;s time for the world to stop relating Made in China with low-quality products. Just remember, you get what you pay for.所以,是时候停止把“中国制造”和劣质划等号了。只要记住,一分钱一分货! /201612/486356

Russian environmental inspectors are trying to establish why a river near the Norilsk Nickel industrial has turned blood-red.俄罗斯环境检查部门正在调查诺里尔斯克市镍业工业园的一条河流变成血红色的原因。Dramatic pictures of the discoloured Daldykan river have been posted widely on Russian media.在俄罗斯社交网络上,达尔迪堪河触目惊心的图片被广泛转发。The government daily Rossiiskaya Gazeta says a leaking slurry pipeline carrying waste copper-nickel concentrate could be to blame.官方媒体《俄罗斯报》 报道称,河水变色有可能是一条输送废弃铜镍浓缩物的管道发生渗漏引起的。Norilsk Nickel is the world#39;s largest nickel and palladium producer.诺里尔斯克镍业公司是世界最大的镍和钯的生产商。Its vast furnaces were built on the Taimyr Peninsula, in the Krasnoyarsk region of Siberia, in the Soviet era.早在苏联时代,其巨大的熔炉设备就已建在了西伯利亚克拉斯诺雅尔斯克地区的泰梅尔半岛上。The mining group has a production facility called Nadezhda by the Daldykan river. But company officials said they were not aware of any river pollution from the plant.该矿业公司的一套叫做Nadezhda的生产设备就建在达尔迪堪河附近。不过该公司管理人员表示,他们并不清楚工厂导致了河流污染。 /201609/467036

  An exhibition entitled ;Common Witness: The Rape of Nanjing Massacre; opened last Saturday in Caen, France.《共同见:南京大屠杀》展览于上周六在法国卡昂开展。It is the first such exhibition in Europe since the ed Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization added the Nanjing Massacre to its ;Memory of the World Register; in 2015.这是自2015年联合国教科文组织将南京大屠杀正式列入《世界记忆名录》后,欧洲首次举办此类展览。The exhibition spans 800 square meters, with over 270 photos, 50 pieces of physical evidence and s on the Nanjing Massacre, which lasted from Dec. 13, 1937 to January 1938, during which more than 300,000 civilians and Chinese unarmed soldiers were killed by Japanese invaders, said Zhang Jianjun, general director of the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall.南京大屠杀纪念馆馆长张建军表示,该展览占地面积800平方米,共展出有关南京大屠杀的270余幅历史照片、50余件展品和视频资料。南京大屠杀从1937年12月13日持续到1938年1月,在此期间共有超过30万名市民及手无寸铁的中国士兵被日本侵略者杀害。The Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall, which co-organized the exhibition with the Caen Memorial, is China#39;s largest museum dedicated to this massacre.与卡昂纪念馆联合举办此次展览的南京大屠杀纪念馆,是有关此次大屠杀的中国最大的纪念馆。The exhibition mainly introduces the massacre in the eyes of European and American witnesses who were in Nanjing during the unusual inhuman tragedy, presenting daily notes, letters, documents, photos and s made by these witnesses.本次展览重点通过展出当年身处南京的欧美人士留下的日记、书信、文件、照片及影像,介绍他们眼中的这场世所罕见、惨无人道的悲剧。;We welcome this exhibition for our public to learn that the Second World War indeed started in July 1937.; said Stephane Grimaldi, general director of the Caen Memorial, during the exhibition#39;s inauguration ceremony.卡昂纪念馆馆长史蒂芬·格里马尔迪在开幕典礼上表示:“我们对本次关于1937年7月开始的二战的相关展览表示欢迎。”;History does not change. History is not forgotten. It sheds light on the future. We meet here today, not to perpetuate the hatred, but to enable our future generations to live in peace,; said Chinese Ambassador to France Zhai Jun.中国驻法国大使翟隽表示:“历史不会改变。历史不应被忘却。它揭示了未来。我们今天在这里会聚,不是为了延续仇恨,而是让我们的子孙和平相处。” /201610/475029

