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襄阳那个医院治疗中耳炎最好襄阳那个医院治疗耳朵治疗得好襄阳保康县人民中心医院看小儿鼻窦炎价格 Scottish singer Susan Boyle has been given three different entries in the new Guinness World Records book。  Her debut album I Dreamed A Dream was the fastest selling album by a UK female and also had the most successful first week's sales of a UK debut album, with 411,820 copies sold. Boyle, who shot to worldwide fame after appearing on a TV talent show, was also the oldest person to reach number one with a debut album。  The singer, from West Lothian, was 48 when her album went to the top spot. Boyle said it was a "real honor" to appear in the Guinness World Records。  She said: "I used to this book as a young girl. I never dreamt that one day I would actually appear in the Guinness Book of Records. I only ever wanted to sing and perform. This is truly fantastic."  据英国广播公司9月19日报道,被大家称作“苏珊大妈”的苏格兰歌手苏珊-鲍伊尔日前获得了三项“世界吉尼斯纪录”的确认。  报道称,她的首发专辑《我有一个梦想》被确认为英国女歌手唱片销售速度之冠,同时也是英国本土第一周销量最佳的首发唱片,销量达41万多张。此外,鲍伊尔在选修电视节目《英国达人》上一炮走红后,成为了首发唱片登上销量榜首的年纪最大的歌手。  专辑夺冠时,来自西洛西恩的苏珊-鲍伊尔已经48岁,她对能够名留吉尼斯世界纪录表示“深感荣幸”。   苏珊说:“当我还是个很小的小女孩时,我还常常看这本书(《吉尼斯世界纪录大全》)。但我从来没想到有一天自己也能被收录到这本书里。我只是一直渴望唱歌和表演。这一切真得让人难以置信。 /201009/114309襄阳第四医院看外耳道炎大概多少钱费用

襄樊治疗耳聋大概多少钱费用襄阳市四院治疗美尼尔哪家医院最好 Most Asians feel as though they#39;re poorer than they really are and expect income inequality to climb over the next decade, according to a new survey by Fidelity Worldwide Investment. However, the survey also found that Asians are also generally optimistic about their future, with 90% believing that their children will manage to achieve middle or high income status by dint of good education and hard work.富达国际投资(Fidelity Worldwide Investment)新近进行的一项调查显示,大多数亚洲人感觉自己比真实情况更为贫穷,并且预计收入不平等现象将在未来10年变得更加严重。不过,调查还发现,亚洲人普遍对未来持乐观态度,90%的被调查者认为,他们的子女将会凭借良好的教育和勤奋的工作进入中等或高收入阶层。Those are the findings of a survey commissioned by Fidelity, a global asset management company, which was carried out this spring in ten cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Mumbai and New Delhi, Hong Kong, Taipei, Singapore, Seoul, Sydney and Tokyo.这项由全球性资产管理公司富达国际进行的调查于今年春天在10个城市展开,这些城市包括北京、上海、孟买、新德里、香港、台北、新加坡、首尔、悉尼和东京。Among the 5,186 respondents, a majority of 66% described themselves as middle-class, though they often had difficulty defining what that meant. The survey also found that 86% of Asians have trouble identifying how rich or poor they are relative to others, with 66% of such respondents believing they are relatively poorer than in fact they are.在5,186名受访者中,66%的人认为自己属中产阶级,不过他们往往并不清楚中产阶级的含义。调查还发现,86%的亚洲人不知道相对于他人来说,自己的贫穷或富裕程度如何,在这类受访者中,有66%的人认为他们比实际状况更加贫穷。Fidelity#39;s Betty Ng, director of Fidelity#39;s Asia-Pacific investment communications, says that the findings suggest Asians may face challenges in their future investment decisions, causing them to be overly cautious or too quick to embrace risk. For example, she notes, China has ;a long history of being a poor country, so some people have a very conservative mindset of wanting to guard their wealth; a fact that may complicate China#39;s efforts to boost domestic consumption to drive its economy. While some investors may be overly cautious, she notes that others will tend to swing to the other extreme. ;There#39;s also the possibility that they feel so insecure that they want to make quick bets quick bets and big bets to catch up with their peers,; she says.