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U.S.to extend sanctions against Russia美国延长对于俄罗斯的制裁措施The ed Sates has decided to extend sanctions against Russian for one more year.美国已决定延长一年对于俄罗斯的制裁措施。According to the White House, the decision was made by President Barack Obama, in consideration of Russia#39;s role in the Ukraine crisis.白宫方面表示奥巴马总统作出该决定是考虑到俄罗斯在乌克兰危机中所扮演的角色。The Russian Foreign Ministry says the sanctions are trying to undermine the peace process in Ukraine.而俄罗斯外交部表示所实施的制裁是试图破坏乌克兰的和平主义进程。It says signs show the crisis is easing in some way.俄方面还表示某种意义上已有迹象显示乌危机正在缓和。Starting last year, Western countries imposed sanctions against Russia, citing Russia#39;s involvement in the Ukraine crisis.西方国家从去年开始就对俄罗斯实施制裁,原因在于俄介入乌克兰危机。The sanctions cover financial, resource, and military sectors.制裁涵盖金融、资源、军事等方方面面。 Article/201503/362705栏目简介:《英语视频之Top5》是英语视频听力下的子栏目,栏目包含中英字幕,而且能够了解世界上5大新奇或者有意思的事物,比如美军飞行器、社交媒体、核武器等,通过简单有趣的讲述,能够提高学习英语的兴趣,积累一些英语知识,是比较生动的英语学习材料。 Article/201511/400378Whether you’re the family suck-up or the family, uh, screw-up, there are bound to be complications with your sibs.无论你在家里处事圆滑还是针锋相对,你和间肯定会有一些矛盾。You Will Need你需要An understanding of sibling dynamics理解的作为An attempt at maturity努力做到成熟Steps步骤STEP 1 Relax1.放松Relax! It’s perfectly normal to feel resentment toward other people, whether it’s a Hollywood star you don’t even know or a sibling you love.放松!对他们感觉到愤恨情绪是正常的,无论是你根本不认识的好莱坞明星还是你喜爱的。STEP 2 Set your own standards2.设立自己的标准Set your own standards for success. Who cares that your sister is an accomplished black belt? You can be an accomplished pacifist.为自己设立成功的标准。谁在乎你的是一名功成名就的黑带高手?你可以成为一名卓著的反战论者。STEP 3 Recognize your talents3.确认你的天赋Recognize your own talents. If you take the time to think about it, there are probably tons of things you can do better than your sibling. Go ahead, make a list. (And, yes, air guitar counts.)确认你自己的天赋。如果你花时间思考一下,可能会有许多事情你比你的更擅长。列出一张表格。(是的,无形吉他也算数。)When your sibling succeeds at something, congratulate her (even if you feel like you’re going to vomit). The more you do it, the easier it will become. Eventually, you may find you actually mean it.当你的兄弟在某个方面取得成功的时候,祝贺她(即使你觉得自己想要呕吐。)做得越多,就越容易。最终,你会发现自己真心实意地祝福她。STEP 4 Find something in common4.寻找共同点Find a hobby you can share where there’s no competition involved. Bird watching, anyone?寻找可以和她分享又不需竞争的爱好。比如看鸟。When your sibling tries to bait you, don’t play along. For example, stop engaging in tiresome debates about whom Mom loves best.当你的试图挑衅你,钓你上钩的时候,不要接招。例如,不要争论母亲最爱谁这种没营养的话题。STEP 5 Give yourself credit5.给自己记分Give yourself credit for handling sibling rivalry as well as you have. After all, the same can’t be said of Cain and Abel.为自己成功地解决的问题记分。毕竟,该隐和阿贝尔不可相提并论。On personality tests, first-born siblings tend to be more responsible, but later-born siblings score higher on being agreeable.在性格测试中,先出生的通常更有责任感,而后出生的在令人愉快方面得分更高。视频听力译文由。 /201503/365022

栏目介绍:搞笑英语轻松学通过不同的搞笑生活片段来学习日常口语,领域涉及生活的各个方面,让我们既可以学习到地道的口语,还能够爆笑一番。快来看看吧。 Article/201508/389963

Parade sends message of peace阅兵仪式传递维护世界和平诚意CCTV reporter Han Bin has interviewed the Defense Attache at the Pakistani Embassy, Brigadier Hassan Hayat, at the viewing platform at Tian#39;anmen Square.CCTV记者韩斌在天安门广场的观看台采访到了巴基斯坦使馆国防武官哈桑·哈亚特准将。Hassan says China#39;s parade sends a message for peace, and a growing China will be beneficial for the stability in the region.哈桑表示中国的此次阅兵传达出和平的信息,而且不断强大的中国对该地区的稳定是非常有益的。 译文属 Article/201509/397136I#39;m starting this week just over two thousand years ago, with the great empires of Europe and Asia两千多年前,欧亚大陆出现了几大帝国:empires whose legacies are still strongly felt in the world today-the Roman Empire in the West, the Empire of Ashoka in India, and the Han Dynasty in China.