  A Brief Introduction of Chinese Kites中国风筝简介Kites (feng zheng),known in ancient China as zhiyuan (paper kites) or muyao (wooden kites) ’fall into two major groups—the Southern Group and the Northern Group. In South China,kites are usually called yaozi (harrier) or banyao (wooden harrier),while in North China they are known as muyuan (wooden hawk) ,fengyuan (wind hawk) or feiyuan (flying hawk). As a folk art,the Chinese kite is usually made of painted silk on a bamboo frame,with a silk string attached to it. Of all the art forms in the Chinese culture, kites are one of the well-known handicraft arts beaming with national characteristics, and kite-flying has become a favorite pastime among the people.风筝在中国古代被称为纸鸢(纸风筝)或木鸢(木制的风筝),可分为两大类,南派和北派。在中国南方,风筝通常被称为鹞子(鹞)或半鹞(木鹞),而在中国北方,他们被称为木鸢(木鹰),风鸢(风鹰)或飞鸢(飞鹰)。作为一种民间艺术,中国的风筝一般用丝绸画粘贴在竹框上制成,用一根丝线作为它的弦。在中国文化中所有的艺术形式,风筝是具有民族特色的著名的手工艺品之一,放风筝在人民群众中已成为一个最受欢迎的消遣。 /201609/464290。


  The real reason people close their eyes when they kiss is because the brain can#39;t deal with more than two things at once.人们接吻时闭上眼睛真正的原因是大脑不能同时处理两件以上事情。When people pucker up the brain finds it difficult to process the sensation if cognitive power is also being used to analyse what we see, said psychologists from Royal Holloway, University of London.人们嘟起嘴时,如果也一并用到认知力,则大脑很难处理感觉知觉,伦敦大学皇家霍洛威学院的心理学家如是说。Tactile awareness depends on the level of perceptual load in a concurrent visual task. The cognitive psychologists reached their conclusion without studying people actually kissing. Instead people were asked do visual tests while their response to something touching their hands was measured.触觉觉知取决于同一时间发生的认知量水平。认知心理学家得出此结论并没有真正去研究实际接吻的人。而是给人们一边做视觉测试,一边测量有实物接触他们手部时他们的反应。The academics found that the visual field overrides tactile responses - meaning people would struggle to continue kissing if what they were looking at became more difficult to process.专业人员发现视觉要凌驾于触觉觉知,也就是说,要是人们所看到的事物很难加工处理,则很难继续亲吻。If people are focusing strongly on a visual task, this will reduce the awareness of stimuli in other senses.人们注意力高度集中在视觉任务上,那么对由其它感官带来的刺激的敏感度就会降低。The findings could also explain why people often shut their eyes whilst ing braille or when dancing.Shutting out the visual input leaves more mental resources to focus on other aspects of our experience.研究发现同样解释了为何人们读布莱叶盲文或者跳舞的时候常常会闭起眼睛。闭上眼睛没有视觉信息输入时,人们就有更多大脑资源来集中关注其它方面的体验。 /201703/498510Cutting off your thumbs切掉你的大拇指No thumbs, no smartphone. The proverb was born in an Apple store in Michigan and still holds true today. What#39;s the point of burdening yourself with this ;finger; that insists on being so unlike the others, especially when the opposable thumb is no longer useful in 2017? So don’t hesitate to ask for help in cutting off your thumbs. If this method doesn’t achieve the desired results, try cutting off all the other fingers as well. The more the merrier!没有拇指,就没有手机。——这是一家在墨西哥的苹果手机商店的标语,这话放到现在依然成立。干嘛要留着这只和其他四指截然不同的手指呢?尤其是在2017年对生拇指已经毫无用处了。所以别犹豫了,大胆地让人帮你切了大拇指吧。如果这个方法不奏效的话,试试把所有手指都切了吧。越多越好!Using a carrier pigeon养一只信鸽Now you#39;ll have to think twice before sending a simple ;OK;. Just remember to leave the windows open if you’re waiting for a response. If this doesn’t work, always remember that pigeon is excellent with bacon and peas.这样在发送一个简单的“OK”时你也不得不三思而后行。如果你在等回复的话记得把窗打开哦。如果这也不奏效得很,谨记鸽子最爱吃的的是培根和豌豆。Communicating directly直接交流Few people know that the human body has a lot of proprietary applications allowing for a range of social interactions. Very practical for communicating, the ;voice; can send myriad messages. A signal will be transmitted at the speed of 340m/s in direction of your interlocutor, who interprets it by consulting his inner ear. If you don’t have the voice app, you can test the manual application.很少有人知道人体其实有很多专属应用可以用来进行广泛的社交。“声音”可以传递大量信息,这对于交流来说非常实用。