富达的亚太投资信息总监吴玉慈(Betty Ng)说,此次调查结果显示,亚洲人未来在投资决策方面可能会面临着一些挑战,他们有可能过于谨慎,或是缺乏必要的风险防范意识。她举例说,中国拥有很长一段作为穷国的历史,所以一些人拥有非常保守的思维方式,他们只是想守住自己的财富──这一点可能会让中国更加难以通过刺激国内消费来推动经济增长。她指出,尽管一些投资者可能过于谨慎,另外的一些人则走向了另一个极端。她说,还有一种可能性是,一些人由于太缺乏安全感,于是就仓促冒险──为了赶上同龄人而大规模地、仓促地冒险。In recent years, Asia#39;s middle class has boomed, propelling a new wave of consumption across the region. For example, though just 21% of Asia was middle-class in 1990, by 2008, that figure had more than doubled to 56%, according to the Asian Development Bank, as defined by people living on between -20 per day. In China, that figure is significantly higher, with data collected by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences suggesting that the middle class grew from 56% of the population in 1995 to 89% in 2007.最近几年,亚洲中产阶级的规模不断壮大,在该地区引发了一轮新的消费热潮。例如,亚洲开发(Asian Development Bank)的数据显示,上世纪90年代只有21%的亚洲人属中产阶级,到了2008年,该比例翻了一番还多,达到了56%。中产阶级的定义是每天的生活消费在2美元到20美元之间的人。在中国,中产阶级的比例大大高于亚洲平均水平,中国社会科学院收集的数据显示,中国人口里中产阶级的比例已经从1995年的56%上升到了2007年的89%。Respondents from region#39;s two biggest emerging economies, India and China, were particularly upbeat about their prospects. ;Indians seem very optimistic about how their income status will change in the next 10 years and how their children will fare,; says Ms. Ng.;Mainland Chinese also tend to have a lot of faith in how they#39;ll move up economically.;该地区最大两个新兴经济体──印度和中国的受访者对于未来前景尤其乐观。吴玉慈说,印度人似乎对未来10年收入水平的变化以及他们子女的生活状况非常乐观。中国大陆的受访者往往也对自己未来的经济状况充满信心。Fully 81% of respondents in Mumbai said they expected their household income to increase in the next 10 years, a sentiment shared by 75% of those polled in New Delhi. Next on the list of most optimistic cities were Beijing and Shanghai, where 65% and 61% of respondents said they expected their household income to go up in the next decade, respectively.81%的孟买受访者说,他们预计自己的家庭收入未来10年将会增加,新德里的受访者中有75%持同样观点。北京和上海人的乐观度紧随其后,这两个城市分别有65%和61%的受访者表示,他们预计自己的家庭收入未来10年将会增长。;They#39;re hopeful. They seem to feel that the economy will offer them more opportunities,; says Ms. Ng. ;These are people who feel they#39;re in control, that there are things they can do.;吴玉慈说,这些人充满希望。他们似乎相信,本国经济会为他们提供更多机会。他们认为自己可以掌控生活,认为自己可以有所作为。By contrast, more developed economies such as Tokyo and Hong Kong exhibited considerably less buoyancy, with 72% and 61% believing that their household income would stagnate or worsen in the coming 10 years.相比之下,东京和香港等经济更发达城市的人则明显没这么乐观,在东京和香港,分别有72%和61%的受访者认为他们的家庭收入在未来10年会停滞不前甚至降低。The income gap has grown significantly across Asia in the past decade, with the region#39;s overall Gini coefficient岸which captures the degree of wealth inequality岸rising to 0.46 in 2010 from 0.33 in 1990. In response to Fidelity#39;s survey, fully 76% of respondents said that over the coming decade, they expect the wealth gap will only continue to grow.过去的10年里,整个亚洲的收入差距都在大幅增加,该地区的整体基尼系数从1990年的0.33上升到了2010年的0.46。基尼系数是衡量贫富差距的指标。在调查中,有76%的受访者说,他们预计未来10年内贫富差距只会愈加严重。 /201206/188493襄阳哪家医院治疗慢性咽炎较好

