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Rob asked Feifei to meet him in the studio. But what was it for? Find out in the programme.罗布让菲菲来演播室见他。是为了什么呢?请收听本期节目并找出。Note: This is not a word-for-word transcript.注:音频与文本并不完全对应。Feifei: Hello everyone. Hello Rob. Im here.菲菲:大家好。你好,罗布,我来了。Rob: Oh, hello Feifei. Now... what are you doing here?罗布:哦,你好,菲菲。你现在来这里做什么?Feifei: You told me to come by. Here I am and... well, why do you need me here?菲菲:你让我过来。所以我来了,不过你为什么让我来这里?Rob: Well, Feifei, I wanted to... I needed to... well... you had to come here because...罗布:嗯,菲菲,我想……我需要……嗯……我让你来这里的原因是……Feifei: Because?菲菲:原因是什么?Rob: I dont know! My minds gone blank!罗布:我不知道!我的大脑突然一片空白!Feifei: Youve forgotten?!菲菲:你忘了吗?Rob: Yes. When you say my minds gone blank it means that suddenly youve completely forgotten what you were about to do or say. Here are some examples of how to use this phrase.罗布:对。当你说“my minds gone blank”时,意思是你突然完全忘了你要做什么或者要说什么。下面是一些应用这个短语的例句。Examples例句I didnt do well in the job interview. When they asked me why I wanted to work there my mind went blank. I wasnt sure why Id applied for that particular job at all!我在求职面试中的表现不好。他们为我为什么要在那个公司工作时,我的大脑突然一片空白。我完全不知道我为什么要申请那个工作了!Alan failed the exam. He studied hard but when he got into the classroom to take it he was so nervous that his mind went blank. But he is a good student so his teacher might give him a second chance.艾伦考试不及格。他学习很努力,可是他在教室考试时太紧张了,以致于他的大脑突然一片空白。不过他是名好学生,所以他的老师可能会再给他一次机会。Feifei: Hmmm... that is a useful expression. Sometimes my mind goes blank too. English can be a difficult language. So many words but... well, thats the English we speak...菲菲:嗯……这是一个有用的表达方式。有时我的大脑也会突然一片空白。英语是个非常难的语言。有许多词,不过……这就是地道英语……Rob: Yes! Yes! Thats it! I remember it now!罗布:对!对!就是这个!我现在想起来了!Feifei: What?菲菲:什么?Rob: I called you here for us to present The English We Speak!罗布:我让你过来一起主持地道英语节目!Feifei: Great, Rob! So I can leave now.菲菲:太好了,罗布!那我现在可以走了。Rob: Why do you want to leave?罗布:你为什么要走?Feifei: Because the programmes finished, Rob, its done. 菲菲:因为节目已经结束了,罗布,节目结束了。Rob: How come?罗布:为什么?Feifei: My minds gone blank was todays expression in The English We Speak!菲菲:My minds gone blank就是今天地道英语节目要讲的表达方式!Rob: Ah... I see. OK.罗布:啊……我明白了。好。Both: Bye!二人一起:再见! 译文属 /201505/376010

unit 574买药片dialogue 英语情景对话A:How do I take the tablets?A:这种药片怎么用啊?B:Please take 2 tablets each time, 4 times a day.B:一次两片,一日四次。A:How do I take the sucking lozenges?A:那这种含片呢?B:Please put one under your tongue, do not swallow it.B:请放在舌头底下,不要吞咽。A:How do I take the pills?A:那这种丸药呢?B:Please dissolve one pill in water before taking it.B:前请将药丸放在水中溶化。A:Well, thanks very much.A:好,真是太谢谢了。B:Youre welcome.B:不客气。 /201610/464707

unit 165 拒绝催促建议dialogue英语情景对话A: Your teacher has left you not very much homework this weekend.A:老师这周末给你们留的作业不太多啊。B: Yes.B:是的。A: My advice would be to finish it at once.A:我的建议是立刻做完。B: Its unnecessary.B:没必要。 /201508/393159