你可以以340米/秒的速度向对话者传递一个信号,对方根据内耳来做出决定是否要打断你。如果你没有“声音”这个APP的话,你可以查看下你的应用手册。Hiring a messenger雇佣一个报信者This method boosts employment and is especially appreciated by running fans. On the other hand, if it’s to announce a break-up, it’s much less fun for the messenger. Don#39;t make someone else do your personal dirty work. Come on.此法能够刺激就业,而且尤其受到跑步爱好者的欢迎。不过如果你要分手的话,这对于报信者来说就不怎么有意思了。拜托,别让人帮你做坏事啦。Using a dumbphone使用非智能手机——“智障手机”As the name suggests, the international day without smartphone concerns only smartphone users, translation: those using ;phones with intelligence;. Therefore, the use of a “stupid phone” remains possible. Bring back the old model with a broken screen. If you have a Windows Phone, don’t change anything.非智能手机是名副其实的智障手机,在没有智能手机的今天只有智能手机用户受到关注,也就是那些使用“有智慧的手机”的人。所以用“智障手机”也还是有可能的。把那些屏幕碎裂的旧手机带回来吧。如果你的手机系统是Windows的话,什么也别改。Using a disposable camera使用一次性相机Very important for the smartphone photographer, you can take it everywhere and in a few days, your selfies are at home. It#39;s lightweight and durable with no battery to worry about charging! On the other hand, if you make a mistake while taking your picture, you must start all over again. And if you don’t have a developing lab at home, you must pay up.对于喜欢用智能手机拍照的人来说这很重要,你可以随身携带一次性相机,你的自拍还可以留在家里。它轻便耐用,而且不会受到没电的困扰!不过如果你在拍照的时候失误了,你就必须重头再来了。而且如果你家没有洗照片的地方的话就没办法了。Going to Lake Desolation去湖边荒地No internet, no problem. Thanks to its isolation from modern civilization, Lake Desolation offers the ideal environment for both a nice day without a smartphone and burying a corpse. No Wi-Fi and only two outlets on the whole mountain to recharge your phone... It#39;s the perfect opportunity to get your life in order or to go back to 1958.没有网络,就没有问题。湖边荒地与世隔绝,是度过离开手机完美一天以及……埋葬尸体的绝佳地点。这里没有Wi-Fi,且整座山只有两个商店可以给手机充电。这是让你的回到1958年生活的绝佳机会。Swiping the toilet roll玩玩卫生纸卷筒When you’re bored in the bathroom, you just have to swipe this roll of paper to feel at ease. The movement is the same and it’s occasionally more fun than using the smartphone. Just ask the cat.当你在厕所闲得无聊时,你可以擦卫生纸的卷筒来解除烦闷。本质虽然一样,但有时候玩卷筒纸可能比玩手机更有意思。问问猫咪就知道了。Using the traditional tin can with string用传统的拉线易拉罐打电话You have 20 people to call today? Campbell#39;s is going to be very happy. Make sure you have an extra long string for your calls abroad. Beware: a line cut is always possible. Pigeons (what else) perched on the line could also pose a connectivity problem.你今天要打20个电话?坎贝尔公司(美国最大的浓缩汤汁罐头公司)很高兴听到这个消息。打越洋电话时确保你有加长线。记住:随时可能会断线哦。鸽子(或是随便其他什么东西)在线上停留一下都会引起打电话的问题。Cheating作弊Really though, what#39;s forcing you to spend the day without a smartphone? You always have the option of tapping into this wonderful resource: free will. Ultimately, nobody will stop you in the street for excessive use of your smartphone. The police are aly too busy with marches and riots to care, so it#39;s all up to you.说真的,是什么让你离开手机的啊?你随时都能够选择使用这个完美的资源:这取决于你自己的意愿。没有人会在大街上因为你过度沉迷于手机而阻止你。警察要忙着处理游行和暴乱,所以这一切都取决于你自己。Good luck!祝你好运! /201703/494950Contrary to popular belief, the best way for men to meet women isn’t by becoming an idol otaku or a rental boyfriend online. Instead, it’s all about what they’re putting into their mouths.想要邂逅女生?当一名偶像宅男或是网上的可出租男友可不是什么好办法。相反,你的异性吸引力与吃的食物可是息息相关的,这一点可能出乎很多人的意料。According to an article in Evolution and Human Behavior, sweat produced by males who ate a balanced diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, fats, meat, eggs and tofu was judged by females to bemore pleasant smelling than the sweat of males who ate a higher concentration of carbohydrates. The better smelling sweat was recorded to have more “floral, fruity, sweet and medicinal qualities” to it.