襄阳市中心医院北区看突发性耳鸣大概多少钱费用The stock market debut of Chinese social network Renren will have turned heads at Facebook. The sky-high valuation when shares were priced on Wednesday (at more than 70 times 2010 revenues) conveyed a simple message: investors are hungry for growth. And there is no other growth story with the allure of the Chinese internet.  中国社交网站人人(Renren)上市首日的表现应会傲视Facebook。人人股票周三定价时获得的天价估值(超过了2010年收入的70倍),传递出一个简单的信息:投资者渴望增长,而有了中国互联网的吸引力,其他什么都算不上增长故事了。  For Facebook, which has itself never known anything but outsized growth, this is a sobering thought. Its high penetration among internet users in many established markets is starting to make it reliant on populous, less-developed markets for continued expansion – and they don’t come any bigger than China.  对于除了超快增长不知道其他的Facebook,这是个发人深省的念头。Facebook在许多成熟市场的互联网用户中已经有了很高的普及率,为了继续扩张,它开始依赖于人口众多的欠发达国家市场——而中国就是其中最大的一个。  The US company’s service is blocked by China’s Great Firewall. It had aly been exploring ways to get a local foothold, and this week’s events have only heightened the urgency. But a move into China also carries great risk. If handled badly it could turn out to be a defining moment for the company – for all the wrong reasons.  Facebook的务遭到了中国防火长城(GFW)的屏蔽。这家美国公司已经在探索如何才能在中国落地,本周的事件更是加重了其紧迫性。但进军中国也有巨大的风险。若处理不当,可能会让Facebook限于危急时刻——出于种种错误的理由。  At least there is one reliable guidepost to follow: learn from Google’s mistakes.  至少有一个可信的路标作为参照:从谷歌(Google)的错误中吸取教训。  This is partly a question of style. As described by author Steven Levy, in his recent book In the Plex, Google arrived in China in the middle of the last decade with its hubris freshly polished. The search company also chose not to ally itself with a local partner with the heft and the connections to provide cover from hostile bureaucrats and politicians. Through its own missteps, the clever manoeuvring of local rival Baidu and the antagonism of the Chinese authorities, it eventually came to be seen by many Chinese as an arrogant and out-of-touch foreigner.   这部分是风格的问题。如史蒂芬?列维(Steven Levy)在最近的新书《走进谷歌》(In the Plex)中所述,五六年前,谷歌带着光可鉴人的傲气来到了中国。这家搜索公司还选择了不与有权有势、能在不友好的官员和政治家面前为其打掩护的当地合作伙伴结盟。由于谷歌自身的失误,本土竞争者百度(Baidu)高明的运作,以及中国有关部门的对抗,在许多中国人的眼中,谷歌最终变成了一个傲慢而又孤陋寡闻的外国佬。  Mark Zuckerberg shows every sign of having learnt from this, as evidenced by the Mandarin lessons the Facebook chief executive has been taking. And reports (so far unconfirmed) have linked his company with both China Mobile and Baidu as allies to smooth Facebook’s entry.  所有迹象都显示,Facebook首席执行官马克?扎克伯格(Mark Zuckerberg)从中吸取了教训——他一直在上普通话课程就是明。迄今未获实的报道则把中国移动(China Mobile)和百度都列为Facebook在中国平稳落地的盟友。  Of course, this does not address the most vexing questions: Is it right to bow to Chinese censorship in the first place? And, since it hosts a great deal of personal information, would a successful Chinese Facebook become a handy data warehouse for an oppressive regime?  当然,这并没有解决最棘手的问题:向中国的审查制度低头究竟对不对?存有大量个人信息的Facebook在中国获得成功,会不会成为专制政权方便的信息库?  Facebook must be prepared to take the hits that will inevitably come in the court of public opinion. But the reality, for Chinese internet users, is that none of their online information can be deemed to be out of reach of the authorities.   Facebook必须做好准备,接受在舆论法庭上必然会受到的抨击。但中国互联网用户面临的现实是,他们在网络上的一切信息注定都逃不出政府的掌握。  