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I was in Tunisia.I was at college.那是在突尼斯 大学的时候 We went on this two-week trip and staying locally in this beautiful village.我们去旅行两周 我们待在当地一个美丽的村庄And the people were great.I arrived the first day and I had to go and I went in and they didnt have like a toilet.当地人很好 我第一天到了 我想去厕所 结果他们没有厕所There was just a hole in the floor.where you have to kind of squat down.只有旱厕 得蹲着上And something happened with my body,It just went no,thats not going to happen.我的身体就起反应了 拒绝了这种事Nope.Didnt want to do that.I didnt go.I didnt think about it.不行 我不想那么做 我就没上 我都没想到这事It was a little full at the end of the two weeks.两周之后 感觉肚子里慢慢的Then arrived back home in Denmark and I got home and within 28 seconds I was on the toilet.And it was,it was good.然后我回到了丹麦 不到28秒 我就上了厕所 感觉好舒畅It feels good sharing.I never told this story before.And I,wow.说出来感觉棒棒哒 这故事我从来没说过 现在Thank you.Something rotten in the state of Denmark.谢谢你 丹麦要坏掉了All right.I have to ask you,you are from Denmark.I am.Have you been?好吧 我要问你 你是丹麦人 是的 你去过吗You know,I have not.Its one of the things,I love my job,absolutely love this job.没有 我喜欢我的工作But because of the constraints of being here,I dont get to travel as much as I would like to.但我必须一直待在这里 我不能常出去旅游thats the only downside to this gig.and so I have never been to Denmark.I would love to go.这是这份工作唯一的坏处 我没去过丹麦 我很像去看看I dont think Americans,I dont think we know that much about Denmark.我觉得美国人 不是很了解丹麦What are misconceptions or what are thing thats would surprise us.美国人对丹麦有哪些误解和不了解之处We used to be the happiest people in the world.But we slipped down to third apparently.我们以前曾是最快乐的人 但现在排在第三位了Yeah,Do you know why?I have no idea.Right.I have no idea.Probably constipation.知道为什么吗 不知道 不知道 可能是因为便秘201608/460088Workers in Turkey土耳其工人Not so safe不太安全Turkeys building and mining boom raises questions about workers safety土耳其建筑业和矿业的繁荣也给工人们的安全带了了问题“THAT building was erected on my brothers blood,” Damla Kiyak, a 20-year-old student, declares. Two years ago her 30-year-old brother, Baris, a construction worker, burned to death, with ten others, in a tent on the site of a shopping mall in Esenyurt. This urban sprawl on the outskirts of Istanbul is a symbol of the building boom that is enriching Turkeys businessmen and politicians—and claiming the lives of thousands.“那座建筑正建立在我兄弟的血肉之上,”年仅20的学生达姆拉·基亚克如是宣称。两年前她30岁的兄长巴里斯与其他10名建筑工人在Esenyurt的购物中心建筑工地的一个帐篷里被烧死。伊斯坦布尔郊区的这种城市扩张现象正是建筑业繁荣的一个标志,这也为土耳其的商人和政客们带来益处,但有数以千计的生命作为代价。The tent in which Baris died was meant for 50 people, but over 100 were crammed into it. They jammed electric blankets and stoves into a power outlet meant for telephone chargers. The tent was flammable. “Inspectors kept warning the owners that a fire was around the corner. They did nothing,” says Ms Kiyak, whose mother was approached by the firm to buy her silence. A legal fight over negligence by the owner continues.巴里斯丧命的那个帐篷原本是只能容纳50人,但却被强制塞进了超过100人。他们通过一个原本用作手机充电的插座用来共用电热毯和炉子。帐篷是可燃物。“检察员一直都在警告住户火灾随时都会发生,但他们无动于衷,”基亚克称。公司试图收买她的妈妈使其保持沉默。关于巴里斯所属公司的疏忽的合法控诉还在继续。At least 14,455 workers have died in industrial accidents since the Justice and Development (AK) party came to power in 2002. “Turkey has the worst worker safety record in Europe,” says Murat Cakir of Yangin Kulesi, an advocacy group. The neglect was revealed by a recent mine explosion in Soma, which killed 302, the highest toll in Turkish history. There was no refuge chamber; oxygen masks did not work; methane leaks and fires occurred daily.