Todd: Hello, Im here with Frederick. Now Frederick, you went to university in Canada?托德:大家好,今天我要和弗雷德里克聊聊。弗雷德里克,你是在加拿大念的大学?Fred: Thats right, Todd.弗雷德:是的,托德。Todd: OK, and you have very strong views about universities in Canada. Can you please explain?托德:好,那你很了解加拿大的大学。你能介绍一下吗?Fred: OK, well, let me just give you a general idea of how education works in Canada. We dont have private universities in Canada. Theyre all public. Now what that means is that the universities are owned by the government, so there is the Ministry of Education thats in charge of creating the curriculum for the universities and so theres not much room for flexibility and since its a government operated institution, things dont move very fast. If you want something to be done then their workers do not have so much incentive to help you because hes a worker for the government, and so I think its not very efficient, however there are certain advantages of public universities, such as the fees being free, you dont have to pay for your education and so its open for everybody and thats also one of Canadas main idea is to provide free education to everybody, but the system is slow. It is inefficient and does not work that well.弗雷德:我来介绍一下加拿大的教育情况。加拿大没有私立大学,全是公立大学。这表明所有大学都是政府运营的,加拿大教育部负责大学课程的设置,大学是政府运营的机构,所以灵活空间有限,事情进展的速度不会太快。如果你想做件事,工作人员没有太大的积极性去帮助你,因为他是政府工作人员,我认为这样就导致效率不太高,不过公立大学也有优点,比如学费免费,你不用交纳教育费用,公立大学面向所有人开放,加拿大教育体系的核心内容之一就是为所有人提供免费教育,不过这种体系效率不高。不仅效率低,而且效果不太好。Todd: But, yeah, I can see your point but in the ed States we have many private universities and I think theyre large bureaucracies also and maybe people dont act that much differently because somebody working for a private university, its the same thing. They get paid for their job. I dont know if theyre that much more motivated to help people. Also, we have a problem in the ed States that usually only wealthy kids go to the best schools and its kind of a problem actually.托德:我明白你的观点,我们美国有很多私立大学,我认为私立大学也是庞大的官僚机构,而且工作人员的行为看起来没什么不同,因为为私立大学工作没什么不一样的。他们通过工作获得薪水。我不知道他们在提供帮助时是否有积极性。美国的问题是,只有有钱人家的孩子才能去好学校,这是问题所在。Fred: I agree with you. I think that it is a problem because youre not giving the same equal access to education to everybody, only a few selected people can go to the best and the others go to the maybe less good universities. I agree with you that its not easy but having only public universities might not be the best solution. Perhaps providing public university but also private university such as Japan for example where they have a system of private and public universities. Now, in Japan public university are considered to be the best and private universities are considered to be less good than public universities.弗雷德:我同意你的看法。我认为这的确是个问题,因为这样没有让所有人享有同等的受教育权利,只有特定的少数人才能去好学校,而其他人只能去一般的学校。我同意你的观点,这个问题不容易解决,不过我觉得只有公立大学不设置私立大学可能并不是最好的解决方法。也许像日本这种既有公立大学又有私立大学的教育体系是种解决方法。日本的公立大学被认为是最好的学校,而私立大学则不如公立大学好。Todd: Right. Its the exact opposite in the States.托德:对,这与美国的情况完全相反。Fred: So, as you see, its hard to see which one is better.弗雷德:可见,很难说哪种体系更好。Todd: Right, good point.托德:对,你说的没错。 译文属 /201601/419478

1 Flower Shop Doalogue1 花店 对话Today is Julias birthday, so Steven goes into a flower shop to buy flowers for her.今天是茱莉娅的生日,所以史蒂文进了一家花店去给她买花。Florist: Hello! Can I help you?卖花人:您好,需要帮忙吗?Steven: Today is my wifes birthday, so I want to buy a bouquet for her.史蒂文:今天是我太太的生日。所以我想买一束花给她。Florist: What kind of flowers do you want?卖花人:您想要什么花?Steven: I have no idea.史蒂文:我还没有主意。Florist: How about rose? Its the most suitable one for lovers.卖花人:玫瑰怎么样?它是最适合送给爱人的。Steven: But rose is too common.史蒂文:但是玫瑰太普通了。Florist: Well, what about violet? It means the eternal beauty.卖花人:那么紫罗兰怎么样?它的花语是永恒的美丽。Steven: It looks good. Pack me a bouquet of violet, please.史蒂文:荇起来不错,请给我拿一束。 /201506/383584

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