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Steps1. Wash your hair at least every other day (washing in the morning prevents going out with the grease of last night). A girl loves a boy who smells nice, and cares about his image. Besides, greasy hair is not a good look on anybody, even if they look like Brad Pitt. By taking care of your hair, you at least show that you're interested in your appearance and care enough about yourself to take good care of yourself.2. Make sure you have good hygiene.o Brush twice a day, and floss once a dayo Wear deodorant every day. Body odor is not an attractive smell, and nobody around you enjoys it. It's a simple routine that can reap large benefits in your friendships, relationships, and with strangers!o If your face is clean shaven, shave regularly. Stubble, when it's not intentionally there, promotes a look of unkempt.o Wash your face every day. This helps to clear up whiteheads/blackheads, as well. However, if you are a teenager, acne is quite normal, and occurs quite often. It will be hard for you to stop getting acne. If you have a severe problem with acne, your regular doctor can most likely refer you to a good dermatologist.3. Wear a nice cologne. It is truly amazing how it attracts attention. Don't bathe in it, though, or it'll do the opposite of the intention.4. Be confident in yourself. Girls love guys who are confident, and confidence is also the key to getting ahead in the business world. Unless you believe in yourself, you can't sell yourself, so less people will believe in you. Remember, though, that there is a line between confidence and arrogance. Arrogance is not sexy.5. Wear nice clothes. The style of clothes that you wear doesn't matter, because you're expressing your personality. Whatever you choose to wear, though, should be clean and ironed (if appropriate). Also do not wear pants that show a lot of boxer. This is not sexy. It is gross to almost all girls. If you are going to wear jeans, make sure they are not too baggy. This does not look good.6. Be funny! A girl loves a guy who can genuinely make her laugh. If you notice she is being turned off by your sense of humor (which you will be able to tell by her body language) then stop. Give her space.7. Smile because girls love smiles. It makes them feel beautiful.Tips· If a girl does not give you a response, don't take it to heart -- remain cool and think of your future with a new girl.· Different time frames for hair-washing apply to different people. If your hair is dirty and greasy between times when you wash it, make it a habit to wash it more often. Likewise, if you don't need to wash your hair every other day, don't feel like you have to anyway.· Gain confidence in yourself by doing things like exercise, running a half marathon, building something, or playing an instrument. These things will give you confidence and it will show and attract others to you.· If you're trying to get a girlfriend talk to them. Say "hi" and start a conversation. She will most likely talk to you if you start a conversation.· Girls like boys that pay attention to everybody, not just your clique.· Look at the girl in that other clique. The one you sit next to in Science. She might just be cool and she probably likes you too.· Walk past her slowly but not too slow or she will think you have problems.· A small touch on the arm, shoulder, or head can give a girl chills if she likes you. You definitely notice the attention.· Remember to check out the whole grade. There are some girls out there that are awesome and just aren't so popular. They would love some attention. And they don't expect so much so you can be more relaxed.