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TED演讲视频:讲故事的技术iPad的讲故事人乔·萨比亚介绍给我们一位发明家--罗萨·梅根多尔弗尔。他生活在上个世纪,为讲好故事而创造了一个新技术:立体书。萨比亚展示了新技术是怎样从洞穴壁画直到他台上使用的iPad,来帮助我们讲述故事的。201703/500334TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201608/457811Two miles up, the crumbling precipices seem devoid of life.两英里高的碎石崖上似乎不可能有生命存在But there are animals here. A grizzly bear.可是那里仍有动物。一只灰熊It seems to be an odd creature to find on these high rocky slopes.很奇怪这样的动物为何会爬到如此高的碎石斜坡上Its hard to imagine what could have attracted it here.真不知道这里有什么吸引着它At this time of the year, bears should be fattening up for the winter,在每年的这个时候,熊必须为越冬储备脂肪yet they gather in some numbers on these apparently barren slopes.然而却有一定数量的灰熊聚集在这片不毛之地Theyre searching for a rather unusual food. Moths.它们正在寻找一种很特别的食物。飞蛾Millions have flown up here to escape the heat of the lowlands and theyre now roosting among the rocks.为了躲避低洼地带的炎热,数百万只飞蛾抵达此地,栖身于岩石缝隙之中Moths may seem a meagre meal for a bear,飞蛾似乎并不足以填饱熊的肚子but their bodies are rich in fat and can make all the difference in a bears annual struggle for survival.但它们身体内富含脂肪,直接关系到灰熊每年冬天的生存能力。201703/499493

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201611/477508

栏目简介:The German musical ;Mozart; is coming to Shanghai later this year with a modern take on the famous composers lifetime struggles. Huang Yue has more...201704/499933In the late 17th century, a medical student named Johannes Hofer noticed a strange illness affecting Swiss mercenaries serving abroad.在17世纪末期 一名叫约翰·霍弗尔的医学生发现一种困扰着在海外役的瑞士兵的怪病Its symptoms, including fatigue, insomnia, irregular heartbeat, indigestion,其症状包括 疲惫 失眠 心率不齐 消化不良and fever were so strong, the soldiers often had to be discharged.以及高烧 由于病情太严重 有的士兵必须被迫退役As Hofer discovered, the cause was not some physical disturbance, but an intense yearning for their mountain homeland.霍弗尔研究发现 这些症状不是由一些身体的不适引起的而是因为他们太思念自己的家乡He dubbed the condition nostalgia, from the Greek ;nostos; for homecoming and ;algos; for pain or longing.他称之为乡愁 nostos来源于希腊语回家一词 algos则意为疼痛或渴望At first, nostalgia was considered a particularly Swiss affliction.一开始 乡愁被认定为典型的瑞士病Some doctors proposed that the constant sound of cowbells in the Alps caused trauma to the ear drums and brain.一些医生觉得是阿尔卑斯山上奶牛脖子上的铃声对士兵的耳膜和大脑造成了直接损伤Commanders even forbade their soldiers from singing traditional Swiss songs for fear that theyd lead to desertion or suicide.指挥官甚至禁止士兵唱传统的瑞士歌曲担心他们分神或自杀But as migration increased worldwide, nostalgia was observed in various groups.但是随着世界上移民数量的增加 在不同的人群中发现了他们都会有乡愁It turned out that anyone separated from their native place for a long time was vulnerable to nostalgia.事实明 无论是谁只要跟自己的家乡分开很长一段时间就很容易产生乡愁And by the early 20th century, professionals no longer viewed it as a neurological disease,在20世纪初 专家们不再把它看做是一种精神上的疾病but as a mental condition similar to depression.而是把它看做一种类似于抑郁的心理状态Psychologists of the time speculated that it represented difficulties letting go of childhood,那时心理学家猜测乡愁代表着对童年记忆的难以割舍or even a longing to return to ones fetal state.甚至是对婴儿时期的向往But over the next few decades, the understanding of nostalgia changed in two important ways.但是 在接下来的几十年里对乡愁的理解有了两种重要的改变Its meaning expanded from indicating homesickness to a general longing for the past.乡愁的含义将单纯的思乡延伸到对回到过去的一种普遍的渴望And rather than an awful disease, it began to be seen as a poignant and pleasant experience.