西方的罗马帝国,印度的阿育王朝和中国的汉朝。直到今天,它们巨大的影响力仍未消亡。In this age of great rulers, I#39;ll be looking at how power is constructed and projected.这些帝国的权力是如何构建完成并行使的呢?Military might is just the beginning-you might say it#39;s the easy part.军事实力仅在帝国建立初期发挥作用,而武力征通常也是最容易完成的一部分。How does a ruler stamp his authority on the very minds of his subjects?统治者如何才能把自己的权威烙印在臣民的头脑里?As always, images are more effective than words, and the most effective of all images are those that we see so often that we hardly notice them.在这方面,图像往往比文字有力得多。而最有效的图像便是货币上的,这是人们时常接触但又不会太注意的东西。The ambitious ruler shapes the currency: the message is in the money.野心勃勃的统治者铸造了钱币,将信息记载其上,就算本人早已离开人世,钱币上的信息却能长存。 Article/201410/336277

The educational materials presented here were developed本片呈现的教育材料by students and faculty of the Department是由爱荷华州立大学of Food Science and Human Nutrition食物科学和人类营养学学院at Iowa State University. Funding for this project的学生和教员总结完成的was provided by grants from the American Cancer Society本项目由中西部美国癌症协会Midwest and the Lance Armstrong Foundation.和兰斯·阿姆斯壮基金会出资赞助The materials are intended for本材料用于教育educational use and are not meant to provide而非医务用途medical advice. We welcome your feedback我们欢迎您对本材料做出反馈about these materials. Please use the evaluation请登录首页survey link on the homepage点击评估调查链接to provide your comments and suggestions.提供您的和建议This presentation will provide an overview本课件将会概述of the connections between physical activity运动与癌症风险的关系and cancer risk. There is substantial evidence充足的据表明that active people have lower risk of several forms爱运动的人,癌症的患病率比较低of cancer and that an active lifestyle promotes health.爱运动的生活方式有助于健康Through this information I hope to increase通过这些信息,希望能够增强your understanding of these connections which will你们对于这些关联的理解help you make decisions for your own lifestyle.帮助你们在生活方式上作出正确选择Studies have consistently shown that active一直以来的研究表明,运动型生活方式lifestyles reduce the risks for many chronic diseases.能够降低许多慢性病的风险Today we will clearly define an active lifestyle vs.今天,我们将清晰的定义运动型生活方式a sedentary lifestyle which may allow you to和久坐的生活方式determine your status. Identify the ways它们也许能够决定你的状态physical activity may decrease risk for认识到运动能够降低certain cancers and identify reasonable某些癌症的风险,并制定合理的and achievable exercise goals.简单易行的锻炼目标The American Institute for Cancer Research,美国癌症研究院,简称为AICRthe AICR defines physical activity as any activity定义运动为任何涉及到that involves movement using the skeletal muscles.骨骼肌的身体运动Skeletal muscles are those muscles that are attached骨骼肌是附着于骨骼的肌肉to bones, ones that the individual has conscious个体可以有意识地控制骨骼肌control over. Physical activity can further be运动可以在强度层面上defined by levels of intensity. These range from被进一步定义,即运动分为中度和剧烈运动moderate to vigorous along a continuum.强度在两者之间变化Examples of moderate intensity include walking中等强度的运动包括at a pace of 3.5 miles per hour, golfing以每小时3.5英里走路while carrying your clubs, recreational swimming,拿着球棍打高尔夫球,性游泳biking at a pace of 5 to 9 miles per hour以每小时5至9公里的速度骑自行车and washing the floors and windows.以及擦地板和擦窗户Some vigorous activities would be running at一些剧烈运动包括,以每小时5英里的速度跑步a 5 mile per hour pace, swimming laps,赛道游泳,网球单打singles tennis, biking more than 10 miles per hour,以大于每小时10英里的速度骑自行车circuit weight training and pushing furniture.循环重量练习法以及搬家具Not every activity is listed. So how do you tell还有许多其他的运动,那么which category the physical activity你怎样才能区分运动的类别呢you are doing falls under? The answer would be是谈话测试the talk test. The AICR lists this as a simple way美国癌症研究所将它作为to estimate the intensity of any activity. If you运动强度的一种简单方式can sing while doing your activity, this is light如果你能在运动的同时唱歌,那么它就是轻度运动intensity. If you can carry on a conversation easily如果你能在运动时不费力气地讲话while doing your activity this is moderate intensity.