· Being aloof at the appropriate times can work wonders. Don't bathe a girl in attention - this is not sexy and you'll probably suffocate her. Being laid back will show everyone that you value yourself and that is sexy.Warnings· Realize that being truly sexy to someone often has little to do with how you look or smell. Being truly sexy comes through love and a relationship, which should never be based on physical characteristics.· There is a difference between confidence and arrogance. Girls hate arrogance· Both girls and guy - nobody feels comfortable with a partner who is also uncomfortable. The girl will think it's her fault, when it's not.· Bragging about your looks is not hot. Paris Hilton is not hot because she brags about her looks but Jennifer Lopez is hot because she doesn't.· Girls tend to stick together so don't be mean to one girl and expect another girl to love you.· A lot of this "girls do and girls don't" stuff is generally good, but remember that every girl is going to be different.Things You'll Need· Shampoo· Comb· Deodorant· Toothbrush· Floss· Soap· Niceness· A smile· clean clothes· confidence· nice pair of denim /200811/56947What do I have?1、我拥有什么?伦敦举行世界上首个女性专场拍卖会Women get what they want in London auctionA Bonham's auction house employee displays a gold necklace at the "What Women Want" auction collection in central London 11 January 2007.The world's first auction targeted exclusively at women made more than 250,000 pounds (380,000 euros, 493,000 dollars) at Bonham's auction house in London, a spokeswoman said."What Women Want" was made up of over 300 lots including clothes, jewellery, works of art and furniture, although the most expensive individual sale was of a 1970 blue Mercedesconvertible car, which sold for 27,600 pounds."More than half of the lots have been sold. We are really pleased with the results and 80 percent of the people in the room were women," a Bonhams spokeswoman told reporters.But there were no takers for some of the lots at the auction, such as a Smart car formerly owned by British pop star Robbie Williams, which had a 10,000 pound price tag."Definitely we are looking forward to repeating it in London next year after tailoring the catalogue with what works well," added the spokeswoman.She added that Bonhams' offices in Los Angeles and New York would be holding similar sales in future.(AFP)伦敦邦汉姆拍卖行日前举办了世界上首个女性专场拍卖会,据拍卖行的女发言人介绍,此次拍卖的总收入超过25万英镑。这场名为“女人为谁而狂”的拍卖会共有衣、珠宝、工艺品、家具等300多件拍卖品。其中最昂贵的单件卖品是一辆1970年的蓝色奔驰活顶轿车,它以27600英镑的价格被卖出。邦汉姆拍卖行的女发言人在接受记者采访时说:“一半以上的物品都被卖出,我们真的很高兴,而且拍卖会上80%的来客都是女性。”但有些物品则无人问津,比如,英国流行歌星罗比·威廉姆斯开过的一辆标价为1万英镑的Smart轿车。这位女发言人说:“我们希望明年还能在伦敦举办这个拍卖会,不过我们得多提供一些畅销的物品。”她说,邦汉姆拍卖行在洛杉矶和纽约的分行今后也会举行类似的拍卖。 /200803/30370

“你还爱我吗?”其实不一定要直截了当地问出口,想一想,回答以下15个问题,千头万绪的感情或许就能理出个端倪。现在,请你选择相符的情况。1.过马路等红灯时你等得不耐烦了,试图闯红灯,他会冲出去拉住你,如果遇到有车驶来,还会紧张地骂你。If you want to cross the road when the lights are still red, he will hurry to drag you and even blame you. /200911/89217

美国“第一犬”:奥巴马调侃会挑一只像他一样的混血President-elect Barack Obama Friday admitted he faced a monumental challenge after promising his daughters Sasha, seven, and Malia, 10 a dog after the campaign, saying some of the pooches the first family-to-be were considering were "mutts like me.""With respect to the dog, this is a major issue. I think it has generated more interest on our website than just about anything," Obama said at the press conference after the election.In revealing that Malia is allergic, Obama stressed the need for a hypoallergenic breed of dog, which produces fewer allergic reactions in people.But he said the family needed to reconcile that with their preference for dogs obtained from an animal shelter, which are often mixed-breeds."There are a number of breeds that are hypoallergenic, but on the other hand our preference