有别于讨人厌的疾病 乡愁开始被视为一场深刻而愉快的经历Perhaps the most famous example of this was captured by French author Marcel Proust.法国作家马塞尔普鲁斯特在其着作(《追忆似水年华》)中描绘的乡愁可能是最着名的例子吧He described how tasting a madeleine cake he had not eaten since childhood triggered a cascade of warm and powerful sensory associations.他描述了由一块自童年以后再没吃过的玛德琳蛋糕而联想起来的童年里一系列温馨感人的场景So what caused such a major reversal in our view of nostalgia?所以是什么造成了我们对乡愁看法的巨大改变呢Part of it has to do with science.很大一部分原因是科学的发展Psychology shifted away from pure theory and towards more careful and systematic empirical observation.心理学不再是纯理论而是更加谨慎和系统的实观察So professionals realized that many of the negative symptoms may have been simply correlated with nostalgia rather than caused by it.所以专家们意识到很多的消极症状很可能仅仅是与乡愁有关而不是由乡愁导致的And, in fact, despite being a complex emotional state that can include feelings of loss and sadness,事实上 尽管乡愁是一种带有失落和悲伤的复杂情绪状态nostalgia doesnt generally put people in a negative mood.但是 通常乡愁并不会导致消极情绪Instead, by allowing individuals to remember personally meaningful and rewarding experiences相反 通过让人记住有意义的事情they shared with others, nostalgia can boost psychological well-being.以及与他人分享经验乡愁可以促进心理健康Studies have shown that inducing nostalgia in people can help increase their feelings of self-esteem and social belonging,研究表明 怀有乡愁的人更易建立自尊心和社会归属感encourage psychological growth, and even make them act more charitably.以及促进心理的成熟甚至促使他们做更多慈善So rather than being a cause of mental distress, nostalgia can be a restorative way of coping with it.所以与其说乡愁是心理疾病的一种诱因不如说它是应对心理疾病的恢复方式they tend to naturally use nostalgia to reduce distress and restore well-being.他们倾向于通过自然的怀旧来减少痛苦和恢复健康Today, it seems that nostalgia is everywhere,如今 乡愁无处不在partially because advertisers have discovered how powerful it is as a marketing technique.一些原因是广告商们发现利用人们的乡愁作为一种市场营销手段很有用Its tempting to think of this as a sign of us being stuck in the past, but thats not really how nostalgia works.使人们相信这只是人们沉浸于过去无法自拔的一种表现 而不是真的想念家乡了Instead, nostalgia helps us remember that our lives can have meaning and value, helping us find the confidence and motivation to face the challenges of the future.相反乡愁能帮助我们相信生活是有意义和价值的 帮助我们找到自信 给予我们面对未来挑战的积极性201706/512765

In this American English pronunciation , were going to talk about linking and the TH sound.在这个美式英语发音视频中,我们来讨论一下连读和TH音。Ive been getting a lot of questions about this recently.最近我收到了很多关于这个的问题。Understandable, since the TH sound is in some very common words, and linking is such an important concept in American English.这是可以理解的,因为TH音在很多单词里都很常见,而连读在美式英语里也是一个很重要的概念。Of course, I cant go over every combination of linking with the TH.But in this , were going to take 10 examples.当然,我不可能讲解每个带有TH音的连读组合。但是在这个视频里,我们会举10个例子。Well watch them in slow motion, and well discuss what the mouth is doing to link the sounds.我们将会看这些例子的慢动作,并且讨论在连读这些单词时嘴应该怎样做。Lets get started.;This thing.;Here were linking the S with the TH.让我们开始吧。;This thing.;这里是S音和TH音的连读。Here the tongue comes through for the first TH sound, tongue tip stays just behind the bottom teeth as they come together for the S, and the tongue comes through again for the TH.在这里,第一个TH音时舌头穿过上下两排牙齿,S音结束后牙齿合上时舌头停留在下排牙齿后面,然后在第二个TH音时舌头再次穿过牙齿。So the movement from the S to the TH is quite simple.因此,这个从S音到TH音的动作十分简单。Teeth go from being closed, with the tongue just behind the bottom teeth to parting with the tongue coming through.一开始牙齿是合着的,然后舌头停在下排牙齿后面,最后舌头再穿过牙齿。