自正义与发展党(AK)于2002年掌权后,至少有14455名工人死于工业事故。“在欧洲,土耳其的工人安全问题最严重,”来自宣传小组Yangin Kulesi的穆拉特·卡吉尔如是说道。这种疏忽因为最近索马的一场矿井爆炸而被揭露出来,那场爆炸致使302人死亡,伤亡人数创土耳其历史最高。在那个矿井里没有救生硐室,氧气面罩也不管用,每天都有甲烷泄漏和火灾发生。In October in Ermenek, another mining town, 18 miners died when a shaft flooded. “My son doesnt know how to swim,” cried a mother as rescue teams worked. Leaks had been detected, yet the owners did nothing, pushing workers to the limit. Miners talk of being forced to urinate in water bottles to save time.10月,在另一个矿业城镇埃尔梅内,18名矿工克死于传送轴淹没。“我的儿子不会游泳,”当救援队救援时,一位母亲哀嚎。泄露的隐患早就被检测出来了,但是矿主无动于衷,仍旧将矿工们逼入绝境。矿工们称他们被强迫在水瓶内小便以节省时间。“Safety inspectors typically tip off owners, palms are greased,” explains Erbay Yucak, a lawyer helping Ms Kiyak. “But previous governments seem less corrupt only because the economy was far smaller.” AK has rammed through laws to punish negligent employers, but Ahmet Davutoglu, the prime minister, concedes that to improve safety “mentalities must change”.“安全检查员尤其和那些老板们暗中勾结,收取贿赂,”帮助基亚克的一名律师Erbay Yucak解释道:“但是以前的政府没这么腐败只是因为经济没有现在这么发达。”AK强行通过法律来向疏忽的雇主们施压,但是总理艾哈迈德·达甫托鲁承认为了提高安全质量“心态必须做出改变”。In Esenyurt danger lurks in a high-voltage line near a cluster of new high-rise blocks. “Crime, drugs, pollution, unemployment, ethnic tensions, Syrian refugees. Its all there,” says Ayse Cavdar, a social anthropologist. Esenyurt is a recruiting ground for jihadists, who are said to have been behind arson attacks on two Shia mosques in the summer. “Most people buy these flats online. They have no idea of the dangers,” says Atakan Ciftci, an opposition councillor.在Esenyurt危险潜伏在一根靠近集群的新高楼街区的高压线中。“犯罪、毒品、污染、失业、种族关系紧张以及叙利亚难民。全都集中在那儿。”社会人类学家Ayse Cavdar称。Esenyurt是圣战者的招募园地,这些圣战者们据说是夏天两起什叶派清真寺纵火案的幕后凶手。“大多数人上网买这些旗帜。他们对危险一无所知,”反对派议员Atakan Ciftci称。The government is reviving plans for a shopping centre at Gezi Park that triggered lethal protests last year. The president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is building an extravagant new palace in Ankara. The culture ministry wants a madrassa in the courtyard of the Haghia Sophia museum. Might this boost AKs hopes of converting the old church into a mosque?政府正在重新计划在加济公园一家购物中心,这一计划在去年引发了强烈抗议。总统埃尔多安正在安卡拉修建一座极为豪华的新宫殿。文化部想要在Haghia Sophia物馆拥有的土地上修建一所伊斯兰学校。这会帮助AK达成将老教堂转变为一个清真寺的希望吗?译者:邵夏沁 校对:王颖译文属译生译世 /201412/347354

He is looking and go And that‘s paparazzi right there.他看着那人 想着 那人一定是仔Do you see?do you see there is a curtain there?你看到了吗 那个帘子Thats just have flap happen to fly up.帘子正好飘起来Thats when the guy,the little wesley guy in the boat.就在这时 仔就是船里那个带着婴儿 who has a baby on board to pretend they are just ;fishing;.假装他们正在钓鱼的狡猾的家伙Wow - So gross these people Thats... - I know I know.But wait a minute.哇哦 -这些人太恶心了 这 -我知道的 但 等等So he was just waiting thinking that...他就站在那儿等着Yeah. It was a windy particular windy day,and it flapped up.对 那天风很大 把帘子都吹起来了So thats how they got their little moment.所以他们才抓住了这个机会So Justin was just staring at that flap before he came up?所以帘子飘起来之前 贾斯汀一直盯着那块布吗He was standing there staring at the flap?Justin was having..yes, deep thoughts.他就一直站在那儿盯着那块布吗 他正在 思考人生Hes in deep thoughts and he is just sort of stares out.贾斯汀沉思时就会盯着一些东西看And if there was the ocean, he would been stare at that.如果是大海 他也会盯着看的Anything - The thoughts was so interesting,任何东西都可以 -他的想法很有趣he didnt care what he is staring at.他也不在乎他在看什么 /201512/417941

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