is to get a shelter dog. But obviously, a lot of the shelter dogs are mutts like me," he quipped.Obama's mother was a white woman from Kansas and his father was from Kenya.His race has been a point of discussion since he launched his bid for the presidency nearly two years ago, and his Tuesday victory triggered a wave of elation as people around the globe celebrated an African-American elected to lead the world's most powerful nation.In his victory speech Tuesday night, Obama revealed the family was getting a puppy."Sasha and Malia, I love you both so much, and you have earned the new puppy that's coming with us to the White House," he said to wild applause.Presidential pets have long been a focus of intense interest. Every president since Calvin Coolidge, elected in 1923, has had at least one dog in the White House, according to dogsinthenews.com. 新当选美国总统的巴拉克#8226;奥巴马于上周五坦称,他在大选获胜后答应两个女儿——10岁的玛丽娅和7岁的萨莎养一只宠物的承诺现在成了件大事。他调侃说,他们正考虑一些“像他一样的混血的”。奥巴马在大选后的新闻发布会上说:“挑选宠物成了眼下的一件要事。现在这件事在我们网站上的关注度高于其它任何事情。”由于女儿玛丽娅有过敏史,所以奥巴马强调必须挑选一种不易引起人过敏的。但奥巴马一家又想从动物收容所挑选一只宠物,这里的大多是混血品种。他调侃道:“低过敏性的品种倒有不少,但另一方面,我们想从动物收容所收养一只。很显然,大多收容所里的都像我一样,是混血的。”奥巴马的母亲是美国堪萨斯州的白人,他的父亲是肯尼亚人。自奥巴马参加总统竞选近两年来,他的种族问题一直是热议的焦点。他于上周二赢得大选胜利后引发了了一阵欢庆潮,世界各地的人们纷纷庆祝一名非洲裔当选为美国总统。奥巴马在当晚的胜选演说中“透露”他们一家会养一只宠物。他对台下尽情欢呼的持者们说:“萨莎、玛丽娅,我爱你们,你们俩就能带着宠物来到白宫了。”白宫宠物一直是美国民众关注的焦点。据dogsinthenews.com网站统计,自1923年卡尔文#8226;柯立芝当选美国总统后,每届总统家至少有一只宠物。 /200811/56278(一)美国货币  美国货币由美元dollar和美分cent组成,one dollar等于100 cents。其纸币bill有一、二、五、十、二十、五十和一百美元等面值;硬币(coin)有一美分(或a penny)、五美分(或a nickel)、十美分(或a dime)和二十五美分(或a quarter)等。在数字前加$表示美元,如:0表示五百美元;在数字后加C表示美分,如:50C表示50美分;表示由美元和美分组成的钱数时,常用$表示,如:.50。   (二)英国货币   英国货币由英镑(pound)和便士(pence)组成,也分为纸币notes和硬币coins。纸币有面值五镑、十镑、二十镑和五十镑;而硬币,即金属货币有一便士、二便士、五便士、十便士、二十便士、五十便士和一镑等。若指一定数额的硬币,通常用piece,如2P(pieces);随身带的硬币可用change表示。100 pence等于1 pound。在数字前加£表示多少英镑,如:£800为800英镑;在数字后加P表示多少便士,如:5P表示五便士(penny的复数);表示由英镑和便士组成的钱数时通常不说出pence,如3镑50便士可说成£3.50或three pounds and fifty。各位有没有想过,为什么在英语写作的时候,第一人称单数的代词I不管出现在句中什么位置都一定要大写呢?为什么you,we,they,he,she之类的人称代词不用大写呢?北京大学英语系教授辜正坤先生在央视《讲坛》“当茶遇到咖啡”系列节目“中西语言文字与文化比较”一讲中对上面这个问题有这样的解读:“我们人类的文化,包括中国的文化和西方的文化,有时候在口语当中容易表现出来,最简单一个字就可以把问题说清楚。举个例子来说,在英语当中,以代词来说吧,你(you),我们(we),他们(they),他(he),她(she),这些代词都是不大写的,但是只有一个字要大写,谁呀,I,我就要大写。那么反过来说,在中国他就刚好相反,同样的是称呼“我”,那么中国人是怎么称呼呢?他就不会去大写了,当然没有那个拼写的大写,用别的方式来表述,会说“在下”、“鄙人”,就是皇帝也会称自己“寡人”或者“孤”,都是尽量地尊重别人,克制自己的这种心态。这跟西方文化当中的“我”一下子就区别开了。一个代词的使用就可以看得出来这两种文化是分道扬镳的,在很多方面极性是相反的。”第一人称单数的代词I大写这个问题在语言学中是有共识的。《巴恩哈特语源学辞典》(The Barnhart Dictionary of Etymology ,W H. W. Wilson,1988)中就有这样的解释:"The pronoun 'I' developed from the unstressed form of Old English (about 725) ic singular pronoun of the first person (nominative case). Modern and Middle English I developed from earlier i in the stressed position. I came to be written with a capital letter thereby making it a distinct word and avoiding mising handwritten manuscripts. In the northern and midland dialects of England the capitalized form I appeared about 1250."也就是说,在古英语中“我”最初是用ic两个字母来表示,逐渐演变成为单个字母i。一旦成为单个字母i的时候就出现了一个问题,i这个小写的词在手写体中很容易与前后的词混淆,所以大约在1250年起英格兰中部和北部的方言中就开始使用大写的I。《莫里斯字词源词典》(Morris Dictionary of Word and Phrase Origins)也指出,把I(我)大写与ego(自我意识)无关,只是为了避免混淆和错误(the reason for the capital I is simply to avoid confusion and error)。此外,也有语言学者认为,I作为人称代词与you,they,he,she还是有区别的,因为这是书写者的自称,比如John Wilson是作者的话,如果写自己的名字当然要大写,所以当用I来代表John Wilson时也要大写。所以,英语中第一人称单数I大写并不是因为西方人个人至上、自我中心的思维逻辑。说到逻辑,辜正坤教授上面的那段话也有不严谨之处。英语中的I大写只是英语的语法,并不代表其他欧洲语言的第一人称单数也一定大写,比如法语的je(我)在句中出现时就不能大写。辜教授是如何从一个简单的英语单词推广到所有西方语言进而得出西方文化与中国文化“分道扬镳”的呢?当然,我质疑I大写的文化含义,只是认为这个例子举得不够恰当,并非否认英语和汉语词汇区别的确可以显示东西文化差别。美国夏威夷大学汉学家、哲学家安乐哲(Roger T.Ames)教授举过这样的例子:比如用英文说:“Everybody please stand up.”我们要用everybody(每一个身体)、everyone(每一个人)来讲,换作中文来说就是“大家请站起来”,“大家”和“everybody”的涵义是有区别的。在安乐哲教授看来,这个例子说明了中西方文化的差异,中国文化所强调的是一种人与人之间的关系性,人类是彼此依靠的,是相互关联的,了解一个人要从不同的社会关系上去了解。 /201007/108779