《进化与人类行为》期刊上的一篇文章表明,女性认为均衡膳食的男性——食用水果、蔬菜、肥肉、猪肉、鸡蛋和豆腐,他们的汗味要比那些吃高浓度碳水化合物的男性好闻得多。据记载,味道相对好闻的汗液中含有更多的“花香,果香,甜味与药味”。Sweat and attractiveness may not go hand-in-hand in most people’s minds, but if you’re a guy who’s been having bad luck with the ladies, then you might want to consider this: women typically have amore sensitive sense of smell than men, and women typically rate their partner’s smell as amore important factor in attractiveness than men.大多数人并不会把汗味与魅力相提并论,但你若女生缘不是太好的话,那么你可能得好好思考一下这个因素:女性嗅觉的灵敏度一般要高于男性,在考虑个人魅力时,她们往往要比男生更看重另一半的气味。So even if you don’t care that you smell like a used diaper on hot days or when you’re exercising, chances are those last couple hundred women who turned you down do care very much.所以,即使你并不在意在酷热的天气里或运动锻炼时,自己闻起来像块用过的尿不湿的话,但曾经拒绝过你的那些女生可能是非常在意这一点的。This news correlating diet and sweat-smell came as a shock to Japanese commenters. They had a lot of questions right off the bat:将饮食与汗味同日而语的新闻让许多日本家大吃一惊。他们立马就产生了许多疑问:“Do the vegetables in my ramen count?”“拉面里的蔬菜算数吗?”“Does drinking vegetable juice every day count?”“每天喝蔬菜汁算数吗?”“Do potato salad and macaroni salad count as salad?”“土豆沙拉和通心粉沙拉只能算作沙拉吗?”Of course it’s important to bear in mind that once you do achieve the adonis level of sweet-smelling sweat, it’s important to still be open to the signals that women give off when they’re interested. Otherwise you’ll still be alone… but at least you’ll have a nice-smelling laundry basket to show for it!当然,你还应该牢牢记住,一旦你的汗液达到了“甜甜的美少男”标准,学会接受女性示好的暗号同样重要,否则你还是孤家寡人一枚……但最起码你还有个闻起来还不错的洗衣篮可展示。 /201611/479663



  On Tuesday night, at her final state dinner as first lady, Michelle Obama solidified her legacy as perhaps the most adept and successful practitioner of the art of political dressing that any administration has seen.周二晚上,米歇尔#8226;奥巴马(Michelle Obama)以第一夫人的身份参加她的最后一个国事晚宴时,巩固了她的政治遗产——她是历届政府中最熟练、最成功的政治着装艺术实践者。Her choice of an Atelier Versace gown for the Italy state dinner was not only a nice bit of sartorial diplomacy — Versace being an Italian success story, a company often touted as a candidate for a public offering — but, coming less than a week after her magnetic speech in New Hampshire on women and respect, it went far beyond being simply an ambassadorial nod to a guest country’s talent and made a powerful subliminal statement.她身着范思哲高定(Atelier Versace)参加意大利国宴,这不仅是很出色的时装外交——范思哲是意大利的成功品牌,一直传说要上市——不到一周前,她刚在新罕布什尔州就女性和尊重议题发表了一个非常精的演讲,她选择这件礼远远不止是对来访国家的人才所做的外交致意,同时也是在下意识地表达一个强有力的声明。The dress, after all, was made of rose gold … chain mail. 要知道这件衣还是玫瑰金色的……护身铠甲。As much as it was gracefully cut and draped, it also spoke of armor and female strength, of the need to gird yourself to fight for what you believe in. 它不仅拥有优雅的裁剪和褶裥,同时也是对防御和女性力量的表达,暗示需要做好准备,为信仰而战。And it was designed by Donatella Versace, a woman who was famously thrust into one of the most difficult situations of all: having to take over and preserve the company founded by her brother after his murder in Miami. 而且大家都知道,它的设计师多娜泰拉#8226;范思哲(Donatella Versace)是一个挺身而出、直面困境的女性:当哥哥在迈阿密遇害后,她不得不接手并扛起他所创办的这家公司。And who, despite a fair number of doubts, has ultimately triumphed — in part by transforming the aesthetic of her company from one built on the power of sex to one built on the power of self.尽管面临着相当多的质疑,她最终还是取得了成功——部分是因为她将这个品牌的美学标准从基于性的力量转移了自我的力量上。