那么它就是中度运动And if you have a difficult time talking, you may如果在运动时很难讲话become winded or out of breath while doing气喘吁吁,上气不接下气your activity this is the vigorous intensity activity.那么它就是剧烈运动 Article/201508/394269TED演讲者们对这个世界各抒己见。 Article/201505/373016Clack returned to Cambridge with dozens of tetrapod fossils.Clack带着许多四足动物化石回到了剑桥It meant that at last someone else would be able to do original work in the field of how we got our legs,这意味着其他人终于可以对我们长出腿的事件进行初步研究but the true importance of the trip did not emerge until 1990但是这趟旅程的重要性直到1990年才显露出来when a colleague, Mike Coats, started work on the specimen she#39;d almost thrown away, the acanthostega.当时她的同事Mike Coats正开始研究这件几乎被她丢弃的标本,棘螈He started to dig its hand out of the rock and he expected, of course, to find just five fingers.他开始清除前爪周围的石头,当然,他希望看到5根趾The first thing he found on this block was a finger. This digit here.他在这块区域找到的第一样东西是一根足趾,就是这根趾So we#39;ve got a number of finger bones aligned along the edge of this block.我们可以看到这个地方排列着好几根趾Then he continued with the preparation. He found the next finger which is here with its end curled over后来他继续清理,他在这里发现了第二根趾,趾尖是弯曲的and then a third similarly with this crooked finger end and a fourth, again with that,接着是第三根,同样也有类似弯曲的趾尖,第四根,也是如此and then there#39;s a gap and then he went on to find another finger. Individual finger bones are really quite clear接下来是一段空隙,他又找出了另一根趾头,每段趾骨都清晰可见and that makes a total of five, but he still had all this area here to prepare so instead of stopping这样他就找全了5根趾,但他还需要剖析这片区域,所以他没有停下来he went on to clean up the rest of this area and lo and behold here is another digit, so that makes six他继续清理剩下的部分,瞧,这看起来又是一根趾头,这样就是6根了and he expected to finish there and then to his amazement here#39;s a seventh and finally an eighth.他以为这样就结束了,但是让他吃惊的是,这里还有第七根趾,最后是第八根What? But it was true. Acanthostega had eight fingers on one hand.怎么会这样?但这却是事实,棘螈的一个爪子上有8根趾 Article/201702/494475

How I recovered The Scream名画《呐喊》遭窃及寻回的故事The Scream was stolen by a bunch of Oslo no-hopers. I suppose you could say it was a Norwegian organized crime—two men and a ladder. I was one of a number of police officers that help recover it. There were both Norwegian and British police officers from London.《呐喊》被奥斯陆一群一事无成的人给偷走。我想你可以说它是个挪威人组织的犯罪--两个男人和一把梯子。我是帮忙寻回画作的几个警察其中一人。有挪威的警察,也有从伦敦来的英国警方。This particular, original version of The Scream was painted in 1893. Central figure, riven by angst, thinking that this blood-red sky was coming through his brain. And Munch was mad enough to paint it.《呐喊》这幅特殊、最初的版本是在1893年所画。中间的人物,受到不安所撕裂,认为这片血红色的天空要穿过他的脑袋。而孟克也够疯狂才会去画它。That particular version, the original version—he blew out a candle on it. I made a particular point of memorizing exactly how these candle wax and drops looked.那特别的版本、最初的版本--他在它上头吹熄一根蜡烛。我特别努力的去记起来这些蜡油和烛泪确切看起来是什么样子。One of the world#39;s most famous modern paintings, The Scream by Edvard Munch, has been stolen from...世界最知名的现代画作之一,孟克的《呐喊》,遭窃...They went up the ladder and fell off, and then went up again and broke the window and went in to collect the painting. At Scotland Yard, on the Monday we came up with a plan: just pose as the representatives of the J. Paul Getty Museum in California, and tell these guys there#39;s money to be handed if they#39;ll give us the picture back.他们爬上梯子,跌了下来,然后他们再次爬上去,打破玻璃,并进去拿画。在苏格兰场(伦敦警察局),星期一我们想出了一个计画:就假装是加州盖提美术馆的代表,并告诉这些家伙如果他们把画拿回来给我们,就有钱可以给他们。