【中英对照】If you were a tear-drop; In my eye,For fear of losing you, I would never cry And if the golden sun, Should cease to shine its light,Just one smile from you, would make my whole world bright 如果你是我眼里的一滴泪; 为了不失去你;我将永不哭泣; 如果金色的阳光;停止了它耀眼的光芒; 你的一个微笑;将照亮我的整个世界。I have searched a thousand years, and I have cried a thousand tears. I found everything I need, You are everything to me. 我寻觅了千万年,我哭泣了千万次。我已经找到了需要的一切,你就是我的一切。I just wish someday and somehow, we can be back together, Together we'll stay, always and forever.我只希望有那么一天,不管怎样;我们能重新在一起;相依相伴,直到永远!How do I say I love you? How do I tell you I care? How do I tell you I've missed you, and let you know I'm here?我如何说我爱你?我如何告诉你我在乎你?我如何告诉你我一直都在想你?如何让你知道我就在这里?For years I had been searching, for that perfect fantasy, But, I find it in my arms, right now, you are all to me.我已经寻找了多年,为了那个美丽的梦想,但是,现在,我发现它就在我的臂弯里,你就是我的全部。You are my life. You're my one and only dream. I love you, and to you that i mean. Together for always, i hope we will be. I’ll love you always. 你是我的生命,你是我唯一的梦想。我爱你,只有你,我希望我们能永远在一起。我会永远爱你,如果你仍然爱我。cease 停止, 终止, 结束The storm has ceased.暴风雨停了。 /200906/75511Independence of the strong独立性很强In the ed States, learning is child thing. U.S. students develop a young age, "according interested in learning", "learning is its own thing," the self-learning attitude. Moreover, this independent spirit has aly deep into all aspects of child development, if the ed States, a child after the age of 18, we must own to make money to feed themselves. Even some very wealthy families, would normally not be spending all kinds of fees for children, but to write them to the home, IOUs, asking them to return after graduation. This spending your parents also have to repay the situation, in case of China, Chinese parents do not know think?在美国,学习是孩子自己的事。美国学生从小就养成了“按照兴趣学习”、“学习是自己的事”的自主学习态度。不仅如此,这种独立精神早已深入到孩子成长的各个方面,如果在美国,一个孩子18岁以后,就要自己去赚钱养活自己。即使是一些非常富裕的家庭,也通常不会替孩子出各种费用,而是要他们给家里写借条,要求他们毕业后返还。这种花父母的钱还要偿还的情况,如果发生中国,不知道中国的父母会怎么想呢? /201006/1063771.Women especially love a bargain. 女人特别喜欢便宜货。2.Women love to shop. It is the only area of the world where they feel like they're actually in control. 女人喜欢购物。她们觉得那是她们在这个世界上唯一能控制的领域。 /200912/92329

11月11日,是现代社会单身一族的一个另类节日,因为这一天的日期里面有连续四个“一”的缘故,这个日子便被定为“光棍节”(One's Day)。光棍节产生于上世纪90年代的南京校园,并通过网络等媒介传播,逐渐形成了一种光棍节的文化。每到了光棍节前后,单身的青年一族都会组织并参加各种活动来纪念这个日子,并有不少人希望在派对中寻到生命中的另一半,摆脱单身。 那么,在光棍节派对中,谁的异性缘最高呢? 第一名:天秤座 天秤座女生天生具有很高的品位,举止也从容优雅,是社交场合中是很受欢迎的类型。在光棍节派对中,装扮典雅,笑容亲切,谈吐不凡的天秤座女生极易受到男性的亲睐,也极易得到异性的追求。 【异性缘指数】 No.1 LibraLibra girls are usually graceful, who are very welcome in the parties. Also, it is easy for them to get the boys' attention. /200911/89017The percentage of U.S. mothers who breast-feed their babies has reached the highest level on record amid mounting evidence that it provides many health benefits to the child, U.S. officials said on Thursday.The percentage of U.S. mothers whobreast-feedtheir babies has reached the highest level on record amid mounting evidence that it provides many health benefits to the child, U.S. officials said on Thursday.The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said 74 percent of American women who gave birth in 2004 breast-fed their babies, continuing an upward trend since the early 1990s."We've made quite a bit of progress," CDC epidemiologist Dr. Celeste Philip, lead author of a CDC report on breast-feeding, said in a telephone interview.Breast-feeding rates just about reached the government's target of 75 percent, the report showed. But many women did not stick exclusively to breast-feeding in the first months after birth as recommended by experts, turning instead to baby formula, the report