After all, Ms Versace did describe her most recent women’s wear collection, shown in Milan last month, as, all about a woman’s freedom: freedom of movement, freedom of activity, freedom to fight for their ideas, freedom to be whomever you want to be. 要知道,对于上个月在米兰亮相的范思哲最新女装系列,范思哲女士进行过这样的描述,它们完全关乎女人的自由:行动自由、活动自由、为自己的理念而战的自由,你想要成为什么人的自由。And she set it to a soundtrack by the trance duo Violet + Photonz that featured the statement that it was time for women to take the lead.她为这个系列选择的背景音乐是迷幻音乐二人组Violet+ Photonz的作品,里面表达的是让女性带头的时候到了。Given the current political conversation in the ed States, think that’s a coincidence? Think that escaped the East Wing?鉴于美国目前的政治对话,你认为这是巧合吗?你认为这没有被白宫东翼注意到吗?Especially given that Mrs Obama has worn other Italian labels, including Gucci (on The Ellen DeGeneres Show last month), Missoni (during her 2013 trip to Italy and Britain with her daughters) and a black-and-white print Giambattista Valli earlier in the day when she and the president greeted Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and his wife, Agnese Landini. 特别是考虑到奥巴马夫人曾穿过其他意大利品牌,包括Gucci(上个月的《艾伦秀》上),Missoni(2013年她和两个女儿去意大利和英国旅行的时候),以及她和总统迎接意大利总理马泰奥#8226;伦齐(Matteo Renzi)及夫人阿涅塞#8226;兰迪尼(Agnese Landini)的当天,她穿的是一件黑白印花的Giambattista Valli。But, until Tuesday evening, she had not appeared in Versace.但在本周二晚上之前,她从没有公开穿过范思哲。Especially because Ms Versace designed the gown specifically for Mrs Obama, according to a company spokeswoman.尤其是因为范思哲女士专门为奥巴马夫人设计了这身礼——该公司发言人说道。Especially because Ms Versace then said, I am humbled and honored to have the opportunity to dress the first lady of the ed States, Michelle Obama. 尤其是因为范思哲女士说:有机会为美国第一夫人米歇尔#8226;奥巴马设计衣,本人深感谦卑与荣幸。Thank you Michelle for all the things you did for America and for the rest of the world, for the women in the U.S. and the rest of the world.谢谢米歇尔,谢谢你为美国和世界其他地方,为美国和世界其他地方的女性所做的一切。The first lady’s wardrobe adviser, Meredith Koop, is on record as telling Harper’s Bazaar that when engaging in cross-border events, Mrs Obama always takes into account a country’s cultural norms and attempts to pay tribute.第一夫人的着装顾问梅雷迪思#8226;科普(Meredith Koop)有一次告诉《哈泼斯芭莎》杂志(Harper’s Bazaar),在参与国事活动时,米歇尔总是会考虑到对方国家的文化范式,并试图向其致以敬意。During her eight years in the White House and 14 state dinners, Mrs Obama has not always hewed to this policy (at the Nordic state dinner in May she wore the Indian-American designer Naeem Khan), but for the majority of the time it has proved the rule. 她在白宫8年,参加过14次国宴,虽然并非总是遵行这种做法(在今年5月的北欧国家晚宴上,她穿着印裔美国设计师纳伊姆#8226;汗[Naeem Khan]的装),但大多数时候都是如此。As a result, it has changed expectations about the role of dress in apparently ceremonial situations. 这就改变了人们对女装在仪式类场合中发挥的作用的期望。Every look the first lady wears to a state dinner practically breaks the internet and is described with adjectives such as stuns and wows and slays. 第一夫人在国宴上的每个造型都引爆了互联网,人们用惊艳、超赞和必杀这样的词汇来描述它们。But the fact is, what makes them really notable is that they go beyond the simply pretty (though they are also pretty).但其实真正值得注意的是,这些造型不仅仅是漂亮(虽然也很漂亮)。They demonstrate, in the same conscious way that characterizes so many of Mrs Obama’s choices, that even the most seemingly superficial detail, when considered, can have a meaningful resonance. 这些造型,就像奥巴马夫人其他很多有意识的选择一样,即使看似最表面的细节,如果琢磨一下,也能产生有意义的共鸣。Whether the next person to occupy her position is a first gentleman or a first lady, he or she should take note.无论接下来接替她位置的是第一丈夫还是第一夫人,都应该注意到这一点。 /201610/473114。




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