Lets watch again.;This thing.;Here were linking the Z with the voiced TH.;Was that.;让我们再看一遍。;This thing.;这里是Z音和TH音的连读。;Was that.;Even though the sounds are different than the previous example, the mouth position is the same for both sounds.即使这个音和先前的例子不同,嘴型都是相同的。However, in this case theres going to be a difference.然而,在这个情况下会有一点区别。Teeth close for the Z sound, but the tongue tip doesnt really come through the teeth for the TH.发Z音时牙齿合上,但在发TH音时舌尖并没有完全穿过牙齿。Thats because you can get away with making the voiced TH sound, especially at the beginning of an unstressed syllable, by pressing the tongue behind the closed teeth.这是因为在读发音的TH音时,尤其是在非重读音节之前,将舌尖放在合上的牙齿之后也是可以的。So, the tongue tip will press behind where the teeth come together, but not actually come all the way through like it does for the unvoiced TH.因此,舌尖要放在合上的牙齿之后,但并不像发音的TH音一样完全穿过牙齿。Lets watch again.;Was that.;Here Im linking a stop T with the voiced TH.Something interesting happens here.;Sit there.;让我们再看一遍。;Was that.;这里是顿音T和发音的TH音连读。这里发生了一些有趣的事情。;Sit there.;Rather than the tongue going up into the stop T position, it simply comes out of the vowel, straight into the TH position.舌头并没有到达顿音T的位置,而是在元音结束后直接到达了TH音的位置。However, I dont leave the stop T out. I still stop the sound before voicing the TH -- ;sit there, sit there; -- so that we get the feel for the stop T.然而,我没有把顿音T省略。我在发TH音之前会停顿——;sit there, sit there;——这样就有了顿音T的感觉。But rather than taking the tongue tip to the roof of the mouth, I make the stop while bringing the tongue tip through the teeth.但是我没有把舌尖放到上颚,我是在舌尖位于牙齿之间时停顿。Lets watch again.;Sit there.;Here were linking the V sound with the voiced TH.Its quite straightforward.让我们再看一遍。;Sit there.;这里是V音和发音的TH音连读。它十分简单。You will clearly see both mouth positions.;Of these.;Lets watch again.你会清晰地看到发两个音时的嘴型。;Of these.;让我们再看一遍。The bottom lip comes up making contact with the top teeth for the V sound, then the lip pulls down and the tongue comes through the teeth for the TH sound.发V音时,下唇要与上排牙齿接触,然后下唇放松,舌头穿过牙齿,发出TH音。;Of these.;Here were linking the P with the voiced TH.Again, its quite straightforward.Youll clearly see the mouth position of both sounds.;Of these.;这里是P音和发音的TH音连读。同样,它也十分简单。你会清晰地看到发两个音时的嘴型。;Hope the.;The lips come together to make the P, and as they part, the tongue tip comes through the teeth to make the TH.;Hope the.;双唇接触,发出P音,当它们分开时,舌尖穿过牙齿,发出TH音。Watch again.;Hope the.;Here were linking the unvoiced TH with the ST consonant cluster.;North star.;再看一遍。;Hope the.;这里是不发音的TH音与ST辅音集群的连读。;North star.;The tongue comes through the teeth, to make the TH.舌头穿过牙齿,发出TH音。Then the tongue tip pulls back and touches just behind the bottom of the front teeth while the teeth close to make the S sound.然后舌尖收回,在牙齿合上时碰到前排牙齿的下端,发出S音。Then the tongue tip will go up to the roof of the mouth to make the T.Lets watch again.;North star.;然后舌尖向上颚移动,发出T音。让我们再看一遍。;North star.;Here were connecting the unvoiced TH with the F consonant.Youll be able to clearly see both mouth positions.;With funny.;这里是不发音的TH音和辅音F连读。你会清晰地看到发两个音时的嘴型。;With funny.;Tongue comes through the teeth for the TH, and the bottom lip raises to touch the bottom of the front top teeth for the F sound.舌头穿过牙齿,发出TH音,然后下唇接触上排牙齿的下端,发出F音。Watch again.;With funny.;Here were connecting the unvoiced TH with the W consonant sound.;Both will.;再看一遍。;With funny.;这里是不发音的TH音与辅音W连读。