Also, Facebook has at least never confused its goal of connecting people with a moral mission of the “Don’t be evil” kind: it is an agnostic communications platform. It is true that the core values of “sharing” that it espouses rely on a level of openness that does not exist on the Chinese internet. Any compromise will look like a betrayal of this ideal.  另外,Facebook至少从没有将“沟通互联”的目标与“不作恶”的道德使命混在一起——它是个不可知主义的沟通平台。确实,它所推崇的“分享”的核心价值观,依赖于中国互联网所不具备的开放水平。任何妥协都会看起来像是对这一理念的背叛。  Also, its effective use by activists to help organise the revolt in Egypt has left an inconvenient halo around the company.  活动分子有效利用Facebook组织埃及革命,也给这家公司戴上了一个尴尬的光环。  Moving into China too soon after this would invite a public relations disaster.  在此之后太快进入中国,将引起一场公关灾难。  Mr Zuckerberg will have to weigh the damage all of this will do to the brand against the long-term risk of being shut out of China. Google ended up with the worst of both worlds. Facebook shows every sign of being y to take the plunge – putting it alongside many other media and internet companies that believe they can’t afford to stay out.  扎克伯格将不得不权衡这一切对品牌的损害以及被关在中国大门之外的长期风险。谷歌最后在两方面都落得了最糟糕的结果。所有迹象都显示,Facebook已经准备往下跳,站在其他许多相信承受不起不进来的后果的媒体和互联网公司旁边。  That leaves two big questions. One is whether a Chinese Facebook should be walled off from the rest of the global social network. Information leakage is a concern: if you have a friend in China, do you really want Beijing to have access to all your personal information – not to mention your connections with other people in China? Options Facebook has studied include various filters to prevent international content from flowing on to its servers in China, and warnings to alert international users about the risks of connecting with people behind the Great Firewall. But none of this would be as clean and bulletproof as just walling China off completely, at least at the start.  这引出了两大问题。首先,中国的Facebook是否应该与这个全球社交网络的其他部分隔开。信息泄露令人关切——如果你有个朋友在中国,你真的想让中国政府能够获得你所有的个人信息吗?更不用说你与中国其他人的联系了。Facebook研究了许多解决方案,其中一个是采取各种过滤措施,防止国际内容流入在中国的务器,以及警告国际用户,提醒他们小心与防火长城内用户联系的风险。但这些都没有完全避开中国来得干净彻底——至少是在最开始。  The second big question has to do with governance. Should Facebook hand control to a local partner, as Yahoo has done by taking a back seat to Jack Ma of Alibaba? Or should it actively manage the business itself? But with its brand name on the line and long-term aspirations to be a real force in China, Facebook has little option but to put itself in the driving seat. It will not have escaped its notice that Mr Ma has been agitating to buy back Yahoo’s stake in Alibaba.  第二个大问题与公司治理有关。Facebook是应该像雅虎(Yahoo)退居阿里巴巴(Alibaba)的马云(Jack Ma)之后那样,将控制权交给中国合作伙伴,还是应该积极参与经营管理?但要顾及品牌名声,实现成为在中国的一真正力量的长远抱负,Facebook几乎别无选择,只能亲自坐上驾驶席。它也不会没有注意到,马云一直在鼓动阿里巴巴回购雅虎持有的股份。  That means Facebook must engage more directly in China than Yahoo, though with the support of a stronger local ally than Google could count on. Finding a workable – and durable – relationship will be a stretch. But as the Renren debut shows, the time is fast approaching when Facebook will have to jump.   这意味着,即使倚为后盾的本土盟友比谷歌的更为强大,Facebook也必须比雅虎更直接地参与中国业务。找到一种可行——而又持久——的关系,将是一件痛苦的事情。但正如人人的首日上市所表明的那样,Facebook必须“一跳”的日子正在迅速逼近。 /201105/135370 东风汽车公司襄樊医院治疗扁桃体炎价格襄阳治打呼噜哪里好

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