The character I came up with, Chris Roberts, he was a slightly dodgy, Mid-Atlantic accented art dealer, who#39;s doing some buying for the Getty Museum in Europe. So I had a minder, who we portrayed as an English gangster living in Amsterdam.我想出的角色, Chris Roberts,他是个有点狡猾,带有大西洋中部口音的艺术商,他在欧洲为盖提美术馆做些收购。所以我有个保镖,我们将他扮成住在阿姆斯特丹的英国黑道。What we did in this particular case was to go from a person who knew someone who knew someone else, and just follow that chain until we eventually got to the people who control the painting.我们在这次特殊案件中做的是,从一个认识某个认识另外一个人的人开始,并就跟着那串人脉直到我们最终抵达握有那幅画的人。When I finally met the bad guys, I had to convince them that the Getty Museum would pay to recover the painting. The Norwegian criminals were on tenterhooks, and I spent entire time trying to calm them down.当我终于见到那些坏人时,我必须要说他们盖提美术馆会出钱赎回那幅画。那些挪威罪犯胆颤心惊,我花了所有时间试着让他们冷静下来。And eventually they rang me quite late about 11:30, I would guess, or close, that night in my room and said, ;Right, we#39;re gonna do it now.; And I told them I was...no way I was going out in the midnight to walk in the wildwoods with them to get this thing back. We have to do in the morning.最后他们在颇晚的时候打给我,大约十一点半,我猜,或接近那时,那一晚在我的房间内,并说:“好的,我们要现在交易。”我告诉他们我...我不可能在半夜出去,和他们走到丛林里去拿回这东西。我们必须在早上交易。In the morning, we went down to where the dodgy art dealer had a summer house. In the summer house, the painting was downstairs. Underneath the carpet in the kitchen, there was a set of stairs down to the basement. And they then asked me did I want to get in that cellar.在早上,我们到了那个狡猾的艺术商有个避暑小屋的地方。在避暑小屋中,那幅画在楼下。在厨房的地毯下方,有道楼梯通往地下室。他们接着问我想不想下去,去那个地窖。I could do it without being on their next Christmas, so I told them that in, you know, what#39;s called Anglo-Saxon vernacular which he understood. So he went down and got the picture, brought it up, and he laid it on the dining room table. And, bang, there was the picture.我下去的话,在他们的下一次圣诞节之前才能搞定,所以我这样告诉他们,你知道,用他们了解的所谓盎格鲁萨克逊方言。所以他下去拿了那幅画,带上楼,他将它放在餐桌上。然后,嘭,就是那幅画。I knew the picture was right straight away because I checked the wax, a little soggy. A masterpiece would tell you itself that it#39;s a masterpiece. It just jumps out at you.我马上就知道这幅画是对的,因为我检查了蜡油,有点点潮湿。一幅杰作会自己告诉你它是幅杰作。它就会一下子吸引住你。I rang back to Oslo, told them I had it, barricaded myself in the hotel. Sure enough after an hour or so, the central detective unit in Oslo turned up in where I#39;m barricaded, the room, and there was the picture. And I walked down actually on to the pier. And I just thought to myself, Done it! Good!我打电话回奥斯陆,告诉他们我拿到它了,将我自己锁在旅馆里。果然在大约一小时后,奥斯陆的中央侦查中心出现在我藏身的地方、那房间,画就在那里。我实际上走下去来到那个码头。我就自己想着,做到了!很棒!It#39;s exhilarating to get what you#39;re going for back. I can actually recover these things, and it feels like that I#39;m doing my bit of creation.能把你在寻找的东西找回来是很令人振奋的。我可以确实将这些东西找回来,这感觉就像我在做我自己的一点创作。 Article/201502/359246Kiev:Seven soldiers killed in past 24 hours基辅方面称过去一天已造成7名士兵死亡A spokesman from the Kiev military has confirmed that seven Ukrainian soldiers have been killed and 23 others wounded in fighting in Ukraine#39;s eastern regions during the past 24 hours.基辅军方的一名发言人实乌克兰东部地区过去24小时内的战事已造成7名乌克兰士兵死亡、23人受伤。Anatoly Stelmakh said in a televised briefing that there was an increase in rebel attacks on Ukrainian positions on Monday night.安托列斯泰尔马克在一场电视报告中称,周一晚间乌克兰方面的叛军袭击事件有所增加。Another spokesman said government forces had come under rebel attack on 87 separate occasions since Monday, with fighting particularly intense around the town of Debaltseve-a major rail and road junction northeast of the city of Donetsk.另一位发言人表示自周一以来政府军的87个不同地区受到叛军袭击,其中战况尤为激烈的地区是位于顿涅斯克市东北地区铁路及公路重要交汇的杰巴利采沃镇周边地区。 Article/201502/359532栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201504/368491

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