;Both will.;Tongue comes through the teeth for the TH, then pulls back and the lips form the tight circle for the W while the tongue tip is just behind the bottom front teeth.舌头穿过牙齿,发出TH音,然后收回舌头,发W音时,双唇形成一个圆形,舌尖刚好在上排牙齿的下端。Watch again.;Both will.;Here well see the unvoiced TH linking to the K consonant sound.;Health code.;再看一遍。;Both will.;这里是不发音的TH音与辅音K连读。;Health code.;Tongue tip comes through the teeth for the TH.舌尖穿过牙齿,发出TH音。For the K, the tongue tip comes back in the mouth and goes down, touching behind the bottom front teeth.发K音时,舌尖移动到嘴的后面,并且向下接触上排牙齿的下端。The back part of the tongue raises and touches the soft palate, which is why you see a dark space in the mouth.舌根部分抬起,接触软腭,这就是你在嘴里看到一部分黑色的原因。Watch again.;Health code.;Here well see the unvoiced TH linking with the S sound.;South side.;再看一遍。;Health code.;这里是不发音的TH音与S音连读。;South side.;Tongue tip comes through the teeth for the TH.Watch again.;South side.;舌尖穿过牙齿,发出TH音。再看一遍。;South side.;Then the tongue tip comes back into the mouth and lightly touches behind the bottom front teeth while the teeth close to make the S sound.然后舌尖收回,稍抵上排牙齿的下端,牙齿合上,发出S音。I hope this study in linking words with the TH will make it easy for you to link any word with the TH that you may come across.我希望这次关于TH连读的学习会使你在遇到任何与TH连读的单词时更轻松一些。Practice word pairs like the 10 here, or other word pairs, and do them slowly. And practice them over and over.练习这10个词组,或是其他词组,慢慢来练习。一遍又一遍地练习。Repetition really will help you become more comfortable linking with the TH sound.反复练习真的会帮助你更习惯带有TH音的连读。Thats it, and thanks so much for using Rachels English.这次的学习就到这里,非常感谢使用Rachels English。201707/516336TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201611/478386TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201610/469988

Were at the bottom.Here something is definitely warmer.Lets get go.我们已经到山脚了 这里明显的比较暖和 继续前进You can walk here for days and see no evidence of civilization.你即便在这徒步几天也未必能碰到人烟This area wasnt even mapped untill early 20th century.直到20世纪初 此地才被绘图入册In remote regions,its often a good plan to follow streams and rivers.在这种杳无人迹的地方 沿着小溪河流走是为上策As they offer the quickest route to low ground.它们指引了通往低地的捷径But water always follows the path of least resistance.然而水总是在阻力最小的地方流动Tracking their path can be a real challenge.追寻溪水的流向可谓挑战重重Careful, steady, steady.Theres a lot of water going down this.小心 稳住了 稳住 这个瀑布的水流挺大的And its a long, long way down. Hang on.Probably about 70, 80 foot at least.而且也挺深的 稍等 大概有个七八十英尺Its also dangerously steep.陡峭而危险Descending the sheer rock face would just be suicide.沿着如此陡的绝壁上往下爬无异于自杀I could climb down the tree which is wedged into the falls,我可以沿着瀑布中的那根孤木而下but it wont get me all the way to the bottom.但这无法让我到达瀑布底部I need to make something to get me down the rest of the way.之后的那段 我需要借助其他东西Learning to improvise is a key in any survival situation.学习就地取材是绝境求生的关键Im gonna use a cord from my paraglider.The forest will provide the rest.我要利用伞包里的绳索 其他的就在森林中就地取材And thats probably gonna be long enough.这个应该够长了All Im doing is making like an improvised,makeshift rope ladder.我不过就是因地制宜 就地取材 做一条绳梯And we used to use these sort of things loads in the special forces过去我们在特种部队就经常这么做just lightweight, thin wire-rope ladders for getting up difficult, awkward places.用又细又轻的钢丝做绳梯 来攀越各种难缠而棘手地方201608/458319TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201607/452235

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