showed.The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that women who do not have health problems exclusively breast-feed their infants for at least the first six months, with breast-feeding continuing at least through the first year as other foods are introduced. The CDC backs these recommendations, Philip said.The CDC report found that among infants born in 2004, the rate of exclusive breast-feeding through the first three months after birth was 31 percent, shy of the government's goal of 60 percent, and through six months was 11 percent, below the government target of 25 percent.The report detailed racial and socioeconomic disparities among women who provide their babies exclusively breast milk in these first months, with black, teen-age, rural, less-educated, lower-income and unmarried mothers less likely to do so. (Reuters) 据美国官员上周四介绍,美国妈妈母乳喂养的比例创空前纪录,目前已有大量据表明母乳喂养对孩子的健康有很多好处。据疾病控制及预防中心介绍,在2004年生育的美国妈妈中,有74%的人母乳喂养孩子,自上世纪90年代早期开始,这一比例就在不断上升。疾病控制及预防中心母乳喂养报告的主要撰写者、流行病学家西莱斯特·菲利普士在接受电话采访时说:“我们在这方面进步很大。”报告显示,目前美国母乳喂养的比例刚刚达到政府75%的目标。但很多女性在孩子出生后的头几个月并没有按照专家的建议坚持纯母乳喂养,而是加入了一些代乳品。美国儿科学会建议身体健康的女性至少在最初的六个月对孩子进行纯母乳喂养。母乳喂养至少应持续至孩子一周岁,同时可以添加一些其它食品。菲利浦士说,疾病控制及预防中心对这些建议表示持。疾病控制及预防中心的研究报告表明,在2004年出生的新生儿中,头三个月得到纯母乳喂养的比例为31%,低于政府60%的目标;头六个月得到纯母乳喂养的比例为11%,低于政府25%的目标。报告中详细分析了在头三个月至六个月对孩子进行纯母乳喂养的女性在种族和社会经济方面的差别。报告显示,黑人女性、不到20岁的女性、农村地区、受教育水平低、收入较低的女性、以及未婚妈妈进行纯母乳喂养的比例较低 /200803/29464“世界最好工作”的英国得主已于本周三抵达澳大利亚风景如画的汉密尔顿岛,开始了他在这个热带天堂岛屿为期半年的休闲般工作时光。The Briton who won a competition for the "Best Job in the World" arrived on Australia's idyllic Hamilton Island Wednesday to begin his leisurely six-month posting in the tropical paradise.Ben Southall, 34, started by sending a blog from Brisbane airport departure lounge where he filmed himself alongside his girlfriend, Breanna Watkins."When we get there we're going to explore our house, and it's the first chance to drive the golf buggy as well, which is one of the massive perks of the job," he said.The outgoing charity fundraiser beat off thousands of competitors for the job in a hugely successful marketing campaign that captured the world's imagination and earned international awards for its creators.His brief as "caretaker" is to snorkel, swim and sail around the balmy Whitsunday Islands and send daily blogs and blogs with the aim of promoting the destination for Tourism Queensland.His movements will be recorded in exhaustive detail on two websites, www.islandreefjob.com.au and www.bestjobben.com, as well as social networking site Twitter.Southall earlier courted controversy when he admitted he would miss Britain's long summer days and traditional roast dinners, prompting newspapers to accuse him of being a "whingeing pom"."So when asked about the things I'd miss about the UK it appears I have to play my cards close to my chest for fear of reprisal by the tabloid newspapers both here and in Australia!"However, he later complained he had been placed in economy class for the long journey from Britain to Australia."Can you believe it....I'm in economy!! Oh well can't change the habit of a lifetime," he tweeted.Tourism Queensland chief Anthony Hayes insisted Southall would have to work hard and said the 'best job' stunt would help keep the industry afloat in the global downturn."Today is the beginning," he said. "All the publicity's been great but now it's about communicating with people who really will want to come to Queensland for a holiday.A government report this month warned Australia's tourism industry was at risk of losing thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in income after its share of global tourism dropped 14 percent between 1995 and 2008. /200907/76645

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